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Easy Hair Style for Long Hair | TOP 26 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 #Part 25

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Easy Hair Style for Long Hair | TOP 26 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 | Part 25 🌟Access all the Hairstyles: - Hairstyles for wedding guests - Beautiful hairstyles for school - Easy Hair Style for Long Hair - Party Hairstyles - Hairstyles tutorials for girls - Hairstyles tutorials compilation - Hairstyles for short hair - Beautiful Kids Hairstyles - Cute Little Girl's Hairstyle Tutorial In today's video you will find # #Vnnails ******************************************************************* ➼ BE MY FRIEND ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 🌟🌟🌟 Subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/J0zYJX ******************************************************************* 🌟 I hope you enjoyed the video. Don't forget to leave a comment below, I want to hear your opinion! 🌟Did you know that Subscribe the video helps me a lot? It's how I know how much you enjoyed the video and how it helps me bring similar ideas. 🌟See you around here or next video, follow me there! 🌟Love you all! 💕 🌟Kiss-kiss, bye-bye 💋
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Text Comments (7367)
Dony Charles (1 hour ago)
Dony Charles (1 hour ago)
Trop tope
Koja Rahima (3 hours ago)
Tis a doll
빠밤공쥬 (4 hours ago)
charcoalito de uleng (4 hours ago)
Tried this hairstyle you might like it too https://ckk.ai/D3Dg
Marcela Rene (5 hours ago)
xD cool
My hair is long but I want it more longer till I found something called *summer* *CrYs*
김선미 (7 hours ago)
ㅂㅈㄷㅁㄴㄱㅌㅋㅌㅊㄹㅅㅍ효ㅠㅗㅕ ㅓㅑㅡㅏㅐ, ㅣㅔ.ㅊㅍㅊㅊ 최근 초
Sunset Paws (9 hours ago)
Omg thx so much! I used to be a loner but then I try’d these and I found 8 friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Potato Grace (10 hours ago)
This is easy? 😆
Hailey Will (10 hours ago)
And I love your videos 😺😎🙈
Hailey Will (10 hours ago)
Can you please send me a picture of the hairstyle
Hailey Will (10 hours ago)
These hairstyle videos are amazing and I love it can you do one with nails
Kbguj Vkjg (12 hours ago)
Very cool.
Oh Lord (12 hours ago)
*reads the title* Easy huh? *a few minutes later* I TOTALLY GIVE UP
Carmen Reyna (12 hours ago)
Are they mannikins
Машуля зоу (13 hours ago)
ERINA !! (15 hours ago)
All Girl have Fluffy Haars and me not😕😕😕🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰
Ihre Haare sehen Flufgig aus meine voll stumm...😂😂
*Jayda The Creatah* (17 hours ago)
oml these hair styles are so pretty but my hair is to thiccc
Orlando Cuevaz Gonzales (17 hours ago)
Y love blue y pink
Kamila Payares (17 hours ago)
Oh my gooooooood
jila çelikkeser (17 hours ago)
first music name ? pleaseee
蜜柑林檎 (18 hours ago)
Очень крутые прически
Adzra Irma (19 hours ago)
Its so cool i want some more of them
김대진 (20 hours ago)
LPS Nightbloom (22 hours ago)
So how do you untie those hairstyles?
Disha Chhabra (22 hours ago)
All hairstyles are mind blowing except the 5th one I like all hair styles I show my mother they are a great fan of it
海帶 (1 day ago)
Sơn Nguyễn (1 day ago)
I like video
تاخد العقلللل
King Antione (1 day ago)
They hair really cute🤪🤪😇
Berenice Ocampo (1 day ago)
Están hermosos qué hermosos pero hermosos
Berenice Ocampo (1 day ago)
Hermosuras hermosuras contesten
Berenice Ocampo (1 day ago)
Berenice Ocampo (1 day ago)
Lily Wei (1 day ago)
This should be in tTik Tok I mean Tik Tok
Arnaldo Andino (1 day ago)
Son muy bonitos los peinados me gustan
i spell wrong because i am only 8
Sofia Cook (1 day ago)
I don't like this you don't explain how you do it
Tram Dao (1 day ago)
I love how it says “easy” Hairstyles on the title.
Adriana Sampaio (1 day ago)
Alguém e do Brasil
ClaraandSophia (1 day ago)
Pretty wigs!
Nikki H (1 day ago)
Rainbow Monkeys (1 day ago)
I like the fact this is in my recommended and I have short hair XD.
gachaloverwolf wolf (1 day ago)
This video should be *The most beautiful hair in Le world*
Danielle Edwards (1 day ago)
The song is called cold bloody love
Ivan Havran (1 day ago)
Elif Özbarut (1 day ago)
Young Miss (1 day ago)
Yah, SOOO Easy...
Carla McGath (1 day ago)
中尾晃宏 (1 day ago)
Ya7ya Muthafer (2 days ago)
I suggest you to go to a hair salon!
Шикарные волосы и прическа
gacha_kitten lover (2 days ago)
not to juge there is an inappropreat part of the body in this
Tiffy Lauuer (2 days ago)
Its sooo pretty!!!
i notesit there is a privet part in this girls hair
xXGachaQueen Xx (2 days ago)
Yeah so easy
JustDraw 101 (2 days ago)
You can obviously see that this is done by someone else so this aint “Easy Hair ideas” it’s “This is done by professionals”!
Vicky Shyn Boholst (2 days ago)
What is tittle your song?
V E R S A N :3 (2 days ago)
For a second I thought it was real hair it's wonderful 😍
Stewie Zhou (2 days ago)
you call this eaSy?
john meza (2 days ago)
Deadpool (2 days ago)
at 4:20 (yes, haha) you could weave the smaller braid through the larger braid to create an even more amazing hairstyle
ßønjøůr KĪMĪ (2 days ago)
Easy... 😰😧😒
Savage Galaxy girl (2 days ago)
I wish I have blue and purple hair straight and smooth and to creative hair
Elena Shibalkova (2 days ago)
Оочень классные прически, а будто именуется вещичка которой можно волосы протаскивать?!
Macilaci Maci (2 days ago)
DIE GESICHTER SIND PUPPEN😡😡😡😡😲😲😲😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😧😦😠😠😡😦😦
Adasu Turkmenoglu (2 days ago)
Türk yokmu türk iş türk iş diyom duyan varmı laaaa
Ээээ Русские откликнитесь
Jeraldine Vega (2 days ago)
I wish a have that hair half blue and half pink👩
台達 (2 days ago)
Love ❤️
Gwyneth Bare (2 days ago)
**Me trying these** *starts to braid hair* **my arm is hurting** *this is taking way to long* **when im finally done, (it's been like 30 mins)** *Holey moley it looks horrible* **gives up** *ill just stick to messy buns and ponytails*
Nastya DIY (2 days ago)
Скиньте музыку, заглавие, изволь
Qwerty Qwerty (2 days ago)
Кто российский нажимай 👍
Haloo Haloo (2 days ago)
That's nice
Flavøurly òwó (2 days ago)
Its a manekuin :I
Lindsey Lohan (2 days ago)
I have long hair but it is also very thin.
Jemima Zaifa Domondon (2 days ago)
PLEASE READ VERY IMPORTANT SO IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN TRUE STORY I love this hair styles abd also to WARN!! you if you go to baguio city there is this hair styling shop called unisex and they are doing bad job because it was my moms bday so we went out to do her hair we went in the shop it took so long until my moms hair started to fall i thought it wasnt a big deal but it was lots of hair fell she almost became bold but she just lost lots of hair and the hairstylist blamed her for it i was so worried and the bad think about it was the hairstylist blaming her!!
SARALA S (2 days ago)
Wow! super😘
Ange Telfort (2 days ago)
Possessed Roses (3 days ago)
*EASY hairstyles* Video: These are very easy. Me: *tries to do a ponytail* *fails* *brushes hair* *becomes frizzy* *tries messy bun* *fails*
Nazwa Filzah (3 days ago)
Tik Tok
Xx gacha Rose xX (3 days ago)
1:22 can you do that with hair that’s just over your shoulder and curly?
Queen Knotti Styles (3 days ago)
Love these hairstyles!!!
Kakie Mafia (3 days ago)
Me:dang she has pretty hair *realizes its fake* Me:IMOUTTA HERE
Kay KPOP (3 days ago)
"easy" they said
Caroline Weaver (3 days ago)
I love the colors of the hair and how smooth it is
Blue Little Potato (3 days ago)
I come here for the music that I'm humming but don't know the words to it..... Works everytime
Jaden Stark (3 days ago)
yez papi uwu fuppa lord yes
Amna Mansoori (3 days ago)
These hairstyle look so cool, keep up the good work.❤❤❤.
Starman Laura (3 days ago)
I want the model’s hair
Nina Ioannou (3 days ago)
They are mannequins
A Randall (3 days ago)
these hair styles look beautiful, but when tried by others they get a birds and rats and a wolf pack stuck in their head LOL
Melody Music (3 days ago)
I love them all!!!
Beberia Cabrera (3 days ago)

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