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HEY GUYS! Yay I am so excited to upload this video, in this vid I show you guys a bunch of home decorations I picked up at IKEA for our new place! I absolutely love IKEA and could spend hours in there! THUMBS UP this video if you like hauls! Peace out doggies! Subscribe to my channel here! - http://bit.ly/1qnAKPW Did you know I have my very own brand? No? WELL NOW YOU DO! Shop my skincare, body care and hair care range here - http://www.nkdbody.com (We have FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!) WANT TO SEND ME MAIL? Brittney Saunders P.O BOX 472 HAMILTON NSW 2303 AUSTRALIA LET'S BE FRIENDS! FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/brittneyleesaunders INSTAGRAM: brittney_saunders TWITTER: @britt_saunders BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]la.com and [email protected] ps if you are reading this RIGHT NOW leave me a comment saying "I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH" MY FAVOURITE ONLINE JEWELLERY STORE - COLETTE - http://bit.ly/1dUS4Ur ONE OF MY FAV ONLINE CLOTHING STORES - SHOWPO - http://bit.ly/1cwonbg
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Text Comments (284)
Emilia Peñaranda (2 years ago)
pliss do a video
Mariah Glenn (2 years ago)
It's so crazy how your life story is like on youtube for everyone to see haha. I would definitely have deleted old boyfriend videos. But It's cool that your followers can look back on your life if they want <3
Lucy Dodd (3 years ago)
You are hilarious 😂👌🏼💕
KatyCatxx (3 years ago)
your look in this video reminds me of the colgate ad the antm girls had to shoot last year hahhaha
Rogelio Bononla (4 years ago)
Grace (4 years ago)
did you die your hair darker
chloe johnson (4 years ago)
is she still dating her boyfriend?
Sarah Leathers (4 years ago)
50 shades of grey! Hahahaha died. 😂
Carly Taylor (4 years ago)
please do a house tour! :)
kate downey (4 years ago)
Do a house tour!!!!! Xx
Kaitlin McCauley (4 years ago)
I can't watch your videos without losing my shit laughing! 😂
April Kelly (4 years ago)
i love the plants their cute 
Tahra Booth (4 years ago)
You look gorgeous in this video. Your eyebrows are perfect 👌
lalathaqueen100 (4 years ago)
Ikea over there is alot more expensive than it is in the US, I was looking at that link from those drawers u got, and I happen to look up the alex drawers on the link and they where over $200 over here they cost $119, Love the haul, Tfs!! :)
adar sabag (4 years ago)
house tour!! me and my boyfriend just moved in together so im looking for cool ideas to decorate :D i bet you house is amazing!
Anabel Sanchez (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH!!! Lol
Nancy Chen (4 years ago)
where's your light thing at the back from? 
Martina Sofie (4 years ago)
Looved this home haul please do more of these ! ❄️⛄️🎄
Dakota Tate (4 years ago)
Where'd you get that light in the back? It's so cute!
Rose Elliott-Smith (4 years ago)
yeahhh, do a house tour!xxx
Tori Brown (4 years ago)
Please do a house tour!!!
Nathalie Mulholland (4 years ago)
love your eye make up here, what is it? :) x
I don't know (4 years ago)
You already have a house, like you own a house?? or renting a house?
Brittany Bowmaster (4 years ago)
Yes Brittney please do a house tour! I love shopping for housey items as well and I am always looking for some cute items :)
Stephanie Smith (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH
ebreiam (4 years ago)
Totally should do a house tour
Melissa Wood (4 years ago)
are you doing a house tour? 
annie waterals (4 years ago)
Does anyone know what section the plant in the white pot, on like the display icon thing is on their website
Te Puea Woodward (4 years ago)
yusss!!! please do a House tour :D it'll be great :)
Cameron (4 years ago)
I have that same colour theme in my house except we have a lot of nice plants and we recently changed from grey carpet to wood except in the bedrooms :)
Dominique Shoshan (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns so much. Sarcasm :)
seaquest2011 (4 years ago)
Hi Brittney.  love to see a house tour.  happy holidays
Nicole Heynes (4 years ago)
Best haul!  Please do as much as u can! who doesn't love a ikea haul?! LIKE LIKE PEOPLE! :)
teddy scott (4 years ago)
what is that lipstick!! it is gorgeous!
Angelina Feliciano (4 years ago)
These are some really cute items! I can't wait to decorate my own place (hopefully in Los Angeles). Is it weird that every time I walk away from watching one of your videos, I talk with a faux Australian accent? Haha! :)
Emma Handley (4 years ago)
Ooor, a hat! 😂 lost my shit xx
EndlessEndings (4 years ago)
Make up tutorial? Please:)
Sun-Kissed Stilettos (4 years ago)
Haullllsssss <333
Melissa C. (4 years ago)
Tutorial! Your skin is so glowy
chelsey amable (4 years ago)
Yes love to see a house tour!!
xosharonnoelle (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO much!  :P
Elisa H (4 years ago)
Does your bf get rackety about having to match furniture and decor to a color scheme? I feel like mine would :/
Briana Bushea (4 years ago)
did you get that table lamp at ikea too? 
Emzgoesmusic2 (4 years ago)
Go IKEA! Great video :) Hugs from Sweden
Steeph Alice (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH
Dani M (4 years ago)
House tour :)
Ellie Folkard (4 years ago)
That lipstick looks gorgeous on you!
Sassy Kittens (4 years ago)
House tourrrrr <3
Tahlia Hirst (4 years ago)
JessChillinAbout (4 years ago)
Would love to see a house tour as well :D
JessChillinAbout (4 years ago)
Yay youtuber from across the ditch! except you literally have 1,000+ x more subs haha! if anyone wants to check my channel out i would love it so much! not trying to spam i promise!! And i love the colours you chose :) my boyfriend and i will be moving out together in a couple months too! and same thing bedroom is old but everything else we are slowly buying new when we find stuff we life :) :)
JessChillinAbout (4 years ago)
Like** :D
Melissa Lopez (4 years ago)
Boutros Beauty (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH
iloveari (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH :)))
paola vertiz (4 years ago)
amazing ikea haul!!! 
Chantal Bolzicco (4 years ago)
Cant thumbs up this video enough for a house tour, everything looks amazing so far!
Sabrina (4 years ago)
I must have been living under a rock haha, I had no idea we had an ikea in australia!
Martha Johnson (4 years ago)
How do you whiten your teeth? They look too amazing for poxy whitening tooth paste or a pen that has amazing results yay def buy it *cough sponno vid cough*
@Martha Johnson I use the smile sciences whitening pens, but also got my teeth professionally whitened at my dentist so that made a major change! Don't know what your rant about sponsored videos is but anyways moving on! 
Michelle Panning (4 years ago)
I have those coat hangers. They are THE WORST! All my clothes fall off the hangers because they have no grips or little hooks! 
jaimee byrne (4 years ago)
Please do a house tour!
Blush'd Brides (4 years ago)
Yes please for a house tour! Love all things home decorative related! Not usually a haul fan, but I loved this one :) P.s- I love brown unicorn horns so much ((ha ha ha :P))
annabelle jane young (4 years ago)
yes do a tour! especially for your filming room! :) 
Kaeli (4 years ago)
love the makeup look in this video, Brittney :)
Stephanie Paul (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH
holly elizabeth (4 years ago)
Where is your lamp from in the background?
Its Ashlee (4 years ago)
House tour
Lisa Romo (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH! hahaha nice haul.
Rebecca Lee (4 years ago)
you should do a beauty room tour first then the new house tour separate... i reckon your beauty room tour would fill a whole video in itself lol
SyddiBee (4 years ago)
Marina Petrou (4 years ago)
Great haul loved it :D :D deffo do a house tour! You're looking gorgeous as ever girl!
Paige Menzies (4 years ago)
House tour please !!!! :)
Cherie Ashton (4 years ago)
I use those same little vase things to hold my make up brushes, I just painted them Aqua which is the colour of my room. Love ikea
Leonie - (4 years ago)
Omg you should do a talkvid with ur boyfriend, that would be so cool
Ashrocks (4 years ago)
I've always wanted to go to ikea ♡
calico wild (4 years ago)
I love brown unicorn horns SO MUCH!
BARBARA DARLING (4 years ago)
love hauls and LOVE house tours! yesssss! 👍👍
Toni Pate (4 years ago)
House tour!
Anna Trias Díaz (4 years ago)
Actually loving your videos!!  Could you make a video about Baby Skin by Maybelline? xx
Tilted Halo (4 years ago)
You're my new "go to girl" and yes , if you can show your new place once it's set up , that would be great ! I love organization , congrats on your new place btw XD
Naomi Faye (4 years ago)
Omg I have just done a haul and my house is grey, white and yellow as well haha! Love it :) 
TheBoobs008 (4 years ago)
Amanda Ellis (4 years ago)
Love the plants!  Where is the lamp from that is behind you?  It does not look like Ikea, but maybe it is?
igivesnafuqs23 (4 years ago)
You kind of look like rene Zellweger pre surgery. She was so pretty before lol
Richelle Cox (4 years ago)
How great is it just living with you're boyfried!
Becki Wrobel (4 years ago)
yess do a house tour/beauty room tour!!!!
Laura1994 (4 years ago)
Love your videos :)
Marta Wyszkowska (4 years ago)
I have the same thing for my brushes!:D can we be friends now?:D
Cherry Ho (4 years ago)
Does anyone know where to find a lamp like the one behind her? Thank you so much it is so awesome!!!
Alison Martin (4 years ago)
I use those white pots for my makeup brushes too they're so handy for €1.50 each 😍😍 I'm obsessed with IKEA! My whole house is practically IKEA🙈
Charlotte Setford (4 years ago)
I do to !
ashley de freitas (4 years ago)
Monica Ryan (4 years ago)
Hey, this may be a invasion of privacy but I've seen on Instagram that you have been doing remodeling in this new house which means it's probably not a rental so does that mean you bought this house with your parter? As in a mortgage etc etc, I only ask just out of curious because you have mentioned that this if the first time you have lived together and you bought a house together. Don't have to answer if it's too personal? Ps. Love your realness.
Ashlie C (4 years ago)
Definitely do a house tour!
Indi Anand (4 years ago)
Definitely do a house tour / beauty room tour ! Love you xxx
Viktoria G (4 years ago)
Very nice brittney :) xoxoxoxo
katrine orry (4 years ago)
please do: makeup collection 2014 house tour makeup room tour  AAANND more makeup tutorials, its so long ago!
Breanah Chloee (4 years ago)
i love your lip colour!!
pmdw92 (4 years ago)
I have that yellow and white bowl tooo - My boyfriend always uses it as a giant cereal bowl haha And YES please do a house tour, or even if it's not all put together yet it would be cool to see the process ;)
Rakeli Albino (4 years ago)
PLease do a tour of your new house!!! Love your videos!!! <3
Angus Ray (4 years ago)
Im so for the house tour!!! also the beauty room tour!
Victoria's Channel (4 years ago)
As a Scandinavian I also love IKEA. What I do not love about IKEA is actually spending time there! I mean IKEA is like some sort of overcrowded death maze from which there is no escape. Pretty sure IKEA is featured in Maze runner 2 now that I think of it. 
They should have emergency exits :P 

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