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20 Things Proving That Japan Lives In 3018

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What's so special about Japan? 🇯🇵 Anyone who visits Japan will be amazed by something, like robots working as hotel staff or vending machines on every corner! 😮 We’ve collected 20 outstanding innovations proving that Japan must be living in 3018! TIMESTAMPS: Super toilets 0:50 Rice paddy art 1:27 Grooming dogs into cubes 2:07 Hello Kitty melon 2:38 Shoes designed like a bullet train 3:06 Expectations meet reality in Japan 3:36 Ice cream in a fish-shaped cone 4:08 Black fries 4:38 Portable ashtrays 4:55 Braille on beer cans 5:20 The most organized luggage pickup 5:40 Glow-in-the-dark tattoos 6:04 Park-and-Lock umbrella 6:30 Unattended produce stands 6:50 The country of vending machines 7:14 Multi-level parking lots 7:48 Capsule hotels 8:16 Seagaia Ocean Dome 8:44 Robot-run hotel 9:09 Smart bra 9:41 #smarbra #japandesign #japaneeseinvention Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY: - Toilets in Japan, like their gadgets, are technologically advanced and user-friendly. Even the simpler ones still have built-in sinks on the tank and heated seats. - The Japanese love everything that’s cute (or “kawaii” as they call it), like cats and anime characters with their large, adorable eyes. As for their pooches, the latest craze in Japan is to groom their dogs into perfectly trimmed cubes. - High speed trains in Japan are designed like, well, a bullet, hence the name! These things can go up to 198 miles per hour and are known for their punctuality, comfort, safety, and efficiency. - In Japan, they consider food preparation an art. A classic example is the glass display that showcases a restaurant’s dishes. In Japan, when you order food, it’s the same as what’s advertised! - Most of us like our fries hot, crisp, and…black?! Nope, these charcoal-black fries aren’t burnt; they’re special fries made from a spicy black potato that you can buy at a café & bar in Kyoto. - Inclusive Japanese brewers stamp the word “beer” in Braille on top of their cans, and they do it entirely out of sheer concern! - Tattooing is a form of art in its own right, but Japan gave it an exciting twist. Known as “blacklight tattoos” or “UV tattoos,” this awesome ink uses a UV reactive fluoresce dye and comes to life when under UV light. - “Mujin hanbai” or “unmanned stores” are a common site at roadsides in Japan. They’re a nice way for farmers to get rid of extra stock yet still make a nice coin for it. - Japan is almost the same size as California, so they have to utilize the limited space they have. One of their solutions is intelligent parking systems started in 1965 by the Japan Parking System Manufacturers Association. - If you wanna go to the beach but hate getting sunburned, then The Seagaia Ocean Dome is your answer for an unforgettable summer getaway. This is one of the world’s largest indoor waterparks and artificial beaches. - “Smart bra” “knows” what its wearer feels and opens only when a woman is with someone she’s really into. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (2487)
BRIGHT SIDE (1 month ago)
Where are you from? What is your dream country?
Cactus Life (2 hours ago)
Pain Made Me (21 hours ago)
I want to visit Brazil
Maira Hussain (21 hours ago)
Maku Kyarerosu (2 days ago)
Japan ;)
XDGAMING HD (2 days ago)
Mehrin Saiyed (3 hours ago)
Am from India & my dream country is iraak
JF JnR (14 hours ago)
Japan is number one
Dynisim (16 hours ago)
Give girls smart bras plz😂
MrTotallyNotClickbait (18 hours ago)
lets sign a petition to get this channel removed
havic rose (21 hours ago)
Japan my Dream Land
wakidesu (23 hours ago)
I dont go in japan
Varsha Jain (23 hours ago)
vipin kataria (1 day ago)
I want to go Japan
EVADEDSPARTAN 15 (1 day ago)
i kinda think that Europeans have the most advanced tech....... OH WAIT THEY DO :)
Amaruu (1 day ago)
actually every member of yakuza has tatto so im not sure if tattos are that nice in japan
Kris Anderson (1 day ago)
I’ve been to Japan 3 times and every time I go there’s always some new innovation! I love their country and wish I could live there! ❤️
Samantha Fraser (1 day ago)
I would love to go to Japan it would be beautiful
nigel spencer (1 day ago)
If another country was nuked, would it be ahead?
Knaif tech (2 days ago)
Dediqated (2 days ago)
One of the most worthless 10 minutes of my life...
drealdaisy (2 days ago)
Now you don't gotta wait for people to get you something. There's a vending machine right there
drealdaisy (2 days ago)
Plus they have low crime rate
Chelsea Webster (2 days ago)
Me: Lives in 3018...(JK)
Tobias Draws (2 days ago)
You: One of these advanced things are shoes made to look like trains! Me: Oh boy I can't wait to see it! :D You: *shows trains*
Craig Jenson (2 days ago)
I’ve been to Japan and they have very few of everything on there besides vending machines
Greg Hawkins (2 days ago)
I'm a 71 year old American man. Very few people can afford a plane ticket to Japan, so I pretend to be a 16 year old Japanese high school girl who lives there. Its tremendous fun!!! I watch Japanese music videos on YouTube & read books about Japan. I walk around in Japanese high school uniforms & kimonoes. & I pretend that Williamsport, Pennsylvania is Shimotsuma, Japan, 1 hour & 20 minutes outside of Tokyo.
I pronounced kawaii wrong and it makes me mad cuz to many people do that same with kyoto
Krazedkat (2 days ago)
I'm from U.S.A and proud to be Allies with Japan. Great people who have contributed greatly to modern medicine, science, technology, art, music and more. Their women are also very smart and beautiful. I really hope to visit there someday.
amok adventures (2 days ago)
For a while heathrow airport had giant sensors to know if someone was in a stall... They are gone now though so I guess people felt as uncomfortable as me
Muralimohan Nandigam (2 days ago)
akatsuki no yona (2 days ago)
the way the guy said kawaii, is wrong and cringy.
Spa in (2 days ago)
20 things that your channel wouldn't survive in 3018
Maria Eloisa Jacinto (2 days ago)
Azharuddin Khan (2 days ago)
Yeah i am going to japan
aseer khatib (2 days ago)
I want to go JAPAN right now 😘😘
Fan Yan (3 days ago)
3:14 that’s a high speed train from China😂😂
dry skin gal (3 days ago)
Hey mum can we move to Japan
C. 1093 (3 days ago)
yuh this guy is so white
Elsabear (3 days ago)
I want to move to Japan now...
gary golinia (3 days ago)
i like japan now.
64Beograd (3 days ago)
Weeaboo land
Morgan Lowe (3 days ago)
You couldnt find a cubed dog pic. Well I did here ya go. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/128423026850834671/
Marvishahxo Xo (3 days ago)
And even puppies? Umm..anyone else worried?
lataija Ward (3 days ago)
I wanna go now
Ildom (3 days ago)
i´ll be honest, the video was great, but all does changesounds got really really annoying... like REALLY
Jithin Mathew (3 days ago)
I wanna go... But I am poor
Maria Eloisa Jacinto (2 days ago)
How did you use youtube maybe you just have enough for this, right?
this is development not changing state names or making 183 feet long monument.......INDIANS are very talented but due to reservation system many students lack behind and due to lack of jobs many smart students leave the country and despite development our country is changing names of state ? trying to bring bullet train when our indian railway system is too poor to handle ? and still some educated people who are acting like uneducated saying our country is developing ...... where ?
Michele Vogliardi (4 days ago)
Yeah love those bullet train sneakers and the advertisement reality check, oh wait you didn’t show it
Andre' Morgan (4 days ago)
I want to visit Japan, this video is amazing
Glen Thompson (4 days ago)
No 1 place on my bucket list.
Maybe you could do one on how they get married?
ABDO ahmed (4 days ago)
how does that smart ...... work ? lol
Yari S. (4 days ago)
I been to japan and i loved the capsul hotel. And all the vending machine. the toilets where nice until i pressed a wrong button and it cleaned me (that was a lil weird) lol. I love japan. 💓👍
Archa s (4 days ago)
The editing is soo bad
kr abishekapriyan (4 days ago)
Yes definitely i want to visit japan
The train prove Japan is incredible and living in year that is not 21st century
I used to watch YouTube's video's inside the toilet
Tlaon n (5 days ago)
ジュ̧リ́ア̡ス (5 days ago)
i love how you gathered all this information about japan but doesnt bother to learn how to pronounce the words right lol
Some YouTuber (5 days ago)
South Korea is pretty cool too you know
Jake Tolgren (5 days ago)
Your adventure begins here http://www.japan.com
The T.I.G (5 days ago)
3018 wont happen if we keep killing off the earth.
boicy vaiphei (5 days ago)
I would go to south korean because there are b t s
Boomr616 (5 days ago)
One of the worst videos from bright side, many things weren't show. Or only given a brief glimpse. Not what is expected of you
tfterini (6 days ago)
Japan: hmmmmmm we have to many extra vending machines eh just put em all over Someone: but what should we put in them Japan: hmmmmmmmmm how about puppies
tfterini (6 days ago)
Heh heh 69 dollars (I know my mind is in the gutter)
I was born in japan, and grown up in the Philippines
Klunimores Gusta (6 days ago)
The bullet train part, 和谐号 that's Chinese bullet train
sanjaisaloni dubey (6 days ago)
U are always live at night?
ashwini tayade (6 days ago)
Didn't even show the products :/
Sidhu Dey (6 days ago)
Lost in Japan ❤
I was from India
Sandra Ho (6 days ago)
Japan isn't living in 3018, the rest of the world is just still in 1990
Indraja Tammina (6 days ago)
Puppies in vending machine!!!! Like really!!!????!
it's HIManShu (6 days ago)
Japan is developed, but not 3018
Edel Suyo (7 days ago)
I would love to visit Japan! 😊
Sahil Rajani (7 days ago)
Seagaia, the indoor water park was demolished in 2017 as per wiki
GAMINGPIE (7 days ago)
no........I DON"t wanna go there
Shaalini Subramaniam (7 days ago)
Everythin xcept d toilet...erkk
James Watkins III (7 days ago)
Unattend produce stands, the trust they have in each other is amazing.
prabhu kvn (7 days ago)
Who Tf puts puppies in a vending machine
Kandi Apples (7 days ago)
Who feeds the puppy in vending machine i would worry about the puppies in vending machine that dont sound nice 🐾
TI Wanda (7 days ago)
I wanna go now!!!
Seany Bun Bun (7 days ago)
number 21 is the high quality Princess Peach hentai
colton hesse (7 days ago)
bullet trains are aerodynamic thats why their fast
colton hesse (7 days ago)
i dont want to make ten thousand comments on this video but i might have to
colton hesse (7 days ago)
oh and another thing is that a lego train?
colton hesse (7 days ago)
what about Germany, they had the first planes that could shoot, or how they invented mustard gas.
harleybynature (7 days ago)
Why do we not get legit pictures of square dogs?
Andrea Hagins (7 days ago)
So advance in tech and medical yet 1/5 smoke??
Abbie Lindahl (7 days ago)
I wanna go so bad. but this may not happen do to not having enough money, but Everything was so cool!! It all sounds so amazing especially being the weeabo I am, I got so excited from this video ^-^ maybe one day <3
Stanley Barbara (7 days ago)
I wanna go now 😢😭😭
Smitha Iyengar (7 days ago)
I would like to visit too
Rifa Khan (7 days ago)
Reltpid (7 days ago)
Saxo Phone (7 days ago)
Japani Oil?
Mer-Chen Balais (7 days ago)
ohh how i wish i can visit japan.
jerry Chauhan (7 days ago)
I wanna to go japan
sinthoi ningombam (7 days ago)
All of it amazed me. Japan is my dream country.. Someone please take me there
Shailendra Jain (7 days ago)
Shanti Jones (7 days ago)
most of the items on the list did not have pictures. What is the point of a video list without video or pictures of the items you are describing?
eliza marvida (8 days ago)
My World (8 days ago)
I've never seen a real robot in my entire life....
Aman Sharma (8 days ago)
Hey , I like your video If you don't mind would please make video about how get a interview without comminng Japan .because most of people want do a job but they don't how and where we apply for a job. If you don't mind please us

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