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Future - Mask Off (Official Music Video)

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"FUTURE" available at: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.iTunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.AM Spotify: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.Sptfy Google Play: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.GP Amazon Digital: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.Dig Deezer: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.Dzr Soundcloud: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.SC Tidal: http://smarturl.it/FUTURE.Tidal https://www.futurefreebandz.com https://www.facebook.com/futureofficial https://www.twitter.com/1future https://www.instagram.com/future https://www.youtube.com/officialfuturevideos https://www.soundcloud.com/futureisnow (C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz #Future #MaskOff #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (165886)
Nyana11 (1 hour ago)
Play it at 0.75 speed and take a line cocaine
Leontino Blagoevski (1 hour ago)
When you rob a bank and the cops didnt cathe and you made it Home safe you be like
Dixie Flatline (4 hours ago)
This is what happens when there is no Batman T_T
scarlett dunn (4 hours ago)
Do you know ?? your popularity on instagram is just at the distance of the site *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M*
Jane Belgrave (8 hours ago)
Purge 2.0
Buggy DaBroff (9 hours ago)
153k kept theie mask on
Young Stunner (9 hours ago)
This song makes me want to study for my drugs test Tahts a stolen comment You read that wrong Like pls
Dillan Mistry (10 hours ago)
Found it finally
Marcela Tavares (11 hours ago)
Muito topppp esse somm
Alexander Williams (13 hours ago)
This song make me want to buy a go cart and put my mask on and take off on the top of it
Kaxa Uridia (13 hours ago)
OULD-LHADJ Wassim (13 hours ago)
I like women with Futur ❤
"Mad skunk fucking mad skunk"
Sreehari Santhosh (14 hours ago)
Play this song on area 51 let the aliens get high and come out with the top secrets🙊 😂
8vê Retôrnis (14 hours ago)
*roy purdy*
Marie Louise (14 hours ago)
This song makes me want to disown my own mother.
Universalcosmic (14 hours ago)
This is Morgan lol
Bad Boy (15 hours ago)
Enes Hamaloglu (16 hours ago)
🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 2019
seserenable (17 hours ago)
pepe the elephant (18 hours ago)
this song makes me wanna visit area 51
danhek rylit (18 hours ago)
Русские кушать ?
rafael lopes (20 hours ago)
Caro pra cacete
L0ser (21 hours ago)
"Kantoi Kau Tak Puasa"
arda aslanhan (22 hours ago)
#TR TÜRK yokmu aq
R J (22 hours ago)
Fuckery ends and song starts 1:25
Ahmet Can Tutan (22 hours ago)
Türkler sayımızı görelim 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Funny Gammerrs (22 hours ago)
NatronAbiden gelenler Likelesin
Bilal Malik (22 hours ago)
This song makes me want to copyright all the comments
clement demoy (23 hours ago)
esmiperrofrosty (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to fly an Airplane... in reverse
Ethan Scott (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to like the comments section
Kenan Channel (1 day ago)
These song makes me put my sons name Pablo
Rachid DRX (1 day ago)
Yoda listened to this song Now he is on the dark side of the force.
Santialberto SC (1 day ago)
this song makes me wanna eat dominos pizza inside of a pizza hut place
Lux3 FTW (1 day ago)
This video makes me want to mask on.
Asuzu Atsushi (1 day ago)
Imagine playing this song while storming area 51 with y'all running like naruto
shaitaan reviews (1 day ago)
Before play this song on my device my battery was 5% and after this song my device battery is 15%
Ivadel Fjetland (1 day ago)
Ccx gamer Lynx (1 day ago)
This song make wanna tell my teacher to get out.
Pedro Neves (1 day ago)
These comments are mad 😂😂
Arleth Ochoa (1 day ago)
Saludos desde Perú <3
Tusergio Pere (1 day ago)
This song makes me wanna teach my dad mechanic
Your Reverence (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to ask aliens if I exist.
synth special (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to arrest them popos
Devin Stokes (1 day ago)
This makes me wanna fall up the stairs
Sanele Maziya (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to put the milk in before the cereal
2115 black (1 day ago)
Krawke (1 day ago)
this song makes me bank the rob
Atakan İnal (1 day ago)
Türkler kendini bı belli etsin la
Ethan Guy (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to steal from my own wallet
Andrea Allen (1 day ago)
Naruto flute
ᄒᄒ강 (1 day ago)
휴철아 잠깐들렸어 노래좋네
Furkan (1 day ago)
YamiEhrenmann 123 (17 hours ago)
We play this song when we storm area 51👍🏽🔥
Алексей (1 day ago)
This song makes me sell the goods to the supermarket.
B'Star Bayu (1 day ago)
This Song, Makes Me Wanna To Be A Gay.
Maxs Macs (1 day ago)
B'Star Bayu (1 day ago)
B'Star Bayu (1 day ago)
Syazwan Mohamad (1 day ago)
This song
Luka Xincha (1 day ago)
This song makes me born my mother
Doesn't make sense
Bushido (1 day ago)
I play this only at night in my car acting like gangster. Bmw e60
Derya Şahin (1 day ago)
Sayımızı bilelim 🇹🇷
Kermit the frog (1 day ago)
This song makes me wanna buy a car as a decoration
Muhammet Avcı (1 day ago)
this song makes me want to name my kid hungry, so I wont give him food. example: Dad I'm hungry me:hi hungry im dad
Just for Fun (1 day ago)
A lot of bitches disliked that song cos nobody chasing them no more 😎
CapitainToadTV (1 day ago)
This song makes me wanna to looking naruto
lucas chamorro (1 day ago)
the music starts at the minute 1:23
Ngor Garang Çhan (2 days ago)
This song makes me feel alone, need a girlfriend! 😢🤦🏾‍♂️☹️ makes off 2019 🤟🏿
What we see -irakan axchiknery xpvum darnum en txa!!!Under the home Serya 131 Zohrab,Yerevan
Fevzi Konak (2 days ago)
( *
ilhaam ashraf (2 days ago)
Rap with flute music
ilhaam ashraf (2 days ago)
Am i the only one here who searched this song for meme reference?
OptimuS s (2 days ago)
this song make me eat the shit from my mouth and put the food from my ass
Notorious Amar (2 days ago)
This song makes me wanna get disappeared in the jungle.
This song makes me wanna go to my boss and tell him he is fired
This song makes me wanna sell my i phone for a nokia
This song makes me wanna dip milk in biscuit
This song makes me wanna sell my T.V for the remote
stef (2 days ago)
Like si vienes por el gordito que toca la flauta con la nariz de el vídeo de el rubius xd
Bendux (2 days ago)
Like si venís de Kidd Keo🔥
Sketch Onomadek (2 days ago)
This song makes me want to put my milk in first, and then my cereal.
Muhammet Avcı (1 day ago)
i do that cuz im different
Lenny Dee (2 days ago)
Mask Off Let's Get It....🌭🌭
THom zykiro (2 days ago)
THom zykiro (2 days ago)
DARK STAR (2 days ago)
Server Ceferov (2 days ago)
Respect from Azerbaijan 💀
Sadecə Sadiq official (4 hours ago)
😈😈😈😈😈 Salam axırda Azerebaycanlı tapdım burda #VAROL
Penasaran Aja (2 days ago)
1:25 yeah
Лучшая песня
Juan Perez (2 days ago)
All these comments killing me😭
RandomSophie (2 days ago)
Dior 2001 ✌🍑
Ashwin Nair (2 days ago)
Damn I searched future flute song Cuz I didn't know the name
DARIUSH Ze (1 day ago)
Its that one
TheSpeedCube (2 days ago)
This song makes me want to sell my TV for a remote
Jasmine Xo (3 days ago)
This song makes me wanna suck blood out of a mosquito
MG- Eren (3 days ago)
sushibrot (3 days ago)
This song makes me wanna smoke some water
Andrej Nikolov (3 days ago)
This song makes me want to raid area 51..

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