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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

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Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises. Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q40IfQbYlSw Explore more: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn
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Text Comments (80562)
1 PK (3 hours ago)
Yay!!! My Ahri Wins AGAIN!
Cemal Kök (10 hours ago)
Rengar 2 yumrukta nasıl yıkıldı abi ya çok saçma
Pillow an (10 hours ago)
Jax's facial expressions are on point
game ender (12 hours ago)
When is League of legends for mobile coming
Nathan Nguyen (14 hours ago)
Lmao they only added Rengar at the end because riot know ya'll would be posting stuff about Leona x ahri
Julius Petta (14 hours ago)
They need to hurry up and make a new one.....or 10 would be a GGood start ^_^ Riiiiiitooooooo......please sir.....can I have some more?
Jentas (16 hours ago)
Draven stop inting reported
Mustafa Hasan (1 day ago)
rengar xDD
MrMonsterHunter 808 (1 day ago)
1:32 we all know where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Terrorschoki (1 day ago)
Still epic af!
XAzarothT (2 days ago)
Give us back the REAL Graves :'(
Lowring (2 days ago)
darius 1x5
sandía kun 7v7 (2 days ago)
Muchas referencias de la muerte de los caballeros dorados v:
timmytubede (3 days ago)
If the gameplay actually looked like this, I would probably be playing it all day
freyja (3 days ago)
el lol es mi vida, amo este juego
Zayne Carrick (4 days ago)
Nunca use a Darius, a pesar de que fue el primer campeon que obtuve en el juego... Pero en esta cinematica se puede apreciar que aunque lo hicieron caca, ese man tiene los huevos bien puestos...
3zk1I_ (4 days ago)
Almost as good as Overwatch shorts
Rano (5 days ago)
I didn't know Rienhardt and Brigette were in L.O.L
SEBAS (5 days ago)
Barasingha (5 days ago)
Don't worry guys, Jax never died. He left a ward and TP'd to the enemy's vulnerable nexus and is backdooring it as we speak
Lipi Kurupati (5 days ago)
i love this
the biggest heck (6 days ago)
dravenmaster99 (Draven): report darius fed ahri dravenmaster99 (Draven): ff
Begra studio tattoo (6 days ago)
debería sacar una serie
Sofa So (6 days ago)
Hanuchan (6 days ago)
I feel like if they were animating bronze it would be 5 Yasuo vs 5 Yasuo
Emilio Gegolli (6 days ago)
3:37 noooooooo jaaaaax
Chris Walker (7 days ago)
Ahri beautiful big hearts
Chris Walker (7 days ago)
So cool man..
[IEX]! xenomorph (7 days ago)
lol :v
YeşilPantolon (7 days ago)
Deamon Taurus (8 days ago)
2018 ?
Joker Plague (8 days ago)
But appears karthus and kill everybody
DarkLordBG (8 days ago)
Ahri is my favorite champion.
Sad dead 😢😢😢😢😢
Keystone Casters (8 days ago)
3 ults for Darius
Leed The Weed (8 days ago)
Barbs Swiftie (9 days ago)
5:30 !! GOOSEBUMPSSS!!!!
WanamakerStream (9 days ago)
Riot... you're missing a huge market on this right now. Time to start making movies. These short films are amazing. They get me so hyped.
como se llama la chica zorro por qué no me aparece la quiero comprar
paola pineda (7 days ago)
electio gamer ferreyra ahri
la chica es un lobo
Nemesis prime (9 days ago)
I have a question , nautilus is a robot or man in mech suit?
Normantas (9 days ago)
2 junglers? everybody knows who will lose.
Rex (10 days ago)
We need to hear that ahri death sound bruh
ProjectAKO17 (10 days ago)
That was wonderful.
Utopia Lord (10 days ago)
The battle of Waifus.
Ya suo (10 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Emiray Yıleri (11 days ago)
where r u soraka where r u ?
Yahya Zouine (11 days ago)
2018 ?
Sacred (12 days ago)
Perfectly explains me playing ahri: Runs away Attracts teammates Keeps running Spam q Has my top 500 player friend die for me Keeps running Gets saved by friend again Gets saved by another friend Fianlly learns how to use something thats not q
Rena Nozomi Fischer (12 days ago)
this is some good animations!!
lets not shed (12 days ago)
Thanh thuy Tran thi (12 days ago)
At 0:55 what did u expect? Darius ult does true damage that's why it went through her w shield!
Nicolas 26025 (12 days ago)
he failed ult rengar nah ? 05:22
Raul Zzzz (12 days ago)
That justin bieber ahri hair lol
Jc Boctan (13 days ago)
It's 2018... still i watching september 10 😂
Artic Icicle Wolf (13 days ago)
imagine if the game had these type of animations as your playing id cry
汽车NiCkoO (13 days ago)
Draven es mi main y no duro ni 1 seg nmms xd
Enis Topalli (13 days ago)
Anukul Sommer (13 days ago)
When are they gonna make a new one
조성미 (13 days ago)
Nautilus op
Paolo Abueg (14 days ago)
THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO?!?! omfg i remember when this was new and I was blown away by this trailer. 4 Years...I feel so old
David Shi (14 days ago)
so im confused as to how a person with an armor and an enormous shield can run as fast as that furry cat person (i dont play league lol)
Gamer Gamer (14 days ago)
best of the best example how to not trust game trailer.
MsElfi90 (11 days ago)
Thats why it is an cinematic.
user #06101999 (14 days ago)
Still looks AWESOME! Old but gold
remind me season of Randomvile "When we a fear to face illaoi", here same for darius :D
killf0x (15 days ago)
poto rICO
mikeplays agular (16 days ago)
Why is ther bigges target is ahri
Kaddour Ahmed Mohamed (16 days ago)
Rengar went to sleep with 2 punches
Bin_weevils vevo (17 days ago)
I main rengar and tahm kench
Enicity (17 days ago)
Draven feeding
Shi Senpai (17 days ago)
i was kinda hoping teemo would show up comically somewhere through this lol
JacKFrost007 Gamer (18 days ago)
no nopor
Orange Team (18 days ago)
Х.У.Е.Т.А 2021
Kevin Yohanes (18 days ago)
I like how Ahri subtly charmed them to lure them away from Leona
Anybody come from Dante Axe? ;)
Matt pnk (19 days ago)
El lol en 200 años mas
Accordion (19 days ago)
Real good old days..
aberu chan (19 days ago)
The _Cry (20 days ago)
Ahri so bad at this animation
King Hyrule (20 days ago)
The Best lol Cinematic
LeoDuchen (21 days ago)
Gary Knapp (22 days ago)
3:36 red herring, Jax helicoptered away
LuhDooce (22 days ago)
Bronze Darius ults the Leona even though he only applied once stack of his passive with his Q
JXGaming (23 days ago)
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn (23 days ago)
Ai Việt Nam ko
Parkur Palis Profi (23 days ago)
2018? Anyone ? 👌🔥
The Steev (23 days ago)
i am still waiting to here anything about a movie comming for lol
Rito pls put me in better teams
문상현 (24 days ago)
Wtf? Darius is way stronger than Ahri
Rage Evo (25 days ago)
I wish Nautilus was actually this big in-game. As-well as he needs a better Shield sprite.
BugZix (25 days ago)
Rengar the ultimate hunter:*Falls with two punches*
Emily Miller (26 days ago)
Lmao don’t worry they’ll be regenerated soon!
elmasterz81 (26 days ago)
3:30 when the nautilus full AP shows up
Angel Lynn (26 days ago)
Anyone else slightly Confused on if that was jax or not? Like doesn't he look fatter in game ._. Maybe it's just me I took a while then noticed his weapon was a lamp post and he was fighting against Darius. Then it all made sense
陳泓銘 (26 days ago)
Predator ???
「Seiddit」 (27 days ago)
Why does Ahri look so wrong in this?
Lazengan (27 days ago)
My boy darius taking the damage clearly his team should have worked better with him tanked 3 dudes no problem even Popped leonas GA
boxofpoland (27 days ago)
Don't mind me and my nastoligia trip
Angel Martinez (27 days ago)
Deathfire grasp ahri be like...
Someone (28 days ago)
R.I.P Draven

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