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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Over thousands of years, our planet has been inhabited by many different animals. Some of the species have survived to this day, but some, unfortunately, are considered to be extinct. However, this doesn’t mean that we will never have the opportunity to see a mammoth or scratch the ear of a saber-toothed cat, because science is developing, and very soon scientists will learn how to bring disappeared species back to life. Do you want to take a look at the future inhabitants of this "Jurassic Park"?
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Text Comments (6212)
stevendoty1986 (1 hour ago)
There’s no such thing as evolution how can you turn into a human to a monkey that make no sense 🙂
Saaduddin Ansari (3 hours ago)
Pretty sure people of secret societies already have them as pets...
Rewan Rewan (1 day ago)
Do we really need planet of the apes? I aint need no new type of people trying to kill me with spears.
KingOfRealm YT (1 day ago)
These animals are like the animals now but then a bit smaller
aj gamer (1 day ago)
Axolotls are also about to be extinct
Nikhil Khadgi (1 day ago)
Can this animals be reborn
Get wrecked 189 (1 day ago)
Just remember this is mind warehouse ;)
Muscle Car Boi (1 day ago)
Thats what scientist think but God is the frontier he gets to decide wiether or not scientist can do this
nic nico knee caps (1 day ago)
Watching this 8 months later and none of these are back, yet I do want mammoths back because they were beautiful creatures..
Chloe Zimbelman (1 day ago)
I want to know how many people believe this 😂😂😂
Drew Poulin (2 days ago)
Why the hell are they bringing animals back when there just gonna kill em to build hotels and cities
Ariana Asthetic (2 days ago)
J.R.R Tolkien* not peter Jackson
jebb dee (2 days ago)
Lol , they aren't god to bring them back...
Waveyyy brayyy (2 days ago)
In the beginning of the video he said unicorns 🦄 look unrealistic, but then it's just a horse with a horn. Then u look a giraffe that has fur that looks like a leopard and looks like a horse and then to add on it has a freaking 40 foot long damn neck like tf
Bryan Zaragoza (2 days ago)
By the time they finally get it right all the potential animals that can be able to give birth to them will most likely be extinct at the rate we are going.
Marshadow Pokémon (2 days ago)
If you hear about an outbreak of a sabertooth tiger just remember that I told you so
Theisen Permal (2 days ago)
8 months ago I'm still waiting for the dodo I'm Mauritian
godsamir nawrozada (2 days ago)
Dafuk. These scientists are bringing back animals that can kill us BUT, they won't bring back dead important people or endangered animals
Rubytherainbow (3 days ago)
Please can I not have a huge monkey man running around it’s dumb and stupid who wants that?
patipat Dalvang (3 days ago)
Why would they bring saberthooth back!
J Pennington (4 days ago)
How can scientists bring back extinct species when WE CANNOT even stop animals from going extinct??? And considering the Number of Rhino species going extinct because of poaching... all that would happen if Extinct Rhinos were brought back the ONLY thing that will happen is poachers will hunt them to extinction all over again. Spend less time fuckn around with Dead Species of Animals and spend MORE time trying to find cures for AIDS and CANCER and things will be better !!!!
Slime and DIYS (4 days ago)
I’m pretty sure the sea cow is just a bigger version of a dugong.
Battle fans of CATS (4 days ago)
My favorite was the dodo bird
Human Person (4 days ago)
8:06 are you good bro that’s just weird call frog 911 man
Aesthetic Lara (4 days ago)
Please do NoT BRiNg BACk dA dInOsAurEs
Tidepool Clipper (4 days ago)
They can't anyways; their DNA is too old to use.
Tyler_WaterMelon (5 days ago)
Resurrects the Titanaboa K
Multi fandom Edits (5 days ago)
Why would u won’t to bring back some of these animals like I get the dodo bird but like the giant sloths and saber tooth tiger NO THANK YOU. They’ll probs kill us all
Serenity Stewart (5 days ago)
Wth are people smarter then scientist? We learned our lesson from Jurrasic Park.....Excuse me while i prepare for the DaRk AgEs👻
Brandon Arnold (6 days ago)
Resurrect xxxtentacion
Jawone Givens (6 days ago)
Honestly I would feel bad for any of these animals if they were ever resurrected cause being kept in captivity like all the other zoo animals with no kind of privacy isn't a good life at all.
gatillero4 gamer (6 days ago)
If they bring dinasaures back we are dead. Do you guys think that the saver tooth can kill a lion yes or no
Tidepool Clipper (4 days ago)
Dino DNA is too old to use; so no real life Jurassic Park. Besides, regulations do exist even in science.
Liam Lake (7 days ago)
Why would we bring this back when we have many animals that a going to go extinct
Liam Lake (7 days ago)
Why would we bring this back when we have many animals that a going to go extinct
Binksy 07 (7 days ago)
The ground sloth is called a megatherium and they are highly aggressive
Tjbeast21 (7 days ago)
Shouldn't we be reviving species we've killed like the black rhinos since there more modern? How would modern species adapt to having older species around it'd muck up there food chains
Soulja Bird (7 days ago)
How about lets focus on not making more animals extinct before we think we can resurrection f*cking mammoths
tomaž gleščič (7 days ago)
Are you all crazy?didnt you watch jurassic park?
trash human being (7 days ago)
Neanderthals wouldn’t do shit as they don’t understand the common world- had one of them tried to do anything, a good cop or firefighter could easily take them down
Tidepool Clipper (4 days ago)
However, they were apparently decently smart for their time. If anything, they would probably eventually learn how to make our weapons...and go to war with us in the process. So yeah; not worth it to bring them back.
DiploVibe (7 days ago)
A African elephant no they would make the mother the close retavie Asian elephant
Uncle Ben (7 days ago)
Animals these days are so shit compared to the extinct ones
angela안젤라 (7 days ago)
ooF yass.
Leo Hunter (8 days ago)
It is a wooly rhinoceros
Melissa Walls (8 days ago)
I am not being mean but plz worry about the animals that are going endangered and extinct the animals today are dying and y'all are worrying about finding some crazy animals that have not been here for like a 1,000,000 years
The Daily RANDOM! (8 days ago)
And that's how humans will go extinct
rastestudio (8 days ago)
yeah thats right return them to life, then after a few decades kill them again, good choice
Demon Meena (8 days ago)
They better not bring back that elephant sized sloth
Seth Manu (9 days ago)
I want a dodo. They are so cute
James Vlogs (9 days ago)
They can't resurrect someone without a soul
Miguel Blanco (10 days ago)
It sucks that we’re having trouble keeping the animals alive
Jee Ar Zureta (10 days ago)
One day our humanity would end bcauz of this animals..
Tidepool Clipper (10 days ago)
Not every animal would suddenly be magically be brought back; there is a limit to DNA before it becomes too old. Also, there is such thing as regulations and the alike.
George Patton (11 days ago)
I just want a Mammoth and that Irish Deer
Xwd490 GAMING (11 days ago)
Pls no we're gonna die because of the carnivore animal's will kill us
Lucas Harrison-King (12 days ago)
The Do Do is actually pretty cute and I’m sad that the sailors killed them
lagunday tunay (13 days ago)
I hope the dinasours will
Hotaru 리사 (13 days ago)
Unicorns are real 😍
The DP gamer (13 days ago)
Is this guy on meth? Scientists could bring extinct species back to life but definitely not in the next century looool
SoloTravelBlog (14 days ago)
Thylacine when?
duck from BT21 (14 days ago)
Of course this is all fake
Pliny Elder (14 days ago)
We can’t even stop animals today from extinction and these dumbies want to bring back already extinct animals?
TheRiocap (14 days ago)
If we cant even keep our own species alive how can we ever hope to bring back anything
banana gaming (15 days ago)
Just gonna leave a comment pls leave a like and ill be back in 2021
Pedigree_ Youth (15 days ago)
1920: we can have a FLYING CAR 2040: Dinosaurs is ALIVEDDDDDDDD RUNNNNN
Adam Rheanna (15 days ago)
7:44 what the heck
Adam Rheanna (15 days ago)
Adam Rheanna (15 days ago)
And bulls
Adam Rheanna (15 days ago)
Why do you want a deadly links
Denzel Datoc (16 days ago)
Saberian unicorn is elasmotherium
ElusiveThread 52 (17 days ago)
I don't want that unicorn
Judel_dev (17 days ago)
Once this happen sure thing what happen in jurassic park will gonna happen when they are resurrected 2019 anyone
Tidepool Clipper (10 days ago)
Dinosaur DNA is too old to be used for anything.
Jas suo (17 days ago)
how if those specific animals will ressurrect in future
OlaOla17 (17 days ago)
I better not get knocked down by some Irish deer so it is better for it not to be resurrected
REDD M. DOMPIERRE (17 days ago)
Saecow dint extinct we have them here at the philippines
Toua Thao (17 days ago)
How bout todays animal human put to extinction
fanart drawings fd1o1 (19 days ago)
Lovelii (19 days ago)
*People saying scientists should worry about animals that are getting extinct well they are well someone group work on animals getting extinct stop being rude and saying false stuff without seeing the truth scientists are the people who are saving animals*
Adam Peake (19 days ago)
Europe was forested, the America's had forests toward the north in Canada and further south there was vast grassland. Africa was rainforest as well as south America. Russian has deserts in the south and vast forests towards the west and vast grasslands towards the east and further north. Not everywhere was forested alot more was forested than now but not everywhere. (sorry if this is wrong please politely correct me if you can)
Challenge Group (20 days ago)
Olivia Butler (20 days ago)
Annnddd this is how humanity ends
LAZY LUCIO Zzz (21 days ago)
25 five year later their still trying to bring back these animals
I don’t think thats a unicorn..
Joel Derosiers (21 days ago)
i would love to have a saber tooth tiger has a guard dog
Victoria Gillon (21 days ago)
If anything humans should go extinct cos we pretty much killing anything and destroying the world ... we are the most useless species in the ecosystem
They can Bring back the Raptor But i Aint having no big fat Tyrant chasing my own dogs on my property
brian samec (21 days ago)
That's a wholly rhino
Ririna Sanada (22 days ago)
I am new in your channel but your voice..... I heard always.... When i am watching videos about history.... Or else....
Ruby Fernandez (23 days ago)
8:12 when my phone dies and I don’t have a charger
Aria. _. (20 days ago)
Ruby Fernandez 😂
Ruby Fernandez (23 days ago)
8:07 me when my phone dies
Flqming (23 days ago)
who else saw a rhino with a oversized horn and looked at the text above it and laughed?
Random Hacker (23 days ago)
Tell the scientists to collect the dragon balls to resurrect the animals...
aSmallDot (23 days ago)
Can they bring back Stephen Karl and kitty0706?
CoDe AcexyFTW (23 days ago)
If you bring them back more animals will get extinct
Jacob tsavage (23 days ago)
Im watching ice age rn
J Dazzle (23 days ago)
Thnk god they started with their thumbnail!
Eugene Beast (24 days ago)
y'all ain't bringing back those dangerous animals cause y'all gonna put us in danger we wasn't even alive back than so y'all liying
Mikasa Levi (24 days ago)
You can't bring the death back to life. Don't high you hopes kids
Rhonn Sumaway (24 days ago)
Yeh dont forget to save all animals in the earth
Rhonn Sumaway (24 days ago)
Yeh dont forget to save all animals in the earth
Taylor Marie (24 days ago)
Told everyone unicorns were real 🌚
Kirill Bondarenko (24 days ago)
Why do they want to resurrect a monkey?
Tidepool Clipper (24 days ago)
You mean the Neanderthal? They were not monkeys (they were more so great apes); but they were primates and VERY closely related to us. Why would anyone want to bring back the neanderthals, though, I will never understand. They would likely end up bringing war to us.
Gabriel Lopez (25 days ago)
is santa’s dear died in 100,000 years ago?
JOMZ BMGO (25 days ago)
There Is A Dewgong Now HEHE

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