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Which One Fails You Think?? 🤣 | Funniest Fails | AFV 2019

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Text Comments (144)
Adrielly Santos (2 days ago)
Riku_ Chan_Princess (6 days ago)
6:23 sliding into your dms be like
Burning fire 77 (7 days ago)
Bobbie Chinn (13 days ago)
That first chic on the mats...I think she's number 3 in the vine...she woulda had it if the mats were longer. All day she had it!!! Longer mats sweetie longer mats. U had it for sure!
I'm sad my dog died
Uhhhhhhhhh is so funny I can't stop laughing
Liam Mcandrew (17 days ago)
0:44 he just slid so bad it’s hilarious and then his face 😂😂😂
falafel dürüm (23 days ago)
_"Which One Fails You Think??"_ - *Of course every single one!!!*
sandynoby (24 days ago)
wow.. that sound "you okey.... you okey" 6:30 - 6:34 so sweet and caring ... God bless ....
Zoza Queen (25 days ago)
اكو عرب بالطياره؟؟
Omar Adham (27 days ago)
Hi my name is toto for short my name in English is talia it is so nice to meet you but know I am 7 years old
Tanner S (27 days ago)
This video's summary: 5 people get hit in the head, an ATV tipped over, a kid cant reach his basketball, a mini drone hits a woman, and 64 ways to fall over.
Jeanne (28 days ago)
Everybody do the flop
Amber Wilson (28 days ago)
Dang. You can tell half these people are in so much pain but they know they are with friends and the camera is on so they feel they need to laugh it off and act like they are okay :/ especially the guys
npl • (1 month ago)
0:50 Boy : My back Other boy : *STOP*
Jose Martinez (1 month ago)
none of these are girls
Jay Yang (1 month ago)
7:49 When you blow up your bff’s Minecraft house laugh
Christian Martinez (1 month ago)
The last one was not fail more like luckiest rarest
Kyra Denyce (1 month ago)
6:28 aww they we're like are you ok are you ok
Aliens Exist (1 month ago)
I feel like I'm on a FBI watch list after watching part of this what happened AFV you use be a awesome show
Jimmy blank (1 month ago)
Some of the young ladies are wearing a little too revealing of clothes like leggings tights Spandex with what seems like parents don't care there underage child's crotch is basically on full display and right in front of a video camera . I wonder why the staff at afv allow this we don't want to see that .
GamerEvolution (1 month ago)
Yeah, the people failing are a bit young
Jasmine Soto (1 month ago)
2:52 Green day anyone?
Jasmine Soto (12 days ago)
I think moto moto likes meh Oh yeah RRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE
Jasmine Soto yassss
SchattendragonflyPL (1 month ago)
Oh my, is that Carlton? :)
Gbody Cutlass (1 month ago)
Stupid 💩👎
Joan Miss Quizzical (1 month ago)
The title of this video: Which Girl Fails You Think?? 🤣 | Funniest Fails | AFV 2019 Clearly there are girls that are involved, but what is it about a guy failing that makes it a "girl fail"........hoping this isn't an adjective to describe any fails as what a "girl" would do. Just curious because it doesn't make sense....especially from AFV.
Stefan Nelson (1 month ago)
Traziya Wilton (1 month ago)
That,/s funny
usama beny (1 month ago)
hola suscribete a mi canal y yo al tuyo dale like a mis videos y yo al tullo y lo mas inportante darle like a este video
RoRacingNetwork (1 month ago)
I still have no idea on what they mean by which girl fails you think
RoRacingNetwork tysm
Thank you a lot for understanding kindly,not correcting my grammar like some other ppl(just moved here)☺️
RoRacingNetwork (1 month ago)
I think moto moto likes meh Oh yeah ah I get it
RoRacingNetwork it says which girl do you think will fail(no hate) not girl only fails.
DPEMEDIA (1 month ago)
2% who read this... ...We ALL LOVES FUNNY FAILS :D <3 (P.S.: i make also own funny videos :P)
Aakey (1 month ago)
6:30 that voice is sooooo adorable 😍😍😍😍 soooo cute
Manawa Davidson (1 month ago)
majority is just more white people being dumb and sucking at everything. funny tho.
Renzperi Inandan (1 month ago)
6:30 "ooh are you okay?" What an adorable voice
joe woodchuck (1 month ago)
Those little backyard trampolines look like a disaster waiting to happen. I see rips, but mostly I see people hitting the edges because they're so small. The full size ones are larger and thus have a safety margin for errors.
Aubrey Burgess (1 month ago)
The best one Is the bike one
RiyadUL Islam (1 month ago)
Wow bro tuma hara video mujhe bohot acca laga
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
Wow comedy has really gone down hill not funny AT ALL
BACON BROS (1 month ago)
I hate you Alfonso, I REALLLLLY do
TV RED (1 month ago)
KichoTV (1 month ago)
regina anderson (1 month ago)
1:30 lmfao “yeye”
kocik (1 month ago)
Weak fails, certainly not funniest :/
L K (1 month ago)
some people think they are funny
Nana Snickers (1 month ago)
Redundant. It’s all been done repeatedly for years.
Funny Tube (1 month ago)
Catherine Golder (1 month ago)
More boys then girls
Catherine Golder yes,but it doesn’t say girl fails it says which one do you think will indicating the picture on the thumbnail(not hating).
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PARAXSCS (1 month ago)
2:36 *Michael jackson*
Olivia Grace (1 month ago)
I think that 4.41 is fake what do you think
Patricia Roysdon (1 month ago)
Have girls failed again?
ALEXANDER JORDAN SANTOSA that’s a little rude and it just says which one do you think will fail by the picture on the thumb nail smh.
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (1 month ago)
More boys than girls nearly...thats why kids under 18 shouldnt be allowed to post on youtube.
Here I’m sorry I’ll try again it says which girl fails on the title indicating to the picture that one girl will fall oof.the title of the video says nothing about only girls.
No sorry I just moved to America I’m trying the best I can...
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (1 month ago)
@I think moto moto likes meh Oh yeah ...are u typing in secret code?
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE no it says which girl fails you think because there are three girls on the chairs smh
Always awesome. This is the kind of energy we try to bring - too. --Mav's Underlings
Lance Orario (1 month ago)
5:34 is the best😂😂😂
Chef May I (1 month ago)
Hey, if you like watching funny videos you would love our new channel. Come check it out and let us know what you think!
0:36 I swear I know this girl! Her twin sister and she are from the same school as me
SIG442 (1 month ago)
Why do I feel the world is getting dumber after watching video's like this?
zelikris (1 month ago)
6:55 is that a gun on the floor?
Floyd XJ (1 month ago)
James Rosemary (1 month ago)
Beer causes amnesia and other things I can't remember...
Cindy De leon (1 month ago)
kidneystone53 (1 month ago)
Nice to see the dance back at the end
emirhan Özkök (1 month ago)
2:00 what is music name ?
yeet_ potato (1 month ago)
Bartin 74 (1 month ago)
Was ist daran so lustig. Bei den meisten Videos ist der Fehler schon vorprogrammiert.
Jason & Jean Bischkopf (1 month ago)
CUZ we're family (1 month ago)
MrCreator (1 month ago)
I watched the video,then I laughed all day )
James j (1 month ago)
I know the worlds all about 1000 made up genders and pretending to be a gender you aren't, but when you make your title "which girl fails you think" (which im sure was written by someone that jumped the border) and 90% of your video is guys. Then you either just messed up or you are stupid.
KB Flash (1 month ago)
Summer vacation fails
Armand Gordon (1 month ago)
like it
Chef May I (1 month ago)
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Never WillCare (1 month ago)
Roman Garcia (1 month ago)
dumy dum
Rosie Hayes (1 month ago)
"Which girl fails do you think" *first video shows boy falling of surf board*
It says which girl fails because there are three girls on the chairs.(no hate)
Zarah alora (1 month ago)
rdstirewalt (1 month ago)
So... "girl" fails and you start off with guys, then less than half the other clips were about girls... makes sense as all your vids are just reposted bullshit.
Cesar R (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video you guys are great I can't wait to see more have a great day
MrChibi YT (1 month ago)
Putra Tino (1 month ago)
First 😂
world video (1 month ago)
Darryl Stein (1 month ago)
Wait .... "girls fail" .... first two are boys?!?!
Thank you for understanding kindly and not correcting my grammar like most people I just moved here glad u undersood☺️
Darryl Stein (1 month ago)
@I think moto moto likes meh Oh yeah Very true. Noted.
It says which girls fails u think by there r three girls on the chairs on the thumb nail(no hate)
Emma Marshall (1 month ago)
Darryl Stein insert the “did you just assume their gender!?” quote 😂😂
Amir Yacoub (1 month ago)
This video is really hilarious and very funny and I really enjoyed the video. And by the way, I subscribed to your channel. And I really enjoyed all your videos. THANK YOU AFV.
No Refunds (1 month ago)
8:23 - So, did all the ladies catch that? Am I hearing a gigantic "Sploosh?" Yeah, you love him.
No Refunds (1 month ago)
5:14 - What happens when you bone a back flip and eat at the concrete buffet? _"I CHIPPED MY TEETH."_ *That's correct!*
Zarah alora (1 month ago)
John Roberts (1 month ago)
Hi AFV , 83rd thumbs up , I like how people always say are you ok , & then your like yeah I just have a spinal injury ! 😁😂
Fany Lopez (1 month ago)
Fany Lopez (1 month ago)
Chef May I (1 month ago)
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Derhonda Logan (1 month ago)
Caroline (1 month ago)
Hilarious 😂🎈
Chef May I (1 month ago)
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Metehan oyunda (1 month ago)
You por n
00 000000 (1 month ago)
Hu b
Cassie Protter (1 month ago)
When you have issues getting on the bull you know it can’t end well
Rakichi Serizawa (1 month ago)
I love the guy at the outro
Rakichi Serizawa (1 month ago)
@Bear TheGamer yeah I love how he dances at the end
Bear TheGamer (1 month ago)
Rakichi Serizawa it’s the frickin host of the show
DentalTarsier71 21 (1 month ago)
Peanut The guinea pig (1 month ago)
18 liker
Varun Raju (1 month ago)
and third view
كيرمkirm S (1 month ago)
فليق بندر موجودين
N R (1 month ago)
@اخبار اف بي اي ارےواہ توهان کي سنڌي ايندي آ؟
كيرم 1 نعم انهم موجودون
CN555 gaming (1 month ago)
Varun Raju (1 month ago)
im third comment
SCP-500 (1 month ago)
Might be your internet connection.
Varun Raju (1 month ago)
@Tate reacts its alright😊
Tate reacts (1 month ago)
oh I might of didn't see your comment I'm so sorry
Varun Raju (1 month ago)
@Tate reacts when i saw there were only two comments okay???🤨😒
Sy the Guy (1 month ago)
Hi I love your videos they are funny and I am 2nd
Tinku Kumar (28 days ago)
Chef May I (1 month ago)
Hey Sy, if you like watching funny videos you would love our new channel. Come check it out and let us know what you think!
Tate reacts (1 month ago)
no your not I was
Cassie Protter (1 month ago)
0:26 when your trying to impress your crush
K S12 (1 month ago)
N R (1 month ago)
@Tate reacts dddopeeee
Tate reacts (1 month ago)
بدوي بدوي (1 month ago)
يا أجانب يا هلسات😂😂
Tate reacts (1 month ago)

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