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Inotia3: Children of Carnia OST - "Mille Feuille" by Maybee

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Inotia 3:Chidren of Carnia is another epic action rpg from Chronicles of Inotia With the coming of age ritual ahead, Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village will acquire gauntlets, and somehow find themselves involved in an adventure they could have never imagined. Lucio and Ameli soon realize that they have extraordinary destinies laden before them. Will the Warriors, whose predestined fates that are meant to last for thousands of years be able to find happiness
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Text Comments (99)
헤이 (6 months ago)
한국인 왜 없는거임,,,,ㅜ 는 한국 ㅛ서비스 종료다ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
Pobal Fernandez (8 months ago)
screentaker (6 months ago)
theres a movie on it
Freya (1 year ago)
The best RPG game in my life
Fre Yja (1 year ago)
Mattexp (1 year ago)
one of the best rpgs in the whole world
Arraha Minafe (1 year ago)
This game is masterpiece better thanks the sequel.
dullus (2 years ago)
jayvee ortega (2 years ago)
This is the best Game I've ever played in my whole life, my past life, and in my future life. :)
Avishai Dadon (2 years ago)
They have to make an anime
screentaker (6 months ago)
i made it on my channel. kinda..
Fre Yja (1 year ago)
Avishai Dadon OH YES PLEASE!!!!
Ning (2 years ago)
Nice! ⊙ω⊙
rock W (2 years ago)
i see you my love wow i take it to let go can be your way on my  life in to me you never underestimate me i wanna life for you but still my  love to be  your pray i swear for you and i told me to hold on Don't let me stop you but i could be alone i say no there's a door never go i won't say goodbye you don't hold me tight but i love you i wanna steal you and this won't,  don't go away my love in your eyes you take me in your smile but I'll still be arrived never say goodbye take me back get over you i wanna leave you can not swim don't say goodbye what I'll do i will still believe in you forever maybe i never go in my heart There doesn't matter stay with me everyday and every night I'm thinking about you
alexandre Dart (2 years ago)
I wish this is a movie. I will pay to watch it
screentaker (6 months ago)
i made a movie on it
Chen Shen (2 years ago)
Chinrea Chun (3 years ago)
hey guy is was a good story in inotia 3 and it has ost in it but inotia 4 the story well not that sad and it doesn't had ost in it
genevieve lee (3 years ago)
I was looking for it all the time. Finally got u.
Manns Molina (4 years ago)
I remember this game and I went through alot of stories like when I remember that the start character sword white haired male (I din't know his name cuz I stopped after lucio waked up from the 2nd) has a sister and attacked her and kundin the orge also I remember the last boss I fought and also Lucio has a crush on Ameli
Andres Catalan (4 years ago)
Filipe Silva (4 years ago)
酷炫耗呆 (4 years ago)
英文版讚 可惜沒有完整版
김지숙 (4 years ago)
Feel so good!!!!!!!
OWIE Z (4 years ago)
Toya Jones (4 years ago)
Plz forgive me for my daughter. Posting it probally taste like bs
Toya Jones (4 years ago)
Ok i did not post that
Andrzej Warand (4 years ago)
Toya Jones (4 years ago)
Probably taste like bull shitt.
Toya Jones (4 years ago)
Super123456sss (4 years ago)
莉花茉 (5 years ago)
Lataviana Jones (5 years ago)
I love all of the inotia ost!!
Murasaki Akira (5 years ago)
here it is /watch?v=9IUADXE78E8
OmegakerX (5 years ago)
Kesus Riced (5 years ago)
Also, why cant us android users get inotia 1 & 2
Kesus Riced (5 years ago)
Release the full korean version too please....
송승화 (5 years ago)
아놔 졸라 슬퍼짐 ㅠㅠ 감수성이 넘쳐 흐른다 ㅠㅠ
yeesung50 (5 years ago)
i dont know if kuntu is fighting the devil or he save or not??
yeesung50 (5 years ago)
hemm i see oh ya why inotia 40 don't have any music ?? and how to bocame that warrior who is in the walktrugh
ravi erlangga (5 years ago)
ghd6202 (5 years ago)
someone can tell the lyrics please ><
Greg Miller (5 years ago)
Just wanted to know does initial 4 have any good ost
노상민 (5 years ago)
한국어는 없냐
Stregan (5 years ago)
I found inotia 3 has a better storyline than inotia 4 but i played inotia 4 1st cause of animations and gameplay and the recovering system hahah but too bad my lvl 103 assassin's save data got deleted i don't know how which is bad that im looking forward to meet lucio im not sure if that's lucio cause it has the same hairstyle in the intro and he gives his broken sword to kiyan which im looking forward that they will meet each other lol also my inotia 3 save data got deleted with no reason :(
Gamer Onna (3 months ago)
Stregan wait what, Lucio gave Kiyan his sword?! I thought they were in different worlds?? I was max lvl at inotia 4 but stopped at the afterlife area after completing the main storyline where his red haired brother showed up... when was the sword given to Kiyan?
Myx (5 years ago)
They go fight the final boss, which is that guy with gray hair that keeps "giggling." Carlos tries to defeat him using Luciel's armor but fails. Lucio and his gang finishes him off, but in the end, Lydia risks her life to save Lucio. Apparently, her role is only to protect Lucio cuz he is a recarnation of that guy in the intro. Then after that, you go on a really long (I mean long) endgame quest to get Lydia back. The storys between the games don't overlap so it won't interfere with inotia4's
jhun419 (6 years ago)
billie jean is not my lover XD
benbentsa (6 years ago)
Kesus Riced (6 years ago)
should make inotia 3 a pc game too c:
Iman Rosli (6 years ago)
Abc song is better a,b,c,d,e,fuck
Zin 17 (6 years ago)
i gotta admit, Korean version is much more better
Wei Hao Tai (6 years ago)
I really like this game!! Full of adventures, strategies and quests!!
shachi castle (6 years ago)
my fav. game :D
Mayonnaise Maiden (6 years ago)
most dramatic inotia game.
qaz230583 (6 years ago)
Voltaire Abaya (6 years ago)
i played this in my android
M.A Ludwig (6 years ago)
i love inotia 3 :)
matomikumark (6 years ago)
english lyrics pls :) its beautiful
Dara Ly (6 years ago)
Allgaeuer Wolfgang (6 years ago)
Ops im sorry i mean 3
Allgaeuer Wolfgang (6 years ago)
Your Singing is Soooooo Beautiful i love you smile3
Agus Trinata (6 years ago)
Woo Kang (6 years ago)
노래 좋아요ㅎ
LadyNightFox28 (6 years ago)
I love this game awesome music everything is awesome about too bad I can't level as good as I do in this game in twom it takes years to level on twom
Kenji Biazon (6 years ago)
I like your song
Kenji Biazon (6 years ago)
Thank you lord for this game :)
SnowJin (6 years ago)
Lydia! -3
DJLlamz (6 years ago)
Tsada na Game!
iArvin Membrere (6 years ago)
ganda talaga neto!!!
Tomori (1 year ago)
Nilaro ko to 5 years ago sad nga lang wala na sa playstore balak ko laruin ulit
John Bennett (6 years ago)
i love this games ,
aidylx16 (6 years ago)
한국 version 어디있어요?
DarkTerra01 (6 years ago)
...Impressionnante video...!!...Super jeux (Gratuit !)...Que du bonheur...Merci a vous...!!...
Joy Han (6 years ago)
숏소드 (6 years ago)
Stawberry Huhu (6 years ago)
Good game i play baba nice Now lv.60 finished one time
Jack Li (6 years ago)
Put it on itunes i want to buy it
TakeMeToSuburbia (6 years ago)
Where can I download this song?
SuperSunbuster (6 years ago)
@KuroTengetsu91 Korean Ver is in my channel.
Essa Milton (6 years ago)
Km cF fofv
Stawberry Huhu (6 years ago)
สนุกขอรับ confirm (im thai)
OWIE Z (6 years ago)
NthnMachado (6 years ago)
@Cybaster9 No, I didn't. Just found it on a korean website @[email protected]
Jing Yu Huang (7 years ago)
@NthnMachado Did you generate the song from the video by yourself? Thank you anyway. This is a very nice song!
Jing Yu Huang (7 years ago)
Love it! But I have not beated the game yet.
Manuel Purilla (7 years ago)
@NthnMachado Gran aporte, muchas gracias!./ Great! , Thank you so much!
NthnMachado (7 years ago)
Korean version:4shared DOT com/audio/KEStrf1j/Mille_Feuille.htm
NthnMachado (7 years ago)
Korean version: 4shared dot com /audio/KEStrf1j/Mille_Feuille.html
Kesus Riced (7 years ago)
Is this only a mobile game? How I found it xD
screentaker (6 months ago)
its on my channel
WolfsmileHG (7 years ago)
Someone has noticed that Judeka and AEinherjar are very similar to Drizzt Do'Urden and Guenhwyvar, from forgotten realms? xD.
KuroTengetsu91 (7 years ago)
Korean Version Please!!
Murasaki Akira (7 years ago)
where i can get the korean version? i open it on my phone while playing inotia3
e5m0i50cent (7 years ago)
I really want the korean version..... why don't you just make one?? when I listened to the ost I said: Oh it's korean and I liked it but this version.....um I don't really like how it sounds..I want the korean one :((
3MIJ (7 years ago)
I love the korean version of this song.. Anyone know where to find it?
isaacfong93 (7 years ago)
WHO is saying this song??? I really wanna know...
GaMeZaHoY (7 years ago)
dumb korean
Raymond Li (7 years ago)
where can i find korean version ? appreciate it if i can get a korean version of this song.
Wiryandi Wijaya (7 years ago)
Great song
yan jianlai (7 years ago)
Where can I find this song korean version ? thanks

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