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Doom and Gloom

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First time ever playing Doom and Gloom after hearing it several times. A typical open G Stones song. Playing it on my home made guitar which I call Micawber Deluxe (after Keith's Micawber) on the background you see my first homemade guitar called Micawber.
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Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Well the great thing about Keith's riff writing is that when you know his basic shapes (a mere handful) it's very easy to find out how a song is played. And I agree I love this song too, it's been a long time that the Stones released a decent song.
Racelinekarting (5 years ago)
I just love this song, couldn't stop listening to it when it first come out. Respect for being able to play it after a few listens, great stuff.
HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
...again, great playing and very nice guitar! The song is awesome, right? The Stones made me really happy when they released it. Now you made me happy with your cover :-)
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
The video is indeed a bit too dark. I wanted to make a grungy grimy look too it, then I found my After Effects had corrupted. So I winged it in Premiere alone -- not a winner :D I even thought about removing the video. But apparently people like this sound. Perhaps sometime I will redo it :D
blindtoby (5 years ago)
Got the moves too ! I'm gunna have to do a video like this ! A little too dark sadly
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
BTW these amps are both solid state amps. I guess this proves that you don't need unreliable tube amps to get that tube sound. I've been playing for many years gigging around and I switched from tubes to solid state because I kept changing tubes in my Marshall and Fender Deluxe tube amp. This 112 Deluxe is now 20 years old and I never had to fix anything. The Mustang is only a few months old and I have to say I am impressed.
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
I actually use two cheap amps. I use a Fender 112 deluxe for the drive tone and a Mustang III with a deluxe 65 amp model with treble up. However I designed and build this guitar for this sound. Keith his Micawber is a 53 telecaster they had extreme overwound bridge pickup and were ash so very high picthed. I designed this guitar is alder for a warmer more alround tone and I chose a maple top and all maple neck to get that high pitched attack and nasal twang. None of me Teles get this sound.
markylynch (5 years ago)
Great playing dude...You nailed the tone...What amp were you using?

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