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Magic Quest: TCG Trailer

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Magic Quest: TCG Official Trailer 2017 “You wake up dazed at dawn; your back is still moist from sleeping on the withered moss of Emerald Forest. With the first rays of light, the dew on the plants leafs of the forest looks better than ever, no one would say what happened here a few hours ago… You feel some pain in the ankles and arms, you have undoubtedly been bound hands and feet for some hours and have been stripped of all your creatures and your gold, someone has to pay for this; someone will pay for this. It’s time to start from scratch and get your revenge.” Embark upon a journey in the Magic Quest game, where Humans, Elves, Orcs and other monsters become cards to battle against powerful and magical enemies through an endless and fun story. Pick up your cards and you’ll be gathering creatures, summoning heroes, casting powerful spells and defeating your enemies in the Celestial Palace or fight together with other Summoners to conquer the Dragon Sanctuary. Choose your hero, prepare your army and discover the ruins of the Sunfury Kingdom or become a knight of the Radiant Army, the world of Magic Quest awaits you!
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Victor Vautrin (2 years ago)
Looking great :)

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