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Magic Trick - Easy Mental Mysteries by Richard Osterlind of

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http://amzn.to/2xgFtkd - SECRET HERE david copperfield lance burton stage houdini ed alonzo franz harary greg gleason mark kalin jinger amazing jonathan hans klok jeff mcbride topas roxanne dan sperry sos victoria kyle eschen kirby bambi vanburch florian zimmer
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metsdudeatgmail (9 years ago)
is it a good book test (the first one)
metsdudeatgmail (9 years ago)
whats the book test he uses?
hbcbeunza (10 years ago)
fabuloso el mejor
Simone Ravenda (11 years ago)
anyway sorry now ive found the informations about that and yes...in 2 volume of mind misteries he explain a lot of card stacks for great performances.
Simone Ravenda (11 years ago)
bizarre......u know..iam italian..so all osterlind material is translated.........in my language...
Simone Ravenda (11 years ago)
iam sorry i dont know what u are talking about..but if is something in osterlind dvd..yes..i have all his material..all of his dvd..
Simone Ravenda (11 years ago)
i ve AALL richard osterlind material...he's my favourite and i think is a genius..
Johan Holmberg (11 years ago)
how does he know what shes reading? ive seen derren brown do the same and whats the technique called??

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