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How I wish, Keith Richards Cover

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Warming up (gear check) for a rehearsal for a Stones set we do. I am playing a lovely song from one of Keith's solo albums and working on the typical Keith moves.
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Text Comments (36)
Denis Panov (1 month ago)
Raymond is my spirit animal
戸高賢治 (3 months ago)
he's funny.
Lukasz Binkowski (7 months ago)
joaquin szajbely (1 year ago)
You sound just like Keith!!! Your playing is great but how did you get the tone so close to his?? what model of telecaster is that? please tell me how to get the keith sound!!
Raymond Doetjes (8 months ago)
Hi Joaquin I had never read your comment before, sorry. So here goes. This Telecaster was the 50th anniversary Telecaster (I sold it a year ago). My Keith sound is basically a combination of two amps, one clean and one with a gain and you mix them. This is how you get that snappy attack but with the fuzzy sustain.
井上貴一 (1 year ago)
オッサン、カッコイイぜ ♪   Thank you !
urick4321 (1 year ago)
Nice Keith guitar cover, But why the flailing about?
Raymond Doetjes (8 months ago)
I hadn't seen your remark. Thanks first of all. Secondly as a kid (1987-1995) I played in a Stones cover band and I it was a part of the act and now I can't play Keith without it :D
Juampi Chicago (1 year ago)
mou syslac (1 year ago)
q pelotudo
Robert Brown (1 year ago)
ha ha ! love your keith impersonations,is that general de gaul in ze background
Raymond Doetjes (1 year ago)
Hey Robert I hadn't seen your reaction. Nope it's Derren Brown (British mentalis/magician) his own signed slef protrait. And next to it is also signed by him a painting of Stephen Fry.
Isabel Benítez (2 years ago)
100% pasión !!! cool !!!
Mkay Bye (2 years ago)
Anıl Toplar (3 years ago)
Lol,perfect :)
Javier Leal (3 years ago)
nice performace!
Aljoshaaa (3 years ago)
Dude You re great :)))) You nailed the tuning also
Tomas A. Hunter (3 years ago)
Greater performances Raymond!!! I would love to have some more, you Rock man!
Miranda Reijn (4 years ago)
Great great!!!!!!! Wonderful performance Raymond!
Max martino (4 years ago)
Great raymond!! And now we want Wanna hold you!!!
GCC (4 years ago)
Didn't know that you did this cover too.  Great one!!
RollingBilbao (4 years ago)
Congratulations Raymond, very nice cover.  Thumbs up!!!!!!!. My best regards from Spain Javier. 
Pepe Grillo (5 years ago)
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Gracias Pepe! I know very little Spanish but this is a very nice compliment.
Lone Wolf (5 years ago)
Rock on man.,...ya need a skull bandana!!!    LW
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Thanks John that means a lot from a great musician like yourself! I listened to some songs on your channel and I get a Led Zeppelin vibe and that is a compliment!
John Ainsworth (5 years ago)
Yeah man, check you rocking out! Sounds sweet!
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Thanks man!
Diemotherdiefather (5 years ago)
Oh yeah, you rock man!!!
HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
My favourite Keith's solo tune. I wrote you that it is impossible to replicate his sound and style, but man, you are getting as close as anyone can! And that Tele - that is exactly the one I would love to have. Is that a US Standard by any chance? Or which model is it? And which year? Or is it the one you have built?
MANHATTAN DRIVE (5 years ago)
tenes la misma sangre que toda la gente stone que conoci en mi vida ...asi que somos hermanos!!!! sos un genio!!
blindtoby (5 years ago)
Lol, yes bill really had stage presence...good on ya, ill let you know when impost a video.cheers mate.
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Well I suffered a neck hernia 4 year ago, perhaps it was because of doing this 7 years almost every night :D It's really a show piece from my Stones cover days. More normal self is more like Bill Wyman standing in a corner all by myself.
blindtoby (5 years ago)
All the moves, wish I had em , but I fear I'd put my back and neck out.
Raymond Doetjes (6 years ago)
@riptide76 and like Keith an F for musical abilities ;)
riptide76 (6 years ago)
I'll give you an "A" for enthusiasm and attitude.

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