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A Primer: The Birth Of Magic (Magus Elgar Trailer)

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Within the Multiverse sits a fantastic magical Realm. A place we call Hearth. This is the world of Magus Elgar. Magus Elgar is an Upcoming Audio Drama Created by Kennedy Phillips and Produced by Melodygun. Many concepts are strange and unfamiliar in the World of Hearth. So with the help of Magus Serling Tenthorn, we aim to explain all we can about Magic and everything in between. for more information visit maguselgar.com. You can also visit Maguselgar.com/primer to read more about Magus Serling's tome on A Primer: A Brief Synopsis of Magic and Everything in Between. Voice and Sound Design- Kennedy Phillips Visual Effects- Jonathan Ward Rau ( http://jwrfilms.com/ ) Graphic Design- Andrew Ponton Maguselgar.com soundcloud.com/maguselgar Episode One is FREE: Soundcloud.com/maguselgar/101themirrorcauldron
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Text Comments (2)
Cybernetic Cinema (10 months ago)
Man, I loved that very much XD Nice narration!
seachangeau (11 months ago)
Fun - well done ( it could be awful in the wrong mouth cause its so wordy but you are a master :)

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