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Mental Illness is NO JOKE. It is something that I have seen up and personal throughout my childhood and I feel as if I need to share this with my viewers to spread some awareness regarding mental disorders. **NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE: Call 1-800-273-8255** ►https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org ►www.betterhelp.com Mental Disorder: A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior. Schizophrenia: a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. ________________________________________________________________ LINK TO MY LAST VIDEO: https://youtu.be/efzmkY3D0_k ________________________________________________________________ DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE :) ►SNAP [email protected] adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/adrians_back/ ► [email protected] https://twitter.com/adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/theadrianmiguelshow/?fref=ts ________________________________________________________________ Ether - Silent Partner: https://youtu.be/r6En29azNBA
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Brandon Petoskey (11 hours ago)
My mom has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but she doesn't sound as bad as your father. One thing my mom does is she thinks someone's stalking her. She was smart and did good in school as a teenager and younger. I did mostly good in school too. You seem like a smart, cool dude. I'm going to watch more of your videos.
Stephen Golden (5 days ago)
My father was also a schizophrenic. No one knows what that was like...but you. My mother’s loyalty prevented him from being homeless.
Betsy Candis (25 days ago)
Thank you. My son is 3 n has no dad cuz of schizophrenia. I love him so much i wish him nothing but the best. But he's in jail or in a hospital. He doesn't take his meds. I.miss him.so.much...I'd rather pick my son.
Matthew Pegram (30 days ago)
Matthew Pegram (30 days ago)
Nora Johnson (2 months ago)
My father also has schizophrenia. He was convinced that our house was tapped by our landlord and that she was working against us for the government. He quit every job he ever had because he would convince himself that there was a giant conspiracy behind them and they were all murderers or criminals. He's homeless now too. It's so horrible watching a bright and animated person that you love so much just completely break.
kk bb (20 days ago)
Nora Johnson I know exactly how you feel, exactly.
UncleAl3 (5 months ago)
The Ronald Reagan Republican Administration passed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) in the 1980s, defunding mental health programs this decision to deinstitutionalize mentally ill patients had a much more deleterious effect on these patients, their communities, and the agencies that were left to contend with these individuals’ mental health issues. Many of whom were put out in the streets. Your poor father was a victim of ruthless Republican policies. Many choose to forget these actions.  GOD never forgets.
Eric Judkins-van buren (6 months ago)
Mental illness is devastating.
Sasha Thomas (6 months ago)
Stop telling people to subscribe at the beginning..biggest mistake growing youtubers make so often. Do I know if im gonna like the video (or you) yet? No, so why would one subscribe right away? ..js. Other than that, great topic.
Jossalyn Armbruster (7 months ago)
I know how you feel. My father has schizophrenia too and was an alcoholic. He was always violent towards other people but never towards me or my brother. He had multiple assault charges. He's currently in a mental hospital and before has been in and out of jail my whole life. I have so many stories from my childhood but just don't have the courage to do this. So happy I found this video. Your dad is not a dead beat there just needs to be more help out there for people like our fathers and for people with any mental illness. Stay strong. I plan on becoming a pysch nurse and helping the mentally ill.
Feliz Navidaddy (7 months ago)
My mother's schizophrenic psychotic, thankfully she's so brain washed by the bible and her little church group that she developed an altruistic personality... my elder step brothers used to say that I was lucky to have grown up with her the way she is now. Inb4 she used to beat her children when they misbehaved or do random bull but not since she accepted Jesus into her life. She's not even on meds! Sure she does get occasional moody but when she does she blames Satan and "the demons" and starts praying until she calms down. Having something to anchor herself into this reality seems to help her cope with this condition. It's not all fun and games though, thanks to her being exaggeratingly religious, growing up I didn't have the pleasure of listening to music in my own home, watching movies (i did at friends house), or even play many games because of how violent they were (to her). I thought to myself, as long as it helps her cope I don't mind missing out. Lord forbid I tell her I'm gay lmao. I think she knows though. There were rumors at her church about me and this one guy, someone saw us eating together at a Sonic joint and saw us doing stuff. She did confront me about it and asked why it had to be that one guy to be my "partner" at the time. We weren't even dating, we were just eating but I went ahead and just told her I wanted him. She locked herself in a bathroom and prayed for my forgiveness lmao. She acts like we never had the conversation and still talks to my friend I'm not dating like nothing happened 😂.
cutie 82 (8 months ago)
So is my sick father he is mentally ill he is throwing things and yells 😡
كُلْ خَرَة. (1 year ago)
my dad is diagnosed by schizophrenia, and when i was a child, i had no good memories with my dad at all. but my parents are going to get divorced soon. and it is sad to hear that people may have the same story as you do, i dont want people to go through the same thing. im happy that u shared ur story!
kensta2468 (1 year ago)
That fish tank is dirty.
Matthew Roze (1 year ago)
I have a parent who is going through a mental illness situation. Not in the same way as yourself and your dad, but I can understand and know how difficult it can be. Mental illness has a stigma and it's something that shouldn't be generalised, you're doing a good thing man.
Thanks man :)
greg furtiere (1 year ago)
read a book called Possessing me memoirs of healing by Jane Alexander.
stuffzzz (1 year ago)
that's quite a story
Lexi Balestrieri (1 year ago)
Thank you for being open about your life. I keep finding out that you and I have a lot in common with each video. My dad is the youngest of seven boys and two of my uncles have schizophrenia. The oldest started showing symptoms after the Vietnam War. He is also homeless and alcoholic and I haven't seen him in years. The other uncle I met only once. I remember him as a kind person. He took me fishing in my grandparents backyard and then gave me some money to go see a movie. I don't remember much more because he passed away from a heart attack shortly after. I'm sorry that you had to go through all that. Mental illness is a really difficult thing for people and their families to have to battle and we really need to stop marginalizing the mentally ill and focus on getting them help they need to live good and productive lives. Thank you for sharing your story.
Ron K (1 year ago)
Much respect
Jose Laguna (1 year ago)
I honestly give u the up most amount of respect for being open and real with ur fans and viewers and the world.
Thanks man :)
Rosa Fernandez (1 year ago)
i love you today, tomorrow and forever.

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