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SERPENT RISE - "...Kharma"

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This is the first and only full length album released by Brazilian band SERPENT RISE (atmospheric / doom metal). The album "Gathered by ... kharma" was recorded during the winter of 1996, but only in 1998 was it released. BAND: Serpent Rise STYLE: Atmospheric/Doom Metal RELEASE: "Gathered by...kharma" (1998) COUNTRY: Brasil PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/oficialserpe... SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/serpentrise
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Text Comments (3)
A partir de 5:56 lembra muito o riff da "Smalltown Boy", do Bronski Beat, na versão do Paradise Lost.
Thiarlle training (3 months ago)
Top galera 👊👏
L'homme révolté (10 months ago)
Essa é uma das melhores. Sempre tive a impressão que a introdução acústica lembra a da belíssima My Oceans Vast do Enchantment, só que em um andamento mais lento.

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