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2 Beautiful Hairstyle Looks for Diwali : Easy Festive Hairstyles

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2 Beautiful Hairstyle Looks for Diwali : Easy Festive Hairstyles How to style front hair for Diwali Party or Function. Hi Girls, Here I am sharing two beautiful hairstyles looks for diwali and other festivals, Party or function. These hairstyles are easy to do and looks beautiful and awesome at the same time. For more festive hairstyles, easy hairstyles and beautiful hairstyles tell me in comment box.
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Text Comments (165)
Hairstyles (5 months ago)
Which look is your Favourite Girls??? And who will try it for Diwali??
Hitesh Dewangan (1 month ago)
Gautam Priyanka (2 months ago)
Hairstyles nice
Rupali Lohakare (4 months ago)
Preeti (5 months ago)
2nd one is pretty for me
Sadaf Pathan (5 months ago)
Hay beautiful hairstyele
Neha Verma (2 days ago)
Suraj Mutkule (4 days ago)
The hairstyle is critical to learning
Suraj Mutkule (4 days ago)
The hairstyle is critical to learning
mokshita golchha (27 days ago)
Can you show a video how you use that boby pin ??
Jai Kumar (30 days ago)
Very nice
Aarti Soni (1 month ago)
very nice hairstyles
Aarti Soni (1 month ago)
very beautiful
Hi I am your very old friend
Neelam Sharma (1 month ago)
sadiq Rehman (1 month ago)
u are best i love u nice hairstyles
Hadl Garde (1 month ago)
Geetu Chhetri (1 month ago)
Mam hair pin kon si use ki hai
Hairstyles (1 month ago)
Medium size bobby pins
Shailaja Kadam (2 months ago)
Which pins use for this hairstyle
Harneet Kaur (2 months ago)
Roshni Baghel (2 months ago)
So sweet yar
RAMEEZ IQBAL (2 months ago)
Very nice
Mii Shanzii (2 months ago)
Balochistan Jan (2 months ago)
Soooooooooo nice Maria Jan.
anas ahmad (2 months ago)
Nice but too fast
Ramesh Kadu (2 months ago)
beautiful &easy
Sayed Kisa (2 months ago)
so beautiful and cute please press like
Vijaya Patil (2 months ago)
SYED MEHAK RIZVI (3 months ago)
Shahzad Dawodi (4 months ago)
Very nice
anjali sandhu (4 months ago)
malvika verma (4 months ago)
Hllo my hair is medium and I am going to attend weeding and iam wearing gown pls tell which hairstyles suit for me
Md Imran (4 months ago)
Oily hair ka hair style btao na
Saloni Shukla (5 months ago)
awesome amazing hairstyle👍👍👌👌
Rajak Murgod (2 months ago)
Nice hair style
Hotelwala Hasan (5 months ago)
Beautiful hairstyle
Piyu Mehndi designs (5 months ago)
Beautiful & Easy
mishti creation (5 months ago)
Sufyan Baba (5 months ago)
Cutting Waly hair s k like you hair style bnaen plzzz
Deepti Bhatt (5 months ago)
Easy and awesome
Jyoti Sen (1 month ago)
Deepti Bhatt nice
Sanjana Kumari (5 months ago)
very nice 👌👌👌
Gangaram Kushwah (5 months ago)
Beauty full hear stiyal
Muskan Goyaw (5 months ago)
Nice hair
Suraj Gupta (5 months ago)
ziya Khan lovelyeee (5 months ago)
RANVIR SINGH (5 months ago)
First one hairstyle me aapne kya use kiya hai?
Nazia Tabassum (5 months ago)
Amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Shehla Shaheen (5 months ago)
Beautiful. Very nice
Rekha Verma (5 months ago)
Esme apne pin kaise or kon si lagai h .plz. Zare aram sr lagakr dikhaye
Ubaid Shaikh (5 months ago)
Very nice hairstyle
Syeda Sana (5 months ago)
Kya app hair spare use karti juda long time kley rah
Syeda Sana (5 months ago)
Sooo beautifull chores and juda
Prakhya's Kitchen (5 months ago)
munita Choudhary (5 months ago)
So beautiful
Yadwinder Kaur (5 months ago)
Ramya Agarwal (5 months ago)
I tried tis hairstyle ysdy it's really awesome
pubg lover (5 months ago)
Arya Thakur (5 months ago)
Wow. Nice. Hair. Staile💘
Shyamali Devi (5 months ago)
india Bharat (5 months ago)
Nice video
sarukh khan (5 months ago)
Very nice
sarukh khan (5 months ago)
Very nice
leala sri kunda (5 months ago)
which pins did u used
Sohail Rana (5 months ago)
Ap n is hair style. Me pin use ki h...?
Grish bhan singh (5 months ago)
Manisha Chouhan (5 months ago)
I want your doll's head
sunil kumar (5 months ago)
Chinese hair style plz make na
Khan Waseem (5 months ago)
Mama Swain (5 months ago)
Fiza Ch (5 months ago)
Wow v beautiful
Faiz Shamsi (5 months ago)
Jaisa dikh rha Kisi ldki ke hair pr BNA ke dikhaiye itna easy nhi.bnta h fake ...😄🤧🤧
Faiz Shamsi (5 months ago)
Jaisa dikh rha Kisi ldki ke hair pr BNA ke dikhaiye itna easy nhi.bnta h fake ...😄🤧🤧
Learn arts (5 months ago)
Which pin uh r using
sunil selokar (5 months ago)
Sonia Langah (5 months ago)
Pins name das do plz kihria use kitiA a .
Hairstyles (5 months ago)
Bobby pins medium siZe
Anjum Sheikh (5 months ago)
So nyc
Shafiq khan (5 months ago)
resham singh (5 months ago)
Very nice
Gaurvi Maheshwari (5 months ago)
Very beautiful
Seema Singh (5 months ago)
Nice hairstyles
swetha kandukuri (5 months ago)
Great and simple hairstyles. May I know Which pins did u use after twisting
swetha kandukuri (5 months ago)
Dua Fatima - I couldn’t find any pin online by the name dyejjs. Can u tell another name or show it clearly
Dua Fatima (5 months ago)
swetha kandukuri dyejjs
Santhiya Ramji (5 months ago)
Very nice...👌
v charu (5 months ago)
Mohd Zubair (5 months ago)
What a lovely style
Farwa Batool (5 months ago)
Jo 1st py pins use ki please us ka Name bata dain
Hairstyles (5 months ago)
Medium sized bobby pins used
Amaan Dero (5 months ago)
Hdheisna eis. Jeidejd isd
Khan Mohd (5 months ago)
Syed.zafar Hashml (5 months ago)
Not nice
Push Pinder (5 months ago)
very nyc..vdeo mam
AHMEDI BEGUM (5 months ago)
Nice di Gupta (5 months ago)
Hina khan
rukhsar ansari (5 months ago)
Angelmahi Angelmahi (5 months ago)
It is easy t make these styles on artificial hair BT difficult on real one Plz suggest some ways to make hair thick n long n shiny n manageable like that
Pratibha Khurdiya (5 months ago)
Very nice.. but can u pl show how to put clips properly becaz everytime it slips down..
Purnima Veer (5 months ago)
Beautiful hair style
Riyas Ep (5 months ago)
Veri buti full simpl hair stail
Ranu Sayyed (5 months ago)
simple and amazing
DAVINDER SINGH (5 months ago)
So beautiful ..👏👏
Naaz Ali (5 months ago)
Its very easy and beautiful
kaiser shaikh (5 months ago)
diya sharma (5 months ago)
Noor Rehal (5 months ago)
but i dn't lyk.. sorry
zainab Ara (5 months ago)
Sadaf Sange (5 months ago)
Very good i just luved it
Satish Kokate (5 months ago)
like it most

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