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New drama movie - girl in the box full movie 2018

1812 ratings | 614154 views
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pink glitter (23 hours ago)
its true somebody really did keep a little girl in a box for seven whole years crazy
Paprika Mannen (20 hours ago)
So sad 😭😭
lo malo q no entiendo nada subamla subtitulada
Komsan Movie (16 days ago)
Why like that What the fuck
pink glitter (16 days ago)
its true somebody really did keep a little girl in a box for 7 whole years crazy
sang sang (17 days ago)
Can you have english pleas
Torian Nelly (27 days ago)
Lataysha Houston (28 days ago)
I was really happy to see this but until I heard that their were no english.......
Loot Afaridi khan (30 days ago)
Nissrin SMG (6 days ago)
Loot Afaridi khan why tho lol
KINGSTON Mata (1 month ago)
Colleen Stan ;"(
pink glitter (1 month ago)
god amagen being collen stan wow that would be a night mare at least she didnt get killed
Kacper Szafirski (1 month ago)
Weźcie po polsku lub angielski Poland and English
olivia grace (1 month ago)
english plz
Rella Pamungkas (1 month ago)
Ga ada subtitle
aciratiati (1 month ago)
Why he is so rude to her but not doing the same to his wife. And why this woman not try to run away or give any clue to her family about what happen to her. I dont get it
Nissrin SMG (6 days ago)
aciratiati he said to her if she would try to run away his “mafia” would kill her family. But he actually lied and she believed him
Hey, I know English but use English available in Philippines made... Because am make video other English..
Diamen Brown (1 month ago)
English please I didn’t understand anything they were saying 🤦🏽‍♀️
itzMishan (1 month ago)
IRL they Said they had kids
linked Bros (1 month ago)
Which language is this??
Serious Moonlight (1 month ago)
This is an American English movie so why is it in French!? UM, it makes no sense at all -lol, a totally awesome movie ruined! Redneck trailers in France *stupid* !!
dany dore (19 days ago)
T'as juste à apprendre le français connasse!!! Lol
mimi_ chan (1 month ago)
I don't understand why in the movie they didn't show the couple's children? In the real story , they have a baby.. the girl trust them in the car because they have a baby sitting in the car .🤔
Maryori Torres (1 month ago)
En español ? 😢😢😢
Alicia won1 (2 months ago)
damn this was good movie
Carla Sand (2 months ago)
en españoooll...por favor!! a quien se le ocurre subir una pelicula sin subtitulos..😐minimooo.
makkey khan (2 months ago)
This movie made me cry
qazi1992 haroon (3 months ago)
Fuck you who post this moive What is this shit language..... Which country
Mudhiah Alifah (3 months ago)
Ini sumpah film paling gila. Kalo orang awam nonton, pasti ga bakal paham (SAMA SEKALI). Pesan moralnya banyak banget. Gua nonton ini selalu mikir; INI FILM GILA! Of course, gw ngebayangin diri gw sendiri disana. Gw suka alur ceritanya, demi Tuhan. Respon gw awalnya; Kurang nih, Loh gimana sih, Lah apaan.. Makin lama; ANJIR PYSCHO NIH ORANG. Gw dapat banyak bgt pelajaran. Ternyata memang ada sebenernya karakter orang seperti itu, ada pun pendukung dibaliknya. Pyscho jg ternyata tidak semuanya bekerja sendiri, bahkan orang terdekat bisa di pengaruhi. Intinya yakin sama Tuhan, yakin dengan Agama. Jangan telan mentah-mentah, ataupun gampang percaya terhadap orang yang baru dikenal. Tetap sabar, apapun bentuknya dan bagaimanapun situasinya jika Tuhan berkehendak maka balasanmu akan menunggu. Gw sampe laper nonton ini, emosi gw di blender jadi satu parah.. Keren. Thx, banyak banget pesannya. Dilarang untuk anak-anak ya. Sekian. Mudhiah Alifah
Nuril Azamil (3 months ago)
Gak ada sub.nya..kagak ngerti yg dibicarain
Li Eligran (3 months ago)
12:00 Name???
Adrianne 411 (3 months ago)
WHY is the title in English if it's not English speaking movie????
data terputus (3 months ago)
WTF untuk orang laki² tadi
MUHAMAD ASHAR AZIS (3 months ago)
Gua kaga ngarti
dededwi_51 dededwi_51 (3 months ago)
Jeje Reiva (3 months ago)
Hahaha ceritanya asik ngga ?? Gada sub englishnya
Mariana Lucas (3 months ago)
que filme triste
Cran Berry (3 months ago)
what the movie's name
Caitlyn’s Life (3 months ago)
Leon Johansson (3 months ago)
noooooo i.ll cry i hope u have a good lofe right now but why is this movie for free?
faizal fufu (4 months ago)
https://www5.the123movieshub.net/film/girl-in-the-box/watching.html?ep=0 Watch here full movie
MissKrazyK! (4 months ago)
Why would u translate it into French but not keep it English? This is an American movie ya know.
Mateen Bhat (4 months ago)
i came from reality tv
Christopher Byrd (4 months ago)
Colleen Stan & the three Cleveland girls are my heroes! They suffered a lot of abuse and took a lot of stuff from their captors and still came out winners!! Ariel Castro took the coward way out and instead of accepting the death penalty he offlined himself. Im willing to bet as soon as the prison guards turn their backs Cameron Hooker will commit suicide because what he did to Janice and Colleen I'm sure the other inmates have a wife, girlfriend or sister and Colleen reminds them of it so they may make an attempt to get his ass! If they don't get him the guards may or he'll feel so bad that he may just end it for himself seeing as Janice finally got the strength to divorce him and get On with her life! It's over for Cameron!!! No more ass for him for the rest of his life!
Lessree Williams (4 months ago)
Play in english
beautifuljordana 1992 (4 months ago)
The actor who play cameronnnnn is hot!!!!
Cailey Murphy (5 hours ago)
+Trippy World truu
Trippy World (14 days ago)
Chilll wtf
film world (1 month ago)
Like your fucking sister
Anais Coundial (4 months ago)
That moment when you're bilingual 😛😛
Solyana Mulugata (1 month ago)
Anais Coundial sameee
Laura Cammisa (4 months ago)
Italiani ?
Christina Reynolds (4 months ago)
If the subs were correct rather than automatically generated I could read them. It'd be a great way to refresh my French. French subs please!
shottazyouth (5 months ago)
fucking retards put the title in english for views. disliked
Leave Alone (5 months ago)
I don’t understand does she has syndrome Stockholm ?
SoldierOfJesus SOJ (1 month ago)
Sofie dossi Junior (5 months ago)
I saw this on life time
The Black Cat (5 months ago)
Where’s English!
angel ivanov (5 months ago)
Sofie dossi Junior (5 months ago)
Like I would run for my life when he got heart
Jurgreta Greta (5 months ago)
Αυτος πολυ ομορφος ηθοποιος🙂👌
Adah binti (5 months ago)
I can't understand a word .🙄😏
angel ivanov (5 months ago)
angel ivanov (5 months ago)
starla dejong (5 months ago)
Where is the English!!!
Juni Saanila (5 months ago)
And it was like that.... for SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!
Nebo Nole (5 months ago)
seven years torture her tickle that beautiful
Avocado ._. (5 months ago)
It’s in a different language
Milana Khvan (5 months ago)
This is French
Danna De Hernandez (6 months ago)
Joselito Wolfhand (6 months ago)
Español hijos de su puta madre
Joselito Wolfhand (5 months ago)
Ra Clarke porfavor en español la reputa que te parió
Ra Clarke (5 months ago)
Joselito Wolfhand se le olvido el por favor Distinguido caballero
TheNormalPurpleBoi (6 months ago)
Kim Johansson (6 months ago)
the awful thing with this movie is that is it real... ( sorry for my bad English )
film world (30 days ago)
Its a story of colleen stan
Juni Saanila (5 months ago)
Kim Johansson well yea, its based on a true story so...
Paprika Mannen (6 months ago)
Giulia _ (6 months ago)
Omg y'all saying "why it's not in english" BRO IF IT'S FRENCH IT'S FRENCH GO WATCH IT IN STREAMING y'all so annoying istg
Réka Gyárfás (6 months ago)
Why are y'all so offended cause its not in english? Guess what there r many other languages in the world lmao
Twyla Proctor (1 month ago)
probably due to the fact it is titled in English and not French (which is what I'm pretty sure the language is)
Serious Moonlight (1 month ago)
It's an *American* movie and makes no sense in "french. Based on a true story NOT set in France-loser. Let them read their own subs...damn
Angee Montana (3 months ago)
Youre going way too hard lmao. It's a fucking American movie that's why lolll
jessica vanstone (4 months ago)
+shottazyouth completely agree with you and also she was American so why wouldn't it be in English
shottazyouth (5 months ago)
they put the title in english jackass, thats why
stoner chick (6 months ago)
Can we have the english version please
GQ O86 (6 months ago)
Its is on Facebook in English. Just type title in search block
Grive Lubis (6 months ago)
Please sub indoo
peach love (6 months ago)
eng sub 😐
Chenale Gaines (6 months ago)
Weirdly interesting 3 out of 5
Allyah Ashyie (6 months ago)
yg bikin Q greget itu tangan guna'nya buat apa kan bisa tuh tangan ngebuka tutup mata .malah grayang2 nggk jelas
Tety Wibowo (1 month ago)
Allyah Ashyie iya bener😂😂😂
Lilis Arifbner (6 months ago)
gk ngerti bahasa yah
Gun Gun (6 months ago)
English https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U4dJlt6UIFFsPISGBtqQIWFX6tLpYdnm/view
irma irent (6 months ago)
Sub english pliiiisssss...
Manuel Cuallado (6 months ago)
I speak french but i fucking hate how it sounds, they should put the film in english
Jay Blocks second (6 months ago)
cool but not engilsh
Victuuri Forever (6 months ago)
Li Eligran (3 months ago)
Meghna Sonkar (6 months ago)
https://fmovies.taxi/film/girl-in-the-box.z1nlw Heres the movie in english.. Thank me later
Gun Gun (6 months ago)
Thank you so much)
Jeremy Penn (6 months ago)
You know I don't speak France! Lol
Jacqueline Womack (6 months ago)
Anika Aradanas (6 months ago)
Try English please
Maxi S. (7 months ago)
Who came from inside edition?
icy Pakkis (1 month ago)
Mee ahaha
Sophia Diamondgirl (3 months ago)
Maxi S. meee
antonela bakavic (3 months ago)
I did
Maryluz Garcia (3 months ago)
Lia And Niqua (3 months ago)
hira mughal (7 months ago)
That guy was soo handsommeeeee
youngblood ___ (1 month ago)
+Kyra Storm she's talking about the actor, not the real fucking person, damn
Kyra Storm (2 months ago)
hira mughal no he was a perverted creep
Coco Panda (6 months ago)
L V (7 months ago)
Noooo they got one of my new favorite actors playing this disgusting creep nooooo now I don't like him as much damn it Zane whyyyy
Scrumptious (16 hours ago)
They should not have choose him for this kind of role!! No need to make a kidnapper/sadist attractive!!
Scooby Doo (5 months ago)
L V zane is sooo beautiful 😂😢
Alien (5 months ago)
L V lmao
Jade Johnson (7 months ago)
OMG I saw this movie before but it was IN ENGLISH not this freaking other languages that no one even knows🙄🙄gosh don't know what there saying ‼️‼️but it was a good movie ☺️☺️☺️glad the girl finally got away!!
tea ` (1 month ago)
"No one ever knows" lol it's french
Ashleah Garrin (2 months ago)
Woah calm down people, I'm sure she didn't freaking mean anything by it. You're freaking overreacting.
antonela bakavic (3 months ago)
Jade Johnson I guess you are just a child, otherwise you should know that there are many other languages in the world, besides English which many other people speak. To say that this is some freaking language which no one even knows is rude and ignorant. Maybe you should educate yourself or ask someone to help you before you write such stupid, ridiculous comment next time. Btw this is French and FYI English is not the most spoken language in the world. Actually it is in 3rd place.
Black Mood (3 months ago)
It's not some "freaking language" as u say it's called "french" maybe ur just too dumb bc u only know one "freaking" language
Ra Clarke (5 months ago)
Jade Johnson are you 12?
qamar zafar (7 months ago)
Nice movie
MizOo Yemen (7 months ago)
Lunas Moons (7 months ago)
The reason she actually got in the car with them, is because they seemed safe due to the real fact that they traveled with their baby. that is why she felt it would be safe . moral of my long sentence is that clearly they have already left a vital part of the entire purpose on which this decision was actually made ,which in sense became her fate.
Nebo Nole (5 months ago)
juni saanila how nice it was for them to tickle them and she could not fight for 7 years and had fun torturing her
Juni Saanila (5 months ago)
Uumm, yeah.... i know
Nebo Nole (7 months ago)
lunas moons according to you they tortured her with tickling
Paloma Escobar (7 months ago)
😱Castellano plissss
Rizqi Dwi (7 months ago)
I dont understand no have engglish sub
CH Rakesh (7 months ago)
are ye film hindi me dalo
Fara Khan (7 months ago)
yuklz (7 months ago)
Not entirely factual, one of the reasons this story broke my heart was coz she was so careful in taking the ride while hitchhiking, she actually passed many single male drivers to be safe and chose this one coz he was driving with his wife and young baby, hence giving the wholesome family look.. she also suffered alot more, she said that he only let her out for one hour per day, the movie makes it look like she was almost living normally, helping with the house most of the time. It was also horrible how she had to keep the bed pan inside the coffin with her. Not to mention the rapes and physical abuse. Nobody deserves to go through this, I feel so sorry for her :(
TiffanyPlayz (28 days ago)
yuklz this was a true story
Twyla Proctor (1 month ago)
she actually was involved in the making of this film. things are factually different but that's why it's based on it and is a movie not a documentary. I agree it is a horrible thing of what happened to her though :(
Z AuM (7 months ago)
Karyna Almeida (7 months ago)
Khair un Nisa (7 months ago)
Movie name plz
Princess Riley (2 months ago)
Girl out in box
antonela bakavic (3 months ago)
Girl in the box
tea ` (7 months ago)
+Khair un Nisa Ok :)
Khair un Nisa (7 months ago)
Me & Me ...I watched it on Facebook last month...😊
tea ` (7 months ago)
Girl in the box :))
Dodi Setiadi (7 months ago)
film yg anehh 🤔
film world (30 days ago)
Its a true storyy
Heather Riddick (8 months ago)
Erika m (8 months ago)
Subtitulada al español??
Maryori Torres (1 month ago)
lil 22 Hooper (8 months ago)
So 😢😫😫😫😫💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧
T P (8 months ago)

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