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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Well, we're sure today everyone is more or less familiar with the concept of zombie apocalypse. Yeah, you know: everyone goes nuts, your friends turn into monsters and want to eat human brains or, well, any kind of meat. It might sound a little crazy, but nowadays a scientific mistake can allow anything to happen. So, it doesn't really matter if you believe in a walking dead invasion, because we already prepared a surviving manual that will help you to stay alive.
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Text Comments (9215)
Do it Like me (15 hours ago)
Thumbnail = WTF
Two purple Ears (20 hours ago)
Top 10 tips Thumbnail: guy with bannas Top 13 worst Thumbnail: guy with bannas
MicroJui (1 day ago)
i have a pencil *[insert a john wick reference in here]*
suliano jese (1 day ago)
My house is like zombie proof with bars,windows large enough for looking every blind spot,and we own a Toyota surf 2000,so yeah, so we will live
8:41 "--some kind of Justice League" ME: Lol!
gurla gaming23 (2 days ago)
Who came for the banannas?
Sothea Phon (2 days ago)
Can I use a tank
Sothea Phon (2 days ago)
But in Canada we don’t have weapons but I have knives and a car
Jingled Friskies (3 days ago)
Yo, they made those things from Left 4 Dead into a TV show!
Mel Tremblay (3 days ago)
Guns aren't the best weapon what happens when you run out of bullets not to mention how loud they are
Gamer Guy (3 days ago)
Anyone else watching this during the Zombie apocolypse?
IzzAimes 11 (4 days ago)
All the weapons at my house is a chancla, knife, and brooms
Michael Warner (4 days ago)
small problem there is practically no guns in the UK. only police and farmers have guns and not good guns.
FatMan Airsoft (5 days ago)
I'll stick to my night vision, compound bow & IR lasers to keep safe at night. Nice sized axe & knives too
WeThe Bean (5 days ago)
all of these are COMPLETELY impractical, like for the weapon, a metal BAT, it gives the highest amount of force with the least amount of effort. and never just choose a group, in a time of crisis NOBODY can really be trusted, all of these are based off of a movie addicts view not an actual survivalist. and even if i was to watch a show to show me about zombies i would look at walking dead because it puts a serious viewpoint on what surviving is like.
Baka River (7 days ago)
*Zombie Apocalypse?* Me: *KILL MEEEEEEEEEEE*
mincraft survival (7 days ago)
Y'all are crazy
Oninz Yeezu (8 days ago)
Someone ask me about zombies. He told me that, example just imagine, there's a lot of zombies in your town. How can you kill them? So may answer is, stop imagining. I killed all the zombies
Ruben Hernandez (8 days ago)
4:50 what movie is that
mr talks alot talks (8 days ago)
Knowing first aid at least i can be useful x3.
Elaika Tangoan (8 days ago)
The reason why *ZOMBIES* eat brains, because they need more intelligence
SA-Comics&Productions (8 days ago)
I have a good way to survive Its Kill yourself Instantly After you get the news
Juan Gutierrez (9 days ago)
I'm a kid I can't drive but I have an axe
Dominic Wright (9 days ago)
Anyone know the theme in video?
AKHILESH KHEDOO (10 days ago)
08:42 he said justice league showing the avengers.
Jacob The Fox (11 days ago)
I think most people will have s much fun just killing the zombies
hoe life (12 days ago)
It will happen one day Mark my words
thegaming beaver fan (12 days ago)
This is good u never no if something happens that makes zombie this vid will make u safe
american boi (13 days ago)
how to survive:use shadow stones,camp in a shack like a default or bush camp
Van Hlua (13 days ago)
If zombie apocalypse was a thing it is the time gamers rise
AOZ Ryan (14 days ago)
Zombies are like a virus
Yes make a banana fortress to protect yourself from zombies
Honkey Kong (14 days ago)
Descent video...but you don't wanna spit whiskey on a gash... that's a myth from movies man.
Seil Epigon (14 days ago)
Thank god my dad is an ex-hunter
edward nelson (15 days ago)
iw on't ssurvive XD
Kathleen Matthews (15 days ago)
also me and my cosin have rasoers there baciskly elatrickbikes and they are soo fast like if you were a running zombie and you were fast and you were chasing us youd only be a qorter of the way!
Kathleen Matthews (15 days ago)
and i dont thin they can clime cuz theres laders but you have to be strong to pull yourself up cuz theres2 laders missing soo have fun getting up here zombies!!
Kathleen Matthews (15 days ago)
excuse me when you said most of us dont have wepons i have 1 a cat that will littlerly kill you but she loves me! i have a axe 5 hammers 3 sluch hammers 7 bikes 2 dogs who don't like new people and latly i cang o steal so much amo from my friend and she has like 5 pstiols! and ill steal 2 of my cosin bows hehehe
TheLucky GamerYT (16 days ago)
First step: Bite The Zombie So It Will turn To Human Again
Cynthia Espinoza (16 days ago)
Its not but when i think of it i am scared
I'mWithNoob (17 days ago)
This is mine guide 1st go to a tall tower 2nd stand at the roof Jumo so you dont have to feel the bite of the zombie when you died xD Thats what im going to do if theirs a zombies im not jking okay because my worst nightmare ever is zombie guys im not even jking that im going to die well i can get a gun and shoot my self if you cant any find a tall building
marko marko (17 days ago)
Necromancer hah
Gladys Pamatian (18 days ago)
I'm hoping nobody's going to create zombie experiments😨😨😲
snow wolf snow (18 days ago)
Googel whud run out
Aaron Bucayan (19 days ago)
My dad has a katana and a baseball bat. I have a kitchen knife
TheUnderKane (19 days ago)
TIPS TO SURVIVE IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ask Demolition Ranch for help...
Cool_kid_ Gaming (19 days ago)
But I literally have WW2 bomb
Cool_kid_ Gaming (19 days ago)
SmokingkOzz420 (20 days ago)
The thumbnail will works!
Jhaeren Matt d' Gamer (20 days ago)
please dont this video dosent exist no dead walking people seen = no zombies
Jhaeren Matt d' Gamer (20 days ago)
does even zombies hate bananas i see in the picture
Jhaeren Matt d' Gamer (20 days ago)
you know zombies arent real right? 👎
Elizabeth Perrrotta (20 days ago)
Okay let's be real here I wouldn't even have a chance to get food I would die within seconds of knowing a zombie apocalypse was going on.
Em i (21 days ago)
*tbh no point on listening to most of this because we haven’t had a zombie apocalypse yet* (that we know of lol) *so we don’t know how strong they are, their behaviour, etc so yeah*
Assassin Mamat (21 days ago)
Zombie is not real.
Rosemary Campbell (21 days ago)
Welp, anyone in Britain ain't getting a gun so instead use a baseball bat, hard to break, guaranteed to hit, doesn't need bullets, can be bought easily or made easily
Transcendence Impulse (12 days ago)
And have to be used in close range so unless you're a fighter in your prime you are screwed.
Raven CatMew (21 days ago)
normal people run away from zombies gamers waited for this whole life any gamer here give like
Monti Python (21 days ago)
Says justice league but shows Avengers me: triggered!!!!!!
D.G. Piip (21 days ago)
use just an AOTOMIC BOMB
Addison NinjaStar (21 days ago)
Right below this video I see "13 Worst places to hide during a zombie apocalypse." with the same thumbnail.
Jonathan Godbolt (21 days ago)
A zombie apocalypse won't happen but society could cave in on it's self to the point of apocalypse
Pikazard (22 days ago)
Lol, I clicked on this video for fun and then the next video is 13 worst places to hide during the zombie apocalypse with the same exact picture as thumbnail XD
Jai Mc (22 days ago)
Who said zombies were bad, they might be literally normal everyday people
Jai Mc (22 days ago)
Why should I believe this when you literally made the top 10 reasons why not to visit Australia a.k.a. the videos that has no scientific evidence at all and you literally showed a Tasmanian Tiger for a dingo
Karma Akira (22 days ago)
Says Justice league but shows marvel well played no one noticed 😂😂
Singleplayer (22 days ago)
4:33 what about a metal bat and pocket knife? (I have those btw)
Yvonne Kiesman (22 days ago)
Perfect add before this video the call of duty add
Commander Assassin. (22 days ago)
Normal people will just run But we gamers waited this to happen
Kevin J W Nongbri (1 day ago)
Yeah brother
Love Johnson (23 days ago)
I have lots of knifes In my kitchen hehe and mops and broms boom a weapon
J Johnson (23 days ago)
ok if you have to find other survivors get in ur car and drive to the police station
Dante Mink (23 days ago)
How dare you call The Avengers "The Justice League"? It's not like I have anything against the latter or that I'm either-Marvel-or-DC-not-both-allowed fan (both are cool), but c'mon! Apart from that, cool video.
Edward Cortez (23 days ago)
We been seeing to much zombies movies
Bluestacks sir (24 days ago)
What if avengers went into zombie apocalypse???? Reply
Bluestacks sir (24 days ago)
When will Zombie apocalypse happen man When it happens I wish to be in school
You could just summon exodia
Gacha Wolfie (24 days ago)
We have an a choppers she bel axe pickaxe and my teacher had hunter stuff and she lives near me so we Gucci
EraseMeWhole (24 days ago)
If you're even remotely strong enough to crack a skull with a meat clever, the recoil from a shotgun isn't going to "blow you back" lol.
Derek Bootle (25 days ago)
Zombies are real. They're just called ANTIFA.
The crappy warrior (26 days ago)
Just move to Siberia.
Simon Gotthardsen (26 days ago)
A crossbow wede 100 aros would be the best weapon of all time and a glok 17 and a knife
How to survive? Remember there is nothing zombies If that is true the only weapon u have is to faith and trust
Mramazing Hooman (27 days ago)
Bruh you are frickin mucked up when the hell is is this gonna happen?! When humans grow wings?
Chain Reaction (27 days ago)
Can Airsoft guns be useful?
Shadeaux Gaming (27 days ago)
im in the UK were not allowed guns
Zombies dont exist!
Jay raj RAI (28 days ago)
That's the wALL from "attack on TITANS"
Robin Schippers (28 days ago)
If this is gonna happen my dad has a gun he is a cop .......but its a pistol but better something then nothing
Carlo Dr (28 days ago)
just throw pipebomb
OMG billy (28 days ago)
Plz zombies.... Me want zombiez
ThE gArBaGe ChAnNeL (28 days ago)
I have a small forst out back that i have stuff hung up on treed like a hatchet a hole with matches power bars and water bottles. Theres a good tree to climb for high ground. I have a bow and arrows hung up on the tree, both the hatchet and bow and arrow hung up in the high of the tree. Im 16 and im already stocking up on an apocalypse XD
jack estrada (28 days ago)
i dont think they are real
Caleb Hall (28 days ago)
I love zombie land I auctly watched it last eeek
Caleb Hall (28 days ago)
I mean week
Utoepius (28 days ago)
11. If bitten immediately cut out wound, you can cut out any infection as long as you do it fast before it spreads.
Utoepius (28 days ago)
When I clicked on the video I saw another video by American Eye call 13 Worst Places to Hide During the Zombie Apocalypse and it has the same thumbnail.
Im sick of this how long to have a zombie outbreak? Im tired of waiting. And they say it would happen by a virus but where is it now? You know what is great when zombie outbreak will happen? Because the world will change and no more rules no more government no more work that u need to earn money and its like ur working for momey and u look like a slave by money bec u cant get food without money plus this world we only know is school work and etc and it will like a life cycle so there is no meaning of life. And u know what? U connat find ur trueself in that generation so the zoutbreak is that u have more freedom than before bec u can do whatever u do u can live without money u only need is urself and u will know who u are at the end whether u r good or bad of all things. And i hope to those readers u learn something.
Parsa Ehyaee (29 days ago)
how about just dont be a scientist at the first place and dont do experiments.
Jeff The Killer (14 days ago)
Parsa Ehyaee but I’m becoming a scientist to start the zombie apocalypse
Puggington Plays (29 days ago)
Actually you can survive a bite if you cut the limb of in time even though it would suck
Bacon (29 days ago)
no one thought of the fact zombies are rotting corpses... most likely they wouldnt have teeth and be very weak. im sure pretty much anyone could survive if youre in a high place with plenty of supplise, if youre a child, of course. if zombies were real its main organs would have to be working for it to stay alive and move.
Thirty-Six Five (29 days ago)
Sure gun shop baseball bat if there is then a trench mace and As val
_ SwiggitySwooty (29 days ago)
It CAN happen!!
Keyandra Al Aqso Akso (30 days ago)
What If You A Gamer

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