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RETRAIN YOUR MIND - NEW Motivational Video (very powerful)

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The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5 second rule. Get THE 5 SECOND RULE book here: http://amzn.to/2q23qor ►Motivational Alarm Clocks https://beinspiredchannel.com/alarms If you think this video can help someone, please SHARE it. I just hope this video will be helpful for somebody. Thank you! =================================================================== =================================================================== Thank you Tom Bilyeu for your great work. Subscribe to Tom's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYMOamNKLGVlJgRUbamveA =================================================================== PLEASE SUPPORT ME ON PATREON FOR CREATING QUALITY VIDEOS http://bit.ly/2fGn4Ab =================================================================== Follow us http://www.facebook.com/BeInspiredChannel https://www.instagram.com/beinspiredchannel/ http://BeInspiredChannel.Com https://soundcloud.com/beinspiredchannel =================================================================== Special thanks to Christian Maté Grab for providing great footage https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-v_XGitwPQchj__zn1NPiw Speakers: Mel Robbins Tony Robbins John Assaraf Jim Rohn Dr. Myles Munroe Joe Rogan Jocko Willink Grant Cardone Gary Vaynerchuk Terry Crews Tim Grover =================================================================== Music : Arn Andersson - Dispersion Alex Doan - Ascendant ❗The footage are under Creative Commons License and Fair Use law. However ,if any content owners would like their images removed, please contact us by email at [email protected] Thank you! ======================================================
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Be Inspired (1 year ago)
I made this video because The 5 Second Rule had a huge impact in my life. I hope will help you too. You can buy the book here : http://amzn.to/2q23qor I start uploading short motivational videos on my second channel DAILY MOTIVATION. I hope you will like it:) https://youtu.be/HylhBnRguGs?list=PLYlA2CSRUI3UqmcO4nCEAK2TpldhKjkuD
Eloise Sanders (1 day ago)
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Ali Raza Panjwani (14 days ago)
FEED YOUR MIND (18 days ago)
Try to visit and subscribe on my channel guys
Lilay Ven (19 days ago)
Please put lyrics below so I can enjoy too much because I'm Cambodian . I'm not good at British.
paool dermes (21 days ago)
http://bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-20-BESTT-MANIFESTT-MIRACLESS-INTOO-YOURR-LIFEEE-S5DF8S6 Ես արժանի եմ այն ​​ամենին, ինչ ուզում եմ
Eloise Sanders (1 day ago)
*ṾḮṢỤẠḶḮẒḘ ṬỢ ḠḘṬ ẈḤẠṬ ỴỢỤ ẈẠṆṬ | 10 Ṿḯṣụạḷḯẓạṭḯợṇṇṇ Ṭḙḉḥṇḯqụḙṣṣṣ - Ḷạẉ ợḟ Ạṭṭṛạḉṭḯợṇṇṇṇ **https://bit.ly/2UFI4fv?-Uy76TgfDRE43*
MaxSpider (1 day ago)
I showed this video to my dog: it became a wolf and now wants to move on Wall Street
Sakshi Shukla (2 days ago)
The 5 second idea is life creating. Im in the process of creating the best version of myself.
Heather Hurst (2 days ago)
Love this
It's Gadfly (2 days ago)
I've lost motivation to work. I'm not going to work myself to death for others. If you want to retain employees you must come up with a compensation plan that they cannot refuse.
BoniBon 666 (3 days ago)
This is so fucking retarded
Poriya tayebkhah (3 days ago)
Very interesting short motivation video check it out :) https://youtu.be/95OdqojgkQQ
Aydubbs Yo (5 days ago)
I'm that Mexican u didn't mention.
AlphaSheWolf_27 N.A (5 days ago)
This video changed my life
msjksh (5 days ago)
Could you guys let me know who the speechers are in this video? I know only Mel Robbins and Tony Robbins but I want to search and listen to the others' speech more in detail.
Naleen Reyes (5 days ago)
I will take my board exam. Thank you for this motivational speech. Im praying that everything will be ok. Please pray for me. .😊
Mark Ashton (5 days ago)
Turn. Down. The. Reverb.
Ranjiplays (5 days ago)
Im still gonna be fucking lazy. I like to sit on my pc 24/7 and because i live in Norway i dont have to worry about shit
David Johnson (5 days ago)
+Ranjiplays Do it have a go you never know, let me know when your first one is uploaded lol
Ranjiplays (5 days ago)
+David Johnson i make funny videos and that stuff
Ranjiplays (5 days ago)
+David Johnson yeah
David Johnson (5 days ago)
LOL but there are ways to make a living of your computer.
David Johnson (5 days ago)
8:05 LOL
Gabriel Di Ciano (6 days ago)
Mel Robbins we love you !
Aaryam Dev (6 days ago)
Well, she said the truth.
hugh G rektion (6 days ago)
What's the point when some dint keeps trashing you up before you get a chance to take out the trashing.. what's the point in anything when a peckrhed lunges from behind when you really do try to overcome your hurdles..... What's the fucken point. Fuck this Gay earth.
Alex (7 days ago)
11/04/19-Started today training and pushing myself. I'll be back in 6 months
Abhishek Sathe (7 days ago)
That Interstellar theme in backgroud tho
BELIEVE IN YOU (7 days ago)
Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. Lance Armstrong
Ghost (8 days ago)
I will succeed in school.
Peder Skrataas (8 days ago)
I’m starting today.
CommieFinest (8 days ago)
Help me out guys to reach my goal by gifting me with 1000 subscribers.
Lacey H (8 days ago)
Today... Lets get victory royal
Den Frost (8 days ago)
I'm really glad I find this channel, thanks for your work!
Silvia George (8 days ago)
sarah j. (8 days ago)
just tired, though.. everything is over-rated.. people, relationships, things to do, places to see. I try for the kids in my life, that's all I really care about anymore.
Bri SSO (9 days ago)
Stop Now. Start Forever.
Daniel6845 (10 days ago)
Who is the female motivational speaker??? Shes fucking powerful
Juan Luna (10 days ago)
Oh!! this is so great video with powerful content. It helps me a lot, motivates me to continue life with goals without depending on how people see me and say about me. Thank so much Be Inspired for your channel, keep on inspiring people by uploading this kind of videos. This way made you a hero to many people who need a motivation. The video of this link below helps me a lot also. Please watch if you have time. https://youtu.be/vnEf8z1aZns
Denise Walsh (11 days ago)
Yep, this concept has literally changed my life. Rewiring our brains is everything! There's a few ways you can do it when you get stuck in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwCoDQwL1FY
Giri Krishnan (11 days ago)
I have tough competition sthit year in my class but I will be the class topper .Please pray for me
Giri Krishnan (11 days ago)
The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours of time.oh maan
Daphne Suerte (12 days ago)
its a big impact to me i don't even know how to discipline myself,from the food that i take and exercise for 1 week then binge after. but now im ready for my change. thanks to your video it really helps.
Rich Kid King Smith (13 days ago)
love the quality and message of your video great work👍👍👍🇯🇲💯💯👍🇯🇲🇯🇲💯
theTRIOS (13 days ago)
JUST DO IT !!! ✅☑️✔️
depressed kitsune (13 days ago)
is it weird that I’m the only one that this doesn’t help my depression keep getting worser and worser:...
Barbara Ellis (13 days ago)
I love this site. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother of 5 beautiful grandchildren. I try to encourage others. My personality comes with empathy. When you see others sad, encourage. I do this when I have the opportunity. I always tip the young men at the grocery store who help me with my groceries. But when we get to my vehicle, I brag on them about how proud I am of them for working and I encourage them to remain focused on their goals. I will never forget, after I shared the words with a young man, he stared into my eyes as though no one had ever talked to him. I have named him, the GENTLE GIANT. I hope maybe this will touch others, to encourage or be encouraged. It’s amazing how you will just by caring.
Ali Raza Panjwani (14 days ago)
#alirazapanjwani amazing powerful content
Ali Raza Panjwani (14 days ago)
Wow awesome :-)
Abhay de Villiers (14 days ago)
Completely speechless after this video. No comment plz.. @ U B
Juan Hernandez Jr. (15 days ago)
..."If I only worked out when I felt good, I'd be a fat fuck"... ~ Joe Rogan
karisma (16 days ago)
me being here because i procrastinate
Alaa Suleiman (16 days ago)
Here is my brother's Instagram account, he got injured and lost a lot, take a look at his account please, if you feel he is motivating and inspiring follow him for support please. https://instagram.com/mohammed.sule1995?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=18ehoohot038c
rinrin4 im back (17 days ago)
I don't fully agree with the lady and her 5 second rule. Because sometimes I have wrong thoughts and I don't know if they're good to do.
kranthi boini (17 days ago)
Today.I will give up negative things.
Myle Le (18 days ago)
Stop motivation people to do thing illusion why don’t try some more practicing of deal or recovery from running into stupid n ignore of acts.
capricorn 8181 (18 days ago)
I'm sick of watching all the motivation videos days in days out but nothing changes or i can't change myself... I really know what to do and which kinds if opportunities are there waiting but i still don't move... 😞😞
Natsumi Kitty (18 days ago)
I’m a simple person, if I see joe rogan in the thumbnail. I click immediately lmao
The Boxman (19 days ago)
Today I stop procrastinating. Today I stop being lazy. Today I do more. Today I do me. Today I will change.
Aadil shingre (19 days ago)
you are doing great job. really rally proud of you.
Vinay Cardwell (20 days ago)
I have never considered the 5 second rule. Thank you for doing it.
Maykyla Garcia (20 days ago)
Alsu how’s your daddy?
Giggles Consistently (20 days ago)
This was the worst inspirational collection I've heard. All judgments. Fat fuck? At 7 a.m.?
Somya Chauhan (20 days ago)
Please don't put those adds in between, it interrupts the flow... Or Put them in the beginning of the video
자스민JASSY_PH (21 days ago)
"What makes you comfortable will ruin you, what makes you uncomfortable will make you grow."
Paulo Cabral (21 days ago)
So this has a lot to do with comfort zones. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much
ZOLEKA HOKO (21 days ago)
@4:07 that’s definitely Myles Monroe!♥️
M B (21 days ago)
yeah i am still failing the math test tomorrow.
4 Successful People (21 days ago)
Never limit yourselfs because of others' limited imagination,never limit others because of your own limited imagination.
paool dermes (21 days ago)
http://bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-20-BESTT-MANIFESTT-MIRACLESS-INTOO-YOURR-LIFEEE-5RE1GE6 Ես այժմ դրսեւորում եմ բոլոր ցանկությունները
Marcos Santana (21 days ago)
Today I give up wasting my time and I will grind to achieve my goals and dreams
Mohammed Shareef (21 days ago)
One makes you comfortable can ruin you and the one makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow up
Nuria Marquez (21 days ago)
If you like this video you should check Yes theory! They believe that people grow by seeking discomfort :)
Jethray cruz (22 days ago)
Today I start thinking Good thought Today I start living a better Life Today I start making myself Strong Today I start Living a Successful Lifestyle.
loveisforever (22 days ago)
This has changed my life for the better!!! 3..2..1.. GO !
How to take control of ego or how to know when ego is on its play ?? Please share some thoughts into this. Thank you whomsoever in advance
Gavin Yates (22 days ago)
王律律 (22 days ago)
Stop wasting your time
Your Welcome (22 days ago)
5:18 , for your kind information Indians are the Asians, so don’t say like Indian and the Asians 😂
Hyena (23 days ago)
Hyena is here before she got famous
Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T (23 days ago)
I am lazy right now
jack revon (23 days ago)
Who see rhitik Roshan in video
Rob Sheldrick (23 days ago)
I showed this to my collie he’s now a qualified vet
suraj kumar (23 days ago)
Amanda Rosado (23 days ago)
I know this, I get to a place where I am positive and a switch happens then spiraling depression kicks in.
s3l3r (23 days ago)
Can I get sub? I did it 🙌 Financial freedom 🤑
Force Ghost (23 days ago)
I work too hard so I can pay the rent and bills to be lazy.
mitch val (23 days ago)
I think and take my time to think properly, rush kills the job
mitch val (23 days ago)
If you're the best you'll be promoted and actually go back to inefficiency, this is the law of maximum incompetence Bab bad management, stupid managers reducing productivity and blaming engineers
Azizah Binti nur (23 days ago)
Ur video is so inspiring for me! Thank you so much! I really need this!
Sharmishtha Ch (23 days ago)
I am 32. And my marriage is wreck. Is it too late to dream and fulfill it ? What should I dream if I have to . . I feel so defeated and old 😢
James Mitchell (22 days ago)
Old!??!? Seriously?? You have the tiger by the tail. I encourage you to ask God for his blessings. Most things can be repaired, you just gotta start.
John Valencia (24 days ago)
I am supposed to graduate from Nursing School on August 31st, 2020, but I am having the hardest time of my life. TODAY I am starting to self-discipline myself and give all I got to fulfill my goal. I will come back on September 2020 to write I fucking did it.
P S (24 days ago)
Ufff... I feel very lazy to see this video... What to do?🤔
AnnikaEmilia (24 days ago)
*Deside* *Comidt* *Act* *Sucseed* *Repeat*
Chris Meno (25 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Great editing.
Totally Tonya Vlogs (25 days ago)
Thank you for this video! It really helps me get motivated in the mornings😊 I am going to apply the 5 second rule to my life. I’m trying to change my whole outlook on life and make good habits. I’m a recovering addict, clean since November 2017!! Meditation and videos like this have played a huge role in my success! Thanks again😁
SevenDeMagnus (25 days ago)
Elon Musk is the exception, I think- he skips the motivation and goes direct to action. Some are gifted like that and they come every every 10 years it seems- in the last 100 years: Ford - Einsten - transistor inventor - Mouse & GUI maker - Steve Jobs & Wozniak - Bill Gates - WWW inventor - Google founders - Jeff Bezos - Mark Zuckerberg - Elon Musk. The next is most likely in 2022 God bless, Proverbs 31
Be4tric3 (26 days ago)
My 5 sec window is less than 3.. I'm so fast at finding excuses. Damn it.
SevenDeMagnus (26 days ago)
Cool, thanks.
Thusitha Thanthirige (26 days ago)
What a Great Voice Inspirations
suci haliza (26 days ago)
Today i stop to be a lazy person. Cause i have dream that must i realize it. To enter a college and to be a change maker for my country. I believe i can... Stop to indecision cuse every moment is opportunity for us tobe a good person.
Eran F (26 days ago)
One thing that all mental illnesses share, and I have the right to say this as I really know, is summed in many different words: "breaking" like psychotic breaking/escaping from reality, "breakdown" nervous breakdown, lack of motivation, lack of hygeine, lack of sleep, lack of activity. What do all these illness terms revolve around? It's really a single concept, that is behind, and it's giving up. It's not as simple as that, but from what I know, it's about it. We are all fragile, actually extremely fragile, that I would never in my right mind mean that when you have a mental illness it's as simple as just not giving up. The opposite is the truth. During a mental illness, during the breakdowns, humans are forced to surrender. There really is no way at those times. It's so impossible, and I don't mean it as simple as "giving up" from a lack of motivation or even anything close to it, it can be giving up on sanity, not on goals but on life itself. If anyone has ever told you, like in some videos, that it's not real or that don't "tag" yourself, that person just never been down there. There is NOTHING you can do in the struggle, and what I want my message to be is that, even though there is no way to win, and actually because there is no way to win, it means you must not stop fighting. And I don't want you to ever blame your fight. There may be no way to win, but the very harsh and unfortunate reality is that THERE IS A WAY TO LOSE. Your life will get so shitty at times, but when you don't fight, especially not fighting a losing battle, it will treat you like dirt. Einstein said the definition of crazy is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then I tell you, maybe I can't compare myself to einstein, but I know that being crazy is not a choice, and not doing the same thing over and over again, a different result, the only different result possible is not a good one. It's only possible to get a good result when one is healthy. Those who are blessed with healthy lives, you must bring the ill up, you are the only ones to make the world a better place. By definition, the definition of healthy can't be to bring down the ill.
sickasso72 (26 days ago)
If your sleeping properly you don’t need an alarm
Paul Willis (26 days ago)
Omar Eldamsheety (27 days ago)
Stephanie Louise (27 days ago)
this is great I'm loving it I got my notebook out
Ryan Harvey (27 days ago)
If you liked this video then please check out my newest motivational video that I've just uploaded! Promise you won't regret it!
Shafaq Rashid (27 days ago)
Today I stop procrastinating Today I stop blaming anybody else Today I choose succes Today I stop laziness Today I stop crying Today I choose life THAT I WANT AND I WILL FUCKING GET IT ✔

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