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T H E M Totally Hidden Extreme Magic episode 2

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"T.H.E.M." was a short-lived TV series. On the show, a gang of street magicians set up various scenarios to lure unsuspecting targets. After the team bewildered their victims, they would reveal themselves to the target as one of T.H.E.M.
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Bevis Cumia (5 years ago)
I'm one of THEM!!!.. "Terrible Hollywood Example of Manure"... or "Totally Halt Everything Magic, from being green lighted" "This Hogwash Explains Most of these shit reality/magic shows" or "These Hacks Exploit Magic" "Total Helpless Exploitation of Morons"  I could go all day this is a shit show. 
Bevis Cumia (5 years ago)
I'm 5min in what a piece of shit.  Presentation is everything New Hires? WTF
Bryan Miles (5 years ago)
shot for posting this buddy! This was a great series! Keep it up!

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