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TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Humankind is more than two and a half million years old, many things have happened during this time and every one of them keeps raising questions. What will happen if you freeze a person for a century? What do you feel when you return to earth from outer space? Why do people in old photographs look ill? Today, we will lift the veil of secrecy and... well, and tell you a lot of interesting things.
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Bridget Darby (1 day ago)
Lame f thought it was for only one thing
Josiah Ortiz (1 day ago)
Don’t talk
Kyle Savage (1 day ago)
On the yawning one I yawned 2 times
Dhruv Garg (2 days ago)
I am astronaut in 🇺🇸🚀
Brandy Elvers (2 days ago)
I just yawned
Jonathan Davila (2 days ago)
I yawned
Mystic_trueSmg (2 days ago)
It’s funny because I yawned in class then I turn to my friend he is litteraly yawning🤣😂
ancient devil gamer (2 days ago)
Well fallout 4 all ready tells you XD
ancient devil gamer (2 days ago)
Well fallout 4 all ready tells you XD
Darryl Fields (2 days ago)
Well I believe in reincarnation, so by the time they unthawed me, I'd probably already be living it up all of again.
TERMIX _soc (3 days ago)
They'd die your body needs a certain temp to live
asia mcilwain (3 days ago)
Didn’t relate to the title
killer gamerZ (3 days ago)
when he yawned i yawned like 3 or 2 Or 4 times lol
VENOM Ay (5 days ago)
I yawned so I liked. let’s go 2019
Young Sleazy (8 days ago)
Ima Wake Up And Go To McDonald’s
Joseph Omole (8 days ago)
He'd need to master all four elements before the next summer...
Daunte Mandujano (9 days ago)
Why do dogs put their tails under their body when they get scared
Hassaan J (10 days ago)
Who else yawned
I yawned three times at the end, who else
Matteo Chow (10 days ago)
I had to yawn
Connor Yates (10 days ago)
Millenium *Folcon*
Nick - (11 days ago)
Dead ofc
Hott Mess (12 days ago)
I yawend becuase your videos
lawmsanga 97 (12 days ago)
If person frozen for 100 years,he will surely dead
Muaaz Hassan (12 days ago)
what is the name of the movie at 6:43?
Zionaed Wealthers (13 days ago)
It didnt answer the question on a caption. It sucks my time to spend. It shows nothing related tothe caption!
Michael Catsillo (13 days ago)
if we have and how long have we had time travel????
abygail Montemayor (13 days ago)
Suddenly thought of cryosleep
Drawing and Art skills (13 days ago)
Why do people die
Peggy Laurencin (14 days ago)
You made me yawn
I dont want to go space anymore :o
Dion Playz (14 days ago)
Why is the video about other facts than getting frozen for a 100 years?
shawesome shclll (15 days ago)
nice futurama reference.
Timas Baranauskas (15 days ago)
Stick to the point
Samuel Fiu (15 days ago)
Why do men's have short hair
Samuel Fiu (15 days ago)
Why men's don't shave there legs
CatKing Gamer (15 days ago)
I yawned
Nicholas Musumeci (15 days ago)
I had to stop watching when the yawning part came because I literally couldn’t stop yawning. I’m fucking yawning writing this lol
Destinee Davis (16 days ago)
I didnt yarn.
Victory Channel (16 days ago)
i didn't yorn.
クシャグラ deep (16 days ago)
Who else thought of *CAPTAIN AMARICA* ???
MR.handsome 80085 (16 days ago)
He's so cool....hahahahhah🤣🤣
suga kookie (16 days ago)
they will become aang the last air bender 😂
Moises Clint (17 days ago)
Easy hes/she's gonna miss his/ her family 😂😂😂😂
Neethelathebug (17 days ago)
To the person who directly scrolled down here , you'd die if that happens thank me later x
Layla And Friends (17 days ago)
I yawned when I saw those clips of yawns
Lawgen Bongalon (17 days ago)
fish cannot talk...
Gaming with Angus (17 days ago)
Gio Chukie (18 days ago)
fucke you all
Monkey Man (18 days ago)
Frozen me now!!...please!!! Asia need a Superhero now! I need to be Captain-Asia😂
Natalie Garcia (18 days ago)
I yowend 3 times
Gabriel Mellett (18 days ago)
Ya saying people will be more easily unfrozen by 2067?? Heaven sakes, I myself will be 71 years old!! My old body probably wouldn’t be able to handle being FROZEN at all!
Cousin vs Cousin (19 days ago)
They would live for ever I know this already
Matin Sade (19 days ago)
Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze
____THE COMMENTER____ (19 days ago)
they would turn into captain america.
I yawned so I was forced to like.
Zoë Christodoulou (19 days ago)
At 6:14 I’m not lying when I saw the pictures of the people yawning I yawned and a little bit after when he was still talking about it I realized that I yawned like he said. I thought it was just because it’s late at night, but I think he’s right 😐😑😦 Like if you are on the toilet.... like me lol. 😂
Daren C (19 days ago)
When the yawn one came up I yawned lol.
Luke 0809 (20 days ago)
Your vid goes out of point
a name a name (20 days ago)
What happens if there was only on person in the photo
chloe and milka (20 days ago)
I wasted 11:07 time of my life
Hisham Muhammad (20 days ago)
U would die.its that simple don't waste your time watching this video.
Harjinder Brar (21 days ago)
I like your sound
Arvis Arājs (22 days ago)
I yawned
Olivia Rawdon (22 days ago)
I yawned;-;
JOHNNIE Boyyyz (22 days ago)
Love the twilight gif
Christopher Keillor (22 days ago)
Idea for Crile scientist scientist do the cryo freezing what about putting high amounts of alcohol into the bloodstream just before freezing in sorry after thawing putting into the bloodstream a counter-measure for alcohol poisoning oh, I get the idea from the Titanic sinking the story of the survival after consuming a large amount of alcohol before jumping into the icy water his body did not freeze
Pascual Herrera (24 days ago)
How do we now the names of the planet
Avatar Raptor (25 days ago)
aang survived for a hundred years
Neisha Chamberlain (25 days ago)
The following
Scott Grant (27 days ago)
I yawned 17 times
Fiercely Humble (28 days ago)
For the love of Christmas and Rudolph's sake what's the name of the background music? I've been asking this question for over 11 months... Come on, give me a break!
Prankster Musician (29 days ago)
I'm not joking I literally yawned when you said that
scooby dawg (29 days ago)
wolverine wasn't freesing he was getting admantiam ejected in him
mc chickens (30 days ago)
I yawned like 20 times during the yawning part
BirdyMartin 999 (1 month ago)
what would happen if you were watching a computer screen for 100 years?
Ethan Elliott (1 month ago)
Dab on them haters
emily cheetham (1 month ago)
Do fish talk? Well just look at the number of clicks and noises dolphins and whales use. They are obviously communicating. So why not other underwater inhabitants?
AK official (1 month ago)
If plants and trees are living then do they feel ???
Justo Vadiz (1 month ago)
What was forgotten in this video is that many of them were dead and so I'm family member would hold on or shake hands with the dead relative and it was just part of the culture. They would make poses open their eyes can go through a lot of work in order to have the last memoir with their relative... Dead relatives that is.
Gameown200 (1 month ago)
Believe it or not I yawned like 4 times
NoahJKPlays (1 month ago)
I yawned! And did not realise it! Until you said leave a like if you yawned!
Gido oon (1 month ago)
if you like this comment you get nothing
1K Gaming (1 month ago)
I might freeze myself
sylvain jerina (1 month ago)
The world could be cool or the world could end or all your family is dead
Life of the Best (1 month ago)
i yawned twice during the video
Nastaysha Nelson (1 month ago)
Now I can’t stop yawning I was fine befor the yawning part😭
Nastaysha Nelson (1 month ago)
I yawned 3 times 😂
Jaiden Takhar (1 month ago)
XxOliverLucaxX (1 month ago)
Abbas Shah (1 month ago)
On the part where he said yawning is contagious I am always right when someone else you yawn
Carlos Villa (1 month ago)
Otto Boldizsar (1 month ago)
I started yawning when they showed people yawning 😂
Rita Hellum (1 month ago)
You would died if you were frozen for 100 yrs because your body could not handle such temperature and your organs would shut down.
Jason Pau (1 month ago)
I didn’t yawn
All in one one (1 month ago)
I yawned just right now!
Most people survived being frozen from years their 300 years old but they do not looks old they look young those are the lucky people
Cade The savage (1 month ago)
They would be dead
Matthew Francis (1 month ago)
I yarned
killer steve gaming (1 month ago)
Bro who else yawned

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