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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Although it may sound terrible, all natural disasters cause panic among the population. This is especially true because most people simply don't know how to act in such situations, what to do or where to go. To avoid wrong actions and help your friends and family, you should know what to do in any circumstances. That is why we have decided to talk about the rules of behavior during a natural disaster. Obviously we hope you don't have to live through a similar experience, but who knows what might happen? So here are 10 useful tips for surviving a natural disaster.
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Baby Ann Gripo (20 minutes ago)
Nah no need to do the thing what to do on snowstorms beacause ours dont snow even once
Baby Ann Gripo (23 minutes ago)
Me our country has many landslides. beacause we have many mountains. but first if theres a landslide dont forget to bring your phone. And go look for this channel if your so far already from the landslides. 1like = 1believer👍
Cat Lover (6 hours ago)
I’m going to get a drought in uk Lol
Kiera Goodman (23 hours ago)
If this happen imma pack my stuff and drive like Bye Florida m out of here
Yess you used a Harry Potter clip!!!
Aurora Codilla (1 day ago)
Im sooooo scared of stunami
Jayden Rithianos (1 day ago)
Maria bautista (2 days ago)
seth azriel torres (2 days ago)
In america theres was tornado Brasil Teresa landslide
marlon chalco (2 days ago)
We all going to fucking die
Isaiah Lawrence (2 days ago)
The second most destructive natural disasters are Hurricanes so why in the heck did u not say that
Allen Gayle Flores (2 days ago)
2019 probably not
Izzie Devon (2 days ago)
Well, not saying where I live, but.. 1. Yes, it’s possible 2. Nah, I’ve never experienced it 3. No active volcanoes here 4. No tornados here 5. Could happen, but not likely 6. Nope, it’s mostly warm 7. Yes, it’s actually happening a lot here, but tons of firefighters are coming to help (I don’t live near any of them) 8. I live near a small lake 9. Again, too warm 10. I don’t live close to any oceans or anything
Youssef & Mostafa (3 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday lol
miss surprise (3 days ago)
1: Doesn’t happen in Australia 😋 2: Does not happen Offen Or in my town 😇 3: No volcanos in Australia 🤩 4: No tornados In Australia 🤗 5: I don’t Go to mountains or live near them 👍 6: no snow where I live 😀 7: Possible…😨 8: I have lots of water and it’s not super duper hot but it is Hot 😌 9: again No show where I live 😅 10: Again Doesn’t happen THANKFULLY because that’s what’s one of my biggest fears are drowning 😁
The same thing in my country. New Zealand
Sikai Wu (4 days ago)
you forgot to add dust storm
CharaPlayzROBLOX 123 (4 days ago)
Step one panic Step two run to mommy Step 3 panic so much you can’t breath Step four do what spongebob does Humna humna humna humna Step five take you electronics Step six run to heaven then come back Step seven go to heaven again Ok there are all the steps
Myxciz Playz (6 days ago)
7:10 "find your friends" i don't have friends...
HectorGamingYT (6 days ago)
Accually.if you have a basement underground during a tsunami with no electric.you will survive.the water can’t get in
bobman4000 (6 days ago)
what about hurricanes
Brennan Murata (6 days ago)
I know how to survivde a tusnami i take a A AK47 AND SHOOTTTTTTTTTT AT THE TUSNAMI i spelled it wrong
Laser X23 (7 days ago)
there is no sea in our city!
Cecilia Del Rosario (7 days ago)
a snow storm is a blizzard
Cecilia Del Rosario (7 days ago)
thats alot of destruction folks
Kieumy nguyen (7 days ago)
:o that’s not safe
Kieumy nguyen (7 days ago)
Step 2 : run faster to be safe
Hippo Pirate (7 days ago)
5:02 We would of lost 3 computers, 3 ipads, 3 phones, 2 couches, 4 Nintendo game consoles, 3 beds, 1 TV, many Nintendo game discs, lots of papers and 3 yearbooks! Also a refrigerator, 2 keyboards, 2 computer mouses, a kitchen table, 5 chairs, 2 pets and a bunch of dishes.
Jøjœ Jay (7 days ago)
Ok at first in the flooding what will happen if you can't swim???
CrediinWnx XOXO (8 days ago)
Tips: Water is a very dangerous element Me: WATER IS A PISCES ELEMENT AND I AM A PISCES
Counter Clover52 (8 days ago)
Hey welcome to tornado ally motherfuckers living in Oklahoma ant easy
Sevim z (8 days ago)
Lucky it never happen in my Country :)
Hilda Semana (8 days ago)
ALIEN PRO GAMER (8 days ago)
*The Best Way To Survive Is To Pray*
COME ON (8 days ago)
Come live in peace UK
Lori :3 (8 days ago)
I should not watch this I live in sweden and there is literally a 2% chance of a natural disaster
Cloudy_Skiess (8 days ago)
UK and austrailia are VERY lucky because they hardly have these disasters! lol
Cloudy_Skiess (8 days ago)
The comments always make me feel better and laugh after seeing a earthquake or a flooding. For example The comment underneath me and the comment underneath This little Critic 😂😂
Stella Restrepo (8 days ago)
I liv in Miami so I can not get a earthquake or avalanches or forest fire I need to watch out for tornado floods and a little more I ththink know like if you agree
Fnaf Girl gamer (8 days ago)
I am in Colorado and we have a Tornado ally
Katherine Garlock (9 days ago)
Snowstorms? Having lived in Northeast Ohio with lake effect, ain't no snow scaring me.
I live in Louisiana and I have been in "The Flood of 2016," flooding is VERY common in Louisiana so ALWAYS be prepared.
Mocha (11 days ago)
If it is a tornado that would rip ur house apart including the basement ef4 and ef5 just drive away
Nolan Buskirk (11 days ago)
Or just live in Australia
Jack Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Me: I am ina corner calling for my mom
Adam Watson (12 days ago)
I love watching end of world movies like day after tomorrow , geostorm, 2012
WolfieGirl WolfLover (14 days ago)
Yes please if this happends I will know how to live
Tiatyana Seabrooks (14 days ago)
True but crying part needed😂😂😂😂😂
My Names Timmy (14 days ago)
How about a hurricane
YouTube Starter (14 days ago)
Give me a like if you saw the movie 2012 it is so cool they escape disasters with a plain
Keemi holt (15 days ago)
Tsunami 🌊 and tornado 🌪
Ryan Glenn (15 days ago)
Just in case you forgot a hurricane is a Natral Disaster
William Leonard (15 days ago)
Step2: get to a corner imeadeatly
Watter Mellons (15 days ago)
In me shcool in 10 months ago,that is earthquake and so much all student crying
Gamer cat (16 days ago)
Stay in wotr
Jude Mackune (16 days ago)
I live in Thialand and we had a tsunami last year
Mangobolt (16 days ago)
1:pray togod 2:depend on god 3:pray 4:underground bunker 5:pray to god again 6:pray to god 7:pray to god 8:pray to god 9:pray to god 10:pray to god
Muhammad Affan (16 days ago)
May ALLAH protect and gives guidance to us. Ameen.
My state can not have a tornado or a flood
Gabriel Siumik (16 days ago)
I survived a flood........ Nothing impressing just many many water
Itz Jenny (17 days ago)
If there’s a flood I will find a cave and close it and stay there
Hristijan Janev (17 days ago)
:destroy the tornado :03
gamer Assassin2 (19 days ago)
Malaysia is the peaceful and no tsunami no natural disaster Australia is also the same but in Malaysia there is mega wind though don't let your papers or stuff outside or else it will flew away.
LINGUISTIKID 99999 (19 days ago)
Who will stay at home when there is 100 meter tsunami !
Rip Blade (19 days ago)
Hello I stayed for hurricane Michel in my house and my roof flew off.It turned in to a category 5. A d sence hurricanes can make tornadoes, a tornado came of winds of 200 mph
Oditt S (20 days ago)
Just dive in the swimming pool whike there is a tsunami u will survive.. But if there is a thing blocking your way well ur dead
Ok so the thought of this makea me wanna fucking kill myself
Nasha Borlongan (20 days ago)
In philippines it is always flooded
TronCreeper StudiosTM (20 days ago)
y u pit final destination 5, it blood, so much, что?
PeaGames (20 days ago)
i live in finland. nothing happens here.
ヤムヤム swirl (20 days ago)
Lol in the earthquake there were Jumanji scenes And the flood isn’t that Noah’s arch movie? And avalanche has elf scenes Forest fire has Harry Potter scenes
matilda xx (20 days ago)
The savest place is thr middle of England (Yorkshire) its high up bjggest county and lost of feilds and farms its known as gods own land theirs never earthquakes hurricanes etc its just rlly cold in winter
Sans sss (22 days ago)
What about the best swimer in the world
misno sino (22 days ago)
In indonesia is storm in karawang and more flood in 2016
LSConcerts (22 days ago)
Shadow Gamer (22 days ago)
What about sink holes hu
Nellie DeWalters (22 days ago)
You can just follow his rules
pewdiepie lover (22 days ago)
I thought a huracan would be up there
MINECRAFT PLAYER (22 days ago)
Me:Sees tornado alarm (Films the tornado while slowly moving) Me:Runs! People:(screams) Me:Shut up I'm filming Me:Plays Some games and look on youtube Tornado:MUAHAHAHA I GONNA KILL YOU Me:wait I wanna play Some Minecraft IDIOT Tornado:Can I play to Me:Okay (Throws objects to the tornado And runs) Tornado:I GONNA KILL YOU Me:Bussy storm I Go watch Some youtube Me:I am Almost Late for the helicopter You noob keep my bussy Tornado(comes with 120 Km\h (Climbs In helicopter and flys with 130 Km\h Me:BYE TORNADO I'M MOVING TO CANADA Tornado:Okay still gonna destroy this with my Tsunami (Fly's to Canada and leave).
catspowercats rapper (22 days ago)
At least in in my conttry we're don't get that
Jennifer santiago (23 days ago)
i live in phoenix Az no snow no tornados no earthquakes no hurricane no volcanos no forest fire only Dust strom hail rain and thunder thats all
Miryama Sal (23 days ago)
I am only 8 years old if those scary things happen ima grab all my family and jump out of earth and nice video
tawana prince (23 days ago)
I will listen to him
JoyceOfGaming Swett (23 days ago)
Volcanos don’t happen in New Milford
Jennifer Olsten (23 days ago)
what about hurricane?
John Aneuri Maglinte (24 days ago)
If you won't died in the volcano you must hide in the under ground
Waynette Huckfeldt (24 days ago)
Or just move away from a coastline like Kansas or Colorado
Expired (24 days ago)
I’ve been in a earthquake, it was about a 5.8
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
We moslims beleef in allah
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
A moslim kan survive a tsunami
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
His laying
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
Dont beleef him
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
You not kan survive a tsunami when allah will dat you day you kanna day
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
You not kan survivale
Nasreddine Bouharb (25 days ago)
Marvin Estrada (25 days ago)
Philippines have given a landslide beacuse of super storm in baguio
How to survive an forest fire:stay in the lake
Emilio Guasque (25 days ago)
It's not exciting why did you excite
Denise Stover (25 days ago)
how to survive from godzilla
Julio Castillo (25 days ago)
You forgot hurricane

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