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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

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Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises. Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q40IfQbYlSw Explore more: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn
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Text Comments (82001)
Gabriel Signoretti (58 minutes ago)
Nautilus 1v9
Petros Stefanidis (20 hours ago)
The cinematography is brilliant!
Gocuu _ (1 day ago)
Blue team: Top: jax Jg: rengar Mid: Ahri Adc: Graves Supp: Leona Red team: Top: Darius Jg: nautilus Mid: kata Adc: draven Supp: zyra
İsimsiz Oyuncu (1 day ago)
zyra i love you
Uni Edits (1 day ago)
*_This Darius is so fast..._*
*A summoner has disconnected*
Smothyo (1 day ago)
Jeff - forgotten 2012 meme*
Biel Oliveira (2 days ago)
Dale Dale dely dole
Meiツ (2 days ago)
and ofc rengar just oneshots the adc
ChiKler (2 days ago)
I miss old graves xD
Weird User (3 days ago)
3:58 Most Badass moment!
ExPoza (3 days ago)
I wish the actual game was like this lol
kitten mehh (3 days ago)
This kinda reminds me of final Fantasy XV xD
Rafaela Vlachou (3 days ago)
1, 2
I can’t wait to get into league of legends XD
Yayo The Jowen (3 days ago)
Still cant believe Darius, a normal human was able to take on a frickin buff lion or let alone someone whose basically the god of light...
SuperLuis180 (3 days ago)
I remember seeing this and thinking "WoW that sea titan is so huge I bet is the most insane and popular character" later I discover the definition of support and his size in game....
GlowingIcefire (4 days ago)
3:45 if only Nautilus's e actually did that in-game Same with Ahri w at 5:26
HeroLink98 (4 days ago)
No wonder Darius was fed... Jax got camped by a jungle Nautilus.
Mati (4 days ago)
5:20 typical rengar gank
TG Channel (5 days ago)
Ahhaahaha Darius Darius ( Can defeat jax , outplay rengar , defeated by Ahri )
James Libero (5 days ago)
That’s what you get when you travel.
Alex Yao (5 days ago)
the ultimate bush gank
Guilherme Augusto (5 days ago)
Fernando Gonzales (5 days ago)
Back when league animations looked mature(had blood in them)
Origami Master (6 days ago)
From that sinematic i know i will main rengar and its truth im 2 milion mastety points
mr.gwapo pogi (6 days ago)
Awaken a lot better
Ana Costache (6 days ago)
Well yeah.. i mean this was made 4 years ago so...
Karolinka Tybińska (7 days ago)
2:56 uuuuu uuuuu xD
Aquila_88 (7 days ago)
W Ø L F G A Ñ G (7 days ago)
nicholas lujan (7 days ago)
All hail the Swain
Michael Lee (7 days ago)
why do women have so weird faces in the video ?
nyadere MC (8 days ago)
2:55 Ahaha
nyadere MC (8 days ago)
1:13 i love this scene
Helenαღ (8 days ago)
Yuyu D. (8 days ago)
After all these years my favorite moment is still leona plowing her way through that log
Lea Ibrügger (8 days ago)
5 years ago and I still watch it, cause I love it
XX TheChainReactions (8 days ago)
02:56 Katarina: -Wuhh :3 Xddddddd
li Jiu (8 days ago)
Why do ahri have only one tail?
Kristyna Jandousova (9 days ago)
cutest thing ever = how Ahri rotates her foxy ears
caps TV (9 days ago)
Lazar Ignjatovic (9 days ago)
It seems that nautilus picked threshs w? Or did he just use his q?
Lazar Ignjatovic (9 days ago)
Give jax his sword.
Ashley Perez (9 days ago)
My favorite cinematic in the world!!!
Fabii Kagamine (9 days ago)
Ahri my bby ❤❤❤
MAX WOLF (10 days ago)
О господи ренгар он безупречен хотя дудки здесь все идиальны!!
NightcoreIsMaCity (10 days ago)
2:56 pussycat:D
Talon Du Couteau (10 days ago)
Rengar got decked in 2 punches
Squid Kid (10 days ago)
It’s just that simple. Ahri’s a badass
Emilayne Ribeiro (11 days ago)
Nossa isso é muito doida é muito legal mesmo
Ricardo alves (11 days ago)
0:50 Leona is such a noob, she thought her W would help, Darius is true dmg, thats not going to help
Ricardo alves (2 days ago)
Azam Samsudeen That's not the point, the point is that What gives you armor and MR, but Darius ult is true dmg
Azam Samsudeen (2 days ago)
She did it to sacrifice herself in order to protect ahri... every lwona player must be prepared to die for the team!
aylin akarsu (11 days ago)
You CAN NOT tell me Jax is broken in-game but gets one shot in this cinematic
akral (11 days ago)
Cilla Gonay (11 days ago)
Ahri?dont ask she is a pop-star now
mika fraser-lalonde (11 days ago)
Arismetical (11 days ago)
cmon why didn't kat just q+e+w+gunblade+r
Zekke (12 days ago)
why are you running?
jankerby maglimas (12 days ago)
Ahri is kpop singer
Raku Tatsumi (12 days ago)
1:57 adc 2k19
yuzak ohayo (12 days ago)
I wont skin ahri
yuzak ohayo (12 days ago)
Wow.. so cool
yuzak ohayo (12 days ago)
Si cool
kian hecht (12 days ago)
4:11 when nuatiless is fed, and he has a full armor build.......
kian hecht (12 days ago)
Not even used-to-bo-op Katerina can take.
kian hecht (12 days ago)
When the graves rengar tank comes in, and ahri has her healing q..... (:
Leonardo Chavez (12 days ago)
Ahri is my favorite... ❤ so beautiful.... 👌😍
Гон Ци (13 days ago)
Mohmd Sayd (13 days ago)
Who is here in patch 9 .3
Pix (14 days ago)
Rengar two autos
Wicked :p (14 days ago)
T - darius J - zyra M - katarina S - nautilus B - draven VS. T - jax J - rengar M - ahri S - leona B - graves
Finn Wolfhard (14 days ago)
I like ahri
Sarah Al-Zahrani (14 days ago)
This should be a movie
Haangbin Mun (14 days ago)
Olaff Makar (14 days ago)
Kyle worthington (15 days ago)
beautiful graphics
Undynemite (15 days ago)
report Nautilus for ks
Undynemite (15 days ago)
and late support
Turtle G (15 days ago)
Ahri didn't R in 561651651 teamfights ...typical soloQ.
김석영 (15 days ago)
아리 도망만 다니는게 혼령질주로 백대쉬하는 우리팀아리같네
pkfire (15 days ago)
pkfire (15 days ago)
Aitanita vlogs A (16 days ago)
Airepuro Sol (16 days ago)
Airepuro Sol (16 days ago)
Airepuro Sol (16 days ago)
Airepuro Sol (16 days ago)
sakir emin öbke (16 days ago)
Who else agrees with me that graves is badass and that he needs his Cuban cigar back
Hüseyin Gültekin (16 days ago)
5:03 I waited for Garen to come
Lanie Cilos (16 days ago)
Jax could've 1v5 them. Did they nerf Jax?
I love you ahri ı am yasuo
TimeLord Pubg (16 days ago)
2019 ?
Ce-Sur (16 days ago)
Leo ult earlier Reported
Zeta 507 (17 days ago)
Cerrando anime yt v'::
Robin Weggeman (17 days ago)
Is no one here concerned about the fact that Nautilus oneshotted Jax?
Kat Annabella (17 days ago)
Joonas Salonen (17 days ago)
1:52 lol rengar smile :D
Uriel Babang (18 days ago)
A new dawn: Lv1 Draven's face Awaken:Lv100000 Draven's face
Uriel Babang (18 days ago)
Here because of Dravens new face
King Masita (19 days ago)
4:19 que dice en el cartucho?
Furkan Önal (19 days ago)
Ahri leona bot pre

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