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Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

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Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.) TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages at http://www.ted.com/translate. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED If you have questions or comments about this or other TED videos, please go to http://support.ted.com
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Text Comments (12123)
Pattie S (50 minutes ago)
Plot twist, tony is John.
steadfastcoward (1 hour ago)
The psychopath test would be cool if they's send me to the office to run the mimeograph machine like in grade school (umm, that smell) :)
Claptrap Claptrap (2 hours ago)
You have to have strong psychopathic traits to become a leader of any sort, but only small amount of psychopaths are murderers and criminals. Society should be protected from the latter group by containment, but the rest should be prevented by us by not giving these people on a position of power.
eaaglemq (2 hours ago)
I once had a psychologist diagnose me as a sociopath. I thought to myself, the only way to be certain is to kill someone and see if I feel remorse. Turns out she was correct.
Mike Guitar (6 hours ago)
What's with the music?
Mac Swanton (6 hours ago)
7.9k psychopaths have thumbed down this video as of 12/17/18
Bob Frazier (9 hours ago)
Anybody else hear voices while watching this? Yeah, made me kinda crazy too.
Axis JP (10 hours ago)
Someone send this to Shane Dawson ;)
Alison Carville (11 hours ago)
Anyone else ever thought he looks like Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus on LOST, who might actually be a psychopath?
Fuller Schwab (13 hours ago)
things are rarely so finite but scientists(im no scientist but myself as well) hate ambiguous answers they want a formula that will always work but human nature differs from person to person i think everyone has the potential to be a monster, we are a product of our genetics and our environment, but you cant give in to the dark tendencies that reside within all of us, it is self control, so long as you control yourself does it really matter we all have our struggles but we live in this world together, why cant that be enough.
MJade (13 hours ago)
I loved this. To be fair we all are a bit psychopathic because it is not an addition to our psyche that produces psychopathy it is rather a lack of some things that keeps our strongest self preserving, self promoting natural survival instincts moderated to varying degrees. Anyways i loved this. Nice work
ryan bell (20 hours ago)
tony is watching this thirsty as ever
Rachel (22 hours ago)
Is there really a human being walking around named Jon Ronson? That's unacceptable. You wouldn't even find that in a Dr. Suess novel
RadenWA (1 day ago)
sounds like the normal thought process of 90% of Tumblr
Coywolf006 (1 day ago)
yep, that was a guide to psychosis
Toris Iam (1 day ago)
What is exactly wrong with being a psychopath? Give me an answer without a emotional core thesis. My argument is empathy and sympathy are flaws in the human psyche.
Minty (1 day ago)
I came here to hatewatch and oh boy did I ever.
Ehrik Rick (1 day ago)
My ex-wife is a psychopath. It culminated in her trying to kill me for the insurance money. Luckily I'm paranoid, and caught on right away. No joke... this really happened.
khbgkh (1 day ago)
I personally can not stand this guy's delivery, or the weird cackling that is peppered throughout the video, even when things aren't funny. seriously, his voice is so grating.
Old Heathen (1 day ago)
Go out for a drink with a known psychopath? ~ I don't blame him for not going !
Darrin Nelson (1 day ago)
It reminds one of "McCarthism" in the 70's when everyone was a potential "communist." Psychiatric science like anything when it becomes a system that only exists to perpetuate and justify its own existence... then it is by definition A VIRUS.
Chet B (1 day ago)
Wow, a European socialist spends 20 minutes justifying his opinion that capitalism is bad. Next!
Bart Simpson (1 day ago)
Time to redo this TED, 2019 style. No DJ's required.
Ahmed (1 day ago)
this is a great talk but the music and sound effects were horribly distracting.
Robert Vincelette (1 day ago)
I do not feel sorry for anyone who gets a long prison sentence for beating someone up outside pure self-defense. The right to bodily boundaries of everybody are sacred and for that reason I do not consider the possibility of a distinction between giving someone a crippling brain injury or any other form of rape, sexual or otherwise. If someone thinks one form of what I define as rape, sexual or otherwise, is worse than another, I say so what. Violation is violation period.
Joanne Wilson (1 day ago)
Stewie Griffin in the flesh.
Cunning Linguist (2 days ago)
14 years in a nut house would damage anyone, sane or not.
OfftoShambala (2 days ago)
this is one of the better ted talks, well delivered, great content... thanks jon ronson
Shawn (2 days ago)
What a fucking terrible presentation.
Ant (13 hours ago)
Omegacube (2 days ago)
Serpent Seed / You will know them by their fruits.
Shahid Qureshi (2 days ago)
Too noisy
William Cox (2 days ago)
Beautiful. Thanks for posting. I linked it around.
Chris Whalen (2 days ago)
I understand his point, but he has obviously not crossed paths with a true psychopath. I hope that one day he does not experimentally learn of his own ignorance. Also, the video did not shine any new light or perspective on Cluster B personality disorders.
Kiana Ake (2 days ago)
Amy Walker (2 days ago)
The way medical services are reimbursed, which also includes psychiatry, revolves around finding a category to place the issue into. There are thousands and thousands of categories and subcategories. If the provider can't find an appropriate category, they get no reimbursement. So, to boost business and reimbursement, the moment the patient enters the room, the provider is already looking for a CPC code if it is a medical condition, or a DSM-IV category to place the patient into. When I was in grad school, we had an assignment where each and every one of us had to have a mandatory minimum number of visits with a psychiatrist. The provider names were given to us by the school. Once we had all gone for our initial visits, we all met in class and compared notes. Every single one of us was told we were very ill and needed many months, if not years of therapy. The provider I went to, whose office was adorned with pre-Columban artifacts, went so far as to tell me I needed to take out a mortgage to pay for her services. Each psychiatric visit we went to, the provider said fewer than 50 words the entire session. My person seemed to be daydreaming, so I asked if she could tell me what I was just talking about and she was unable to do so. Perhaps thinking about her next vacation or what she was going to have for dinner. There is no requirement for the provider to interact with the patient and if the patient does not improve, it is their own fault, but the provider still gets his or her large office fee. Is psychiatry basically a racket? Are psychiatrists themselves psychopaths? On a more recent note, I needed to get some vaccinations for a trip I was going on but had not primary care physician, so I went to a place that also has urgent care services. Since no doctor in my area was accepting new patients and also took my insurance, I ended up with a nurse practitioner at an urgent care facility. She was quite happy to give me my 5 needed vaccinations, but one required a follow-up in 6 months. So when the 6 months was up, I returned. She immediately try to get me to take a flu shot, which I declined, then a pneumonia shot, which I declined, then a shingles vaccination, which I declined. Then she moved on to the Hepatitis C test and I told her I engaged in no risky behavior as a younger person. She then recommended a colonoscopy, but I told her I have a gastroenterologist for that. Then she recommended Lipitor for cholesterol, even though my cholesterol is low. She said with my history of migraines, it could be a precursor to stroke. I declined the medication because I have a cardiologist who attends to that aspect of my care. At this point she became irate and exclamed "Do you want me to be your primary care physician or don't you?" Seems doctors operate on a sales model rather than being focused on our overall care. When I went to my cardiologist a few weeks later, he said he would never recommend using Lipitor in that manner. When you go to a physician and they blow you off with just a pain med prescription or a short stint with PT rather than taking your issue seriously, it is because you are not seen as a money maker in their book. They want sick, long term patients to generate revenue from. And we wonder why medical insurance is so expensive.
bob meoff (2 days ago)
The background effect music was VERY annoying. "Chainsaw" Dunlap was a real motherfucker of the worst kind. A true Predatory Capitalist.
Cole Baker (2 days ago)
He was talking about a book he wrote correct? Anyway someone could link me?
Adam West (3 days ago)
Ted talks are twaddle. See ya.
perrykleez (3 days ago)
I think this presentation seems to be missing/ignoring the important distinction between psychopath and sociopath. Many more people exhibit sociopathic behavior, which is akin to psychopathic behavior but less severe...The definitions and disctinctions are available from many sources in texts and online...
Ant (13 hours ago)
He seems to have started with the premise that Psychiatry is B.S. and met with some real psychopaths, i.e., scientology. I find it hard to take this guy seriously.
sarikatimmi (3 days ago)
Scary af
jose lourdes (3 days ago)
a 10 snd s gem, but not for sports folks
Stand4Liberty (3 days ago)
The DSM exists because insurance companies need a way to categorize mental illnesses.
Nathan Messick (3 days ago)
Small Guy on Top (3 days ago)
Whoever decided to put music and sounds affects should be locked away! I cannot focus on the speaker at all!!!!! HORRIBLE PRODUCTION!
Kerye Eastin (3 days ago)
Pretty much sounds like he was reading a biography of our current president ...
Zero to Awesome (3 days ago)
Seems like keeping someone locked up like that for that much extra time is the mark of a psychopath
joe Vasquez (3 days ago)
We need more labels......
Ingrid Weiner (3 days ago)
"Shallow affect" just their way of saying that if they can' make you cry you got something wrong with you.  A-holes.
Ingrid Weiner (3 days ago)
Toni should have plead guilty in Canadump, he'd have been out on five months
Ingrid Weiner (3 days ago)
Psychiatrists and can make any behavior a mental illness if they so wish.  It's BS.
not2tees (3 days ago)
If you don't fit into Left Wing or Right Wing or some other slot crafted by the slot-maker sector, it is not pleasing to said sector.
MyTeaIsMighty (3 days ago)
he sounds like salad fingers
B bo (3 days ago)
How can you talk about psychopaths and not mention Donald Trump? He’s clearly a psychopath. He doesn’t like dogs because they know who he is. Unlike millions of Americans who seem to think he’s got their back.
Torrey Connors (3 days ago)
Everyone just read his book and stop pretending to know about the topic
Lonnie Todd (4 days ago)
Well said
dbcooper2 (4 days ago)
I'll take this corporate psychopath president any day over that Kenyon president we had or that psychopath pant suit wearing wannabe president Ms Clinton.
Jamie Josef (4 days ago)
Can anyone explain why he didn’t go out for the drink with Tony?
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
Didn't trust that Tony would not have another row with some mate...Forgiveness and second chances to those who were "violent" are hard for most people.
Mrs. P. Studge (4 days ago)
That was a really great video!
Do Hyun Kim (4 days ago)
The body is a house of the mind. When the body deteriorates, so does the mind.
Sherry Applegate (4 days ago)
Oh, lord. Another shabby Brit with daddy issues. Capitalism equals psychopathy. He's funny, but I wouldn't want him around my family.
FemmeBleu (4 days ago)
Never take a chance on a 'grey area.' And not everyone is a psychopath since 'co-dependents' are the exact opposite of them.
zachisebi (4 days ago)
Can anyone explain to me the point of this talk?
Remy Carreiro (4 days ago)
Ted Talks are food for the brain.
nocturnal singularity (4 days ago)
this guy's very clever
David McCarthy (4 days ago)
This guy's name is obviously made up! Wake up, sheeple!
ruben howe (4 days ago)
Wee all meant to be mental
bronx187G (4 days ago)
you could say he might have been damaged by what the system did for 18 years but he did not go down with it so that must count for something as well right? that was a human view of things I enjoyed that.
Psychopaths are not classed as criminally insane tho. So surely either he's being falsely locked up or the story is bullshit
ameteuraspirant (4 days ago)
thought I read the name as Ron Swanson and was prepared for an entirely different video.
pillow case (4 days ago)
Tony's been in and out of prison, but he got out of Broadmoor. It's on Jon Ronson's reddit AMA.
TheVryfst (4 days ago)
Emo Philips lives... and apparently gives ted talks
Richard Kaczmarczyk (5 days ago)
As I see it, hoarding selfish psychopaths and psychopathic psychopathologies are running and ruining this planet, and causing many fallout cognitive conditions of new observable illnesses and evolving new psychopathologies, for example new tech based addictions and compulsions. Dr. Hare is spot on most of his assessment questionnaire, but missing the spectrum of selfishness that psychopathic personalties are, and only treatable with full cooperation and long tern CBT programs.
link2derek (5 days ago)
Classifying nearly everything as a disorder is itself a disorder.
boaz zippor (5 days ago)
so...just listening to someone talk and tell a story is not enough for us anymore....do we REALLY need all these "special effects" bullshit with oh-look-live-animation and creepy-kinda-sounds-like-music-from-another-room....sad. very very sad. i dont know if we are all getting insane...or just stupid...
Andrew l (5 days ago)
I watched until he said capitalism...
Creatif Etudes (5 days ago)
Tony has recently killed this man 😋
E Love (5 days ago)
This is Abraham H Parnassus
EmmySue (5 days ago)
The few psychopaths I've known all have one thing in common....they have an inner emotional coldness to their personality. I'm an empath, so I pick up on people's emotions. My stepfather was one, and when I was 12 years old, I did notice that he was emotionally cold and he covered that up with being somewhat of a clown always trying to make us laugh - superficially glib is what some of you have said - but didn't know how to interpret any of that. He just seemed different from my father's family, who was authentically warm and caring, without all the superficially glib stuff. I knew I didn't feel comfortable with stepfather a lot of the time, without knowing why. Some of them seem to be able to turn the emotional coldness "off" once in a while, but it always returns. The people I know who I consider "normal" don't have this inner emotional coldness. When I notice someone has that, I write them off ASAP. Once again, I don't know that many psychopaths, if any, now....because I have no-contact with them. BTW, until I came across this talk, I've not heard so much talk about "locking them up". Psychopaths flow freely throughout life, they are doctors, lawyers, CEO's, seemingly average Joe's...I'd bet the percentage who are locked up is very low.
Wakko Sick (5 days ago)
This just explains how people tend to see what they are looking for. It says more about the cracks in the system then anything important to understanding the human brain and how it functions.
G Militaru (5 days ago)
There is no completely sane person in the world and all of us could become better adjusted to our environment with some form of professional help. Hence keeping somebody in a psychiatric institution against his/her will is only justified when his/her inability to act reasonably is a clear danger for himself/herself or for other. This presentation does not make clear what is really the case now.
Ingrid Dubbel (6 days ago)
This is why untrained people shouldn't read the DSM.
Pete Jamerson (6 days ago)
uh oh
Pete Jamerson (6 days ago)
by that description im a psychopath
Tab Wyo (6 days ago)
TED is Socialist tripe.
Nikky Tek (5 days ago)
Zack de la rocha (6 days ago)
Thanks so much for this video. A very good teacher In prison showed it to us. I really dont think he was supposed to but he truly cared and tried to help us out. It has some very important information people need to be educated on this stuff.
TheTraveling Muse (6 days ago)
i just yawned when you said yawning too much means your anxious lol.....i dont even know what about at this point
StephieAck (6 days ago)
Ugh, semi ruined by a poor choice of 'dramatic' music and sound effects. Made it harder to concentrate on his words as much as I'd have liked.
Jiyukan (6 days ago)
So that people like me can see it?
Wow.. i've been ruminating on this topic for 18 months now, with a slightly different take: *Is psychology legit, or is it AKIN to Scientology??* As someone who's been institutionalized, and in court-ordered therapy for 25 years, i've *NEVER had a therapist* , (in 30+ cities) NOT diagnose me. Or *make payment an option* . When *i* feel well, my *diagnosis is changed* . i'm kicked down, made to "start all over", & *keep paying* . *Just LIKE the Scientology ladder* . After all, there's *no MONEY in mental fitness* , is there?
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
Alysia, ask yourself this: Can another human being, regardless of educational achievement or field of study, ever TRULY know the mind of another? NO!! You, dear, need to break out of this vicious cycle and find your life. You deserve that much at least.
Psiberzerker (6 days ago)
Are you a pathological liar? No.
Psiberzerker (2 days ago)
+Freedom Rider Right, I totally believe you. I'm not paranoid, that's just what they call me behind my back.
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
No, I neve lie about my pathology!
Psiberzerker (6 days ago)
All right, going down the checklist, you aren't going to find anyone who has All of them. That's not how diagnostic criteria work, so you can't say "I don't have a grandiose sense of self, therefore I am not a Psychopath."
Idk , spooky stuff (6 days ago)
My favourite ted talk
Jonathan Guske (6 days ago)
Was that the blue man group behind him??
devilalienuproar (6 days ago)
The current likes and dislikes of this video are interesting. The dislikes are just a little over 4% of the likes. I wonder if they are all psychopaths...
chaosmastermind (7 days ago)
Wait.. how do they get in trouble so much as kids if they are charming, manipulative, and cautious, and can change their personality as needed? I'm totally a psychopath and never got in trouble at school. Why would I do anything to out myself? (other than here where it really doesn't matter)
chaosmastermind (6 days ago)
+Spanda Makt True.. I mean I really can't control myself around pizza, sugar, or caffeine.
Spanda Makt (6 days ago)
Some psychopaths are more careful than others...some even while very intelligent have low " impulse control"...long story, but I know much more about both psychopaths than I ever wanted
Allan (7 days ago)
I don't believe this story. I work in mental health. There is no way a guy stays in a forensic ward for 12 years if hes not a risk in the community. Hes clearly picking and choosing what he is keeping in the story to back up his own agenda.
Hector Cepeda (7 hours ago)
@ Allan Please go here. Mentions that some patients have been kept for over 30 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadmoor_Hospital
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
Another "medical man" that deals in absolutes. Please, ANYTHING is possible.
therugburnz (7 days ago)
Was that crazy guy getting more violent or psychopathic while institutionalized? If not, why was he locked up so long? He could've be an excellent CEO since he was 'grey area' psychopathic inclined. He probably shouldn't drink or go to bars though. I hope is OK now. Is he getting counseling or medication?
PIcoAirBearings (7 days ago)
Smart way to keep other criminals from faking mental illness. Can’t imagine anyone doing that in the U.K. after this case....
Sean MacGugan (7 days ago)
Psychopath is no longer a diagnosis that modern psychology recognizes.
Brittney Boucher (7 days ago)
It's sad how easy it is to disregard information that is dissonant with what we expect.
duell collins (7 days ago)
You wanna see what crazy looks like? Train me to do your job and switch my lives for one year. I don't even give someone six months. Before, they come back crying and begging on their knees for their old life back. Unless, they agree with everything she says. Remember, you are not allowed to leave the house. Unless, it's to run errands for her, you have a doctor's appointment, or something like that. Your friends will have to come see you. If she doesn't like them. Then be prepared to lose a friend. If you want any peace. Cause, she is going to nag you about them the entire time. If you don't do what she says. She will find away to make you look insane and guilty to those who don't know you personally. If she knows something about your past. That was a bad or a mistake. She will use it to try and make you feel hurt, sad, or unworthy. So, when it comes to crazy. Trust me. I know crazy in spades.
duell collins So sorry to read that, man. Leave. LEAVE NOW.

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