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How to Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed! Step by Step Tutorial

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Hi guys! In this video tutorial I show you step by step, how to create a shoppable Instagram feed and enable product tagging on your account. This feature is a must-have for all product sellers! 🛍 #shoppableinstagram #shoppingoninstagram #makemoneyoninstagram The written version of this tutorial can be found on my blog (along with many other insta-related articles!) here: https://alextooby.com/shoppable-instagram-feed ________________________ RESOURCES: 🎁 FREE Instagram Course (build a solid foundation & set yourself up for long-term success): https://alextooby.com/iga #️⃣ HASHTAG Course (beat the algorithm & increase your engagement with hashtags): http://hashtagherocourse.com 💰 GROWTH Course (build a targeted, engaged & profitable following with ease): http://infamoustoinfluential.com 📖 BLOG: https://alextooby.com/instagram-blog ________________________ SOCIAL: 📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/instawithalex 👤Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/makemoneyoninsta 🐧Twitter: https://twitter.com/instawithalex 📌Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/instawithalex 🔗Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alextooby ________________________
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Text Comments (422)
Ferry Jainathsingh (12 hours ago)
Loved the video! Does facebook / instagram charges money when somebody clicks on the tagged pictures?
Alex Tooby (8 hours ago)
Thanks! Nope, it's free to use unless you're paying for an ad
Hello. My Instagram account is approved for shopping but I cannot enable it. I can't find the shopping option on my Instagram app. I am confused. Although I have the latest version of IG.
jerry deleon (1 day ago)
Hi, have two business that i was able to convert to google shopping and have made sales.. Thank you. I have another one @shopvillehg that i have admin and is under my FB business manger account, but when i go to linked account i receive message 'wrong account linked" the FB account your logged into isn't linked.... i have logged out of all FB account and then logged back into each one but no luck and ray of sunshine would be great , but thank you for helping me turn the other two accounts in to shopable accounts.
LMNK (1 day ago)
Hi. I've added products on Facebook but only 2 of them show up in the shop. When I go to "manage shop" I see them all there... how can I get my other products to show up?
Velma Hardy (3 days ago)
I dont see the shopping tab
More Than Beauty (3 days ago)
Is it neccessary to add your address? I don't want this to be public.
Alex Tooby (2 days ago)
You will need to use your business address
Jaime Banda (4 days ago)
So helpful. Thanks Alex!!
Alex Tooby (4 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Jaime!
Laura McDonald (5 days ago)
trying to follow these steps but I don't have a "shopping" option under my business settings for Instagram. Followed all the previous steps. What should I do? I'm Canadian too, does that matter?
Diane Owen (7 days ago)
I have been following yours and others for what seems like eternity ive done everything and still my insta page is not shoppable, why is it so easy for some and not others, i really need this and its driving me nuts, very unfair that it is being made available to some and not others and also making it complicated, they could at least have online help or something on our page to say its in the process of being approved......
Alex Tooby (7 days ago)
I totally understand your frustration, Diane. Their approval processes are so vague and it's nearly impossible to reach them for support. How long ago did you set up your shop?
Jena Voth (7 days ago)
Setting up my shop and there is no option to “check out on another website”. The ONLY way is to sell through Facebook. Has FB dropped the option to check out on another website so that a customer can only check on FB? I am in the US.
FC7 (8 days ago)
Alex Tooby (8 days ago)
I see that they've included Ireland in their approved markets so that wouldn't be it. If you followed all of the steps are you've yet to be approved, you just need to wait it out - it can take days or weeks.
Oben decree (8 days ago)
iwas bout done watching the video then boom a cat....
Alex Tooby (8 days ago)
Haha yeah, surprise!
Bog Street (9 days ago)
Love the cameo appearance from the cat. Good info - thanks for making the video
Alex Tooby (8 days ago)
She keeps things interesting! Glad you liked the video :)
Jordan Sloan (9 days ago)
Hi can you add a shop tag to existing post
Nana Ofosu-Twum (10 days ago)
please how do you get images of your items been used (aside your doing a personal photography) so as to enable product tagging.
Nana Ofosu-Twum (10 days ago)
Thank you
Alex Tooby (10 days ago)
You can only tag product images on your own account
TeaTime With Mrs.T (11 days ago)
This was so helpful!!!!!! Thank you
Alex Tooby (10 days ago)
So glad! :-)
Zizi Bressa (11 days ago)
Excellent tutorial. You go directly to the point. Thanks
Alex Tooby (11 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Zizi!
Tatiana Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Alex thank you so much for creating this video. I been trying to create a shop for my business account for weeks! not even Facebook was able to help me. I been exchanging emails with them for days and they just forward me to other links; totally useless that facebook department. But I encounter a little trouble, I am trying your method; but the link takes me to Facebook shop instead of my website. please advice. Once again, thanks much
crypto currbit (13 days ago)
but I always get this message with zero explanation! There was an issue processing your request. Please try again.
Alex Tooby (11 days ago)
During which part of the process do you receive that error message?
Hanifah Walidah (14 days ago)
you are my hero! you are so precise with your tutorial. no fluff, just information. Thank you. you are my instagram google of sorts.
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
That made my day! Thank you!
Luciana Wraae (15 days ago)
so you NEED to subscribe e-commerce website like shopify/woocommerce etc.. right? What about Square space? do they offer this as well?
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
I believe Squarespace has their own ecommerce platform, yes
David Casalaspro (21 days ago)
Super awesome video!! Thanks!
Alex Tooby (19 days ago)
Thank you for watching!
Jade Peplar (24 days ago)
I'm confused. So how do I ask for approval? Or will instagram automatically pick up the facebook products and give me approval? Thanks..
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
If you follow the steps until the end, you won't have to do anything else
KOMOLAB (25 days ago)
"Check out on another website" is not offered anymore. It seems like Facebook may have gotten rid of that option so that orders must go through them so they'll get a commission. Am I wrong about this!??!?
lifetoptr (25 days ago)
Forgot everything when the cat appeared
Alex Tooby (19 days ago)
Chasnie Faith (26 days ago)
do you have to have a facebook to use this feature
Chasnie Faith (4 days ago)
+Alex Tooby Thank you Hun
Alex Tooby (19 days ago)
Yes you do
80sbabywild (27 days ago)
When I’m adding a product the checkout url options is not available. I tried using shop my page and added a link. Neither have me the url option when I went to add a product...
Vladimir Gorbatyuk (28 days ago)
Thank's for good information.
Alex Tooby (19 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Aiga Beinaroviča (30 days ago)
Hi, I am trying to log in instagram it automatically log me in my personal account, but I need to linkt it with my business account. There is no option to login manually :( can you please help me?
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
You will have to change the linked accounts in your settings
swaggqueen256 (30 days ago)
Do you need to have a Facebook Shop or is there a way to tie it directly to your website?
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
You will need to have a Facebook shop, but you can choose "checkout on website" as your preferred checkout method
Victor Tran (1 month ago)
Hi Alex! This is a great video. Thanks for the content! If you don't mind me asking, how were you able to make the recording show with the iphone? Recording part is easy, but not sure how were you able to use the recording and layer that in with the iphone. Thanks!
Hello Alex!! Your video was perfect!! I would like to ask you a question..How can i integrate my eshop to facebook? I search for video as you said on your video but i didn;t find anything. Can you help me??
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Thank you! You have to manually add the products to your Facebook shop, but you can choose "checkout on website" so that it takes them right to your site to check out
Larry Hughes Jr. (1 month ago)
Great video!
Alex Tooby (19 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Kala’s Things (1 month ago)
Does Facebook or instagram take any percentage of your sales?
Kala’s Things (15 days ago)
Wow! I definitely need to get onboard with this then! Thank you sooo much for the amazing video!
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
AntonioKowatsch (1 month ago)
I'm having a really hard time creating a second Instagram account. Whether I try it on my smartphone or on my laptop. I keep getting errors that prevent me from creating one.
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
+AntonioKowatsch I have a blog on what to do if you've been shadowbanned: https://alextooby.com/instagram-shadowban/
AntonioKowatsch (26 days ago)
+Mahdeo Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it. Is there a way to find out if you're shadow-banned? I'm kind of new to this (my account was hacked recently so I had to change my password because of that incident)
Mahdeo (26 days ago)
you might be shadow banned and if u discovered u are, back up all your photos, completely reset your phone, and also before signing in on your smartphone again, completely reset and clear all data from any browsers that have your login information saved.
swaggqueen256 (30 days ago)
Are you using a different email for the second account?
Andrea Stanton (1 month ago)
Great Video! Thanks
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Thank you!
Surferzy (1 month ago)
Thanks! It was very helpful! I followed along and it worked like a charm ❤️
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
So glad to hear it! :)
rich'e shoppe (1 month ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. Just want to ask what are the selling charges on these two platforms. How does it work? Thank you. Appreciate you reply.
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
No charge!
Keyur Bhesania (1 month ago)
I am from India but my Market is US! ( society 6 &displate) how can I get that option?
Alex Tooby (2 days ago)
Check out my course to help you with this! :) https://infamoustoinfluential.com/
Keyur Bhesania (14 days ago)
+Alex Tooby hi, I have received feature recently, now working on growing Instagram followers, any tips?
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Your business has to be located in one of the approved countries
Martine Holierhoek (1 month ago)
I have already been approved, but my catalogue does not show up on Instagram. What am I doing wrong? I followed all the steps, but it can't seem to find my shop. So frustrating!
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
That's odd! If you followed all the steps but it's still not coming up, I'd contact Instagram support and let them know. You can try logging out and uninstalling the app too
Fides Rex (1 month ago)
I'm getting a "There was an issue processing your request. Please try again." when trying to add the button
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Did you ever get it to work?
Zài Kadri (1 month ago)
Thank you... and I think you’re super sweet... love the cat
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Haha, thank you!
Violet Coto (1 month ago)
Thank you SO much for these instructions. I've looked over and over the Shop button on FB, but each time it keeps asking me for my SSN. I refuse to add it, or my bank account info as I have been a victim of ID theft twice already.... is there any way to bypass this and still have the the opportunity to get IG products linked to my website/shop? Thx
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Unfortunately no, that is a required step to verify the legitimacy of your operations. You can try to contact them and see if you can submit a different form of ID, but there's no guarantee they'll get back to you
Apocryypha (1 month ago)
Do you run Facebook or Instagram ads with the 6 products that you have? I only have like 10 original designs but didn't think it was enough to start a campaign. Thanks
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
You can definitely run a campaign!
Michael Accorsi (1 month ago)
Very helpful, thanks! This isn't easy... waiting now, but feel like I should get a diploma or something after working on it. Phew!
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Yeah it's quite a lengthy process! Thanks for watching!
Siu Boon Tan (1 month ago)
Hi, I'm based in Singapore, do you know how to set up instagram shopping in singapore? it says that instagram only works with managed partners in the APAC region
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
It should be available to you. According to Instagram's website it's available in Singapore. Might want to give it another shot
thanx for your tuto so its impossible to automatic post on insta ?i need every time to have pictures of my product in my phone ? its strange no ?
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Yeah, you can autopost a photo but you'll have to manually add the shopping tags once you've been approved for Instagram shopping
Michael Noeltner (1 month ago)
Which plugin did you use on woocommerce to transfer your items from your website to your facebook shop page?
Anime Joker (1 month ago)
Just a question can I do dropshipping On the Facebook shop
sami esteres (1 month ago)
i did all the settings, making catalog and etc.. i waited about 1 month! there isnt any changes the tagging feature didn't appear on my Instagram settings.. why? help me
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
+sami esteres Sometimes it takes forever for Instagram to approve your shop. Just have to be patient! You can always try contacting them but they aren't known for great customer service
sami esteres (1 month ago)
i sell roses on my business page
sami esteres (1 month ago)
and i linked my facebook and Instagram page....both of them
muddymc (1 month ago)
Can you migrate eBay items you have for sale?
Debby Vd plas (1 month ago)
I can’t select my page when i connect to facebook, please help
Debby Vd plas (13 days ago)
Alex Tooby i fixed it, idk how tbh
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
What happens when you try?
Lucy (1 month ago)
So you have to have a web site or shopify store to connect to?
Vixen Dream (2 months ago)
Is everybody entering their social security number when fb asks for it when setting up the shop or am i just doing it wrong? Im not sure i trust fb with my social
Afranur Eren (2 months ago)
Hey please make video with your cute cat :)
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
The cats make in appearance in most of my videos! :)
Do4Self Music.com (2 months ago)
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
You're welcome!
Nuri Durr (2 months ago)
Can this be integrated with a big cartel shop?
augusto portela (2 months ago)
Great video, thank you very much!
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
You're welcome! Thanks for watching!
Shanteria Glanton (2 months ago)
Why it doesn’t give me the option to “select my checkout method”
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Not sure why - it should!
Theresa Abner (2 months ago)
Hello, is the shop tab on the left hand side the same as the shop tab in the upper right corner under the cover photo? I have followed every step and it is not working.
Paula Epelbaum (2 months ago)
What If i have no "Shopping" on instagram?
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Did you follow the steps in the video? If you did, you might not be approved yet
stav katz (2 months ago)
hii i have a clothing store with a facebook catalog but instagram dont approve me on the upp for shop . why?
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Not sure! Sometimes their lack of reasoning can be frustrating. :(
Anushree Gattani (2 months ago)
I am not from the countries you mentioned. Can i use VPN? lol 😛
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Unfortunately not for this!
Juan Pablo Murcia (1 month ago)
Hi did you solve the problem? In my country I can't. I tried with VPN but I couldn't Let me know!
Rory Garvey (2 months ago)
Can I add a product tag on a old post editting it ???
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
You should be able to!
noman rashid (2 months ago)
hello i can't find shopping tab in my instagram business setting
Nandi Collector (2 months ago)
Hi Alex, I have done everything as you said but unfortunately the SHOP button doesn't show on my Instagram profile. Can anyone help me?
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
You might not be approved yet
D ikki (2 months ago)
Finally found a good video. Great tips.
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Thank you!
marina hongo (2 months ago)
Hi Can you tell me how to set up the return policy ?
Irina Budi (2 months ago)
FUCKING THUMBS UP FOR YOU !!!! for mentioning the counties at the beginning of the video, cause I've been waisting my time (my country wasn't included) and NO other YouTube mentioned that only a handful of counties could use this
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Ah, I felt that it was important so I'm not wasting anyone's time if they don't have the option yet! Thanks for watching!
English Suggesion (2 months ago)
Many days past but no shop tab in Instagram. Please help me
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
It can take a while for them to approve your shop
Jessi Wagner (2 months ago)
Hey there! I've tried your tutorial (others in the past as well) but I have a Nonprofit page and for some reason, I'm having trouble adding our shop to the page. I try to change the button from "donate" to "shop" to see if the shop tab shows up in the left-hand side, but it doesn't. Is there a reason why?
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
+Jessi Wagner Oh good, I'm glad you were able to work it out! :)
Jessi Wagner (2 months ago)
I have figured this out, thanks for the video as it helped me going in the right direction!!
Antonio Smalls (2 months ago)
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Yep, she typically does
Kramer McEleney (2 months ago)
Great video. Thanks.
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Awesome, thanks for watching!
Technical Haseeb (2 months ago)
Hello how are you 👍👍👍👍👍
Samantha Scott-White (2 months ago)
Hi, I have created the shop now button, but it is not coming up as Shop under Home?
Lmgera Naeava (2 months ago)
Amazing video!
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Thank you for watching!
Sid Divine (2 months ago)
You're Awesome!! And your cat :) Mine will so be doing the same thing when I start recording vids.
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
Aw, thanks! They are fun office companions :)
Coreanismo - Manu Gerino (2 months ago)
Thank you SO MUCH! It really helped me. <3
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
I'm so happy to hear that!
TheFoodLove3 (2 months ago)
I love you
Chey Ward (2 months ago)
Just wanted to say thanks for a super informative video and sharing your experiences. Two Thumbs Up : )
Alex Tooby (15 days ago)
I really appreciate that! Thank you!
G Squared (2 months ago)
7:20 In the new update, when you go to “business,” there’s no option that says shopping. Did they move it elsewhere?
G Squared (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for posting this!! Very helpful
Rafa's World (3 months ago)
1:07 yaasssss uk
Man of Letters (3 months ago)
when i click to add the shop button on my fb page i get an error message and cant move forward. woe is me...
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Hopefully this has worked itself out!
Erika Mahoney (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I created a FaceBook business account, now I'm waiting for being approved to sell, suppose takes 1-2 days
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
It can take a few weeks, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away!
Corenthin Lovero (3 months ago)
Hi Alex, Thanks a lot for the explanation! Just had a little question: is the order in which we proceed important ? For instance, if I first link my Facebook page to my Instagram account and then, at a second time, connect my Instagram account to my Facebook page, is it still working or not ? Thanks !
Todd Mitchell (3 months ago)
Men & Coffee lol
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Not sure what's funny about that?
Dear Alex. I am from India. This video is very important for me but I have not website so can I we make payments on Facebook ....? Plz reply
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
You can use your Facebook catalog
megcurry23 (3 months ago)
mine is saying wrong account linked, I have verified that my instagram account comes up . they were link about a year ago now they aren't . it says try logging into facebook again on instagram and it says share to and it says my name.i have tried unlink but nothing happens what ado I do
lili oco (3 months ago)
can you please explain the payment options then the others use buying my products and what about the shipping fee? how s it work tis part?
Luxsear Décors (3 months ago)
Your instruction is much easier. Thank you
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
So glad! Thanks for watching!
Rita Zee (3 months ago)
Love love love your video, very helpful. Thank you so much!!
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Yay! Thank you for watching!
Carlos Martins (3 months ago)
Thanks Alex and Boykie ^^ Exactly what I needed.. simple and with all steps well explained :) Cheers from Portugal
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Thanks, Carlos!
Dusty Cady (3 months ago)
Hey Alex - Thank you for the video! One question, if I want to run an ad and have the 'Shop Now' button at the bottom of the ad do I need to have a Shopify store in order to do that? Or do I just need to have it all set up like you described in this video and then I will be able to click 'Shop Now' as my action button? Thank you!
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
I think it all depends on your ad objective, but you should be able to choose "shop now" in any traffic or conversion objectives. Thanks for watching!
Preeti Singh (3 months ago)
Hi Alex, i am unable to connect / log in to instagram in the facebook page settings.. I tried to log in many times, but it just says try again... Do u know what i should do?
Erik Gatz (3 months ago)
Hey Alex, thank you for your in depth video tutorial. Im having issues adding products to my FB business page. I dont see how to do that. Ive created a product catalog on the business/facebook.com/products page, but no clue how to link the two. Also, in the "Shop" setup, do we have to input our banking info if we do not plan on using FB for merchant services? Id rather not if I dont need to. Sorry for the long post, I can link up with you over email if need be behind the scenes. Thanks
shellpaulette (3 months ago)
You are the bomb! thanks
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Aw, thank you!
Farhan Mike (3 months ago)
hi Alex , i didnt found the "Shopping" button in my "business setting" , how to get it ? i read the comment you said need to wait they approved first , but how to apply it ?
Zeba Layla (3 months ago)
when I go to my IG > settings> Business Settings > I don't have the Shopping tab why is that ??? please help
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
If you followed the steps until the end you may not be approved yet
Carl Mikal (3 months ago)
What if you are an affiliate, meaning you don’t sell, but only refer.
Alex Tooby (14 days ago)
Good question! If you don't directly sell the merchandise then unfortunately you can't use the shop feature

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