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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Over thousands of years, our planet has been inhabited by many different animals. Some of the species have survived to this day, but some, unfortunately, are considered to be extinct. However, this doesn’t mean that we will never have the opportunity to see a mammoth or scratch the ear of a saber-toothed cat, because science is developing, and very soon scientists will learn how to bring disappeared species back to life. Do you want to take a look at the future inhabitants of this "Jurassic Park"?
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Harsh Gharlute (18 minutes ago)
I want the saber toothed tiger back to life because of Diego!!
Jake Badger (5 hours ago)
You're definitions of "will" and "soon" are different than mine.
Otakuwolf4ever (3 days ago)
Dodo Bird, fine. Ground Sloth, fine. Sabertooths and Rhinos. . .HELL NO!!!
Future Priest Patrick (3 days ago)
The neandrathals were so similar to homosapiens they interbreeded and thats why theyre not around anymore. They became the same species.
Alicia Cristy (3 days ago)
Wouldn’t bringing them back affect the ecosystem?
Anthony Reed (3 days ago)
Anthony Reed (3 days ago)
The Mannn!!! (4 days ago)
Did you know that just a few years ago they found multiple dinosaur bones with tissue? Tissues dont last more than a million years. Makes you think..
Good Guy (4 days ago)
alikedeegan (4 days ago)
If they can bring that back to life they will learn to bring back the dead.
Keegan Stevens (5 days ago)
siberian unicorn or wollyrhinoceros? hmmm
Monkey (5 days ago)
In Texas there are several mammoth fossils
White_ Panda (6 days ago)
Be aware it's 2018
Dena's Universe (6 days ago)
quick message: scientists you do realize that people will die because of theses Saber tooth, Megalodon, and how do you bring back a Neanderthal.
Melissa Lond (6 days ago)
When I think of extinct animals I think of rhinos
Black Jaguar (6 days ago)
I Wish The Scientists Bring It Back The Ngandong Tiger, American Lion, European Jaguar, Barbary Leopard And More From Extinction 🙏😇
Anthony Cruz (6 days ago)
I would like to bring back my dog Sammy he died 2 days ago. he was the best dog ever and wish he could still be with me.I saw him suffering and i didn't pay attention but now i regret it all.that dog was part of my life. I imagine that you all have someone you love or loved. like a family member or a "animal" no that not right more like a guardian,friend or family. DON'T BE SHY TO REPLY #RIPSAMMY
Crystal Crystal (6 days ago)
interesting how many of these giant animals died out (along with the Clovis people) when the Greenland asteroid probably hit...between 11,000 - 12,800 years ago.
Res Det (6 days ago)
Im finna check this vid in 15 years
EAT ME (6 days ago)
Blah blah blah just like animal planet showed scientists saying the US Gov has mermaids in their possession..........
Carlos Quinteros (6 days ago)
But why do we need to bring them back
DigitalMasterHQ (6 days ago)
Jurassic Park will come.Ready for war
Kerject Roter (7 days ago)
Stellar's sea cow would be great to be de-extinct, looking forward to these giant marine creatures swimming again.
searcherT (7 days ago)
Sabertooth tiger, just where in the F**king F**k are you going to put this this it will kill people, deer, lions, tigers All known bears save and except the short faced bear. I know bring it back too. Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Wilson (7 days ago)
Not one mention of the passenger pigeons. That would have the most impact on ecology if it were back, full strength, by the billions.
Srigiri Pearze (7 days ago)
what's the ending theme music of this video?
OneforPaul PaulforOne (7 days ago)
Is that an erumphent?
Da Life (7 days ago)
I do believe that bringing animals back folding exstinction is possible but it’s somewhat hard to believe!
Erin Davila-Ọnụ (7 days ago)
they're all ugly. glad they r gone
gotigers98675 (7 days ago)
How about instead of wasting your time bring back things that died tens of thousands of years ago, you instead focus on saving endangered species that still exist right now?
Tiny lil' Fire Cat (8 days ago)
0:17 yes, that is exactly what "extinct" means.
bart simpson1112 (8 days ago)
Why would they do this?
Some One (8 days ago)
Oh no, not Dino
The Richmanns (8 days ago)
"Went extinct quite recently. Only 11,000 years ago."
whiteknightcat (8 days ago)
Elasmotherium. The Siberian Unicorn is called Elasmotherium. Personally, I'd rather see a Unintatherium.
Wooly Mammoth would be awesome to see resurrected.
Matthew Emmet (8 days ago)
could they bring back humans to ( walking dead theme starts )
J L (8 days ago)
Cmon I want them resurrected NOW
what on Earth.
Luis C (8 days ago)
Can't fund programs to keep what we still have, but spend money on resurrecting what natural selection, or our own lack of stewardship took away. We are definitively a special kind of being....
Shannon Curtis (9 days ago)
u do know there's no such thing as a "Sabre tooth Tiger" these days now,   the correct name is "Smilodon" which means Sabre Tooth,
ACupOfSaltTV (9 days ago)
To many fucking ads. They break my smart tv. Disliked
Jared Sinkay (9 days ago)
medalla light (9 days ago)
They died because of something.....leave them dead assholes!
fkovacs1 (9 days ago)
Hawaiian snails just became extinct in the past couple days with the death of Lonely George. Why not bring back the stuff that man fk'ed up into extinction first?
XxWolf GamerxX (9 days ago)
lol bring back the dodo birds XD
Fapio III (9 days ago)
Sgt. Hoagie (9 days ago)
*YOUR THUMBNAIL TELLS LIES!!!* There's CLEARLY a second, smaller horn under the prime one!
Intisar Kazumi (9 days ago)
Royroyroy Royroyroy (10 days ago)
Bot bot kol! Bot bot kol!
Primal Pirate (10 days ago)
It's called a FUCKING wooly rhino
Andy Ho (10 days ago)
Bring the dodo back and then they'll just get themselves extinct... 1)They'll eat rocks 2)Get full 3)Attempt to swim 4)Die from weight All true if you were wondering...
Savage. Yvng (10 days ago)
so basically we have learned nothing from the Jurassic park movies
Miketuudopee (10 days ago)
glass_whale (10 days ago)
Dont we already have enough neanderthals?
firesurfer gamez (10 days ago)
imagine going to a friends house and seeing *a dodo and unicorn rhino lol*
April Sugargoat (10 days ago)
wow really awsome and cute!
jerry lamerveille (10 days ago)
I thumbs down due to over use of adds.....never seen a clip with soooooooo many adds. 1 every minutes is anoying
Ultimate Facepalm (10 days ago)
Yes, lets continue to screw up the ecosystem even further....
Prez Playz (10 days ago)
You shouldn’t play with life the animals are extinct for a reason
Vᴜʟx (10 days ago)
No pls cockroaches are enough
George Corbul (10 days ago)
Came here for the Siberian Rhino. Also, did anyone else think it looks a lot like the were-bulls from Serious Sam 1?
Liam Smith (10 days ago)
If you make a video like this can you at least know what you’re talking about? The Siberian Unicorn? Seriously? It’s called Elasmotherium...
E.H. E.A. (10 days ago)
Uhhhhhg *great vid* hope they don't bring back any animals..they are gone for a reason dammit...
Kscott McCauslin (11 days ago)
are all of you retarded?
Ange Santos (11 days ago)
Wow y’all really support this shit there’s a reason why they died out we too fragile for them , one they big asf and too damn dangerous u think alittle ass bullet would really kill them I mean let’s get real they cool and all but look outside the box 📦🤷🏻‍♀️👀
C H I P S (11 days ago)
These animals had they're time here. They weren't meant to be Alive this long, let alone be resurrected from the dead? Jurassic Park was a movie about "ressurection". And it didn't end well. None of them did. Not one. People died, and these "dinosaurs" weren't so. What people never realized is that they weren't real, they were recreations of dinosaurs. Cloned DNA. They never naturally existed, and in the last movie the little girl stated so. This is a bad idea, assuming it's even possible to perfectly recreate a living creature. There is a time and place for everything in the sun. There is no need for these creatures anymore, plain enough to the fact they went extinct millions of years ago. If these creatures were brought back to life, it would be of no benefit but personal gain for the people who MADE them. This isn't "breeding" sheep, this is constructing a living creature from *human* brain power. *Artificial* life. It was never meant for a human being to have that much sway over the force of life itself. I'm not buying any of it.
Riku Yamaha (12 days ago)
Love how all the agurments for animals going extinct is that humans killed them. Humans are mammals so wouldn't that just be a predator vs prey? Eh I could be wrong I guess.
where are you now (12 days ago)
I just dont understand those elongated fangs/ canine teeth( i really dont know what it was called) of saber tooth... I mean what is its use for the feline, coz it seems like when it opens its mouth, its teeth would only just be a decoration... The length of those teeth and the size of the opened mouth is almost the same...pfft! so confused....
Goku LB (12 days ago)
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ricky martinez (12 days ago)
Some of these big animals shouldnt be brought back but the giant manatee is a great idea
James Ian M. Meneses (12 days ago)
Then humans bringing back the dead A. K. A ZOMBIES
Daddy ‘ (12 days ago)
4 months later and I still waiting for those animals to get resurrected...🙄
Jasmine _ (12 days ago)
I don't understand why they would resurrect a species because human kind will just kill them all again.
L S (12 days ago)
They should only release them on islands they will only lead to a man made retarted monster running around terrorizing nature, and I kno dam well thier already clone humans scientists need to figure out how to grow hair instead of creating monsters
manon st germainlange (13 days ago)
yes sir
Patsy Faulkner (13 days ago)
Unicorn was last seen in France
Bill Smith (13 days ago)
To the mad scientists we were warned about in the thirties. We do not need and we do not want these freak animals.
TruthB Told (13 days ago)
Bringing back the Mammoth is one thing, but a few years ago prehistoric bacteria was reportedly 250 million years old was revived. Heard nothing more about this, but that sounds like a stupid thing to do. Can you say immunity ?
Kurt Bergeron (13 days ago)
We can't keep animals we have now from going extinct. This only tells me that these animals will go extinct twice.,
amrita lawrence (13 days ago)
Snows melting where will the mamoth and woolly rinos will live
Ur telling me sabers where around in 1718
When I heard mammoth I knew you made half of the people on this video angry
Fluffy Bear (13 days ago)
shouldn't bring back neandathals or whatever they are called they're pretty much apes
Night Cat (14 days ago)
Why are they bringing back animals who can kill people soon no ppl will exist until 2020 bc of some saber,Mamoth, and some Rhino Unicorn Thing running in the neighbourhood and isn’t a dodo and some passive animal and mammals are good enough like the cute derpy seal?And don’t blame us bc of some animals “SCIENTISTS” resurrecting thing Blake the scientist.And isn’t some animal that the scientist resurrected will be extinct again for food resources and bc of “overpopulation”? Didn’t scientist think of that? And I don’t think letting another homan roaming around the city is a good idea bc there smart and maybe it might get ugly bc it “might” kill the animal that the scientist have resurrected. And maybe umm it’s just good to not resurrect other animals bc the overpopulation is a problem the environment is a problem wouldn’t it be better to fix the current problems of the environment so that we will not be extinct bc of the new species?
Larry Gooldy (14 days ago)
i like a do, da cha cha.
Cucci sniffer Lapalusa (14 days ago)
Your all fools you can’t bring back the dead
Genghis Yose (14 days ago)
Do a video of how to resurrect my grandpa (Dont hate me its just a joke)
Uganda Knuckles (14 days ago)
I wanna cuddle that sloth
Samuel Hoffmann (14 days ago)
I personally don’t think it’ll happen but if it does, I have a gut feeling something will go wrong...
Australian Shepherd (14 days ago)
De-evolution of man by bringing back Neanderthals and summoning ancient animals.. what could go wrong?
Australian Shepherd (14 days ago)
I want a dodo bird.
Hayley Murray (15 days ago)
So they are planning on brining back long time extinct animals but can’t keep modern day animals alive?
Stan Pratt (15 days ago)
Common cold, cancer......?
Dybala (15 days ago)
scientists should resurrect dinosaurs so they can kill us all
Lawrence (15 days ago)
"Welcome to braintime" *clicks away*
Lawrence (15 days ago)
Y tho
Gerald Anthony Sy (15 days ago)
Can u resurrect hitler?
Robert Delafuente (15 days ago)
Brining back the deer hunters will just extinct it again

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