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Please tell me in the comments if you like this as its not my normal documentary
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Mark Williams (23 hours ago)
I think mona lisa was a inscure prostitute who thought she would never find love. And leonardo painted her to show her how beautiful she was. That or. Painted her more beautiful than what she already was
L Buono (2 days ago)
If you believe Leonardo painted 2 versions differently of a picture he didn't want to paint in the first place well. A ridiculous documentary no one can possibly believe. How many paintings can you find in that age range and then paint over them if not empty. I missed the part where it said how long this painting has been documented
Alvin Mtha (3 days ago)
Leonardo was gifted imagine if he had all this technology we have
Alvin Mtha (3 days ago)
It's like you taking a pic of the person u love
Monkey guy (3 days ago)
Fools in suit and tie talking over dramatic music...just cause you're old don't make you sharp
Yasmin 24 (4 days ago)
No eyebrows because Leonardo wanted to focus on the eyes instead.
geornie lee (4 days ago)
Mona Lisa is jeffreestar 😂
Fatima Aslam (4 days ago)
the only reason why this painting is so famous is because some italian stole it from the Louvre lol
Yoshikage Kira (5 days ago)
When I was a kid, I saw Mona Lisa from my grammar school art book... The first time I saw her, with hands on her knee... How do I say this... *I had a boner...*
you cant trust an errogant french person
L Buono (6 days ago)
What a crock acting as though this was a real mystery Its always been known, a few conspiracy wackos say it aint so and a big ordeal to prove what was already known. Making controversial theories and then investigating. So you claim he didnt want to paint it originally and was made an offer he couldn't refuse, and then he goes and paints another one. He almost never even completed 1 work and he goes and finishes a copy of a second
Calin Boisteanu (6 days ago)
Whenever this guy pronounces Italian names I cringe af
Tyler Plummer (6 days ago)
that was very cool and long
Bushcraft NE (7 days ago)
They are probably over thinking it
ch33psk8 (7 days ago)
The likeness of the predicted anti-Christ ?
darnz elbo (7 days ago)
Maybe she was dead an they electrocuted her just enough to make the slight constipated look on her face, or she was hypnotized and that look is the outcome of her thoughts. Ok that's enough thinking for today..... Hahaha
Paul White (7 days ago)
Why did leo get rid of the eye brows ? Or did they fade away ?
Randy Fortier (7 days ago)
Two things stand out to me in this documentary: 1. No mention of how the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 and out of the hands of the Louvre staff for years. Casting doubt on the identity of the subject, the authenticity of various other paintings, and looking beneath the surface for clues about the painting's history, it seems weird not to talk about the authenticity of the painting itself, considering it was stolen and missing for a very long time. 2. The host claims early on that the Louvre Mona Lisa doesn't have Doric columns on the sides. He later claims that the columns in the one in Russia are larger than those in the Louvre painting, seeming to contradict his earlier statement. Further, if you examine the Louvre Mona Lisa in detail, you see that there are Doric columns in that painting, as well. They are mostly out of view, but it is likely that there is more to be seen beneath the frame.
x Minies x (7 days ago)
29:45 thats scary
Digi tal (8 days ago)
Mona Lisa is famous because people made it famous. It may or may not deserve all this attention, but as long as people make it so it can. Inherent value of anything can be artificially inflated by our doing.
Albert Gracious (8 days ago)
If Davinci came back to life and see the fuzz around the mona lisa painting, he would be like 'wait wut?!'
SCXR.VET傷跡 (8 days ago)
Or maybe a nigga wanted to paint a picture
plaguelock (8 days ago)
She was the wife of a rich merchant that hired him to paint the portrait.
Ej Barnacha (8 days ago)
The secret of Mona Lisa cannot be figure out because its a secret
TheNiceAlpaca's-BFF : (9 days ago)
12:22 I’m happy I’m trilingual
mario reoyan (10 days ago)
leonardo da vinci himself
Isaac Pizarro (10 days ago)
the Mona Lisa model 54:20 looks like Laura Pausini
Tyrell Paquette (10 days ago)
Imagine watching an hour of this boring shit lol can't be me
Isaac Pizarro (10 days ago)
Mona Lisa is a tranny
Carlos Padilla (10 days ago)
At 620 million dollars worth painting, she is defenitely the definition of art.
CocaineJayy (10 days ago)
this bxtch ain’t even real , nigga just drew some random shxt 😂😂
Melody Lalala (10 days ago)
Mona Lisa was the trans version of Leonardo.
Winter (10 days ago)
The girl with the pearl earring is way hotter than the mona lisa
Melody Lalala (10 days ago)
MOna Lisa had no eyebrows.
Sniper01 Sniper (10 days ago)
People being able to draw a reality painting 500 years ago and me in 2018 not be able to draw a stick figure
Genedina Manaol (10 days ago)
Suga Babezz (10 days ago)
i thought she had a straight face tbh ??
Jasmin Lee (10 days ago)
The monariza in Russia 32:59 somewhat resembles putin.
David Salman (11 days ago)
Nothing special, just a painting, People made a big deal out of it, it's all about the people... if it wasn't the gullible people it wouldn't sell for more than 100 bucks
Jyotshna Prasai (11 days ago)
Leonardo without beard and mustache.
thomas Romano (11 days ago)
I like the remarks of these men who keep saying the word, "extraordinary!" One of these men even makes the remark that the Mona Lisa is the "real Da Vinci code." what over hyped nonsense. Yes, it is a beautiful painting, but how it became so famous.... who knows what draws people to some things? Da Vinci made notes and treatises on a lot of things that fascinated him, leaving some of his projects unfinished. He was so many thngs: the first human expert on anatomy, military architect, painter, scientist. Still, I think he regretted not finishing some of his projects notably the Giant bronze sculpture of Milan.
le chat (11 days ago)
I must be blind. I just can`t see the smile of Mona Lisa being teasing or seductive. I see a very friendly, tender smile. I understand that her look and smile must have been all that in Leonardo`s time, but not in present times. But I guess when you live with an enigma for so many years, watching and studying it, the subject comes to life, whispering sweet nothings and certain secrets into your ear. No doubt about it that the work is a masterpiece but I think there are many people out there (maybe even experts) who don`t even like the image of this woman but are afraid to admit it. Who knows?!
Monika Popovic (11 days ago)
I realy like to know how does she look under all that varnish aand when they clean her
harsh pratap singh (11 days ago)
how the fck is he able to understand Russian ?
avinash aher (12 days ago)
Who else came here after pornhub
xX_Darkie _3ø1_Xx (12 days ago)
she has no eyebrows. . .
Miles Bolton (13 days ago)
This host is a bit of a tool
Faith Anne Tua (13 days ago)
0:54 hahahaha the laughing.........
amelsellami mabrouk (13 days ago)
انا امال السلامي ام شبيهة لوحة الموناليزا الطبيعية والحقيقية وابوها محمد السلامي وانا اشبه الكل اذا انا اشبه جدة العالم القديم والله يحمي الكل
Angela Imbrenda (13 days ago)
outsighting _ (13 days ago)
'Look at the Mona Lisa and you can't help feeling there's more going on than meets the eye' Nah, looks like a generic and mundane painting to me. Done with exceptional skill of course, but I guess this documentary is going to tell me why that observation is wrong.
Brittany Heck (13 days ago)
I think she's beautiful. Simplicity.
Jayesh Brahmane (13 days ago)
Am i the only on who can identify the background music?? :p Bourne, Rush, MI 2, Dark Knight!!
Allergic ToDirtyDicks (13 days ago)
Covering the mark of the beast
Elie (13 days ago)
Monalisa was her high school crush
potrart_ studio (14 days ago)
Every time when i see Monalisa potrait it makes me feel something that i can't explain !! I really wanted to paint this picture even though I'm not at all good at it !! I just wanna try so badly !
Lily Dior (15 days ago)
Is it only me who thinks Mona Lisa is very ugly woman?
Virgil Jacas (15 days ago)
One of the most interesting research and investigation about provenance.
Jackelyn Guzman (15 days ago)
I just have one question, so who painted the first portrait which is clearly a copy, but who painted her? We know the second one he finds was made in French ans around the time it was painted but what about the one that’s locked up, the isleworth mona lisa??
Jim Rollins (15 days ago)
Singapore store a fake painting as secure as possible. How pity
Charlie K (15 days ago)
Great analysis of a famous painting.
pavan chand (15 days ago)
What hell is going on with this painting what the big deal with the worst face I ever seen.
OriginalKavsy (16 days ago)
Who’s here after the Carter V😭
you know she actually set someone up thats what makes the song even better
Jake Mirrors 831 (16 days ago)
I looked really stupid trying trying to do the different lips poses
fairlin horror (16 days ago)
Wow this mistery is more advance then are 2018 drug deal misterys this is awsome and to think there are 2 moanalisa
Eri mendez (16 days ago)
Leonardo holds the truth about religion in his paintings
Martin Byrne (16 days ago)
Totally enjoyed that , Fascinating !
she is a man baby!! this is a painting of a young boy lover of Leonardo, he liked them very young - we call such sickos now days - pedophiles. do your own research.
Mona Lisa was derived from Amon and L'isa😑 Idk but maybe Leonardo had already seen us wondering what secrets had he've been playing.
ZdreamerZ 14 (17 days ago)
What I heard is that the mona lisa was drawn in the image of Mary Jesus' mother. Maybe he knew she should be painted differently in the image of her. Something must of burned within him to change this painting so drastically because it was already beautiful to begin with. Not only that but he drew her as a goddess not a regular women. That's what I've always believed and it's quite possible with the evidence given from this video.
Kenneth Hoffman (17 days ago)
Having been to the Louvre on several occasions and seen its wonders, the thing that really amazes is the realization that most of the artists had to mix their paint from SCRATCH. In these days of art stores with every color imaginable pre-mixed in tubes or jars, this may be the real genius behind these paintings. To have to mix their own colors, get the same colors to mix the same way every batch, and not mix too much that some would get wasted or too little to finish a piece is a feat that boggles the mind. At least MY little mind... :^)
znen titan (18 days ago)
All one has to do to solve the "riddle" is look up his painting of St. John the Baptist. (Long flowing locks and enigmatic smile once again)
LSAML KASKUS (18 days ago)
My god Leonardo, you were a freaking genius....
spacies (19 days ago)
But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.
Nancy Maschio (19 days ago)
I think Mona Lisa is smiling because she cheated on her husband 💋
Kenneth Hoffman (17 days ago)
And got away with it... Good one... :^)
michael Mend (19 days ago)
leornardo da vinci was a homo
sekhar chowdary ponnam (19 days ago)
the face part deosn't match lower body ? face is slim, but lower is chubby & shoulder is broad.
sekhar chowdary ponnam (19 days ago)
probably mona was not a lady ? lenardo had don a magic , if he was a lady !
Carlos Findlay (20 days ago)
plumoplum (20 days ago)
anyway, she is ugly.....
Tenmil (20 days ago)
Poor people are starving in Africa and all over the world yet money is wasted on finding an ugly picture about a woman. Who really cares! This is a waste of time video.
It was really a man dressed up as a woman. Thus the corny knowing smile, as he tried not to laugh.
Patty N (13 days ago)
the hands, the clothes, the veil, the hair -- I like everything except the face. He was a fabulous sculptor, but give me Titian or Michelangelo for best painters of the Renaissance.
Gabrielia 69 (13 days ago)
Patty N because it’s probably a man
Morgan Olfursson (21 days ago)
So Pascal can find the youngest Mona Lisa behind the one in the Louvre with minute details , BUT , he can't find the gigantic column on each side, as shown on the sketches done by Raphael (Rafael) . And not a word about it ? Though it completely debunked the fact that it is the original Lisa Di Giocconda .
Anti-theist (21 days ago)
My wife puts on more layers of warpaint than the Lisa everytime she goes out. Takes longer than Leonardo as well.
Jan Remo (21 days ago)
Mona lisa is sarrah..the bloodline of jesus..
Brad Thompson (21 days ago)
She's only 30 x 21 inches, but she's the biggest piece of art in that museum.
Erwin Woodedge (21 days ago)
Spoiler alert: this painting only became really world famous after it was stolen and not found for 2 years. "Before its theft, the Mona Lisa was not widely known outside the art world. It was not until the 1860s that some critics, a thin slice of the French intelligentsia, began to hail it as a masterwork of Renaissance painting." (wikipedia)
Pla Fearless (22 days ago)
And here I am, can't even draw a potato.
Georgi Stoev (22 days ago)
its just a painting, you fools!!
Joshlyn Cola (22 days ago)
I think it was his inner self
Mohammed Anjum (22 days ago)
Which organisations or channel is behind this Documentry Iam expecting a very quick and genuine reply
mxferro (22 days ago)
Its been hyped up...perhaps a bit...too much. Great art...but still...REALLY worked up over a painting of a woman. Kind of over the top. I totally applaud Leo Oh..and there's more then one mona Lisa painting Unfortunately...the art world still has the OBSESSION with provenance ...if no paperwork..your out of luck as far as the main art world in its current state is concerned. There has been so much..shenanigans over the history of art that EVERYTHING is up for scrutiny and second guessing...while not appreciating art for its own sake.
TheEvolvedegg (15 days ago)
Leo had created so much in his lifetime n only this sticks..
mxferro (23 days ago)
Its been hyped up...perhaps a bit...too much. Great art...but still...REALLY worked up over a painting of a woman. Kind of over the top. I totally applaud Leo
mxferro (23 days ago)
"Ma'am...never mind your mouth. Where are your bloody eyebrows at?"
Pokeboy Go (23 days ago)
I noticed he keeps blocking them while the professionals are talking.
My Production (23 days ago)
you bored me to death
lottsalasagna (24 days ago)
Humanity and your little lies and secrets anything to confuse and bullshit more people
Berdine Nickens (24 days ago)
It is the Black MaDonna, white washed, with Lisa as the model to do it, my personal belief.

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