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How To Add Product Variations in WooCommerce

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In this video I will show you how to add different variation options to a product for your WooCommerce store. I will use a t-shirt product example and add sizes and colors as options for the user to select before adding to the cart. I will also show how the product images change when the different variation options are selected Swatches Extension : http://www.woothemes.com/extension/variation-swatches-and-photos/?aff=6684 Theme : https://woocommerce.com/products/proshop/?aff=6684
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Text Comments (188)
legendinx (1 day ago)
is it possible to add quantity for a specific size to manage it?
Jada Docs (16 days ago)
Very helpful, thank you - How would I attach product add-ons to a variable product?
Hit Line (28 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I have a multi vendor website is it possible to create a variable product like you did that will just take cloth measurements only? Can I also approve it for selected vendors?
Christos Pappas (1 month ago)
hi! The type of the attribute is a default feature or i should install an extra plugin/addon;
Sven WooCommerce (1 month ago)
+Christos Pappas Ha Ha.... I have just realised I actually made a video a long time ago about what it does (did) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54blRvwU0QU so you can see that it was pretty much useless anyway.
Sven WooCommerce (1 month ago)
+Christos Pappas You can see here at 2.57 in the video..... I am "select" the color attributes from a drop down not "type" to choose them. Again it is just a different way for you to select them.. Just ignore that part :)
Sven WooCommerce (1 month ago)
+Christos Pappas Ah ok..... that option was removed in Feb : https://screencast.com/t/0K6ZM85miFd Don't worry it is USELESS feature. (people were very confused and thought it affected what the customer sees but it DOESN'T it is just a small difference when you (the admin) are adding products and how you add attributes for the variations) . It doesn't do anything for the customer. Many people have been confused by this thinking it is how the customer sees the options and it isn't .... that is most likely why it now not a default option to make that selection.
Christos Pappas (1 month ago)
+Sven WooCommerce 1:11 > http://prntscr.com/lexasj this feature isn't displayed in my woocommerce
Sven WooCommerce (1 month ago)
+Christos Pappas what part of the video are you talking about here (i.e 4:15). if you let me know I maybe able to help.
Hi Sven, I am the, author of most popular swatches plugin. Check this link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-variation-swatches/ Could you make a likewise video for my plugin? If you want to promote my premium variation swatches plugin: https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-variation-swatches/ I can give you 30% sales income of the items that would be sold from your reference. For more details, please check our affiliate page: https://getwooplugins.com/affiliate If you want to directly contact me, please drop me a line here: eshaanfaysa[at]gmail.com
steve varius (1 month ago)
Hello mate ... well my variation for coloring is not working can you help me please when l choose a different color the image doesn't change knowing that l have added all images as shown in the video here is a for my site https://www.screwedcat.com/urun/check-meowt/ thanx in advance
Damion Wagner (1 month ago)
Thanks for a clear step by step Sven, most grateful!
Sven WooCommerce (1 month ago)
You are welcome. Glad it helps.
Esteban Martinez (1 month ago)
Brilliant tutorial, I'm here in 2018 still viewing this. Quick question for anyone. How could I get the Product Gallery to change dependent on the variation? If I have multiple images of the small red shirt, how can I get the gallery images to change to show just those pertaining to the variation? Thank you again!
Abdul ML (1 month ago)
such a great tutorial!!!
Can I do the same for downloadable products? I need different price for different licences.
EasyWebSolution (1 month ago)
Very helpful Tutorials. Thanks
Subhan Raza (2 months ago)
can you send table structure of product and its variation table structure?
Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing.
KucoBoy (3 months ago)
You are life saviour!!! I would pay $25 for plugin because I have no clue about these things.
Emarketroom (3 months ago)
Easily explained instructions, great job!
Женя Швец (3 months ago)
Hey. I have a question. why someone you go to the product page, the button to buy is not working. how to make it work?
Kaan Demirel (3 months ago)
Great video. To the point, brief, and helpful. Thank you
Thanks, but i havn't any colors in variations...
Dinesh Jain (3 months ago)
Hello, In the video you mentioned about creating variations through a csv/spreadsheet. Could you suggest a template for creating the exact same thing that you have done in the video but in a excel format? I have browsed a lot of videos but no one is able to give a template through which one can create a color & size variations product through a spreadsheet. Can you share the same? Thanks
Donna Florendo (4 months ago)
Thank you very much for the tutorial!!
shjohn` sen (4 months ago)
please please please please please please please please sirtelll me please tell me
shjohn` sen (4 months ago)
https://www.vistaprint.in/studio.aspx?template=457543_AFD_AGK&ag=True&xnav=HSG_Design_Image&rd=1 this link are vista print website In this scrolling image is zooming. How it is done
The Akash Tiwari (4 months ago)
Thanks Mate....
Pat Bagano (4 months ago)
Any free extensions for swatches and images?
Sandipan Mondal (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot Sir..
Asma Abdul Majeed (4 months ago)
Thank you Sir, it's really helpful... . . but i have a confusion about to get the color or size (graphical) model view, from where i get this & How to set my image size as same the div size(actually i'm new about wordpress and facing the problems,,,,but after watching this video i really glad_ because i feel yes someone is there for helping me :) . your way of teaching, undeceive ( or what ever you say) is to much osm. so, could you plz upload more videos faster(related like these bit problems we are facing...)
priya babu (5 months ago)
While clicking add to cart near by it view cart button should display for variant ....I have found solution for single product ...but variant product ??...Help me to solve this
Ralp Dexter Bongato (6 months ago)
it's already 2018 but this video from 2016 really helped. Thanks a lot!
All Things Advertising (6 months ago)
What is the name of the extension to add multiple variations by excel spreadsheet?
Sven WooCommerce (6 months ago)
Do you mean you want to import your variable products into WooCommerce from a spreadsheet?
Ramya Pradeep (6 months ago)
This is very helpful ..better understanding..
mentor dwyz (6 months ago)
this is the best video, thank you and God bless you. I love it
Hi there Sven, i do this and works well but the only thing is that the 'price' doesn't show up on selection of the variation - its really frustrating! In my case I have hour slots i.e. 1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours and I have set the price in the variations to what the price should be, but it just doesn't show up unless they add to basket and go to the shopping cart - any way to fix this issue? Thanks, Aarti
Md. Razu Ahmed (6 months ago)
Cindy Marais (7 months ago)
Hi Sven, how do you drag and drop the order of your variations? I cant seem to do it, is it a plugin you have installed? thank you in advance.
orlando rodriguez (7 months ago)
Excellent tutorial, I spent several days trying to do it. Thank you very much.
Odey Ibrahim (6 months ago)
Same here, I've been on this, third day today and here's a no brainer solution. Sigh...I learned php in the process though.
Lawrence Ross (7 months ago)
Thanks so much. I did everything, except when customers choose a size and a color, the picture doesn't change. Am I missing something in the attribute? I have 'enabled' click and 'view on page' clicked. Anything about the sorting in attributes?
Yudikrisno Wibowo (8 months ago)
very helpful and easy to understand. thank you sven. you're the man.... by the way, i have a question. is it posibble to make variation for bookable product? can't wait for the video.
Sven WooCommerce (8 months ago)
You can add a "Resource" i.e resource 1 = 0-50 kilometers, resource 2 = 50-100 kilometers, resource 3 = 100+ kilometers each with a different price associated to them. This would work but it isn't perfect as it wouldn't calculate distance based on the pick up location/ drop off location automatically. So your option is to use a resource for the options with the Booking extension, or look to hire someone for some custom coding that would integration with Google Maps etc. Hope that helps.
yudi wibowo (8 months ago)
Sven WooCommerce I want to apply for rentcar business. With variable pricing. Pricing based by duration, pricing based by seasonal and pricing by distance. The third one is which I have trouble with. Maybe we contact by email. [email protected] I want to send you a file
Sven WooCommerce (8 months ago)
Technically no as the Bookings extension : https://goo.gl/tsA7BR doesn't use variations but yes you can do it using the features of the Booking extension (i.e Resources etc) to achieve pretty much any set up. What are you trying to achieve exactly?
Sheillah Shadia (8 months ago)
Kamu (8 months ago)
Hello i have a problem with the limit of the colors to show, i only can see 13 colors, but i want see 30 variations of colors, i dunno what to do beacuse the product page only show 13 and hide the other colors, any body can help me?
Ishan Purekar (8 months ago)
ever tried to edit it by zenfotomatic? it gives you a pure white BG and that too free and fast..!
rebeldia33 (8 months ago)
were you using the pro version "SVI PRO Variations Gallery?
Hello......The main video doesn't use any extra extensions however at the end of the video for added user experiences the swatches selections I used https://www.woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/?aff=6684 and if you wanted multiple images per variation you could use https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-additional-variation-images/?aff=6684 hope that helps!
Derek C (9 months ago)
Is there any way to add multiple images to a variation?
Sven WooCommerce (9 months ago)
Hi Derek, Yes.... you would just use the WooCommerce extension : WooCommerce Additional Variation Images which will add as many as you like to each variation : https://goo.gl/Ec1LgT
YaJie Nan (9 months ago)
Thank you very much! I spent a lot time to do it, failed. This video helped me!
sandeepg anand (4 months ago)
Sven WooCommerce can you provide the video tutorial for adding products via excel file
Sven WooCommerce (9 months ago)
Happy I could help :)
Nicky Burke (9 months ago)
Great video!! Thanks so much. You've made what was becoming a lengthy confusing processing into something so straight-forward and easy. A real life-saver!
Sven WooCommerce (9 months ago)
Glad it helped Nicky :)
Falah Shareef (9 months ago)
Great video thanks
Yo Berova (9 months ago)
Thank you, Sven! Really really easy explained for noobs :)
Sven WooCommerce (9 months ago)
Happy to help!
Gordon Rademacher (9 months ago)
Dear Sven, would you please be so kind and let me know how to set it up if you got different products from different suppliers? Drop-Shipping Business and I want the site to automatically display the sizes and colors available etc. Meaning, if a Customer X chose to look at a Sweater A from Band X, I would love to display only the colour that this sweater comes in and same applies for sizes. Thanks a lot.
skabbymuff111 (9 months ago)
Thanks for this. I sell personalised items. How do i add a NAME variation, where they can input their name so i know know what to put on their purchase?
skabbymuff111 (9 months ago)
Thanks loads for responding mate, I really appreciate that :)
Sven WooCommerce (9 months ago)
You would want to look to something like this https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/ (this with then enable you add custom text to the purchase)
DPS4TV UK (9 months ago)
You are a star better than the rest fake stars, you are the most LOVED Gentleman.
Emanuel P. Brand (10 months ago)
useful video
Fayaz Imtiaz (10 months ago)
Judith Macdonald (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video, great help. Keep up the good work for us newbies to Woo!
Sven WooCommerce (10 months ago)
Happy I could help Judith.... good luck with your store :)
Samina Tahir (10 months ago)
So I have added picture with each variable but its not showing up in my main site. What to do?
Thank you for the helpful video. I' ve got problem with product appearance. When I add product it shows in Shop menu only, how can i change it to submenu?
what is the version of wordpress? is it plugin or not?
Sreejith S (11 months ago)
how to add downloadable products like ebook or software
Juliet Bacon (11 months ago)
Hi Sven. This video is great - thank you! I couldn't find the link to the product import csv extension. Is it possible to get this? Many thanks.
newwmee (1 year ago)
I went through all the procedures but when I look at the website live the image is not there. Any suggestions?
Jonathan Byrne (1 year ago)
SO helpful, thankyou for your efforts
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You are welcome. Glad to help Jono :)
Isha Marie (1 year ago)
Hi How do you remove the any option?
drame Alpha (1 year ago)
An enigmatically good guide...my profound gratitude for this tutorial .a 5***** for me.
dmb1319 (1 year ago)
THANK you Sven. Really exceptional tutorial. It isn't likely I could have done it otherwise. It IS likely my hair would be on fire by now without it!
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Glad I was there to save your hair! :)
Original Workwear (1 year ago)
Hi, Thank you very much for this video, I have one problem! When add a photo image it will not allow to change the colors as an option, do you know what I did wrong?
Vivid Education (10 months ago)
Hello there. I am having the same issue. Did you find any solution? would really help. Thanks.
Jonas Cornell (1 year ago)
How do you add the buttons with S, M L and XL?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
This is by using https://www.woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ (I was going to make a video on it but just haven't had time recently) Hope that helps.
James Pepitone (1 year ago)
You sir are a gentleman and scholar in my judgment. Your calm and pleasant manner, along with your precise demonstration, have brought salvation to a project that was approaching the abyss. The result is remarkable simplicity . . . 32 product variations (2 x 4 x 4) available from a single elegantly simple image display. Such conservation of space and potential confusion. I feel reborn or more accurately, like I can continue on with my personal effort to be relevant. Of course, I am now a subscriber of your YouTube channel, though I note you have not posted any new material in many months. Can we expect more generative support from you in the future?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Sure! I should be starting more videos next week hopefully. And posting more regularly. Glad this one helped you :)
Keith Murray (1 year ago)
I tried for over an hour to figure this out with the Woocommerce documentation. Then I found your video and got it in 10 minutes and zero frustration with your help. Thank you! ambientsax.com
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Glad I could help :)
Satya Pathivada (1 year ago)
if i change the color it can't change the product automatically pls help me! How to fix that.
Noko Sedjo (1 year ago)
can you show me how to re-arrange the product type variation in woocommerce for exaple in the drop down list in my product type I have them in this oreder: 12 page, 20 page, and 8 page. I would like the order to be like: 8 page. 12 page, 20 page. ANY IDEA?
Vivek Haridas (1 year ago)
Hello. I have included some courses to our website for our organization and we put price also. Now it shows free..free..free below the course, i don't know how it comes like this( we have woocommerce plugin installed ) how can i remove this free ? please help me asap
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Do you have a link to the page where you are seeing this problem?
MJ (1 year ago)
Hello everyone Is there a cheaper plugin within woocommerce that has similar functions as Variation Swatches and Photos? I am just starting out with my website and I am on a very tight budget. I really NEED this type of function for my website because currently my selection doesn't even move just stays with the gallery picture. When I go to test out the selection it doesnt indicate the costumers selection for check out.. Thank you.
Patricia Vergara (1 year ago)
this saved me today!!! thank you so much
YaJie Nan (9 months ago)
saved me too!
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Glad it helped! :)
Truong Hoang (1 year ago)
wonderful ! tks u so much
Aj chuan (1 year ago)
why i cannot find the video Swatches Extension ??
PrintzG (1 year ago)
This video was helpful, but I'm running into an issue with products displayed as "out of stock". I've tried every combination of stock management, and even what seems to help most (disabling stock management on a product level) does not work. Any ideas?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Did you get this fixed? it is almost definitely a set up issue. (the only other possibility is if you are using a 3rd party theme or plugin and that is conflicting it causing the problem)
khial art (1 year ago)
i cant have those colour button
Soundfeet Marketing (1 year ago)
Thanks! Just one question. Can you get that gallery image to only display the color selected? Look: http://soundfeet.com/product/leina/ As you can see, my gallery is FLOODED and I need help. Thanks again.
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You have the main image and then 4 underneath for the gallery which you can click through. Please note however that because you have so many images added to your gallery when the page is loading you may occasionally see all of them until the gallery is properly loaded. In regards to only showing the image that is selected this should work when you set up the variations and if you are using https://www.woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ it should also work when you click a swatch. Currently that part of your site is not working for some reason. i.e not set up correctly/not running the latest versions/3rd party conflict happening.
eki eko (1 year ago)
Sorry I just learned the website when I open wordpress and want to install woocoomers can not even no install button on woocoomer
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
eki eko can you go to the plugin section? If your website is at WordPress.com you cannot use woocommerce yet. You need to have your own site.
Rahul Pamnani (1 year ago)
Hey . If I want to develop options like pant size and top size and they both will show if the user select item like pant or top if it selects pant the pant size will show and if it selects top the top size will show. Can you help me in this.
Chrissy Henriques (1 year ago)
hi..on my store front its not changing my image with i choose a different color
mahendra gohil (1 year ago)
hi sven i need to your help. i need to category page display product variation with filter
Titan (1 year ago)
How i can add a photo to evry Atribute?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
The attribute photos will be the selection photo which the user chooses i.e when they choose "Red" they are selecting the Red image. The photo in the gallery will ONLY change when a valid variation combination is selected. So you can have a selection image for every attribute which shows in place of the drop down options. The image in the gallery however will only change when a variation combination is chosen, there is no way to change that as it wouldn't know what to change the image to unless a valid variation is chosen.
Titan (1 year ago)
So for example i have 6 atributes , and evry atribute have 4 values . That means alot of variations . Evry variation will have 6 atributes but i can add only 1 photo , and the photo shows only if he choose all 6 options , if he choose just the first option or the second the photo don't change . I want to know if i can make to show a photo for evry atribute from that 6 , if he choose atribute number 1 photo must appear , if he choose number 2 atribute another photo must appear. The important thing is that he don't need to choose a option for all 6 atributes to show a photo. Evry atribute must have it's own photo even if he didn't choosed a option from other atributes . Can i make that with this Variation Swatches and Photos plugin ? :D
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You need https://www.woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ to do that. The base WooCommerce plugin will only give you drop down options so you just require that extension
charles finni (1 year ago)
in gallery when we selected any one of color. That color image should be display in gallery (down of product) is it possible or not?
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
I use product attribute as a filter. Its not working on my store front page? What i do?
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
https://www.1950sglam.com/dresses/ here my website kindly check it. Thank You
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
Hi, i want to use product attribute and variations as a category, Like i make two attributes "Above the knee" and "Below the Knee". I also add these two attributes in a category. But when i click on Above the knee link. its show me all the products. Have any solution??
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
Sven WooCommerce ok i do it. thank you
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
This will how you theme is set up. You will either need to change the layout of the front page (you may need extra code to do this).... or set your main store page to be your homepage.
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
I use product attribute as a filter. Its not working on my store front page? What i do?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Ok so that isn't going to work unfortunately. You cannot split a variable product up like that. It would alway show the main product image when you filter on the category.... not the variation image.... i.e you cannot attach a category to a variation only to the main variation product itself. You would need to have them as separate products to filter on them differently. Then use something like https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-bundles/ to bring them together
Adnan Arif (1 year ago)
Sven WooCommerce i want to use these two variations working as a menu. when i click on above the knee. its show me all the above the knee dresses.
ARJUN KUMAR (1 year ago)
its relay helpful
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
glad I could help :)
Noko Sedjo (1 year ago)
Im building a printing compagny website. I would like to know if woocommerce comes with an option where customers can choose more than 1 option that the product comes with? Let me explain 1/ I'm a customer I need to order 1000 business card but I also wants to select 4 options as i select these options the price also is being updated automatically, I need to add a/ only 1 side of the business cards to be printed so 1 side is selected b/ I need to add select rounded corners c/ I need them to be laminated Can these be done in woocommerce? if I have to pay for customeization I can do that I need this to work simmelessly with woo commerce Please see this examle here: https://www.zoomprinting.ca/business-cards.htm see in the middle there is Pricing Calculator hi there is there a way for a user to be able to select other options when ordering business cards: I would like users to be able to select more than 3 options for his business order for example: can choose 1 side or 2 sides and can add things like: rounded corners or can also choose laminated, when adding those options the price also must change gradually you add or remove options?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Yes sure you can do this. The simplest way is with https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/ You can add as many options as you like. You can have them as mandatory options or optional options. If you want only certain quantities to be purchased then you can use https://www.woocommerce.com/products/minmax-quantities/ which will enable linear increase amounts only i.e 50,100,150,200 but not 100, 1000, 1200, 4000 for example. Please note that the Product Addons extension isn't stock managed. So anything where you want to track the stock.... i.e the different size of cards option if you only have a certain amount of a size in stock you use the product variation like my video for that. for things like an optional add on of gift wrapped or not you might not need to manage the stock of that so you can use an add-on for that. I'd do it that way!
Oussama Omary (1 year ago)
Thanks alot Sven you are a life saver!
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You are welcome! :)
paul flores (1 year ago)
thanks a lot! I have only one problem, it doesn't save the size of the t-shirt when I want to customize it on the t-shirt customize plugin...
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Hi there, are you using a 3rd party plugin for the t-shirt customization part? If you are then this is likely to be a conflict that you'd want to contact the author of that t-shirt customization plugin about. They may have some advice or a possible update that they could provide to help you.
Michelle Brewin (1 year ago)
Thank you! Awesome tutorial!
Sven, we imported products using All Import. There are 4 styles, 8 sizes and about 20 colors. I have found that the AJAX functionality is gone (i.e. if you choose a style that only has 2 sizes, all sizes still show instead of just the 2 sizes for that style.) Only the size and style affect the price, so I am wondering if we could display color separately to lessen the number of variations, as that seems to fix the AJAX issue. However, only 2 styles actually have color choices, so I would want to hide the color choices if they chose a style that didn't have them. Here is an example. As you can see you have to make all 3 choices for the software to THEN tell you that product isn't available which is no good. Any ideas? https://www.dottygiraffe.com/product/123-wheeee/
Adam Houston (1 year ago)
I'm assuming you probably got this sorted out but I ran into the same thing today. Here is the fix: https://gist.github.com/claudiosanches/6f91ad228c2176b986b2 Just put that in your functions.php and change "return 10" to "return 100" (or return 200, or whatever amount of variations that is larger than your products have). Just know that it will be slower since it's analyzing all variations when you load a product, so if you have 100+ variations that page will load slowing at first. Personally I prefer it since then changing options is instant vs. requiring ajax load each time.
Juan Carlos Calzada (1 year ago)
I've been having the same issue... I add a variable product, with different pictures and prices and I have two MAJOR issues.. 1: If I swith from one variation to another the picture wont change...and second and even more critical, If I want to buy 2 products at once, using your example, 1 small red tshirt and 1 medium green tshirt, when I select the first variation and click on "add to cart" everything is as it is supposed to be, then, when i add the second variation and click on add to cart, i get redirected to my 404 error page, but the strangest thing is that it really did add the item to the cart! I really dont know what else to do, i have updated everything, deleted the item and doing it again, changing the them, etc... PLEASE SOME HELP ANYBODY...! here is and example in my webpage of car mats with different colors (sorry its in spanish).....-> https://autotodocr.com/producto/alfombra-tela-negra/
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Hey, this is likely going to be a theme issue, a plugin conflict or something that isn't up to date. You'd want to make sure everything on your site is up to date and then try switching to Storefront, the official WooCommerce theme and see if the issue goes away. Let us know how you get on.
Row Tour (1 year ago)
I want to ask something about the pictures!! after uploading the product's picture, I can't switch the pictures although with different option!! Any guidance for that?
Row Tour (1 year ago)
http://pakarbookcentre.com.my/product/acrylic-photo-frame-a5/ this is one of my product!! Even gallery images are not showing at the bottom.
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
It's hard to say without looking at how you have the product configured. do you have a link to your site?
cjayb33 jbennett (1 year ago)
Helpful indeed! I want to add another product offering where it is a combo pack of 2 items but the customer has the option to select the color for each item. Any guidance on that?
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
This is the extension you want for that https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-bundles/ So if for example you were selling a bikini. You can have the bundle product as the top and bottom (with the color selections) and you also have the option to sell the top and bottom separately if you wanted to :)
osu9400 (1 year ago)
Good tutorial but how do you do this en masse? All my products have variations and doing this one by one is super tedious. I need to add sizes, stock, price, etc for every variation.
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Possibly.... the thing is WooCommerce as the base plugin is built to be lean and mean....many people wouldn't use that option as their store is only made up of a few products or simple products. Any feature that isn't used by the majority is often best put as an extension.
osu9400 (1 year ago)
That's the idea I had in mind. Didn't know if there was a built-in method. I like WooCommerce but this seems like an area for improvement compared to other carts. Thanks for the reply!
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You just use https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-csv-import-suite/ to import in bulk. The best way to use it is to set up one variation product and then export it. So you have the CSV exactly how you need it with the correct column headers already done for you. You can then simply edit and and duplicate to as many products as you need. Then import them all in one go (it will import all the information that you need i.e images/variations/size prices, stock etc) :)
Tine Moeller (1 year ago)
This was super helpful!
honeybeeee (1 year ago)
How to add variants when they are images instead of colors only? For example a dress that had 2 styles of print.
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
Hey! You'd use https://www.woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ which will allow you to use images like you are wanting for the selections.... They can then choose the print options for the dress and then you can set a main picture for each variant option so it changes nicely when they select the options :)
Innaams (1 year ago)
Thank you for uploading the very useful informative video and i love the way of your explaination !!!
Pearl of Hearts (1 year ago)
Hi Sven! Great Videos!! My question is, my Products have 6 items in them. Like a Basket. I sell the basket as is with each item color a mystery. But I also want my Customers to have a choice in the color of each item for a small price. So to clarify, each basket has 6 items, each item has 4 options of colors. And I want those options to show as pull downs on the page of the Product, and to calculate into the price.
Pearl of Hearts (1 year ago)
Thank You So Much! I will try it!
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
So you have your basket product at a set price, then you can add 6 optional drop downs and for each color choice they make it adds a small fee. From what you have said, that extension is perfect for it.
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You could use https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/ which is great for that.
Great video, but what do you do if you don't want a variation on a price?just a set price
Sven WooCommerce okay great thank you for your quick response 👌
Sven WooCommerce (1 year ago)
You'd simply need to add the same price to each variation. There isn't a default price setting for a variable product. You could use https://www.woocommerce.com/products/product-csv-import-suite/ if you had a lot of variations and wanted to bulk import them. i.e you set them up quickly in a spreadsheet then import. :)

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