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SmallRig camera kit for Blackmagic URSA Mini Review / Hands On

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Studio82 takes a hands on look at the new SmallRig Accessories kit for Blackmagic URSA Mini. http://www.smallrig.com The video will give you a good understanding of the orientation, assembly, and quality of the smallrig Subscribe to see the later review.
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Text Comments (19)
SRDEPAZ (8 months ago)
The iphone???
Newwaves Cinema (10 months ago)
Quick question what kind of Matte box are you using or can you give me list of cheap Matte box that would fit on the URSA mini .
protasov media (1 year ago)
what matte box u use?
Rudolph Sturling (7 months ago)
Гнидыч Кастрюлеголовый whats the model!
Yann De Moerloose (2 years ago)
Thanks for the review Donny! Now, the top handle is at the front of the plate. Is it possible to put the top handle '1 row of holes' closer to the back of the camera? I would like to combine the UVF V2 from wooden camera with the top plate from smallrig and the top handle from smallrig. Do you get what I am saying or am I not clear?
Jordan McLachlan (2 years ago)
Those boomboxes though.... Sweet.
C Morton (2 years ago)
if you switch the mounting plate out with a shape VCT plate it would be perfect.
Newwaves Cinema (2 years ago)
whats the name of the Matte Box and the lens support please I to buy for my mimi ursa I mean a cheap ones would the Movo MB100 Lightweight Matte Box fit?
Kevin Boston (2 years ago)
is that a iPhone use as a monitor?
Fun Fun (2 years ago)
Intrigued about that as well...Can I use my Samsung S7 as a monitor ?
Simon Nasht (2 years ago)
can you fir the BMD viewfinder using this kit?
L D (2 years ago)
Are the rods at proper lens height meaning distance for center of lens if not using a clip on matte box?
Donny Hall (2 years ago)
It was about a half inch closer than the shoulder amount kit from ursa mini. My titla lens bridge plate was a very tight fit, but it worked. It could be a tight fit. here is an image of a friends rig with matte box http://imgur.com/a/vO1JN
TheTechnoPilot (2 years ago)
Great review video, I love the setup with the Tilta matte box. Is that their high-end 4x5 filter setup? I see it has the triple stage. BTW I love the boombox wall in the background ;)
Donny Hall (2 years ago)
wow so it would appear they removed it from the kit. http://www.smallrig.com/SMALLRIG-Multipurpose-U-Base-1674.html is the part. its now $70 cheaper though. interesting, i think its original design was the proper height for sony A7 and C300 series
L D (2 years ago)
Well, so his matte box had an adjustable mount? Just curios as Im not so into non standard settings for equipment. There is an industry standard for rod to lens center height :)
Donny Hall (2 years ago)
that is correct here is a friends rig with the swing-away version http://imgur.com/a/vO1JN
Kamryn Stueven (2 years ago)
hi Donny

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