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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 There are two types of people in the world: those who love to travel and those who feel more relaxed at home. Of course, we respect those homebirds, but, to be honest, we think travelling is more fun. It is difficult to put into words the delight that you experience discovering new horizons and visiting places where you have never been before. The problem is... It turns out that there are places on our planet that won't please even the most avid travel lover. Why? We are gonna find out soon. Here are 10 places that we highly recommend not to visit.
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Noah abrahamsen (1 day ago)
What about my ass
Kellie Whyte (5 days ago)
I'm surprised that snake island wasn't on this list. 😲
Bet 360 (8 days ago)
Sentinel island , Andaman nicobar islands, INDIA
Pauline Anjelik (12 days ago)
They don't have much money to go there....
5:58 looks like pubg erangel photo
Bjorn the Fell Handed (13 days ago)
Is that good ol Vladimir in his youthful almost not quite bald state that I see at 7:20???
KindLittleBunny (13 days ago)
I am just reading the comments and not even watching the video
Satyam The Gamer (14 days ago)
North Sentinel Island ?
Justin Glover (14 days ago)
Waverly asylum is a must see place...guided tours and the chance to roam the facility on your own.
Angel Fox Face (14 days ago)
If your a gamer like me just have a water bottle with water in it on you lap and put a straw in it and just constantly drink it as your completing your level.i’m not a big fan of water so that how I keep my mind off of it 🙂
zeep geek (14 days ago)
5:17 This could be a part of a nuclear apocalypse. The idea isn't new, its been here since 60s or so
Nicostrophy (14 days ago)
0:23 is that the same ferris wheel from the nostalgic call of duty franchise
Unknown Citizen (13 days ago)
radiation area
Bjorn the Fell Handed (13 days ago)
same location
Dave Goldspink (14 days ago)
Nauru is not only badly polluted it's also the home of one of Australia's offshore detention centres for illegal foreign invaders Manus island being the other. Those in detention on the island are usually more dangerous than the environment with most being either terror suspects or criminals wanted in their countries of origin.
Vuxury (14 days ago)
Viral vehicles??
Courtney Gillam (14 days ago)
I Dont Go Anywhere But My Bedroom, Toilet And To Eat So
Francisco Cantelmi (14 days ago)
Rip xxxtentacion!!!
Liani k o h (14 days ago)
The city of radiation is close I meant the radiation place I think
Tony McCarthy (14 days ago)
The island of Nauru is an Australian detention centre. I good place for them, I recon.
Kevin Meyers (14 days ago)
Mt.Washington is NOT in the NorthEAST of the USA. Please get your facts straight before you make and upload a video.
Kevin Meyers (13 days ago)
Bjorn the Fell Handed I'm no dummy, I made an error...as I was thinking of Mt. Rainier. I guess you've never made an error.
Bjorn the Fell Handed (13 days ago)
@Kevin Meyers How do you figure it isn't? Mt Washington is located in New Hampshire which is in the northeast portion of the United States. Get your facts straight before you try fact checking someone else dummy.
Stanlin Anburaj (14 days ago)
Watch this video👉https://youtu.be/bA7zQ-Fiy3s
Nishant Sengar (14 days ago)
Great list, but where exactly is Dargavs? Looks like a creepy horror movie set.. I would love to know the history behind those graves
nate the great (14 days ago)
Number 2 your mom's house
That sudden shrill beep scared the heck out of me!
XXXtentacion Fan (14 days ago)
Hey random person scrolling through the comments hope you had a good x mas and new year
Vaughn Miller (14 days ago)
Thanks I hope the same for you
No No (14 days ago)
Xmas passed long ago
Anybody play call of duty that Russian place is one of the plot areas in the game of modern warfair
Mark Bartsch (14 days ago)
Wow I never would have thought that Waverly Hills Sanatorium would be in this video, the building is very creepy on its own
Jesus Gonzalez (14 days ago)
Does those places exist or that video is trying to scare people
th33 Smackdown (14 days ago)
Vivi Loves EXO (14 days ago)
I barely go outside my house so don't worry I will never going to be there 😂
Aki (14 days ago)
25m/s will brake houses?? 🤣 🤣 🤣
Just Zijlstra (14 days ago)
On the thumbnail are buildings and stuff, but nobody comes there -_-
Mysteries And Thoughts (14 days ago)
#2 *Deji's house*
Ashish Meena (14 days ago)
Hello Sir... U r The Best On YouTube....
Husam The Exile (14 days ago)
37 Celsius? 40? pffft .. in Saudi Arabia were I lived it gets to 50 easily in the summer xD
Ultron (14 days ago)
Whats the name of the music in the background ?
The Protocol (14 days ago)
There are two types of people. There are people that you can use And the people that stands on your way...
Tholoana Mosisili (14 days ago)
Kellie Whyte (4 days ago)
Lol take some LSD first. XD
Tholoana Mosisili (13 days ago)
Roberto - Minecraft oh my God
Roberto - Minecraft (13 days ago)
Oof Boi (14 days ago)
+Tholoana Mosisili :) fly my child
Tholoana Mosisili (14 days ago)
Oof Boi i believe i can fly : )
Paul Cowlishaw (14 days ago)
What about North sentinel island
Kellie Whyte (5 days ago)
And snake island! 😲😲😲😲😲
Paul Cowlishaw (14 days ago)
+Satyam The Gamer I've heard so much about it. Surprised it wasn't on the list
Satyam The Gamer (14 days ago)
Yeah, I also thought of it
Joseph taruma (14 days ago)
Guys just come to my house you are welcome
Mad Moviez (14 days ago)
At first I thought nauro as NARUTO and Hashima as HASHIRAMA senju.. is there any other Naruto fan here who think so like me??
Diamond Tube (14 days ago)
Mad Moviez Anime is the cringiest shit ever and you can’t talk to me you have 0 subscribers and you didn’t even decorate your channel I mean did you even try YouTube
Mad Moviez (14 days ago)
+Carley Mitchell srry auto correct
Mad Moviez (14 days ago)
+Diamond Tube in your case only
Diamond Tube (14 days ago)
Mad Moviez anime sucks
Sexy T-rex (14 days ago)
This is like the 3rd time they did a video that they did already but just re-titled it
Jonas Penaflor (3 days ago)
Blue 64 (14 days ago)
Got the Link?
Nicholas Ryabchuk (14 days ago)
Possibly, but I'll watch it anyway
syed yaya (14 days ago)
Not true, I watch all their videos and I've never seen this one b4.
TruthPeaceLove (14 days ago)
Warehouse gettin' rusty
Caeric (14 days ago)
The Danakil Depression contains more volanoes than just Dallol although it, along with Erta Ale are probably the most visually impressive ones. Erta Ale being a massive pit crater with an active lava lake inside while Dallol is filled with various minerals and acid lakes created by the gasses that reach the surface from the magma chamber down below
Reshawn Thapa (14 days ago)
Reshawn Thapa (14 days ago)
se jay (14 days ago)
Kellie Whyte (5 days ago)
I can only see out of one eye, so I guess I'm out. 😭😭😭😭😭
Ham & Eggs (14 days ago)
I love Mind Warehouse. Like If you Love Mind Warehouse!
Fulham FC (14 days ago)
Number 3: My exe's house
Torria Wittenberg (4 days ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 yasssss so so so so so TRUE!!!! And every job I ever got fired from.
Kellie Whyte (5 days ago)
Hi im leann! (14 days ago)
Please like my comment
Jim De Slavic Boi (14 days ago)
1. School
Narrow Tunic (14 days ago)
I would go to mount Washington
Descoperă Lumea (14 days ago)
LoL 😀 I need to visit Nauru
Mustafa sultane (14 days ago)
Omg😱😱 5 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna get 5 million but I never gonna get 🙁😔
Aleks 12 (14 days ago)
Cool vid
Amber Van Huyssteen (14 days ago)
Amber Van Huyssteen (14 days ago)
Amber Van Huyssteen (14 days ago)
Amber Van Huyssteen (14 days ago)
Potato Dude (14 days ago)
I think I’m good just to sit on my coach and watch youtube
Bryson Blankinchip (4 days ago)
Me to
Roberto - Minecraft (13 days ago)
Potato Dude *“sit on my coach”* Did you break his/her back? I hope so.
1. Q- (14 days ago)
multi fan (14 days ago)
All Videos (14 days ago)
I’ll go where I want you cunt
tanner family (14 days ago)
The_atomic 1 (14 days ago)
Follow me on twitch @The_atomic1 if you want to 1v1 me if I’m online
CLASH WITH TRICKS (14 days ago)
biggest fan from INDIA 🇮🇳 😍😘
pat the pro (14 days ago)
Fozia Mubarak (14 days ago)
Paddy Mcdonagh (14 days ago)
I eat penis because (14 days ago)
*Watch me mom*
Code's Personal Agent (14 days ago)
dont outside your room for more than an hour.
Saud Abukhaled (14 days ago)
First one to comment
Supernani Tio (14 days ago)
Friendship (14 days ago)
*Number 1:* Donald Trumps Wall (only in Mexico)
Blue 64 (14 days ago)
I'm American and I say I plead the 15th Amendment! In layman's terms, it calls for (to paraphrase Senator Padme Amadala from Star Wars) a Vote of No Confidence. I have always firmly believed that Trump was unfit to lead our nation, and that he seeks our nation's destruction, even before the slander started on him, back when he had a popular TV show (The Apprentice, Season 1), I felt he was unfit to lead a country. After seeing Trump's latest behavior this past month, I firmly believe that Trump is days from either a Constitutional Law being formed to prevent such abuse from ever happening again, or Trump's gonna be able to ask JFK who actually killed him... Yeah right, more like he'll ask Hitler if the Cyanide is painful.
Diamond Tube (14 days ago)
Friendship you can only talk about trump if you’re American
Ginga Ninja (13 days ago)
10 places you must not visit *_Books family holiday_*
KrilleYT (14 days ago)
Aihraz (14 days ago)
harshan nihal (14 days ago)
1viewer and like
Lawson Bennett (14 days ago)
Dr Zed (14 days ago)
Gaby Nava (14 days ago)
When you play fortnite for 24hrs and go to skl!😂 new video please support https://youtu.be/ttulWzGHUSk
Lawson Bennett (14 days ago)
Patrick Allardyce (14 days ago)
Where have u been?
peter houpt (14 days ago)
lukasz lukasz (14 days ago)
All The Action (14 days ago)
We all wish we were first
Sankar Kallepalli (14 days ago)
First view
2nd and cool video 👍🏼
MrReader GT (14 days ago)
I would like to travel everywhere on this list XD
1. Q- (14 days ago)
MrReader GT Seriously, you still play GT?
Beast Gaming (14 days ago)
Christopher Horn (14 days ago)
Notification gang
Cardboard Ninja (14 days ago)
DxthVtar (14 days ago)
harshan nihal (14 days ago)
Hampus Nilsson (14 days ago)
1 Zayyyk
Lila Jabara (14 days ago)
First view 🙂
Beast Gaming (14 days ago)
*Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ÷*
Kellie Whyte (4 days ago)
Discover *you're awesome. Lol sorry, I couldn't help it. XD
Daniel Acosta (14 days ago)
Baka baka (14 days ago)
Roger Igel (14 days ago)
+Jason Irelan no i dont
Jason Irelan (14 days ago)
Roger Igel You do.
Roger Igel (14 days ago)
No one cares
Kris Lang (14 days ago)
gucci gang
Electronnz (14 days ago)
Gucci gang
mate apor (14 days ago)
Gucci gang
Aleks 12 (14 days ago)
Gucci gang
Beast Gaming (14 days ago)
Kris Lang gucci Gang
IAmLyte (14 days ago)
Roger Igel (13 days ago)
+Jason Irelan no i dont
Jason Irelan (14 days ago)
Roger Igel You do.
Roger Igel (14 days ago)
No one vares
#Mind Warehouse (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Kellie Whyte (5 days ago)
I'm a brand new subscriber!!!
IAmLyte (14 days ago)
#Official Trailer lol thank you
+IAmLyte *Im your 6th Subscriber*
+IAmLyte *THANKS!* *I will go to your Channel Now!*
IAmLyte (14 days ago)
#Official Trailer deal

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