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The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Official Trailer 2

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The House with a Clock in Its Walls - In theaters September 21 Official site - https://www.housewithaclock.com/ In the tradition of Amblin classics where fantastical events occur in the most unexpected places, Jack Black and two-time Academy Award® winner Cate Blanchett star in The House with a Clock in Its Walls, from Amblin Entertainment. The magical adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) who goes to live with his uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead. Based on the beloved children’s classic written by John Bellairs and illustrated by Edward Gorey, The House with a Clock in Its Walls is directed by master frightener Eli Roth and written by Eric Kripke (creator of TV’s Supernatural). Co-starring Kyle MacLachlan, Colleen Camp, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Vanessa Anne Williams and Sunny Suljic, it is produced by Mythology Entertainment’s Brad Fischer (Shutter Island) and James Vanderbilt (Zodiac), as well as Kripke. Executive produced by William Sherak, Tracey Nyberg and Laeta Kalogridis, The House with a Clock in Its Walls will be released by Universal Pictures. #HouseWithAClock
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Text Comments (3398)
voon jason (13 hours ago)
lousy movie...so much talking and boring parts. waste my money .
JANET VICTOR (2 days ago)
The house with clocks on the walls...THE JACK BLACK...LOVE HIM...CATE( blonde) AWESOME...THE GOGGLE KID...HE'S GREAT!!!! Love the movie..had Mystery Comedy...MAGICKS...FAMILY FILM YOU CAN BRING YOUNG ONES LIKE SMARTY PANTS ..KIDS..HAD SEEN IT..!!
Nerdy Burd Recaps (2 days ago)
this is probably why jack didnt do goosebumps2 as stein... oh wait. but boy, ive seen this and idc. i love this one.
Paul Schroeder (3 days ago)
Just watched it... favorite Jack Black movie for sure.
Ez Pz (3 days ago)
My real name is Louis and i am in this movie 😂😂😂
Arvinjohn Mariano (3 days ago)
Already Watched this And I really Recommend this to everyone
Brd Dks (3 days ago)
Written in 1973. Well before Harry Potter.
Orestis lbs (4 days ago)
the theme for this trailer is the same one from asoue right?
lily girma (4 days ago)
I watched this movie today...it was an absolute abomination.
Joshay ッ (4 days ago)
What do you call a movie genre that gives you harry potter and a series of unfortunate events vibes like this?
Eivlem Gomez (5 days ago)
Song copied by Goosebumbps 2 Lolololololololololololololololololol
Eivlem Gomez (5 days ago)
Song copied by Goosebumbps 2 Lolololololololololololololololololol
Melchi Way Nadela (6 days ago)
Cate Blanchett role in this movie is a real Eclipsa Butterfly
Admiral Adonis (6 days ago)
i thought the house with a cock xd
virus vvvip (7 days ago)
it's wasting my money..
Yves michael valero (7 days ago)
when i see you i remember goosebumps
Mira Edora (7 days ago)
The clock was actually not in the house's WALLS
Common Crystal45937 (7 days ago)
This movie is Main of Goosebumps & Fantastic Beasts.
AngelHunter Wolf (7 days ago)
Great movie btw
Ransom Bartlett (7 days ago)
Good movie
Asif Adnan Hossain (7 days ago)
Cate Blanchett looks hot btw
josh jordan (7 days ago)
Helen Bell (8 days ago)
I want these removed from you tube unless I ask for them.
zjuchi (8 days ago)
Why didn't I even search the trailer 😂 this is good af I'm gonna watch it rn
TheWatchingEye (8 days ago)
That warlock is gonna dieeee, gonna run so fast out of slots
Ac Dc (8 days ago)
sorry to say but old concept like harry potter
Neil Mcintosh (8 days ago)
I only wish I was young enough to enjoy this movie. Sadly, I am 48 and I know that at my age now I won't enjoy it :{
Ohteacup (8 days ago)
i watched last night , this movie S u c k s !
anokha baptiste (9 days ago)
Teaching more witchcraft thru movies isn't good. There is a heaven and hell, a God, Jesus, angels, the devil and demons. New agers have had 'spirit guides' turn into demons so I pray ppl wake up to the reality behind exposure to these types of entities. This is not to instill fear, as Jesus conquered all that but it is to make you aware. His covering, once you believe, faith, makes the difference. Be careful loves. God loves you, educate yourselves on the truth Behind the spirit realm so you won't be vulnerable
Trebor Treborević (9 days ago)
Not for kid, not funny...too bad
Luqman Mustaqiem (9 days ago)
Too many plot hole in this movie
hania malik (9 days ago)
so is this harry potter netflix version
Lei Balanay (11 days ago)
can anyone tell me what is that toy called? the one his parents gave to him
Himalaya face wash (11 days ago)
Hated everything about Lewis. I wanted to strangle the fuck out of that kid
verzurhs nn (11 days ago)
U know what...that kid really annoyed af....he scream like retard!
Mickeyboy (11 days ago)
The boy is over acting.
Tathagata (12 days ago)
Ok... Jack Black And Fantasy Movies.... looks *WICKED*
maman Loy (12 days ago)
not bad this movie..
ronelo nilo (12 days ago)
is that dylan minnette? haha! kidding.
anitabiba6 (12 days ago)
was this a summary of the whole movie?
Hamizan Hasan (12 days ago)
1/10...that boy sucks, cant even scream properly...his scripts/dialogue make me want to puke especially when he try to cast magic with that 8 Ball (he looks idiot/pathetic with that acting)..i mean, who the F casting a spell by reading verb from dictionary??This is wasting my time, too much Nonsense...he is good in Daddy's Home but not in this...the boy ruin the whole movie..>.>
AngelHunter Wolf (12 days ago)
alex smith (12 days ago)
Am i the only one falling in love with owen?😙😍😍
Veronica L (13 days ago)
The movie was too weak for that kid's acting. It didn't have enough emotion in it, nor story. It is Nickelodeon standards. That kid needs something stronger.
zone8848 (13 days ago)
tell me the whole story in youtube! please~~~~
nrrd edxa (13 days ago)
the beginning of the trailer is like Hagrid and Harry. This gives me Harry Potter vibes
Rika Yuliana (13 days ago)
Why he looks like Dylan Minette😁
SneakGaming X (13 days ago)
The kid reminds me of dylan minnette
Zexen Man (13 days ago)
Just watched it. Totally disappointed with the plot story. The ideas was okay and the actors were the one that makes this movie alive.
XoX Oxo (13 days ago)
Ace SC (14 days ago)
Lewis is the only reason I wouldnt recommend people to watch this movie. That character is frustrating........ :@
Imaad Bawazir (14 days ago)
This is actually a great movie
TheDudeGuy (14 days ago)
Damn, Leonardo diCaprio looks so good in this movie😍💕
you will be triggered (14 days ago)
But I only wanted to watch Lion King
Samuel Chinedu (14 days ago)
The entire movie in less than 3 minutes.
Austin Rich (14 days ago)
to be fair it wasent a bad movie for a kids movie and it was eli roth directing a damn kids movie it had to be kinda hard. i do think jack black saved this film at times
TheRadzman (14 days ago)
J. Black is warlock haha.. Nephews usenecro bring back death but able stop watch before restard time..
fir dany (15 days ago)
Andddddd i already can predict the plot
Devil Dope (15 days ago)
Is that Hela, miss her ^_^
John Kaempfert cabahug (15 days ago)
I watched because of the Baby Boy😂😂
Mariocco Argi (15 days ago)
Amazing great movie. Very very good job and actors. Fantastic scenario
sya lala (16 days ago)
Done watched it 😍
Muh Ahsan (16 days ago)
Is that HELA? The goddest of death? Oh my god😱😱
Krish (17 days ago)
Such a stupid movie story sucks so much and that dumb boy role is so terrible
William Smith (17 days ago)
Does everyone agree that this 🎥 should've been PG-13 than PG?
Teddy Irawan (18 days ago)
Full movie on http://bit.ly/Dunia21
La Mono (18 days ago)
Harry Potter is a wise smart kid , Lewis is so annoying that makes me so difficult to like this movie .
Who wants the full movie link? Just like my comment
AndroRadityatama Music (19 days ago)
Ok gua mau nonton ini sekarang, jgn di ganggu yah
Umi Vasquez (19 days ago)
І'vе wаtсhеd уеstеrdау іn full НD quаlіtу аt thіs wеbsіtе: *рlushd. іnfо*
Rak A (13 days ago)
+jack ripper why
jack ripper (14 days ago)
I watched your mum doing HD porn. Save your bullshit site crap, no one cares.
Jamaya Kelly (20 days ago)
This movie good
Daniel Eric (20 days ago)
Cabbage Soy (22 days ago)
I watched this andddd this is the best movie I have ever watched in my life
Jeff Felman (23 days ago)
Ha ha ha
juanio (24 days ago)
This is not a kid movie! It’s filled with satanic symbolism and rituals. My daughter and I walked out half way through it.
tarkineWild (19 days ago)
Must have been a long walk back to the dark ages?
snow white (26 days ago)
Who noticed that little boy looks just like DYLan Minette from 13 reasons why.but in the younger version lool 😆😆
Gacha Coco (26 days ago)
I watched .
w.y C (29 days ago)
That little boy look like young "John Wick 😂
Ali 1798 (29 days ago)
From *Hostel* and *The Green Inferno* into a fantasy children movie ??? Damn.. Eli Roth must’ve tired of making brutal movies, right now. And thanks Eli Roth for making Cate Blanchett survived at the end of the movie 😊💪
Hannah (1 month ago)
Cate Blanchett ? I‘m dying she looks beautifuls!!!
German Vox (1 month ago)
A House with a Cock in its Balls
Lana Petranova (1 month ago)
I even have a novel about this movie
Ella G (1 month ago)
I'm glad I didn't watch this trailer before the movie, it totally would've given away everything.
Mugman the mug (1 month ago)
irene evita (1 month ago)
Wawww really wanna watch this.. waitin it'll come in my country indonesia *^*
A Random Hat (1 month ago)
Just came back watching its a very understandable movie
reyansh Pandit (1 month ago)
Anyone tell me the link to download this movie please
Purple Blue (1 month ago)
It reeks of Harry Potter.
Ruby Tube gaming (1 month ago)
I am watching it, bc jack black and the boy that is in daddy’s home is in it lol
Orestis lbs (1 month ago)
looks like harry potter, hugo, and a series of unfortunate events all at one.
Zetron _ (1 month ago)
i watched this its brilliant 10/10
King Escanor (1 month ago)
I am hooked into this
Becca Smith (1 month ago)
I just saw this movie on Sunday definitely not for little kids but definitely worth seeing it was great!
Chowder fan 2.0 (1 month ago)
This movie suck it my opinion
emmatahot (1 month ago)
Jack Black....i'm on my way 🤓🤓🤓🤓
Free Cartoons (1 month ago)
1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 mother fucker
MadJackal 95 (1 month ago)
Que bosta.....
Gordon126 (1 month ago)
I have a game called king kong and the boys uncle is there!!!!!!

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