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My OCD (Song)

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A song about making things right. iTUNES: http://bit.ly/MyOCDsong NOTE: We understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly affects the lives of millions of people (including Rhett's wife). This song is not intended to make fun of people with OCD, but rather to demonstrate and poke fun at the tendency of so many people to point out things that are off-center, off-balance, etc. and say "It's driving my OCD crazy!" We have an extensive discussion about this very thing, as well as what OCD really is, on this episode of Good Mythical Morning: http://youtu.be/-1QeJAmpvGk Thanks - R&L Click CC for lyrics. RhettAndLINKS- FACEBOOK! http://facebook.com/rhettandlink TWITTER! http://twitter.com/rhettandlink TUMBLR! http://rhettandlink.tumblr.com/ GOOGLE PLUS! https://plus.google.com/+rhettandlinkk FORUM! http://bit.ly/rlkommunity CREDITS- Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link Music Production by: Mark Byers Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck Edited by: Benjamin Eck ADDITIONAL CAST: Yo Frank as "Sideburns Dude" ADDITIONAL CREW: AD: Stevie Wynne Levine Production/Prop Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley Prop Design: Cassie Cobb AC: Peter Mares Gaffer: Todd Bishop Key Grip: Andrew Kowalski Audio: Rich Gavin PA: Chris Frederick PA: Alexander Punch Production Intern: Chase Hilt
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Text Comments (71527)
hanaeltamamy (1 hour ago)
I remember watching this when i was so little and omg I don't know how but i still remember al the lyricss
Push Beanz (8 hours ago)
3:48 👌
SavageUnicorn Gaming (11 hours ago)
My brother has ocd and I do to
Lily G (13 hours ago)
Link actually has quite a nice singing voice
Chicken Lord (13 hours ago)
1:42 did you guys get that pizza from chuck e cheese
SeanGreg (15 hours ago)
1:42 Chuck E Cheese
Luna Gamer (19 hours ago)
1:22 Is when the music starts. Well, basically anyway.
Hannah Kylie (22 hours ago)
I have OCD, did they make this because Link does too?
Ola Was Here (1 day ago)
This is actually a bop tho😂
Layla Taylor (1 day ago)
It has such a catchy beat to it that it sounds like a real song by a real artist
Layla Taylor (1 day ago)
Little Thrasher (1 day ago)
See!! This is what I deal with, my ocd hurts
Little Thrasher (14 hours ago)
Naomi Blackford, CORRECT👏👏
Naomi Blackford (15 hours ago)
YES. My friends don't get why this bothers me so much.
Fish For Life (1 day ago)
Is somthing wrong with me but most of these things dont bother me
queen Mouse (1 day ago)
Catchy song
Itsme Zippy (1 day ago)
Make a pt 2
Sophia .R (1 day ago)
The irony is this song is more like me than my best mate. She’s OCD. I’m ADHD. Still love it though
Jacyra Mcclatcher (1 day ago)
I’m sure I don’t have ocd but everything in this video bothered me 😂
Amazing song
OK I got annoyed by everything in this vid and stuff like this happens to me like if the answer to a sum is Un even it will trigger me so I guess I have ocd
EdlightTerati #224 (1 day ago)
We should be impressed by how amazing people with OCD can do such work without feeling that the time is wasted. (cool.
Jack Denners (1 day ago)
This is an actual behavioural treatment for phobias Its called flooding
1:27 is when music starts.
Marine Fantasy Art (1 day ago)
Cj Gutierrez (2 days ago)
If he created us were all the same:looks,height,weight,name, personality,identity
vincent nguyen (2 days ago)
I got to make things riiiiigjt Deletes Tserie
Aspyn W (2 days ago)
More adventures in random videos YouTube recommends despite being several years old😂 But in all seriousness, this came out 5 years ago but it’s still a bop. And also I remember back when everyone was all angry saying this isn’t what OCD is, like read the freaking description 😂 To be even more serious I don’t have OCD but lately I’ve gotten more respect for people with the disorder. I have a few minor compulsions and it’s not remotely debilitating but it’s awful. For anyone that has to deal with OCD, I have so much respect for you I can’t even imagine how awful it can be.
TA3_ Clan (2 days ago)
I have ocd that hurts
Robertas Trumpauskas (2 days ago)
I dont give a damn about toilet papers pizzas or wrong end opend bags etc BUT UNSOLVED RUBIKS CUBE THAT WHAT MAKES ME ANGRY
Boi Lookin like (2 days ago)
I have OCD just like my mum- AHHhh I NEED TO FIX MUM TO MOM!!!!!!!!
This is my fave song now
Angel mpzi (2 days ago)
I dont feel so well
Chance Seiber (2 days ago)
I feel u man i have ocd
Ashanta Wilson (2 days ago)
Unequal pizza slices *chuck e cheese leaves the chat*
Please make the video 2 seconds longer thanks...
GrimReaper 2906 (2 days ago)
I have OCD and this video made me mental
miracle smith (2 days ago)
I have OCD
Sushi main (2 days ago)
that must have been the most satistfying video to make EVER.
Bridgit Hill (2 days ago)
This is exposure therapy
Krazy Kat (2 days ago)
I have OCD
Zokiazaa (3 days ago)
Heartless OCD!
Akward (3 days ago)
Okay so this song just started playing in my head today and I realized how long it had been since I had listening to it and wowza I still remember all the words.
Jared Canter (3 days ago)
This song gets my struggle
Sienna Maring (3 days ago)
ok, now i know i have ocd
dying whale (3 days ago)
Friik your ocD,
Elena Pemberton (3 days ago)
I have never been diagnosed with OCD but there were so many things out of order! I was screaming at him to fix them 😂
Dani Clam (3 days ago)
This ENTIRE song is me!
Velvet The Wolf (3 days ago)
Thanks for letting me know that I have OCD.
Jason Privee (3 days ago)
What about the fire extinguisher at the beginning of the video, it also needs to be fixed, not hanging on the wall straight.
ThAsian1sout m (3 days ago)
dude when Rhett bit the gum like that, I LEGIT GOT TRIGGERED
AHouse43 43HouseA (3 days ago)
That was an awesome video I would have done the same thing to the r in enter the picture frame the pizza the rest of the stuff I was fine with I'd have just flipped the bubble tape gum upside down and pushed it down a little.
Jeremy Mizer (3 days ago)
Make it the way it's spost to be it's my ocd
Emoji Gamer (3 days ago)
1:40 did ya get that from chuck e cheese
Ally R (3 days ago)
Damn it really been five years
Sofia Gabriel (3 days ago)
1:36 what vertigo feels like
Who’s Cody (3 days ago)
Does it bother anyone else that the L’s in the alphabet soup are backwards
Who’s Cody (3 days ago)
Nvm they aren’t Ls
Mia Poole (3 days ago)
When he bit the hubba bubba gum I cringed SO hard
Rozalka Białas (3 days ago)
I have half OCD this video annoys me but I'm too lazy to make everything perfect
Neel Prakash (3 days ago)
Anybody from 2019!?
kilkiller (3 days ago)
I dont know why i watched this when i have extreme ocd
Shannon Wakefield (3 days ago)
Starts at 1:28
Peytton Setu (4 days ago)
who else wants to fix the things link fixed no? okay
Georgie Xx (4 days ago)
I defiantly don’t have OCD but these things annoy me so much
Syazwi Adani (4 days ago)
XWarriors X (4 days ago)
I think I have OCD
Irene.Drawz. Trash (4 days ago)
ABCDEFG I have major OCD that’s my song!
Casual Walrus (4 days ago)
This hurt me
Buggy610 (4 days ago)
I felt this on a spiritual level.
Bella Robertson (4 days ago)
"Unequal pizza slices" *Chuck e cheese has entered the chat *
MgSpRaYz (4 days ago)
Almost forgot to watch today
ninjacat king (1 day ago)
Who is here in 2019 in April and still listening
ninjacat king (7 hours ago)
Thank you all for the likes!
Aspen Draws too much (4 days ago)
When link put his head up I thought he was gonna say, Now i need to fix you I need help
enj johnson (4 days ago)
Having OCD and watching this is really funny because I get where most if these behaviors and compulsions come from
Blood_ gg (4 days ago)
Google askew You’re welcome
Vsauce666 (4 days ago)
*Perfectly balanced...* *As all things should be.*
Shushy Art (2 days ago)
Cough cough my grades
Katie Cat (5 days ago)
Dont mind me, just passing through on my trip down memory lane. Next stop "Viral Song".
Jackson Noel Peisley (5 days ago)
No. One. Care. About . What. Year. You. Posted. This. Posted in 2019
Green Nature (5 days ago)
if you make it 1.5 speed the song just changed
Orange Lemonade (5 days ago)
Me tho
Maverick Piper (5 days ago)
Can I plz get 1 like 👍 for every time someone in the comments roasts Chuckie Cheese? BTW I went to Chuckie Cheese once. I never went back.
Eliana Maya (5 days ago)
I have OCD and this video doesn’t bother me at all lmao 😂
RNG Pandas Hyper (5 days ago)
Whys is this in my rec four years later
Elsa Borell (5 days ago)
I cringed
I'm relating too hard
Spill.That.Coffee (5 days ago)
Oh my..why did this come up on my recommend after 4 years??? btw I have OCD ✌️
Simply Megan (5 days ago)
I must be insane because none of these bothered me
ThePugLord (5 days ago)
5 years later... I can still sing with the song without listening to it since then..
Nintendo- Broccoli (1 day ago)
ThePugLord me too
Chance Seiber (2 days ago)
Meh 2 lol
Lets Do THIS Yeah (5 days ago)
Where was this filmed
ツSpinixYT (5 days ago)
ツSpinixYT (5 days ago)
This video is torture
DeerCoco Letters (5 days ago)
I think i have ocd cuz every night i check if the door is locked and i lock it if its not cuz im scared somebody will enter so yeh (Is it ocd or...)
paranoia is scary lol at least to me :/
Layla Warman (5 days ago)
You’re welcome
DeerCoco Letters (5 days ago)
+Layla Warman oh ok thx
Layla Warman (5 days ago)
No it’s not that is paranoia
Supertobes (6 days ago)
Xmdkxidmspdks sisemsjsisjmwowspidmwoxsmsskx I don’t know if I have ocd but everything in here annoys me soooo much!
KYF tube (6 days ago)
1:27 the song
Unicorn norsk gaming (6 days ago)
1 hour version plz its my ocd
Quantum (6 days ago)
I refuse to accept this was 5 years ago
Flyingpig Arts (6 days ago)
I don't have cod but the way he took a huge bite out of the hubba Babba was just wronge
Tom Dret (6 days ago)
I don’t have OCD but that chips and gum was bothering me
Frienimals Club (6 days ago)
This is so relatable and I don’t have OCD (so don’t come for me). Here are some things I do: - I won’t get out of bed, no matter how late I may be, unless the minute hand is on any factor of five - I sometimes get these awful urges to stab myself (I’m crazy, I know) or to jump off my balcony and I don’t have depression nor do I want to die - I always align my papers and pencils in exact positions and all my friends get mad and mess it up which really bothers me - I need to get off my bed on the right side every morning - if I don’t write a letter or a sentence neatly, no matter what time or situation I’m in, I will find a way to rewrite it better - this doesn’t have anything to do with OCD I think, but I can’t control my thoughts unless it’s silent and I close my eyes really tight (if you asked me to imagine an apple, I’d imagine the most plain apple and then all of a sudden, without any control, my mind would zoom around and I’d think of butterflies drinking juice while sailing in boats or something random like that) Ya it’s weird but I was never diagnosed with OCD.
Unicorn Squad (6 days ago)
Who else doesn’t care about what’s happening and listening to the catchy song?
This song makes me sad near the end idk why
Beast Gamer 101 (3 days ago)
DrDerpyHD /Crap Videos same
mira mira (6 days ago)
This things makes me f angry

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