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CRAFTS & HACKS ► https://goo.gl/hxvYYc Have you ever thought about what happens with your body, senses and mind while you're sleeping? Many of you will say that all the parts of our bodies are resting, regaining strength and so on. Of course it's true, but it's not that simple. Some of you might think about snoring, but this is not the only curious and funny thing that happens while we're asleep. We really wanted to know more about it, so today we're gonna tell you some interesting, useful and even terrifying things that happen to us while we are sleeping.
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# Twice_Gfriend (15 seconds ago)
I sleep walk I was sick, and then when I woke up I remembered that I was jumping from my bed to the cabinet, the cabinet was like 1.5m away from my bed, my mom and my lil sis said I was like an action star. They also told me that I hit my mom and after jumping from the cabinet I keep on saying sorry to her. I keep on doing that every time I’m sick and every time I wake up I always get healed, my fever is already gone😂 creepy because I can see what I did that time but I can’t control my body and forget about it when I wake up but hours later suddenly remembered what I do😂😂
Tiffany Hart (4 hours ago)
I never had sleep paralysis before but I would be scared as shit😩
Ty Hatfield (8 hours ago)
Here’s another thing though tell me why this happens I’m laying in bed I have covers that are pretty tight because I like to sleep underneath lots of covers in my bed! I was just laying there, and what door never opened! I thought it heard someone a walk over, and then leaned down, like they were looking over top of me, and push my feet down a little bit! I felt it go down, then that is why open my eyes, and looked nothing was there!
Vitor Vieira (8 hours ago)
i’ve been having sleeping paralysis nearly every week
Ty Hatfield (8 hours ago)
I’ve had an experience once when I got up I couldn’t swallow. I couldn’t even hardly breathe or anything I thought I was gonna die. But then it kind of went away and I was like that’s so weird
Subrememe (14 hours ago)
This happens to me every week, when im about to sleep without blanket, something touching in my feet, and my heart is just beating so fast like 5 beats / sec, and when i covered up my whole body with cloth and someone like tryna pull my blanket slowly so like you wouldn't feel it, my heart is beating faster and faster, so i woked up and i never slept and i just play on my computer, im just waiting the sun rise up and im gonna go back to bed and sleep.
Bhoole Nishad (17 hours ago)
Cool facts
Thecoolestx3000 (1 day ago)
Please pin this by the way you showed Tom Cruise twice
Austin baker (1 day ago)
0:18 little Nicky
NathorNex (1 day ago)
sleep patalysis kinda happens but i do wake up eventually like atleast 30 mins after only on weekends sometimes on weekdays and yes i can breathe
Sometimes I fall asleep and dream and it comes true
Mischa DRozario (1 day ago)
I was camping 🏕 I needed the toilet 🚽 but I thought I was getting up I woke I still there in my bed 🛌 it was glamping I carried on 7 times until I woke up
Star Wolf (1 day ago)
Makes me want to sleep now I'm watching this at night
Khent Galorport (2 days ago)
Why did iwatch this
#Yolo Mode Team (2 days ago)
Once, i woke up every night exactly at 3 Am, IM NOT LYING
Akib Zuhair Samin (2 days ago)
The arrow could NOT have been placed in a better place
ana _ (2 days ago)
I get sleep paralysis alot. Honestly it gets boring nothing even happens and I'm always too scared to open my eyes. Sometimes its hard to breathe and ill feel my throat getting tight or alot of pressure when I try to get up but thats it. I got it 5 times last night and they were pretty long. I remember a few months ago I smelled chinese food and heard static noises while in sleep paralysis.
Ty Guy (2 days ago)
My brother always says my name in his sleep and I say his name and also a babble like ikkdndddnckddq
Ham Ham (2 days ago)
I’ve woken up not being able to move.
IRAQANGELZ (2 days ago)
1. Is also if an orgen doesn't function normally your subconscious mind will send a warning to your brain and you will dream of falling to wake you up
DΔRK ŁΔVΔNDER (3 days ago)
I talk while sleeping.
fuk boi_69 (3 days ago)
O.M.F.GOSH (4 days ago)
I only sleep walk to my bed
Emma Brown (4 days ago)
One day my uncle randomly shouted 'PAINT THE OVEN BLUE' XD
Yuuki Minori (5 days ago)
I’ve had the one that involves waking up because of hearing a loud noise or seeing a flash of light. My sister literally shouts in her sleep and I’ve heard her start getting frustrated at me for not helping her with something 😂😂😂
jeremiah e (5 days ago)
Desiree Mercado (5 days ago)
Sometimes I’ll have the same dream but each time that dream reoccurs a new part is added to my dream am I the only one?!😂
「Eternity」 (6 days ago)
Who else had this experience You sleep but you can still the things around your or you still feel awake but your asleep
asdasd oOfer (6 days ago)
I had a dream happen twice it was about closing a door and a face /w red eyes is about to come in :) I'm only a kid
Oobo (6 days ago)
gotta hit the 10 minute mark
Jake Cort (6 days ago)
I love the falling sleep it feels real the you just wake up
Gabe Rangitutia (6 days ago)
Who saw Leonardo DiCaprio I did
Virgilio Gaddi (7 days ago)
When your sleeping Your eyes are closed
FaZe Cameron (7 days ago)
My Uncle has a Twin and the doctor said there supposed to be one person but there two, they do stuff together when there asleep and sleep talk they even feel eachothers pain. Really weird =/
saeedur rahman (7 days ago)
Good night I hope we all have a relaxing sleep
Ash Ketchup (7 days ago)
I JUST WOKE UP AND AM HELLA SCARED WE DO THIS!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?! 😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😰 Jk I already know all of this :)
saeedur rahman (7 days ago)
Good night
I kick the walls and Fall onto my arms. I punch the sky and My shoes get untied I cry at horror and Think I have a brother I punch my nightmare and Over come My hight fear I bath in blood and Live in a red hut. I see monsters and I go into bunkers I talk into my pillow and And run in a meadow I did this for fun and I do some things. I had 2 dreams that kept happening for a while. One was an angel,Just an angel sitting there. The other one was me in a car (I was young)and the car just drove off with me in it.I watched as I went further from my parents then I woke up. Yeah...I'm weird.....
Technology Nerd18 (8 days ago)
I was sleep walking once, and I was sleeping downstairs. I went up stairs, put my blanket in the washer, and grabbed cloths for the next day. The creepiest part was that they were the cloths that I wanted to wear. How do I remember this? I don’t remember it, but it seems like the only logical reason why I would do this.
Mischief Rebecca (8 days ago)
Is it just me, or sometimes when I go to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night and if feels like I had a 1 second seizure?
Splat Chan (8 days ago)
The second one happened to me before. I couldn't breathe I felt like I was dying.
Splat Chan (8 days ago)
The second one happened to be before. I couldn't breathe, I was so scared and I dying. But then I moved gasping for air.
Fnaf Girl gamer (8 days ago)
1:44 I have that too!!!😂😂😂
Rotorboy 07 (9 days ago)
I have walk to Xbox and played a game👌🏻😴💤💤
Diana Velazquez (9 days ago)
In my dreams I dream of something and then it happens in real life?weirdd
Is it bad that i had a nightmare last year about a white figure chasing me a little slow and staring at me and when i got downstairs it was gone and then in January i had a similar nightmare about the same white figure on my stairs downstairs?? I think so...😭😭😭😭
Vegeta Fan (10 days ago)
Yo i wake up from the feeling of falling
soupermemez (11 days ago)
11. Wet dreams
Quench Gamer TV (12 days ago)
the most believable thing in my dreams is that everytime i dreamed about my teeth falling one of my relatives dies my grandma dies and my last dream all of my teeth falls and my mouth is full of blood i feel the pain my mom dies after a yr :( then my dream stops
Redstone Ray (12 days ago)
Nice Thumbnail, if you know what i mean.
NiharGamer_YT FL (12 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I will like my own comment Because no one else will 😪
Havish Dhanasekar (13 days ago)
I fall of the bed when I sleep :( and the thing is i dont wake up :)
Axa RBLX (2 days ago)
xDONTBEMADx (13 days ago)
i was in second grade i was falling in a water fall in my dream and was shaking the table when i woke up like "HUH AHH"
Kerlana Blaze (13 days ago)
Am I the only one who finds this video to be a bit scary?
Rossana Iodice (13 days ago)
I don't like sleep
KhuldaTheRatonga (13 days ago)
I used to sleep walk A LOT as a kid, and I still do sometimes, would often wake up outside, half the time in someone else's yard.
CL Seymore (14 days ago)
Who else just feels creept out when you lay on your back
So_oD (14 days ago)
Does anyone else not dream at all, for example if you wake up and try to remember your dream all you remember is a black screen.
Angzs Le (14 days ago)
I always have that feeling I'm falling..
Crafty Playz (14 days ago)
I fight myself in my sleep.... I’m still surprised the exorcist hasn’t came to be my therapist 😂
Steven Universe [YTP] (14 days ago)
I sleepwalked alot 5-7 months ago, I almost left my home but, good thing my dad heard me, like he asked me what are you doing, and im like i gotta use the toilet (My eyes we're open but I was sleeping idk howw) and I don't remember what he told me next and bls bla.... sometimes I was screaming, sleepwalking, and it was scary but thank heaven its gone...
bigmacbush (15 days ago)
One time when I was sleeping my mother had asked me to turn off the generator (don't ask for details) which was outside. And apparently I had said sure in my sleep and got up and went outside to turn it off. I don't know why that happened but it did.
deathly hunter (15 days ago)
You're a bunch of dicks. It's 3am for me and I'm sleep deprived and I'm watching something telling me to sleep. Thanks guys😂😂
swegman world (16 days ago)
2:21 lol
delissh (16 days ago)
Yea i feel like im not in my body
Hi (17 days ago)
I have the falling sensation
Chocox 111 (16 days ago)
Everyone has that
when i sleep i have nightmares about a guy...talking about my mom and dad also 78 percent i have no dreams like you selpt and woke up just now like a minute
Danny Yanez (18 days ago)
i dream about your sister
soph soph (18 days ago)
I SLEEPTALK 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Aaliyah Mipanga (18 days ago)
I was 5 or 6, and I always had a dream that I was on a bed falling on a black hole, and the vision was like twisting around and around.
Mary am (18 days ago)
When I was 5 or 4 I loved ninja turtles. I would have dreams about them. One day when I woke up my mom said that I was talking while sleeping. She said I was saying "DON'T GO! DON'T GO!!!!!!!! At that time I was also dreaming about ninja turtles.
Sandra Jorgenson (19 days ago)
I do Sleep paralysis like 2 times a months. And i used to sleep walk outside and sit by a creek in our yard and stare up at the stars when i was a little girl 7 yrs old. Then i dtarted night terrors and acting out pounding on my closed bedroom door screaming let me out. But grew out of all that and now i have for years deal with De. Ja vu about 2-5 times a week.
Mister Noname (19 days ago)
I don't have recurrent drams, but i hve dreams with continuity
Poopy Sumb (20 days ago)
I couldnt talk or move in my sleep
Apple Gameplay (20 days ago)
Thumbnail ok that’s why I notice I change my positions
Comrade Hatuey (21 days ago)
I wake up faster than anything when I fail to pull out in my sleep.
J T (22 days ago)
I’m a sleepwalker. My parents caught me going outside our house. I was able to unlock the doors, everything. I just woke up standing in the rain. I didn’t really remember how I got outside and why.
Megan Chen (11 days ago)
U need help
When i was 7 i dream that im going to washroom and peeing when i wake up i realize that i peed on bed😂😂😜
My mom says i talk while sleeping (sometimes) 😰
Paco (22 days ago)
I don't sleep
Trash Panda (22 days ago)
I would sleep walk a lot as a kid,and would always wake up on the toilet and one time I started pissing on the living room floor.
TnZ ShuZZ (11 days ago)
Trash Panda Lol
Alanna Sparks (22 days ago)
my dad told me that one day I was able to walk down my stairs, into the living room, and talk to my dad while sleeping! I only said "hey dad, uhm uhm, hey dad, dad, uhm.", so then He told me to go upstairs, and so I did! But the surprising thing was that I had my eyes open the whole time so dad thought that I was awake until I said that I didnt remember!
RASHEEN RASHEEN (22 days ago)
Sometimes also I have a dream and sometimes my mom will wake me up in the dream and then the next night I will go back and wake up in the dream at the same time and my dream will be finished
RASHEEN RASHEEN (22 days ago)
Sometimes I have a dream in one time and another dream I have a flashback about another dream that I had in the past but I'm in a completely different dream I just have a flashback of a different dream
RASHEEN RASHEEN (22 days ago)
This is crazy it you are right sometimes my back doesn't want to get up but I can move around and eventually I have to like fight it and get up
RASHEEN RASHEEN (22 days ago)
Sometimes this happens to me I am awake and I can move my body my back just doesn't want to get up but the rest of my body can move
Johnny49ERZ1234 123 (22 days ago)
My brother heard me counting to 10 when i was 😴
The Ultra instinct (22 days ago)
Sleep paralysis is common
Fatima adnin Amiruddin (23 days ago)
Actually when I'm sleeping sometimes I feel dizzy and I feel that I'm falling for a second and then I will wake up
Angie Villarreal (23 days ago)
Honestly i don't think sleep paralysis is a joke half the comments in here are just I'm not trying to sound like a witch it's just i get sleep paralysis a lot and it scares the hell outta me i feel like I'll never wake up and when i do wake up my face is all covered with sweat and tears from crying and panicking in my sleep paralysis i don't think it's a joke good bye!!
TKO GOT Beats (23 days ago)
this is why i dont go to sleep.
Pumpkin Bandits (23 days ago)
Aniello Guzzo (24 days ago)
Another 4 year old click bate
Laura Lara (24 days ago)
I told my sister a week ago that I catch myself talking in my sleep. I text her that when I woke up laughing one time. I would lay there thinking, "Am I really doing thatin my sleep?". Yeah... I have bad dreams. Falling that feels real because then I wake up from it. Ugh! I know it plays a part in my life. Trying to be more positive. Trying.....
Clark Studio (24 days ago)
Sometimes when I sleep I dream of falling and I WAKE up one funny thing when my dad fall asleep well he had a funny dream he started sleep talking saying *Did you eat already?* kept snoring and snoring Want to know my secret? Well here you go (I always drool when sleeping)
Lil Laura (24 days ago)
Once I slept walk to my grandma's bathroom door and my grandma was saying my name but I kept staring at the door
Beetle Bayley (25 days ago)
I sleep in my sleep...
_gacha girl_ (25 days ago)
When I'm sleeping I thought I fall in the stairs
MAXSHARKY STRONG (25 days ago)
my mom said that I laugh in my sleep😨😴
Oh, guys by the way, pretty weird but... If you think of something, you can smell it. Think about the smell of mint CANT YOU SMELL IT NOW?
I already knew about the thing in the thumbnail.
Beatrice Marquez (26 days ago)
Everytime I have a dream it sometimes happen in the future like my dream came true
That thumbnail is some Doctor Strange shit
Kale Lott (26 days ago)
2:57 Ow

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