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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Well, we're sure today everyone is more or less familiar with the concept of zombie apocalypse. Yeah, you know: everyone goes nuts, your friends turn into monsters and want to eat human brains or, well, any kind of meat. It might sound a little crazy, but nowadays a scientific mistake can allow anything to happen. So, it doesn't really matter if you believe in a walking dead invasion, because we already prepared a surviving manual that will help you to stay alive.
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Text Comments (10394)
KILLEr (5 hours ago)
Thanks God that I half of my city is surrounded by old people
meredith walters (6 hours ago)
sami c you have ptsd post traumatic stress disorder
Zyxer (18 hours ago)
It’s not like u can kill something that’s already dead
foxykidsis foxytaco170 (23 hours ago)
But if your got bite you can cut the place the bite is at
Nico Nico (1 day ago)
Train to Busan
Schelle Galimba (1 day ago)
I cant wait to zombie com in my brains i need m16 weapons
QuackOnCrack (1 day ago)
I’d survive. I watch too many zombie shows: znation, walking dead, black summer, etc.
big boi (1 day ago)
Just build a fort out of bananas 🤣🤣🤦🤦
Bread c: (1 day ago)
i own a gun
Mario Castro (2 days ago)
I don’t want to die 😭😥😔 I’m only 10 😭😔😭
Elinor Dargie (2 days ago)
Normal people: OMG ITS A ZOMBIE AGGGHHHHhhH!! Army or police: DIE STUPID ZOMBIES!!
Lol why did he show doctor strange
packour legend (2 days ago)
I have a Machete, pocket knife, metal sledge hammer, chainsaw, and a wooden baseball bat. IF I SAW A ZOMBIE I WOULD BE THAT EXCITED I WOULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO PICK A WEAPON UP I'D JUST SCREAM IN JOY
Blake Badblazilla (3 days ago)
The thumb nail is so wierd
THE DEAD ENDERS hp (3 days ago)
MY COUNTRY GOT ZOMBIED FIDE but I killed a zombie
Hector Macias (3 days ago)
I'm a kid But my mom and my big brother have a katana And Idk if I can still survive
big chungus (4 days ago)
IMMA just.... Become one
olives peppers (4 days ago)
mocking the wheat
NOAH NGUYEN (4 days ago)
I love walking dead me:I grab what I need, come at me zombies
Ryuk God Of Death (5 days ago)
8:40 "imagine your justice league" *shows avengers*
Nobody (6 days ago)
ppl who want to be zombie: *eat zombies* zombie: wtf ? arent i suppose to eat you ?
Luca Orrú (6 days ago)
I swear I would be so excited if a zombie apocalypse would happen
robloxgamer afrocup (2 days ago)
It will happen there zombie deer disease going around
Alexzander (6 days ago)
Okay don't bash the shotgun. If it knocks you back you're a wimp or are using something for a giant animal. First time using one the kick hardly moved the gun. Get a good stance and actually hold the gun correctly and it should be no problem
Cereal Boal (6 days ago)
I will stick with clementine
Bane Wolf (7 days ago)
This thumbnail better be a joke xd
In 22:00 what’s the movies name ?
biju2004 (8 days ago)
Black belts just skip the fighting bit. They just They just use nunchuks
More Duck fights (8 days ago)
\/ like arms an stomic
More Duck fights (8 days ago)
IDE wear my leather pleug doctor costume they couldn’t get my head an other parts
Andrei santos (8 days ago)
So banana forts can help you survive a zombie apocalypse 😂😂😂😂😂 nice 👍
Hazel Horton (8 days ago)
Hay I survived a lot of zombies
Anna Hayne (9 days ago)
Im scared now i will sit in the corner of my room with throwing knives and wait for zomies I just hope It doesnt happen Dont f*** up scientists!!!!
WEREWOLF 200 (9 days ago)
But how long dose a zombie apocalypse last
Ashleigh Ingram (10 days ago)
9:01 when my teacher asks me for homework and i forget lol...im not even funny so why do i acknowledge things..
albert buenaflor (11 days ago)
is zombies real
Biby Mister (11 days ago)
Find some sort of island
Elizabeth MacKenzie (12 days ago)
The zombie opened his mouth a little wider the second you started speaking and I was shook
benjamin gouws (12 days ago)
Well i dont have brains 😎😎😎
Wellplayedpeople (13 days ago)
Don't forget that zombies are just us but weaker. They can't run.. because if they did then they fall. They can bite through your skin cuz their teeth is to week. And.. they can't take on an entire military.
Princess Meera (14 days ago)
Dunno how i ended up here but ok
A Potato (14 days ago)
idk why but im kinda excited cause I get to play fortnite in real life ;)
The Legend Racer (14 days ago)
I need an Car not a 4x4 man
Moto Tini (14 days ago)
Why am I watching this a zombie Apocalypse will never happen ! Or will it if u think so like the comment!!
Jc Uchiha (15 days ago)
I have two katanas at home
pheonix fire (15 days ago)
You guys have it all wrong!!! All misinformation. Zombies will not die by gun, they are already dead. You must completely separate the Head from the body to kill it. They are also tireless but slow. They are also surprisingly strong, don't try to wrestle with them. They lack intelligence, and reason, try to make the run into things, because chances are, they will never figure out that they could just go around when they see you in front of them. They do not rot or starve, so you can't wait them out if you hope they rot away. If they have broken limbs, they will reset, and heal. The most dangerous thing about a zombie is it's blood. The spatter will infect you if you get it in your mouth, eyes, or wounds. Occasionally it can also infect you through your pores. Blood spatter is more dangerous than the bite most of the time. You can not tell someone is infected, unless you see the bite. They only way to tell fore sure is when the go into seizures, which happens right before they turn. All zombies have glowing red eyes. It is s to stupid to try and kill them no matter the way you try. Gun wounds do nothing. If you try to cut off their head with a blade, you are likely to get the blood spatter. The best thing to do is injure their legs and run away, or get them tangled up in some bushes. Always look for a nearby stronghold. (Any other chrystalscherer fans out their? No? Look up a different virus: heartfire on Wattpad ;) This does not apply to the virus within. Which would be worse, because then you would not only have to deal with regular, and Swift's. But also nightstalkers and terrors. At least there is a cure in that version though...
Hannah do Gatcha (15 days ago)
Im scared im only 9 im litterally crying
Adnan Ansari (16 days ago)
Can we use sword
Nether Star (16 days ago)
Zombies? Random person: builds a wall of lemons and limes.
Colematthew Ventura (16 days ago)
I have a drone maybey I'll attach a gun to it
Zambie playz (16 days ago)
I has my fortnite rainbow smash pickaxe now thats the best zombie apocalypse weapon
Fbi (16 days ago)
What do you mean I can just plant a bunch of peas does any one know the reference
Harry Myers (17 days ago)
Who is this muppet he ain’t got a clue
that chip (18 days ago)
Hideing place... Meh: why don't u go to some stores with a flat roof and live up there?" U will need a vary long later xd
Ali Shah (18 days ago)
If there is a zombie apocalypse I Will have a. Axe than spin if I need to
William Conway (18 days ago)
Minecraft players, UNITE!
Davis Johnson (18 days ago)
Every weapon is Reload Dyngus
moto moto likes you (18 days ago)
There was an Halloween theme where there were people that worked there and one was behind me and my friend said BEHIND YOU and i turned around and saw a creepy cellen that Laughed alot and i laghed back
Dillan (19 days ago)
If you ask the zombies friendly to go away would work to
Scott Cawthon (19 days ago)
i came here for the thumbnail
Playlikegamer (19 days ago)
What would u do if U are surrended Have 1 bullet and u are gonna die what wil u do with the last bullet??,?
Courtney Weck (19 days ago)
I’d use a stick I have a really sharp one in my backyard that I practice using
Hydo Kill (19 days ago)
7:57 🤣🤣🤣lol so funny
Rolandas Puidokas (20 days ago)
What if I'm a kid?
NIRVAN THAPA (20 days ago)
The thumbnail is definately safe specially in zombie apocalypse
Gacha Wolf (20 days ago)
**piano falls on zombie** Me: **dies of laughter**
Blazzeens (20 days ago)
5:18 One of AJ's rules. *TWD gamers will only understand.*
Hans (21 days ago)
cold weapons are better cause they dont need bullets
Mangala Kamble (21 days ago)
I love coke , i will offer cocaine to zombie too and everything will be great Ten hours later I ate zombie
Syazril Amry (21 days ago)
Kindergartener is safe from zombies.
How to survive a zombie apocalypse* put a pile of bananas around you*
Love Brar (21 days ago)
Heli or plane with infinite fuel
Bryan Ha (22 days ago)
How come in zombie movies when a human falls of a building or something and not bitten they become a zombie like that’s unrealistic
Mr McPopcorn (22 days ago)
Alright I need a leather jacket
That’s a lot of bananas
AFT_ Nappy (22 days ago)
Zombies are fake if they were real I will blow there tiny brain out o ya tyhey have no brain
Ronin Dragoon (23 days ago)
Justice league Shows avengers ??????
Angel Handoyono (23 days ago)
Intro: World War Z, Resident Evil
fui eh (23 days ago)
Hey what about a pan
I’m watching this right now and I’m sitting on the toilet
(Cronum) Zboy Playz (24 days ago)
Flames. Use anything you can throw. That's how you distract the zombies
Apex stuff (24 days ago)
You forgot you can run faster after drinking redbull😂
Ahab the Elder Yautja (25 days ago)
how to survive Zombie Apocalypse? me: SV_Infinite_Ammo_1
Korek Korkoví (25 days ago)
In the whole world zombies eat people but in Russia people eat zombies
Megan Hall (26 days ago)
Why did you show drug head pitting on his count from riverdale
E尺A 々 Kirito (26 days ago)
If there are like bunch of zombies in a place, never use a gun ☺ Try using stealth weapons cuz zombies follow voices, they can't see with their eyes (almost everyone knows that)
MUHAMED RAFI (26 days ago)
"EVERYONE START TEAMING BEFORE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE" because a team is a strength to escape like this situations
Savage 4L (26 days ago)
What you could do is kill a walker 🧟‍♂️ and cover yourself in blood and walk around and skin them and put there skin on yourself and walk with them slowly instead of killing them and wasting ammo or energy to kill
Proskater #1 (26 days ago)
If you have a blunt object spin in a curcall and hit head by head
THE UNKNOWN (27 days ago)
Normal man: aaaaargghhh these things are terrific!!! Aaaaargghhh Walking dead gamer: whoah!! Finally it happened!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy I'm so happy!!!!
Naeem Sabir (27 days ago)
Bro They are not #justiceleague they are #Avengers🙄😁
Butsky Gomez (27 days ago)
Zombies aren't t real you
Rafael Gomez (27 days ago)
How about for the guns RPG
Or u could just move to Mexico because of the border wall
John Zedrick Tibay (28 days ago)
If There's A Zombie Apocalypse I Dont Worry Cuz I live in wakanda And Half Altantis Man
I'm going on Fortnite mode
SnIpeRz GamePlay (28 days ago)
Just call the terminators They will extinguish This flipping Zombiez.
Lexa Umandap (28 days ago)
What if deadpool bacame a zombie?

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