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Mysteries of Magic 1 - Masters of Mystery

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Part 1 of this magical trilogy is a history of magic and reveals many secrets behind the common tricks, illusions, and myths of magic. Teller, the silent half of the Penn & Teller comedy/illusionist duo, gives his first onscreen interviews in this series. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Text Comments (85)
Phillip Storey (9 days ago)
What a resonant voice Teller possesses, he should vocalise more often!
atari.io (1 month ago)
Who teller?
George Schlaline (3 months ago)
Nothing magical about Brian Vasquez
Bryan Vasquez (7 months ago)
the biggest trick was to convince the world its magic
NetAndyCz (8 months ago)
When I watch Penn and Teller do cups and balls with transparent cups I am still fooled in real time most of the time.
Matthew Carolan (9 months ago)
I want Eugene Burger to narate my life
NetAndyCz (8 months ago)
He has such amazing voice.
Bruno Franco Sentis (9 months ago)
Came here for the teller talk comment.
paul enfield (11 months ago)
That Wasn’t Teller Talking...(ya all were fooled) That Was Slight Of Mouth LoL... but the real trick was did ya notice the words were coming out both sides of his mouth?
Vickie Lawson (1 year ago)
Look, here's another stupid comment about Teller talking.
Luis Reyes (1 year ago)
The goose trick is easy it's done with a chicken to this day it is done by tucking the head underneath a wing the neck is so flexible it doesn't get hurt
10 hour Lumpi (1 year ago)
What was now the earlyet illusion? First he said the trick with the goose, than the cups adn balls...?
Ivan Dmitry (1 year ago)
I hate these stupid dummy magic.
Ivan Dmitry (1 year ago)
10 hour Lumpi because it's not wooooowwww magic it's shit magic see the difference
10 hour Lumpi (1 year ago)
Kawaii Ninja (2 years ago)
I still go pay music concert, even though i can play guitar too. so it doesn't matter if I know how a trick is done. there are so many tricks in their world. it's hard to keep know track. if you do why don't you become a magician right.
American Angel (2 years ago)
why is teller talking
Eduardo Cassiano (2 years ago)
Shit, Teller's speaking
Indio Rojo (2 years ago)
Best part is hearing Teller speak
Retro .Spekta (2 years ago)
Who the hell talking at 3:00.
CEONHD (1 year ago)
Retro .Spekta it's a clone
Troam13 (2 years ago)
that is moxie teller. wow
jarek blain (2 years ago)
Retro .Spekta btalaroca
Retro .Spekta (2 years ago)
No he does not talk
Chrizzie 78 (3 years ago)
4:45 "Because, that is how we make money."
John Smith (3 years ago)
Seriously I know many die hard magicians will kill me..But I'll risk it by asking how was the card changing trick at 28:50 done? I mean just tell me the name of the trick and I'll look it up or buy it but I must know....thx on advance though
John Smith (3 years ago)
+Cardmaster Andmagic thx mate really appreciate your help...
I think it's just called 'world's fastest card trick' by Eugene burger. it's a change created by dai Vernon using a move by a very well known Japanese magician. Vernon used the Japanese magician's move against him and fooled him with this change in the 20s/30s.
Trey Paterson (3 years ago)
Remember seeing this years ago on TV, but at the time it had a different narrator. I think it was Harry Anderson at that time.
Chris Burch (3 years ago)
+Trey Paterson That was a different show you are thinking of, it was called "The Science of Magic" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0125630/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_6
Promwadee O (3 years ago)
BegleiterKubus (3 years ago)
look at all hose young boys, whom never heard teller talking befor :)
Patrick O'Riley (3 years ago)
Who's the magician who looks like Keith Partridge?
MrOphachew (3 years ago)
Public exposure of magic is never good for Magic.
15:00min Poor Chickadee's :-(
Katalyzt (4 years ago)
Cool ★★★★★
AudioDiversity (4 years ago)
this is that basic human deterrent bullshit, if u dont know what i am talking about, dont bother i am gone
Mario Alegria (4 years ago)
hope its been opening youre ignoran eyes and mind  buut no always very critizing every effect so stop it
Matthieu Rames (4 years ago)
Not one word about Robert Houdin who inspired Houdini?..
Pang Zheng Bin (4 years ago)
Never do cups and balls with clear cups? Ask Jason Latimer!
Farseer Flore (3 years ago)
+Pang Zheng Bin Why not? Penn and Teller do it with see through plastic cups and still get one over on the audience.
770pratik (4 years ago)
Its more like pyrex glass and sponge balls with him. I would love to see him do his routine with any small ball thats not squishy.
Jonth Official (4 years ago)
teller talks? O.o
TMS (3 years ago)
ik he talks in interviews too maube he sounds diffrent at times
Elizabeth Kaplan (3 years ago)
+TMS Actually that is his voice. He speaks extensively in the Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour episode on Egypt.
TMS (3 years ago)
+John Alpha he doesnt sound like that there is an voice over
supersmashdragon (4 years ago)
5:25 this show is sponsored by viagra.
baked beans (4 years ago)
Martin Nash at about 41:00, best second deal I've ever seen.
TheMightyOdin (6 months ago)
baked beans I haven’t made it that far into the video yet but for it to be the best I’ve seen it has to top Richard Turners second deal.
baked beans (3 years ago)
I made a mistake there, best second deal I've ever not seen.
SlightsAndTricks (4 years ago)
Totally agree, amazing
emuPCgamerhere (5 years ago)
teller can talk 
TRUTHSPEAKER (5 years ago)
Can someone PLEASE upload Story of Magic: Centuries of Deception.  This is the one aired by A&E which had Ricky Jay narrating. 
Robby H. (5 years ago)
Teller talking was one of the greatest magic tricks I have every seen.
bRad Nichols (1 year ago)
every ?
fredisdeadization (5 years ago)
go watch penn and teller magical tour, he talks in it.
Dean Atkinson (5 years ago)
Ray Brooks just sits at home talking to himself and saying. Fuck! I sound good.
tehlastflax (5 years ago)
He isnt a prop, for Penn to use, he's a normal human, like you or me, he IS allowed to talk
Jan Cajthaml (5 years ago)
Thank you
alzhammer1 (5 years ago)
charlie landtblom (5 years ago)
Teller should talk more often, His voice is awesome.
Mario Alegria (5 years ago)
Chep or wierd tricks i have my secrets die with me.
dragonfiremalus (5 years ago)
Although I wouldn't be surprised if they did a voice over just because.
dragonfiremalus (5 years ago)
Teller doesn't sound at all like I imagined he would.
LeninsBoyToy44 (5 years ago)
Teller wtf man...that is bullshit. He dropped like 50 points in my book because he talked. I thought he was sooo cool before I saw him speaking.
Siddhant Budhiraja (5 years ago)
whats the melody at the last
KPEM kiddieparty (6 years ago)
you know whats the real magic Teller is talking... kilig mode! :)
Nope (6 years ago)
Laid by a decoy. HA!!
John Platz (6 years ago)
Teller kinda sounds like Sheldon Cooper.
jerik banzam (6 years ago)
was that abeforth dumbledore??
Masterxing12 (6 years ago)
carl mccumber (6 years ago)
harpo marxs could talk as well.
Raymond Doetjes (6 years ago)
Teller's voice really turns me on!
Magic Mittwoch (6 years ago)
great channel thanks for sharing these vids Thank you :)
DeeWeext (6 years ago)
This was really interresting
DeeWeext (6 years ago)
Real magic, you get laid?
Aidan Hennessy (6 years ago)
No. No way. Teller doesn't sound like that :o
L Lawliet (6 years ago)
Dude why did you do that lol
cramtoro (6 years ago)
i like that teller speak
HansonProMusic (6 years ago)
If you wait and read the credits RAY BROOKS is the narrator.
zeusapollo2990 (6 years ago)
Riku Pajari (6 years ago)
It sounds like the narrator is Michael Caine. I didint find any proof though...
Bradley Rohrer (6 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting this. I absolutely love Teller's perspective on things. Who narrates this? It's probably just in my head, but to me he almost sounds like Paul Daniels. My troll for the evening: I don't like McBride. It seems like everything he said was just gobledy-gook. Granted, some of it was true, he didn't seem very genuine. Almost as though he was talking down to us. Maybe its just me. Brilliant cast otherwise though!
ronlovesit (6 years ago)
True Magic......??? Teller Talks....!

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