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One Piece AMV - Skin to Bone [HD] 1080p

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Read description ENGLISH / Leed la descripción ESPAÑOL ENGLISH Brook's tribute and his most used technique «Hanauta Sancho Yahazu Giri». I'm sorry for taking so long time to upload a video but I am so busy... I didn't forget you! Subscribe, comment and give me "LIKE" to cheer me to make more please! The latest image, the wallpaper was made by me and a friend, comment and express your opinion about it. Thank you very much for watching and for read it! ;) ESPAÑOL Tributo a Brook y su tecnica más utilizada «Hanauta Sancho Yahazu Giri». Siento haberme tomado tanto tiempo para subir un video pero estoy tan ocupado... No me he olvidado de vosotros! Suscribiros, comentad y dadme "ME GUSTA" para animarme a hacer más porfavor! La ultima imagen, el wallpaper esta hecho por mi y un amigo, commentad y dar vuestra opinion sobre este. Muchas gracias por ver el video y por leer esto! ;) Special Thanks go to: TheTigrex1995 - Who recommended me that song. GuilleBVK92 - With whom I made the lastest wallpaper. Comment please! Program:Sony Vegas Pro 12. Song: Skin to Bone - Linkin Park Wallpapper: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/9068/ra72.jpg Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I am not making any profit. It is purely for entertainment purposes and in no way meant to offend. I do not own the clips or the songs I used, they belong to their rightful owners/companies. No Copyright Infringement is intended at all.
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Text Comments (228)
Aleksandr Petrov (1 month ago)
Great video. Thanks a lot. Battle Brook with zombie in General are not honest, given that Brook fought with his own shadow, the physical condition of bodies is different (zombie have muscles, and the skeleton does not have them), one - zombie legendary samurai and the other a cutie a musician who served in korolevskoi guard, combat convoy, Exedra sudden attack and specializiruetsya in speed, agilities, accuracy instead of damage. Brook has his own unique fighting style, is a wonderful swordsman, which confirm his battles in the story, especially those present in this video.
zédapaçoca (1 month ago)
Esse é o sinônimo de perfeição
I'm lucky (11 months ago)
excuse me with what software you do your amv pleas
Pedro Henrique (1 year ago)
Amv do brook
姜皓浚 (1 year ago)
Brook is literally invincible
姜皓浚 (1 year ago)
The best song to go with Brook
João Ryan (1 year ago)
Brook is my favorite
Difficutal (1 year ago)
MVP of the whole cake arc. No doubt.
I would express impression... BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY MUSCLES YOHOHOHOHOHO
Edinson castro (2 years ago)
TCB_Fun Devil (2 years ago)
I admit this is the best Brook AMV that I've ever seen in my life, seriously I was interest in putting in my list a Brook AMV but this is the best from everyone I've seen. How can you make smuch a good videos?!
Brook (2 years ago)
admiro muito o Brook
Diego Morelo (2 years ago)
Wallpaper pls
Asfandyar Khan (2 years ago)
I really want Brook to get stronger, and have a serious arc involving him. His VA is awesome and sounds badass when talking in a serious tone - like "Yahazu Giri!". Also, he's the voice of Motal Mogamett from Magi S2, and man his performance in that was AMAZING!
gaben gabre (2 years ago)
check the mangas recent chapters AND WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY IS A SPOILER SO DONT CONTINUE READING IF U DONT WANT SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER aight. In recent manga chapter its revealed that brook might have awakened his devil fruit
Abdallah Eltayeb (2 years ago)
I cut you already!! hehe :D I love when he says that :DDD
misingtale sans (2 years ago)
misingtale sans (2 years ago)
i like brook he cool anh funny 💀
luis leotte (2 years ago)
which one is the film og the bugs??
luis leotte (2 years ago)
+Ed Colon thaaanks
DarkScrafty 34 (2 years ago)
Strong World
Quisiera que hagas las musicas de tus amv's subtitulados al español U.u
Ryan Mac (2 years ago)
Brook = Best Strawhat
Jienelle G (3 years ago)
1:08 I say he's creepy here and gives me goosebumps!
RobinUI (3 years ago)
I Only wish we got to hear some of his dialog. He's got such an awsome voice and a awsome history. other than that awsome work :)
Yesika Narvaez (3 years ago)
marika samogin (3 years ago)
Brook is my favourite Mujiwara 😃
Seekers (3 years ago)
Kings Bishop (3 years ago)
How do i download the video?
*head *Of*Chaos* (2 years ago)
TheUnderdog2020 (3 years ago)
When Brooke got stabbed in the eye socket by the undead samurai, was that a reference/foreshadowing to Zoro's lost eye in the new world? Since the sword that stabbed Brooke goes on to be owned by Zoro.
Syukri Fitri (1 year ago)
TheUnderdog2020 it also shows Zoro will shows his responsibility of Shisui master to fight along with wano county
Virain Garg (3 years ago)
+TheUnderdog2020 No its refered to hawk eye that mihawk have . Zoro gets the same eye power haki on the island while its training with mihawk.
Isaac Diaz (3 years ago)
+TheUnderdog2020 i doubt it because brook got stabbed in the wrong eye.
HonestGhost (3 years ago)
The scene with the ants looks so awesome, i should really watch the One Piece movies :D
Sadaf Khan (3 years ago)
Yes yes u must. All of the 13 movies and other OVAS and special episodes. They r so interesting and different. and they got few scenes that we were dying to watch in the series. Eg sanji and zoro becomes scaredy cats because of some mushroom effects in "adventure of nebulandia" and zoro betrays in cursed sword and so many other different ideas r represented
Framebird (4 years ago)
I bet Brook will choose to die with the his comrades. He already lost his last comrades, I don't think that he wants to feel this helplessness again. Always going on and on and meeting new friends just to lose them, his devil fruit is the most horrible ever.
El Bardo (9 days ago)
Yes for example he could just drown. Because he ate a devil fruit.
xRaalx (2 years ago)
The question is, if its just +1 life that means its a one shot devil fruit. in theory, this means he can obtain a new devil fruit power yes? Ah but wait, he can't swim meaning he still has a power! i think the powers of his fruit extend farm ore than simple "+1 life". but rather a bit of control over the life around him. That's my theory based on seeing him bring the chill touch of death to some of his attacks anyways.
Sadaf Khan (3 years ago)
his devil fruit power is revival. He just got another life. He is not immortal. so definitely he will die again within this era with luffy and others
Nhan Le Thanh (4 years ago)
Mehmet Şimşek (4 years ago)
tüylerim diken diken oldu benimde amcamın yaru yaru no mi si vardı öldüğünde vücudunun %90ı yanmıştı %10nunuda biz kestik kemik olarak evde geziyo şu anda
alperen (3 years ago)
geçmiş olsun krdş bişe sorucam s*çabiliyomu?
SpaerDB (4 years ago)
Seriously, how can he see?
SoLLy K (4 years ago)
Lyric of the song is very resemble with brook's life
Divya Rana (4 years ago)
"I'd get goosebumps watching this but wait .... I DON'T HAVE SKIN YOHOHOHOHOHO" xD really bad attempt at making a brook pj xD
zhi shangdi (2 years ago)
i can see your skull joking around brooks but please stop your making me laugh my bones to dust
Sadaf Khan (3 years ago)
+Divya Rana SKULL JOKE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! yohohohohohohohoh oya oya KIBISHIIIIIIIIII :D
Finch Glass (3 years ago)
+Divya Rana *SKULL JOKE!!!*
Rick Sieben (3 years ago)
@Divya Rana *slow claps*
Divya Rana (3 years ago)
@Bill F#cking Gates xD
Melissa Aleck (4 years ago)
I just love this music video!😊
MrYouNasty (4 years ago)
I don't think ppl realize the kind of pain brook is feeling right now. He'll be alive long after the straw hats die and all his gonna have is memories of them.
Neo core (2 years ago)
He can sink on ocean and die... at anytime..
MrYouNasty (3 years ago)
Always meant to change that comment. Cuz if he dies again his not coming back. But then again his soul is the only thing keeping him alive so he would be pretty hard to kill.
Sadaf Khan (3 years ago)
It won't happen. He won't live that long. He is not immortal. He devil fruit revival not immorality
Malice (3 years ago)
@Himawari Uzumaki how?
pokkie (3 years ago)
@Endless Malice I meant the kids thing, that would ruin everything
MrAnimeAmv1 (4 years ago)
more amvs!!!!!!
MasterM34 (4 years ago)
what is the last song? (it doesn't say in the description)
MasterM34 (4 years ago)
@Shina Mezakuni thanks a lot
m (4 years ago)
Binks No Sake. It's the violin version of the original.
Akachi (4 years ago)
Anyone know if brook's soul can take over an animated zombie with shadow in it? Since brook cudn't let his soul come out of his body in thriller bark and all....
David Braun (4 years ago)
soul king!
Damian Mendez (4 years ago)
Valiant Bradley James (4 years ago)
Think you for that, I really like Brook, for what he's gone through, and who he is, it's nice to see him getting some love
m (4 years ago)
"I'm still concerned about my appearance. So... Do these pants make my butt look big?"
SOShypercharmySOS (4 years ago)
Brook doesn`t get noticed often so it`s nice to see this.
Lemur 1112 (3 years ago)
@SOShypercharmySOS one of my fav. characters, cause his funny skull jokes, his laugh and many other things, he is just awesome i think
: 0 (4 years ago)
Man brook really needs to have more epic moments, him being scared with usopp, chopper and nami is just lame. He could be one of my favorite characters otherwise.
caylum booth (2 years ago)
yep brook the badass MVP  of the whole cake island ark he got a lot of epic and sick feats under his belt mainly against a certain  *Young lady*
harz 5 (2 years ago)
FlexyVids do you read the manga? cuz your wish has been full filled
Sadaf Khan (3 years ago)
That's just nature don't u think? I mean when time comes usopp never ever runs away even if it kills him. His bond with others makes him much brave. even in real life it can be related. I am too much coward and I have serious confidence issues but when there is time. . . Bhoom and bham like usopp and Brook ;) nami got brain and chopper is just sweetheart. He don't need to fight anyone. He can kill anyone with his cuteness " kyun spark" :p
NamiOnePiece (4 years ago)
Zoro vs Brook who win? EDIT. Okay... I think again and... Zoro have Haki...
Ksenia Boytseva (4 months ago)
Stupid question and answer from a typical Zoro fan. There's no point in comparing them. They are from different eras and different skills. Different type - one speed and the other force. They have different goals. Zoro acknowledged the strength of the enemy and decided to quickly finish their fight, so that the remaining swords did not have time to break. This fight doesn't count. After all, in the body of Ryuma was the shadow of Brook. Yes and his battle with the samurai is not considered to be difficult to be fighting with yourself, a zombie's muscles were preserved, unlike the brook, the legendary samurai, etc. A Musician has advantages over Zoro: easy, fast, accurate, jumps high, can perform superhuman tasks, has more experience, thin ears, a Brook to hurt harder than a living person, savvy, freezes the opponent with his sword, lulls music or plunges into illusions. Both are good in their own way and perfectly complement each other as fighters.
Nimar (4 years ago)
@Florian Anonym thx to his devil fruit, he survived even death. But there are still some dangers. 1. you can smash his head. 2. you can smash his bones. 3. But him into a cave of water. 4. Throw him down, to the ground of the sea... or a swiming pool. 5. some more scenarios, including other devil fruit abilities (like "sugar´s" ability if you read the manga you know her) or Kairōseki.
Blogaman Endomo (4 years ago)
how can he die he is already death ? Explain pls
Nimar (4 years ago)
@Florian Anonym yes
Blogaman Endomo (4 years ago)
the more important question should be, can brook die ? 
The Pink Fields (4 years ago)
If brook gets haki, Damn he'll be OP
harz 5 (2 years ago)
Sir Gakuto he gon look like a burned skeleton
TheHerpaderp42 (3 years ago)
+halowolf143 Then he could be Black Bones Brook
The Pink Fields (4 years ago)
@halowolf143 Badass mode on 
halowolf143 (4 years ago)
Dude imagine Brook but covered in Armanent Haki the same way that Vergo was.
Akachi (4 years ago)
ikr, and after the timeskip he cud do lots of stuff with his soul. I dont rly know how much soul, spirit, and haki can relate to each other but yah pretty sure brook will get armament and sensory haki in the future, at least that's just my hopeful guess.
Xredsilverwolf hunter (4 years ago)
One Piece is my favorite anime so seeing good AMVs about it makes me feel happy  
Diamond Jozu (4 years ago)
nice amw
Thumbs Up ! (5 years ago)
the ending song bin sake on violin should be the biggining of the video aswell
Thumbs Up ! (5 years ago)
this is a shame to your videos, brook has an epic voice and athe part were all hes old nakama die one by one while playing the sake song, alot of epic parts that you didnt show but a poor video were no one even talks, poor resolution aswell, i know mi im been rude wuth my coment but ive seen your other videos and this is crap compare to does. with all the respect.
SL4Y3R308 (5 years ago)
Bone to be wild ;)
reaper grim (5 years ago)
what son is at the end of the video when it goes instrumental olny?
The DreadedBane (5 years ago)
I absolutely love Brooks he is my 2nd favorite straw hat, amazing job. Very well done my friend ★★★
Aillegoddess (5 years ago)
I have watched this several times & I love it every single time.  You did such a great job showing who Brook is.
999vista666 (5 years ago)
Mugiwara Vídeos (5 years ago)
Eu achava que você falava Português (do Brasil)
Capt. Foxy Cuddles (5 years ago)
how did you find the song after the video, only the violin
Little Auk (5 years ago)
Yeah ! J'adore Brook, il me fait tellement rire !
Omni The Leader (5 years ago)
Curtis Gough (5 years ago)
just hearing brooks play that song on his violin gives me the feels
Trava Gamhsou (5 years ago)
where i can find the last picture on this video?
Potato_Chii (5 years ago)
Another reason why I love Brooke~ <3
Greg Killoran (5 years ago)
who else here is on episode 635 :DDD
Toxic Ch1ppers (4 years ago)
662 for me (well it was 6 months since @Greg Killoran wrote that
WhoNeeds AHaircut (4 years ago)
657 i cant wait for 658 and the 659 luffy meets sabo
Samantha Nicholson (4 years ago)
Don't forgot that post is a few weeks old, I think most of us are on 652 by now :P
Monkey D. Luffy (4 years ago)
CodeRed99911 (5 years ago)
647 for me.
alphamelvin (5 years ago)
at what episode does brook come actually? I'm just at 134
Arthur Inda Rocha (5 years ago)
He join the crew at 381
TacitSpider (5 years ago)
that sync with sheathing the sword and the song.. love it 0:34
Muikelo (5 years ago)
im watchin one piece in ep 53,, what episode Brook is introduced?
PORKchopBOOST_ (4 years ago)
no it is 377
AnimeGirl (5 years ago)
@Saiyan Monkeh Agreed
Vegeta D.Elric (5 years ago)
sorry ep 381
Vegeta D.Elric (5 years ago)
ep 327 but he joins the crew in ep 378
Bert Nandez (5 years ago)
Well a lot of AMV spoil a lot of the story (at least the ones from one piece) and show something you wouldnt expect if you are watching the anime e.g. major plot twist or revealments that only surprise you if you just watch the anime. At least thats my opinion.
#dummwie10mfeldweg (5 years ago)
guess a BONEer joke wont fit in here... :DD
Toxic Ch1ppers (4 years ago)
Keron Amora (5 years ago)
Since when is death an apology
TheRoyalGuard01 (5 years ago)
I really like Brook. What I don't understand is how come no one really recognizes him as the Soul King in the New World. He is a celebrity, but no one seems to know his as anything but a straw hat...where are the people asking for autographs etc.?
Happilywanderin (5 years ago)
Haha i'm with you there. Also when he revealed himself to be brooke at the end of his "tour" people be like "holy shit. this talking skeleton is the same as that talking skeleton? no fucking way"
brian lee (5 years ago)
i have obvisly missed a few episodes or a movie because i dont remember those bugs
Sophia (5 years ago)
The beginning of the song reminds me of totally spies lol
George Pinzon (5 years ago)
Really great AMV!! Especially considering how hard it is to make one for Brooke, being the latest addition to the straw hats and all but overall really well done
Haki Terror (5 years ago)
where is "death isn't an apology"?
luffy (5 years ago)
thriller bark beginning wehre he talks to FRANKY!!!
Azu Cenita (5 years ago)
Genial AMV, me encantan todos los de este canal ^-^ La imagen del final me ha impresionado, es muy chula, gracias por el enlace~
ZomgAnimation (5 years ago)
Best brook AMV in my opinion ;)
vnturahdez95 (5 years ago)
definitivamente este hombre sabe lo que hace con estos videos
say me pls from what a movie is the part from 1:15 - 2:00 :) :D 
Dry4Haz (5 years ago)
the second movie I don't know wich one
Dry4Haz (5 years ago)
one piece movie 10 strong world
patrick moore-estrada (5 years ago)
Freaken awesome
Adrydn (5 years ago)
Linkin Park, AMV de one piece esto es vida!!! Muy bueno LIKE
Cucini Pietro (5 years ago)
JinnTsumi (5 years ago)
i just recently found your AMV's and i have to say they're amazing
Feedy (5 years ago)
Beautiful. <3
Muggo Ganerva (5 years ago)
Sugoi no Linkin Park
Kathy Kane (5 years ago)
I think Brook is really underrated. He is alctually very strong. I just wonder when Oda will give him the spotlight once.
LittleVillage24 (5 years ago)
You make the best AMV's. Great editing, awesome choice of music and the song at the end was brilliant.
Yoel Oliva (5 years ago)
how could some one not now what anime this is. is that even ok
Sundaydallas Dallas (5 years ago)
thumb up if you stay after the video to hear the song
Esherian (5 years ago)
Amazing video nice choice of music, scenes and editing. From witch episode is the scene at 1:20 ?
CodeRed99911 (5 years ago)
Kuma's hand can't be cut, because of his paw paw fruit abilities. Unless you used haki, but Brook couldn't use haki yet so cutting kuma is not an option.
JC Not (5 years ago)
Ah pero si hablas Español! Queria decirte que de todas las páginas de AMV que he visto en mi vida la tuya tienes los mejores, sigue trabajando saludos :D
toadly eee (5 years ago)
um wat lol
TwiiNs Lazixx (5 years ago)
dafuk did I jst read ???????? 0o
Mahdianto (5 years ago)
Are you F*cking kidding me? -..-
Sameer Shah (5 years ago)
i like the intro song really nice :D
Nagato Uzumaki (5 years ago)
Yohohohoho ^^
msjorten (5 years ago)
no puedo verlo en mi cel por que???
Abo Talal (5 years ago)
Can u make it available?!
Abo Talal (5 years ago)
I'm using my mobile to watch this amv But I can't .. Can u make available ?!

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