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Music from Warbringers: Jaina

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Text Comments (1938)
Ian Rosas (13 hours ago)
Kaizoku (20 hours ago)
For The Horde!!!!!!!! Sylvana's music is still better
Niklas Fernandes (1 day ago)
I dont normaly enjoy rock music! But wow.... this is awesome!!! Great job! Cheers from Denmark!
Abigail Simpson (1 day ago)
Does anyone come back here after a long time of listening to covers of this?
IzayoiSakuya (1 day ago)
Now i really feel bad for killing the admiral
Poutou Coproducteur (1 day ago)
Yaaaaaay ! The music alone !!! Awesome !
activedino (1 day ago)
beware beware the dragonborn comes
diArcipE (1 day ago)
Always thought it was "But when he faced those savage Hordes", always made me Lok'thar ogar!
dylun r (1 day ago)
She wanted to preserve peace and Kul'Tiras spat on her for it. Death to the Alliance Imperialists and death to Kul'Tiras.
Wynn North (2 days ago)
This makes my baby stop crying
First listening : This is not azshara shame on you blizzaaaaaard !!!!!!! Second listening : ....but the song is pretty cool Tenth listening : WHYYYYY THIIIS WHYYYYY THIIIS OOOOOOOOH DAUGHTER OF THE SEAAAAAAAA !!!!!!
Nice tune, was glad to finally listen to it without ambient cinematic sounds, too bad you added this stupid echo that destroys the experience... Unfortunately dislike though it won't matter much
Yosida Albina (2 days ago)
Cristian Quiroz (2 days ago)
I give it a 20 out of 10, because of this i love the warcraft universe!
Nicolas paz (3 days ago)
so much hype for a failed expansion...
Martaas (3 days ago)
This song sound better in french !
Richard Teng (3 days ago)
Laura Bailey should sing more sea shanty songs....it really suits her
Giorgos Venetis (3 days ago)
1:03 Chills through my spine
Irubak Peña Ramia (3 days ago)
Ruslan Abu Sneineh (5 days ago)
I have not played Warcraft since Cataclysm times, and I don't know much of story development since then. (Just some key points.) How come people are 'appropriating' Jaina for the Alliance? She's one of those characters like Thrall who did not really care about Alliance/Horde issue in its current form... o.o I haven't played Warcraft in a long while, and I still recall liking Jaina... but.. Lok'tar Ogar! My life for the Horde! You've got Jaina? We've got Elite Tauren Chieftain!
Jaraxlle (5 days ago)
Leaving this on repeat
Danny James (5 days ago)
warbringers thrall.........................
Grace Perez (5 days ago)
when ur friend passes u the aux cord
Stavros Sideris (5 days ago)
yo bizzz i know you love us but please give us a spotify version
Archa (5 days ago)
For the Horde ! Although, gotta admit, this song is awesome.
Solid Snake (5 days ago)
Please die jaine
ander dark (5 days ago)
on russian language is the best
Leo (5 days ago)
This song makes me cry A worried father going to rescue his daughter, praying and praying each night on his ship that she still drew breath and that the undead didn't killed her, but when she found her in the Founding of Durotar campaign his animosity forwards the horde overcame his judgement because of the atrocities the old Horde did durring warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness. His intentions where noble but his hatred got him in the end. You will be missed oh savior of Lordaeron Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmore of the Grand Alliance fleet! /salute
Houdhayfa Ben Khlil (5 days ago)
Those blue good for nothing who call themselves the alliance must be wiped out...Teldrassil is just the beginning....All Hail queen Sylvanas
Solid Shepard (5 days ago)
this is so sad. jaina has seen so much loss....her father....her love....her king...everything. oh how it could have all been different had Arthas lived and not been corrupted/been saved somehow.
ShadowWolfRising (5 days ago)
post the lyrics in description.
Nicole Bruce Art (5 days ago)
This is such an amazing song!
Асделин 598 (6 days ago)
Russian version is better.,,Лики войны: Джайна"
Meme Master (7 days ago)
Smithers Withers (7 days ago)
The hobbit dwarf song is on related suggestions, when I found this it was very weird cause it did come to mind of this song sounding very similar
rogerissimows (7 days ago)
"I am listening now... Father." - it's a shame Blizzard left out this brilliant, yet sad phrase. Laura Bailey's voice and tone, just gives me goosebumps.
PierrotBolnezify (8 days ago)
Peace is good right ? Wait till they nuke your home.
A70k (8 days ago)
Horde or alliance, gotta admit this is awesome.
Hunter Meredith (9 days ago)
Gheorghe Vasile (9 days ago)
I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea, The "OLD" voice warning me Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea Beware, beware..OF ME sooo N'zoth whispered to her?
Ailee Georsua (3 days ago)
It's her guilt lol
now i have the perfect ost to work on her Staff! Thanks XD
Game Runner (9 days ago)
Love Jaina voice.. Poor thing she will die in the end of BFA
Gold Brigitte (9 days ago)
Yes they officially published the music- *eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Queen Torres (9 days ago)
I’ll give it a *when will this be on apple music* / 10
Supernova12034 (10 days ago)
Eva Foxx (10 days ago)
I'm crying..
TheDrasgon (10 days ago)
Katherine did nothing wrong
Fellefan Foxjade (10 days ago)
put it up on spotify please ♥ edit: nvm, it's already on there o:
kevenrules (10 days ago)
god i love this
LOMAX7474 (10 days ago)
beware as the dragonborn comes *cough* still love it tho haha that voice is amazing
SleeplessShitposter (10 days ago)
> the old voice warning me > old voice > OLD yikes
Murray Fischer (11 days ago)
Why is this NOT on google play yet!?
Pablo Orta (11 days ago)
I'm a horde player but... dang this is a good song.
maria diamantakou (11 days ago)
we need this as itune plsssss
Hyena Print Studios (11 days ago)
I'm a Critter, Laura Bailey brought me here, Jaina kept me here
kiselbob (11 days ago)
I am playing Horde because of some friends and listen to this every day to soothe the ache in my Alliance heart.. Death to Sylvanas.
Dave Short (11 days ago)
I am aware of that. I was merely crushing your wish.
kiselbob (11 days ago)
It was a wish, not a prophesy
Dave Short (11 days ago)
Blizzard isn't going to kill her off like they did Garrosh. You can expect her to be Warchief for quite a while.
prog RQ (11 days ago)
Dammit Blizzard. You created a masterpiece.
Josh B (11 days ago)
For The Jaina!....erm...I mean Alliance!
supajasiu (12 days ago)
She should hang for her betrayal. "Oh no they all did it 2 themselves" Dailen proudmoor didn't force her to not get involved. She is a traitor and a kinslayer.
Megabrand (12 days ago)
If I were Jaina, I would think I should have not stop Archimonde back then.
Mountianman (12 days ago)
I'm not certain why... but this music, this song... has wrapped it's astounding tendrils around my brain. I cannot get it out of my head. I think Blizzard has resurrected the old gods and they have taken hold of my very being.
WhitemaneX X (12 days ago)
Jaina was actually the reason all Kul Tirans were not murdered like the vicious dogs they are. She knew they had no hope of victory against the Horde and the Stonemaul clan so she negotiated her father's life for the life of her men. Lok'tar O gar Alliance scum, plenty more where that came from.
James Tomlin (13 days ago)
_Why this? Why this, o' daughter of the sea?_ _Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?_ _Always the pride of our nation's eyes How could she go astray?_
Holyfiremolotov (13 days ago)
You good eggs! Thanks for uploading without the sound effects! :)
В британской версии, мореплаватели, похожи на юных ребят, которые лишь лишь сблизились с морем. В российской же версии, они похожи на старенькых моряков, повидавших немало чего ужасного. Это и отличает нашу версию, и английскую.
Riptide Gaming (13 days ago)
Say what you want about WoW, the factions, or each factions heroes. But Laura Bailey, is arguably the best voice at Blizzard's disposal. Second only to the tie of Glynnis Campbell and Tricia Helfer who voiced Sarah Kerrigan.
GamerBrosStudios (13 days ago)
The voice at 2:20 is great
Jon Ross (14 days ago)
I'm getting sooo addicted to this, and I just love Laura Bailey as the voice of Jaina <3
Sample Shrimp (14 days ago)
Reputations should be account wide
S1L3NTIGamer (14 days ago)
Can we take a moment to appreciate Laura Bailey’s amazing voice.
Dean Gullberry (14 days ago)
*Boosts Female Mage to 110*
Lacroix Gabriel (14 days ago)
quality / 20... facepalm
Taiji kun (14 days ago)
So sorry BLIZZARD but you have to do Themes like this for every Epic Charakter of WarCraft now!!!
utku koksal (15 days ago)
Daelin Proudmoore is /ourguy/
nae lix (15 days ago)
Less than league of legends' song !
Lixis (15 days ago)
I don’t like Jaina at all, like, I kind of hate her, but this was still amazing. The song is just so beautiful! 😍 Horde for life though
Dan Sagi (15 days ago)
My soul chills every time i listen to this...
Z Stefan (16 days ago)
Well, I almost forgave Admiral Proudmoore, though he wiped his board with me in Frozen Throne campaign...
Sunflower Bed (16 days ago)
kriho02 (14 days ago)
Sunflower Bed  haha np my friend :D
Sunflower Bed (14 days ago)
kriho02 thank you so much! I literally love you
kriho02 (14 days ago)
Warbringers: Jaina is the song, and its on an album called Battle For Azeroth: Warbringers (together with sylvanas music) or you can try search for the artists Neal Acree/ Logan Laflotte and see if u can find it from there. if u dont find it its probably not available in your country
Sunflower Bed (14 days ago)
kriho02 It’s not. Only a cover unless I simply can’t find it. Please direct me
kriho02 (14 days ago)
its already been there for some time now
Destin Brandis (16 days ago)
Valentin H (17 days ago)
I love the choir starting from 1:06 is there a longer Version of this Part by any Chance?
Xablau 301 (17 days ago)
What were the instruments used on that song?
Lu (18 days ago)
Amazing but the full video adds a lot more to the song.
Bojan Vukonić (18 days ago)
Best song BFA !
Lukáš Coufal (18 days ago)
Underp4ntz (18 days ago)
Why isn't this song included in the CE SoundTrack Download!?
joaquin salomone (18 days ago)
sarpado este war bringer. El mejor de todos
Sencer Coşkun (18 days ago)
I can't imagine Tarja Turunen singing this song for the female parts...
ZeDoctorful (19 days ago)
While I love this song, I think the lyrics at this one point of the song should be changed from "Enemies upon the rise" to "Foes upon the rise". It flows better.
Fiky (19 days ago)
Laura Bailey is so good <3
Daniel Lopes (19 days ago)
goosebumps everywhere .. this choir is incredible
Kastore (19 days ago)
I wanna become a Sailor to join this!!
Kastore (19 days ago)
I wanna become a Sailor man ti join this!!
Syndicate Gaming (19 days ago)
Guys I love this kind of songs I mean this koro(Sorry I dont know its English meaning) songs. Can you guys suggest songs like this ?
Sydala Tristan (19 days ago)
I love this song so much. I must've listen to it about 20 times already. Does anyone know if its available or if it will be available to download somewhere? I dont care if I have to pay for it!
Jade Dimmig (20 days ago)
i hope jaina proudmoore knows i love her
RizztTV (20 days ago)
Purging of stratholme The last admiral Hall of reflection The locket Why blizz ? al her want is to study ....
ratcut3 (18 days ago)
Hey, you forgot Theramore. Yeah, her life was so tragic. At this point, I don't know whether I want her to be a villain or for her to find a closure and peace (like Velen did at the end of Legion)
Antreas Christofi (20 days ago)
*For the alliance!!!*
Why it feels like I listen to blind guardian??

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