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Yara Shahidi welcome's you to the SMALLFOOT playlist

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SMALLFOOT - Only in theaters September 28! Take a break from what you’re doing and enjoy some of the songs from SMALLFOOT and other phenomenal performances that will inspire you to get up and follow your passion. Because even the smallest feet can accomplish big things!
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Text Comments (17)
Brian Tristam Williams (2 months ago)
"welcome's?" Seriously? You might want to lose that apostrophe.
Patrick Liao (2 months ago)
Just looking at thumbnail I thought this is fornite
WONGPASAR GROSIR (2 months ago)
Tramaine Terrance (2 months ago)
Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. How are you doing? TERRANCE OUT
TJM Matthews29 (2 months ago)
beautiful video, good to see her in her full length movie i believe, she is such a young great young actress hopes she has a long success career like Taraji P Henson has had for example or even Kevin Hart success career, wanna see the new movie looks good
mday francs (2 months ago)
Harshit Chaurasia (2 months ago)
nice one
Aditya Soni (2 months ago)
You're just adorable😍😍😍
Radit Call (2 months ago)
*Night School 2018* film now available : t.co/rnEJvAAZ2i
CatFox (2 months ago)
fatafat channel (2 months ago)
fatafat channel (2 months ago)
Best performance 👌👌
Douaa Nemouchi (2 months ago)
The Blushing Scribe (2 months ago)
I love this! Great music and looks like a very sweet film! 😊
Radit Call (2 months ago)
*Night School 2018* film now available : t.co/rnEJvAAZ2i
Laughing Colours (2 months ago)
Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hit like who got the fucking notification

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