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Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

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On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you. Watch the new trailer for Toy Story 4 now, in theatres June 21. Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixarToyStory/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/toystory Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ToyStory/ Hashtag: #ToyStory4 Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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Text Comments (76146)
Caz Olivier (32 minutes ago)
Best trailer I've seen in a long time as it has my all time favourite song
Lycan Frostbeast (1 hour ago)
Why there is goosbump
Hellenic guy (2 hours ago)
They should made a toy story Vs iPhones and iPads
Talras Jones (2 hours ago)
bro if captain america met buzz i will probably be satisfied
Chloe Wallace (3 hours ago)
1:01 aren’t all of them that guy from Goosebumps Haunted Halloween?
sumeet Jaiswal (3 hours ago)
Is bo peep evil in this ?? Why
ana Hinojosa (8 hours ago)
I see boo
Joey Lumbreras (8 hours ago)
Is it just me or did anyone think of Sausage Party??? It felt familiar lol.
Dhanu* choco luvr (8 hours ago)
Eagerly waiting for this movie ...
Angel Wayne (9 hours ago)
the song at 1:52 or 1:53 is god only knows what I'd be without you by beach boys
J. Boisselle (11 hours ago)
Lame...and recycled idea Woody getting lost is stale.
Jad Abdelmajid (12 hours ago)
Is it just me or at 2:15 is that wheezy or forky?
SovietKlim77 (12 hours ago)
My child hood finnaly came back 😻🙀
Jesus Perez (13 hours ago)
Cool I'm so excited to see toy story 4
Brian (14 hours ago)
Tefa Tefa (15 hours ago)
Hi forky t-shirt on Amazon now 😘💓
Bryce Yoder (16 hours ago)
Andrea Garcia López (16 hours ago)
Miss Andy 😢
Lisa Marie (19 hours ago)
Lisa Marie (15 hours ago)
+DUDLEYROAD ENTERTAINMENT RIGHT! Step one: the movies step 2: DVD and watch it forever!
Yeah I cant wait for it on DVD!
Jake Lai (19 hours ago)
Michael Rivas lobo (20 hours ago)
Felicidades ash hallado un comentario en Español Posdata: para cuando el tráiler al español latino!!
Trav 808 (21 hours ago)
I Was Made To Be Held By A Child That Made Me Sad I Never Thought I Would Say This But I Feel Like Woodie IS Going To Stay With BO
JDizzle The Weirdo (14 hours ago)
Trav 808 ??? Also why do you capitalize the first letter of every word? It’s supposed to be proper nouns and the first word of the sentence...
Abdou habib medfaw (22 hours ago)
we want this movie to be dubbed in egyptian arabic dialcet ‫#‏احنا_مش_مجرد_لعبة‬ ‫#‏احنا_مش_مجرد_لعبة‬ ‫#‏احنا_مش_مجرد_لعبة‬
Austin Johnsen (23 hours ago)
I know this movie is already getting some flak for being pretty similar to 2’s plot. But let’s be real here, all these movies have the same premise of the toys trying to get back home before it’s too late.
TheVindictusFive (23 hours ago)
Bonnie made a friend today, his name is: M̶R̶.̶M̶E̶E̶S̶E̶E̶K̶S̶ *Sporky.*
I can't wait to watch movie. I never thought they would make Toy story 4 👍😉
germano Br (1 day ago)
Cade os br???
Barkin Bulldog (1 day ago)
Let's pull off the ultimate message to the newer kids! Make them show ID before they can get a ticket for this movie!!!! We don't want any six year old kids in the theater for this one folks! Anyone 20 years old or higher is allowed and heck Let's do a private 3D showing for 90s kids only! NO KIDS BORN AFTER 2008 are allowed! What ya say? Do you think we can pull it off???
Aaron Thompson (16 hours ago)
no ones going to this movie.....so enjoy an empty thearter....the movie looks like trash
Adiew youth (1 day ago)
Toy Story 20th Anniversary Edition! Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Pixar Animation Studios
Toy Story 4 (Smash Hit The Movies Cinemas) Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Pixar Animation Studios
Komang Tri (1 day ago)
no andy no huh
JakulaithWolff (1 day ago)
Look what happened to that elegant pink doll.... :/
Tefa Tefa (12 hours ago)
Hi forky t-shirt on Amazon now 😘💓 be ready for toystory 4 film 💓
Ariel Grande (1 day ago)
1:02 omg is that slappy from goosebumps
GMH GEMS (1 day ago)
Persimmon Pepper (1 day ago)
The animation changed. THE ANIMATION CHANGED. I'm really going to have a hard time watching this.
Sheriff Woody Pride (1 day ago)
Gabby Gabby Is The New Antagonist 😊😊
Sheriff Woody Pride (12 hours ago)
Tefa Tefa I am Don’t Worry 😊😂
Tefa Tefa (12 hours ago)
Hi forky t-shirt on Amazon now 😘💓 be ready for toystory 4 film 💓
Ryuzaku Soma (1 day ago)
The new enemy of the toys ARE *"LEGO"*
Sudhir Patil (1 day ago)
You made my childhood
Sam Debbarma (1 day ago)
Mannn.... This is one of my oldest fav. Cartoon.... When I was a kid n till now....
Mikuisgood12 hm (1 day ago)
hahehshahw a new toy story I remember watching toy story 2 and getting my teeth pulled and not knowing what day it was
karina Ramírez (1 day ago)
Omg I'm 33 and I'm so excited to see this movie I just cry remembering my fabulous and horrible too childhood ❤❤
Shawn J Shaw (1 day ago)
This movie trailer is definitely tugging at my heart strings
Oliver Hernandez (1 day ago)
I think theyres a new one coming out in June
1:37 Tin toy?
Angel Wayne (9 hours ago)
Scott Pickett (1 day ago)
0:05 To the right of Bonnie is Boo from Monster's Inc
TheVindictusFive (23 hours ago)
Sara Isabel (1 day ago)
Toy story 1- Wasnt born Toy story 2- Wasnt born Toy story 3- I was 3 Toy story 4- I'm 12 years
Marcus Norton (1 day ago)
What is the song in this tralier
Angel Wayne (9 hours ago)
God only knows what I'd be without you the beach boys
hamad almasoud (1 day ago)
Sad fact ... Today’s kids don’t play with toys anymore 💔
Thornless rose (1 day ago)
I think this one is gonna be super insanely depressing
Oh my god is that slappy
Sandi Hoppough (1 day ago)
Bo Peep is not going to be the villain cuz she is Woody's girlfriend
Lala Difany (1 day ago)
i literally never cried over an animation movie trailer before but this made me cry
Divine Cutz (1 day ago)
If they sell that fork figurines for 10$ Basically I will just laugh
Get Deported (1 day ago)
0:27 and this is why this movie exists
Austin Swayze (1 day ago)
If the tailer brings a tear drop to my eye, What the hell's the movie going to do to me?
Gina Jamier (1 day ago)
I like it... but the ending was soooo good already in toy story 3. It was so sad and sweet
Rose Chan (2 days ago)
Oh no this is the last movie because you is toy story 4
B Ortiz (2 days ago)
Good things
B Ortiz (2 days ago)
Toy story 4 loonatics unleashed viva pinata and dino squad kidz bop movie trailers 2
Jacque Bowen (2 days ago)
did anyone else notice at 2:06 bo peep literally says "dont let woody leave" as a voice over. You probably thought it was gabby as she turned around at this point but it sounds just like bo. Villian vibes...? REPLY
Whio (2 days ago)
Toy story 2-1999 Toy Story 4-2019 Happy 20th anniversary toy story 2!!!
Tejinder Purba (2 days ago)
Anyone seen that TOY STORY 1 Dog vs TOY STORY 4 Cat Tweet?
Felicia Duperroy (2 days ago)
Nice work by making that trailer.
Charlie To0 Human (2 days ago)
Seems like the most philosophical, existentialist Toy Story out of the entire series lol
Md Zaid (2 days ago)
LukeMerrill Official (2 days ago)
Reveals major plot lines smh
Anitesh Sharma (2 days ago)
Seems like old days
Barney Purple (2 days ago)
Theory: Bo Peep is the villain of this movie.
Figure Simple (2 days ago)
Toy Story 3: Am I a joke to you?
Desert Dog (2 days ago)
I'm almost 30 and I want to see this so bad, i feel as excited as I did when I saw the first three. cant wait!
Tom Cat (2 days ago)
This sparks my 19 years old of adultness' tears.
Esteban Carrazana (2 days ago)
InvestigAndo (2 days ago)
>WOODY: You are going to help create happy memories that will last for the rest of her life! >FORKY: Huh? Wha?... xD :D
Yung Ghost223 (2 days ago)
Been waitin 9 years for this😭😭😭its finna sell out quick💯
Avery Zeiler (2 days ago)
woody is the iron man of toy story, change my mind
Next Level Toys (2 days ago)
I will be first to go see this😀
Harrison Littrell (2 days ago)
Wow. This may be the first time Pixar might end a franchise. Film wise, that is.
Tefa Tefa (2 days ago)
Hi forky t-shirt on Amazon 😘 now 😘💓 be ready for toystory 4 film 💓 with hi forky t-shirt from Amazon 🤩🤩
baby lexi (2 days ago)
I'm excited cant wait
roni rubinst (2 days ago)
Toy story 1: Woody looks for buzz Toy story 2: The toys look for woody Toy story 3: The toys look for Andy Toy story 4: Buzz&Woody look for a fork
Sam Edward Deseo (11 hours ago)
Faisal Mv (2 days ago)
Ok from saving Andy to Saving a fork 🌚
Eric Zimmer (2 days ago)
Toy Story 1: Woody is jealous of Buzz becoming Andy's new favorite toy. Toy Story 4: Woody risks his life to save Forky because he's Bonnie's new favorite toy. If THAT'S not major character development, then I don't know WHAT is!
Aaron Thompson (16 hours ago)
he did the same thing in Toy story 2, and Toy story 3...and now 4.........no development.......just stagnation...pass on it
Children's Church (2 days ago)
Rex: what would Woody do!? Ham: jump out of a moving vehicle Me: is laying on the floor laughing
JoshJoshua (2 days ago)
This movie is rated R for intense emotional pain.
Melodic God (2 days ago)
That’s crazy how now I’m the age of the 19 year old who grew up watching toy story and saw toy Story 3 after all those years from the second one.
Landkrabben (2 days ago)
I fear this movie. Literally. They ended it so well in the third installment, and I can't See them doing it Better this time.
You sir komb (2 days ago)
1:37 Tin Toy
Karim Warrior (2 days ago)
On va aller le voir avec le fréro Bilou bilou
Paullynha Leitte (2 days ago)
Mohammed mixes (2 days ago)
‌‌🇮 ‌🇷‌‌🇪🇦‌🇩 ‌🇮‌‌🇹 ﴾🇹‌🇷‌🇾 ‌🇸‌🇹‌🇴‌‌🇾﴿ 😂
Isaac Armstrong (2 days ago)
People in 2019: I am super hyped for Avengers Endgame, the biggest movie of the year Me: TOY STORY 4 TOY STORY 4 TOY STORY 4 TOY STORY 4 TOY STORY 4 TOY STORY 4
Little Engines45 (2 days ago)
Suicidal characters... Well then
Michael Myers (2 days ago)
Something tells me I'm gonna cry. A lot.
What Clan (3 days ago)
C'est magnifique?
reeiseva (3 days ago)
Oompa Loompa (3 days ago)
When you tell your friends that there’s gonna be a Toy Story 4 and they say they don’t care Me: *There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere*
Arbuz. io (20 hours ago)
Angela Vis (1 day ago)
Until they see the trailer... I have thought each time, "what more could there be to this story?" And every time I fall in love with it, then cry like a baby at the end ♡
Avishkar Singh (1 day ago)
You leave those 'friends' behind you. Nobody has time for that negativity.
Re:Wild (3 days ago)
Who after KH3 images Rex playing Verum Rex and scream “YOZORAAAAAAA”
Esper Accelerator (3 days ago)
i think bo might be the villian in this movie
Disneyfan82 (14 hours ago)
+Esper Accelerator Don't be so sensitive. I wasn't being mean. I was just saying so by every article mentioned that they already informed who the villain is.
Esper Accelerator (1 day ago)
+Disneyfan82 i work 54 hours a week and i just saw this video a day ago please don't be mean. but thank you for clearing that up
Disneyfan82 (1 day ago)
No, its already been confirmed a hundred times that Gabby Gabby and the dummies are the villains. No more twist villains.

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