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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Over thousands of years, our planet has been inhabited by many different animals. Some of the species have survived to this day, but some, unfortunately, are considered to be extinct. However, this doesn’t mean that we will never have the opportunity to see a mammoth or scratch the ear of a saber-toothed cat, because science is developing, and very soon scientists will learn how to bring disappeared species back to life. Do you want to take a look at the future inhabitants of this "Jurassic Park"?
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Text Comments (4354)
Agent 214 (48 minutes ago)
The only thing you need to do is find the dragon balls
Kudosan882 882kudosan (52 minutes ago)
Find the fcking lamp and you got 3 wishes...your welcome.
TheSickOldToad (1 hour ago)
Mmm giant sloth jerky
Moo G Soe (14 hours ago)
Question is why would you want to bring them back to life? Agents they dangerous
Jeremy Wu (16 hours ago)
Jesse Ayala (17 hours ago)
Ehh I don't believe it till I see it
Simar Aday (21 hours ago)
I dont think they will live for long.Whats with food? I mean the plants from that era dont exist no more
that guy (22 hours ago)
not trying to be racist but the monkey looks asian so if it breeds with people we no waht it will be
that guy (22 hours ago)
know what it will be
SulfonicCrackerYT (1 day ago)
Oh hellll noooooo I’m running
MutantMax (1 day ago)
Why would you bring back the Neanderthal
PotusPotato (1 day ago)
SaltyGrim (2 days ago)
Resurrection is bad
katie kat (2 days ago)
I don’t want those rhino unicorn ass things barging through my windows at 2 in the morning holy shit
Skalier (3 days ago)
Wish you all the best in this.
The awesome smile (3 days ago)
Some of them are alright but a saber tooth come on they’ll eat the people who “made” them
The awesome smile (3 days ago)
That’s not a good idea man they went exstinct for a reason. Like if u agree
Blanch Jerah Litana (3 days ago)
Dude how do you know that they will or could be ressurected by the scientists? Sounds like you just made them all up
Nova 728 (3 days ago)
i dont think that neanderthauls are a good idea
The last already complete 🤣
Rose Gaming 3078 (3 days ago)
As if there wasn’t a more * dangerous* cat the sabortooth
Jrnz YT (4 days ago)
When I saw it .. I remembered that I saw a picture on facebook that the animal that we were going to be .. and the man would be the animal ..
niiko10ne (4 days ago)
You're Just Promoting Cloning, All you told is Lies, Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Isin Demon king blood (4 days ago)
Dirty Sanchez (4 days ago)
please bring back the Gastric Brooding Frog. My life will be complete once this extinct frog is ressurrected.
David Martinez (4 days ago)
I know his neck hurt
Andrias Kharumlong (4 days ago)
how can you ressurrect something which you did not or cant create its blasphemy in the eyes of The LORD OUR GOD.
mallekization (4 days ago)
If this ever happened I wouldn’t even be alive?
Liilol (4 days ago)
I hope they bring back the great Auk
Crys (4 days ago)
bring medalodon back
Joe Chesters (5 days ago)
There has literally been many films proving why this is a bad idea....
Princesss Aidann (5 days ago)
It's called natural selection for a reason and now we're un-naturally bringing them back? Like I get the fact about science needing to head somewhere but why not create ways to save our planet instead of trying to being back the dead potentially being put in a state of danger???
XxFire xX (5 days ago)
I don't know why I even waste my time on watching this video you're crazy if you think man can ressureccting the dead
Giant buddy (5 days ago)
why on earth would anyone bring these animals back to life for one thing how would these animals adapt to modern life
DaBoy KEVIN (5 days ago)
Don’t bring the sabor tooth tiger back that will cause more animals to go extinct because they would be able to kill so many animals but it would be possible for them to not kill to much animals if they get killed some how. JUST DONT BRING THEM BACK
Niall draws badly (5 days ago)
DaBoy KEVIN your gay
Oliver Cook (5 days ago)
Why bring back a sabertooth when you know its going to kill everything in its path
Sherk (5 days ago)
My dad?
julio dengue (5 days ago)
how they resurrected them? DRAGON BALL
kwenk masters (5 days ago)
im dutch
TastyDiarrhea (6 days ago)
I don’t want any of these to be resurrected.. 😬
Ice Clone (6 days ago)
1:43 and died not so long ago Yehh thats not long
Ender Wolf (6 days ago)
Who knows this video? Jacksepticeye: mom! Can I get a saber tooth tiger? Mom: ... Jacksepticeye: oh there extinct? Oh man.
Sylvan (6 days ago)
Our world is to full of people. Scientist: lets create more in an unatural way!
khaboom 96 (6 days ago)
Ya let's not do this like ever
jipzy808 (6 days ago)
icyboy771z (6 days ago)
I just want the Indominus Rex and Raptor
PoTaTo RoS (6 days ago)
Siberian unicorn hairy rhino????exposed?
nick pareja (6 days ago)
DanDan Gamer (6 days ago)
yes cus we want to bring back animals that can harm us like we can have the good animals theres literaly movies showing us bringing back the biggest baddest animals is bad
Claudio Pagani (6 days ago)
What abuot tazmanian tigers?
K00Y Zágánia (6 days ago)
if they can revive rhinos, than they can revive Hitler
ltu eima (6 days ago)
If you get back wolly rhino the end of world they are more powerfull then 10 lions
The Lazy Frog 1103 (6 days ago)
Number 10 is a wooly rhino
spawnatik (6 days ago)
they got money for that sh** but when it comes to save the planet no penny... better grow bee states and free them dumb*****:
Jemmo Cortes (7 days ago)
Of course, "RECENTLY" is 10,000 years ago.
fat Frog legs (7 days ago)
Yea but it’s not as cool as if they never went extinct ya know like if u agree
Marc Simmons, EdD (7 days ago)
Poor dodos
moth man (7 days ago)
Conjuring 100
Robert Lamb (7 days ago)
Well we all are to die
Not your fbi Agent (7 days ago)
Is Asia the testing grounds?
Snipes Kent (7 days ago)
u said that the irisj dear is extinct but look at a moose its a moose moose live to this day i retarded
Anže Mavec (7 days ago)
Yey giant sloth will eat me. Life has find the way
Dankmems YoYo (8 days ago)
By using fossil DNA from the dead animals
Mah hart Mah sole (8 days ago)
Hmmm, I noticed that most of the extinct animals are so big af.
Mah hart Mah sole (8 days ago)
Scientists can clone some extinct animals
Ν Ξ Χ U S (8 days ago)
8:04 There's a frog in my throat!!!
WolfOfTheClouds (8 days ago)
There was a freaking frog on this list, but no mention of the dear Tassie Tiger?? I mean there are whole Thylacine Joeys and pelts hanging about in museums, extracting DNA from them would be easier than most, the ONLY problem would be a suitable host.
ViZ10n Y010-1t_Fox (8 days ago)
A saber tooth might kill some species of animals in my opinion
Endblades (8 days ago)
So basically ARK Ina nutshell.
Why bring back the Saber-Toothed Cat? It was a monster! It killed millions of people! The only good Sabers are Diego and Shira, man this is crazy!!'
MrMylesG Goddard (8 days ago)
Do Not Bring Ancient Humans Back! They look weird I Have Opinions Why You Should Not Like Give Me some Idea What I Should Say I Got anothin
MrMylesG Goddard (8 days ago)
Really? I Mean Look How Amazing If You have A Pet Smilidon! It Would Be So Cool It Could Attack your Bully's and Enemies! Plus And Do Not Bring the MEGALDON BACK! it's My Opinon And the Dodo Needs To Come Back!
Luchi Hanzo (8 days ago)
Audreysaurs Gamer (8 days ago)
The dodo is only found on island of- Me: ARK! ... Me: .... Ok
Siberian Unicorn my ass. That's a damn woolly rhino
Dragon Beastlayer303 (8 days ago)
What about trex
Nathan Nelson (8 days ago)
9:44 it’s picture day for rhino
ZxlikGames (8 days ago)
Not a freaking saber tooth
StayFrost (8 days ago)
Just kill humans so they are no extinction
StayFrost (8 days ago)
Just kill humans cause they are the cause of extinction
HvdGaming (9 days ago)
Why do we want to bring back the saber tooth?
Yesukie Fayakoe (9 days ago)
Pano mo na sabi?
Bon Bon de Purple (9 days ago)
i thought it was a very very big *slut*
The angry channel 540 (9 days ago)
And so, marks the times man starts a Jurassic world
Producting Fudge (9 days ago)
thumbnail: Wholly Rhino
hi person (9 days ago)
Next vid=what started the neadertual vs human war
hi person (9 days ago)
Next vid=top ten weirdest places sabor tooth tiger ate people
AmazingBlue72 Backup (9 days ago)
I don’t wanna die just because of a goddamn mammoth i protest. DONT BRING THEM BACK
AmazingBlue72 Backup (9 days ago)
This is fake. Only god can recreate animals
Scandal Beacher (9 days ago)
I know mostly all theese and the massive sloth is a magatherium
DxllonSmh (9 days ago)
I want mammoth's back that's it.
Gamingwithpixel (9 days ago)
Yeah imlove netherlands/dutch its because i life there
Gamingwithpixel (9 days ago)
Some of them still life but they have been changed throuhg time
gushernandez25 (9 days ago)
I dont think a lot these Ice Age creatures died off, I think they just turned into what we have now.
23093034 (9 days ago)
That unicorn would be hunted back into extinction for it's horn.
Cerious Shine (9 days ago)
R we even gonna b alive to c any of this come true?
Godzilla (9 days ago)
Mega sloth fallout 76
Merrick Lucastamayo (9 days ago)
People..Scientist are working on endangered as well not only extinct animal resurrection also the fact that it will make a step closer to the future.
ninjascottgames (9 days ago)
That looks like a hairy rhino whit extra large horn
Preetham R (10 days ago)
what if neandrethal becomes too smart and see what we are doing to earth and it also might consider it's species is superior and kill us all .Its like AI .or rise of the planet of neandrethal.

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