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10 MOST BRILLIANT ROBBERIES CAUGHT ON CAMERA Stealing is bad, we know that, and nobody should support it. But still, you have to agree, some robberies amaze us because of its complexity. We have all seen this kind of burglaries in movies, but no one expects to see something like this in real life. So we will show it to you! So, here are 10 most brilliant burglaries caught on camera.
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Elias Nilsson 02 (4 hours ago)
Thougt i had my earbuds in but apparently not so my whole class just heard Hello everyone
will johnson (1 day ago)
Welcome to the fbi watchlist
Mr FW (3 days ago)
There didn't plan any further
GetPaidWithKyle (5 days ago)
I'm looking for good reliable workers to do a robbery like in the movie inside man..if interested hmu :)
Russ Pink (12 days ago)
When you get caught, it wasn’t brilliant no matter how you look at it.
ツHauntzd (15 days ago)
It triggers me when idiots put the dollar sign after the number...
Spencer (16 days ago)
Rip payday 2
Arlene Robinson (16 days ago)
If it was a brilliant robbery it wouldn’t have been recorded
jamie211983 (17 days ago)
if this video is about thieves why arnt the british goverment on here???
Apprentice (24 days ago)
Ah yes, the Brent cross robbery 3:00
Frendyll Molina (24 days ago)
They are playing with GTA
roflgoodgame (27 days ago)
lmfao Payday 2... couple UK jobs i see here
乡FlawlessFinn (1 month ago)
Suspect Gta 5
Matthew Monroe (1 month ago)
How about a video on ones that got away and were never caught instead of this BS... anyone can steal it’s about getting away with it
Chris Jones (1 month ago)
Construction Tools Are Robbers Best Friends.
Man the hijabs sounded like straight out of hollywood
Jamokai (1 month ago)
your videos are enjoyable, on mute
Stealth Thieves (1 month ago)
With Circular saws and acetylene torches I can get into just about anything:)
Josh Gould (1 month ago)
If they was so brilliant why it on camrea
Jan Otto (1 month ago)
The even better ones never talk about it.
Emil Rylander (1 month ago)
I remember the helicopter robbery in Sweden
Chandan Sh (1 month ago)
Most of them are caught.Brilliant👏👏🏼👏🏻👏🏾👏🏿
The freaking explosives placed on the wall like that. Thats some *rainbow 6 siege* future content suggestion right there.
Darsan Božović (2 months ago)
Pink Panters
Snxzzy (2 months ago)
not that brilliant if they forget about the cameras...
ITZDOYAL (2 months ago)
Its not a brilliant robbery if they got caught on camera.
Vladimir Makarov (2 months ago)
Brilliant is debatable, that was pretty brute force stuff. Lol
DanVlogs (2 months ago)
Wasn't there a movie about the men in white
al videos (2 months ago)
Yeah but then they had to go sell those drugs and jewelry =/ hard working folk. Dang, I don't see how they all got busted later? Face recognition software?
al videos (2 months ago)
*GTA san andreas music starts*
Skederedel (2 months ago)
i wouldnt say that these were brilliant robberies. They all got caught
Mj 2x (2 months ago)
1:44 pacific standard
Mike Meyer (2 months ago)
Wow wow that’s so cool some of the Roberys was good
jućub 111 (2 months ago)
half of this heists is PINK PANTHERS
You Can Read (2 months ago)
$15 million cash.....Nice.
smudgerbug (2 months ago)
The one where they landed a helicopter on a bank reminds me of the Jewelry heist on GTA 5!
MishuTaste (2 months ago)
Please don't encourage these thugs to terrorize innocent people.
Mindy Krejci (2 months ago)
Go to Facebook page Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed for more information about scammer Randi Dorante
mido diaky (2 months ago)
4 brothers ????????????
The Exile (2 months ago)
This is so boss.
Randy Smith (2 months ago)
Gta 6 looks great
Joshua W (2 months ago)
I clicked on this because i did a math calculation. 10 most brilliant/4:30 video lets on that each subject is condensed.
m cerceau (2 months ago)
burkas not hijabs
Crikey (2 months ago)
So K (2 months ago)
so most of them were caught . not so brilliant after all .
another random comment (2 months ago)
Killuminati1blood (3 months ago)
1:23 those are burqas
No Way (3 months ago)
I guess you could say they were a bunch of... MADVILLANS
Emilio Alfredo (3 months ago)
I don't like chocolate but i think it tastes good.
Soluu GaMer (3 months ago)
Sweden xD
Tony Maile (3 months ago)
man steals ward letting agency sing https://youtu.be/Ig_5-NFvlc0
joe coquerre (3 months ago)
angel marte (3 months ago)
The $200M by the people on bikes is very unlikely, no records or news of it can be found...
Red Wølf (3 months ago)
GTA 6 Gameplay 2018
kill me (3 months ago)
*Dallas is in custody!* *Wolf is in custody!* *Chains is in custody!* *Houston is in custody!* JEWELRY STORE: FAILED
joe coquerre (3 months ago)
you know shit.STFU.
Dunkin Donuts (3 months ago)
All i ever stole was a bag of takis.
Michael McBoomBoom (3 months ago)
You would think the money would be a lot less than shown in films but it’s actually way more after watching this
Albert van den Berg (3 months ago)
Brilliant gives too much credit to these wastes of space, these lowlives, scum....
Flow (3 months ago)
Makes me wanna play payday 2
Quantrell Myles (3 months ago)
Wait so are you telling me that not everybody got caught?
C Brown (3 months ago)
Those pharmacy robbers only got 7 years?!
ItsPurple (3 months ago)
lol why those thiefs wearing dress :D:D
rad (3 months ago)
The BEST crimes I believe, are the crimes where the victim is a willing participant. No one is WILLING to get robbed. But they ARE willing to buy drugs........in fact desperate to. Also they are willing to accept counterfiet money ( so long as it is convincing ). Drug dealing and fraud are more my thing.........also violent crime carries a stiffer sentence. Fraud is a non violent crime.
rad (3 months ago)
Youre not allowed to steal millions and get away with it. For that, regardless of how you do it, your off to prison for 7 years MININUM (UK).............but 10s of thousands you can do AND get off with it......when I say get off with it.........I mean, you could get 2 years in prison, do half of it, and be out in 9 months on tag........AND STILL get to keep the money if youre smart enough. 9 months for 20,30......maybe 40 grand.........probably worth it for someone like us, poor people.
Sarah Riedel (3 months ago)
#9 "Robbery with explosions" is literally straight out of the plotline for the 1997 Robert Carlyle film "Face."
first last (3 months ago)
Yes the robbers robbed automatic telling machine machines.
A man can change (3 months ago)
lol this video is hilarious but the only thing brilliant is the commentary
Gta heists
Ella Kingsleigh (3 months ago)
These weren't exactly brilliant...
Allahu-A (3 months ago)
If they got caught on camera then they are not brilliant..
josh grimm (3 months ago)
7 years is worth the thrill
KingaX5 King (3 months ago)
The roof one is like the roof entry bureau raid in GTA 5.
KingaX5 King (3 months ago)
You forget a thousand things a day make sure this is one of em’.
KingaX5 King (3 months ago)
Armored car robbery is like Blitz Play or the Big Score in GTA 5.
Betim Mustafa (3 months ago)
0:47 wtf lol😂😂😂
Mahdi Chaoua (3 months ago)
all of them got arrested !!!!!
Mahdi Chaoua (3 months ago)
all of them got arrested !!!!!
Alberturkey54 (3 months ago)
Was that 15 B dollars. With a B? Wow!
Jesse Ybarra (3 months ago)
I'm confused
iQPlay (3 months ago)
future tech will make robbers use them and rob more lol
Eplier Ops (3 months ago)
Payday 2 come true
FailAmry (3 months ago)
I got to rob the jewel 💎 stall lol (jk)
Ryan Reith (3 months ago)
You can use Google Earth to rob banks through the roof. Just find your target and scope out the entire area. Then go into the bank through the roof with circular saws and cut through all the safety deposit boxes. Forget the main vault because its too thick. Enjoy tropical drinks on the beach after you leave town.
ares 054 (4 months ago)
Hubert Hubert (4 months ago)
Money out of nothing and putting an Interest upon it: FED Reserve System. Fun part: It would all work without debt!
EgaN EB (4 months ago)
i want a circular saw
Tom Butler (4 months ago)
Who keeps a sports car in an ATM?
Ben Zzz (4 months ago)
i like how people are saying the robberies were poorly executed because they were filmed. I hate to break it you folks but being om camera doesn't mean shit when you can't see their faces.
JaxOfAllTrades (4 months ago)
If they are so brilliant why didn't they think of eraseing the footage
GottJäger (4 months ago)
This is why people should be allowed to EDC. Can't rob a jewellery store with bullets in your spine.
Sodiumreactor (4 months ago)
A mall jewelry store has 200m in jewelry? what mall would that be?
games and glory (3 months ago)
The mall made out of gold with giant flawless diamonds encrusted in the walls and 8 vaults.
Business Hunter (4 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $1643real money from this amazing website: (just go to)=>pypmon.win/?cveEa4
outrage gamer (4 months ago)
How were they smart if cameras still caught them
Phi Phạm (4 months ago)
3:51 PayDay 2 Golden Grin Casino heist :)
Ballislife626 (4 months ago)
Them niggas got away😂😂😂in the last video...but they eventually gonna get caught because those bills they stoel have Serial numbers and codes..
king SHIT (4 months ago)
First yay
Robert Sand (4 months ago)
Jewelry is stupid to steal. Hard to sell cuz its labeled
Robert Sand (4 months ago)
Ha that pharmacy was an inside job easy
King (4 months ago)
I really like how u actually show the footage and not just talk about it. Great video. Thanks.

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