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SLAVE TO DESIRE ~ a sexy short film by Jeff Gallea (2009)

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Eric Wolfgang Neslon ~ Jinx Rachel Miles ~ Mika Susannah Jones ~ Susie Q Florence Tung ~ Frenchie Laura Contenscu ~ Lady in White Dru Delio ~ Mumbler Cello score - Rebekka Lien Written, Produced & Directed by Jeff Gallea 2009 synopsis: A character study of Jinx, a blue-collar leather worker who lives in a tent on the roof is lost boredom and psycho-sexual pursuit of a co-worker. In his simple life, Jinx grinds out studded belts in a leather work shop then grinds on Mika during his breaks, but his relationship with Mika is not enough. Jinx struts though his booze soaked world with bravado and confidence, only to be shot down by a high society girl who likes to slum it. Through her, Jinx see his sleazy true self and doesn't like what's in the mirror. A brief encounter with a vulnerable prostitute helps him to accept his grim reality. (notice: this film has a sexually suggestive and aggressive sex scene) Director Jeff Gallea (Buried In Tucson, Belt Slave) revisits some of the characters, themes and footage from his divisively misogynistic underground feature Belt Slave, to take a look at the thrilling, sad, and dark aspects of the male 'id' on the hunt for sex. Wolfgang Nelson gives us an intense and powerful performance as Jinx, a modern update on Stanley Kowalski.
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NIck Dauphinais (1 month ago)
This is amazing film good acting and everything else!!! Jeff is a film guru.
Totally not Vannessa (1 month ago)
FBI Ipend amazes mkzqsnzjkswnxuiwsnio
أبو عيون خضر (16 days ago)
Totally not Vannessa (1 month ago)
Gacha Cookiez (1 month ago)
Roses are red violets are blue the title is english so why arent you?¿
Pedro Paulo Veríssimo (1 month ago)
Não há nada de polêmico nesse vídeo, uma vez que nada é exibido, aliás o vídeo é bem FAKE
Siren thePSYCHO_WOLF (2 months ago)
1 like= God forgives us
elevenpond (2 months ago)
haha! exactly. now you get it
Amelia Valasunas (2 months ago)
i'm a freak (1 month ago)
Devon JOHNSON (4 months ago)
yummy nummy (4 months ago)
People do not watch this vids it will make you dirty minded
Alysha Wang (2 months ago)
myrae stands I already am
Mica Bornas (4 months ago)
1 like 1 million beach
fei lana (5 months ago)
Ave'ana kimbro (6 months ago)
Spark Medina (6 months ago)
Cute guy
Spark Medina (6 months ago)
Because is real
Spark Medina (6 months ago)
Eloic Longchamps (6 months ago)
Super sexe
Bazil Shalanyuy (7 months ago)
Thomas Morton (8 months ago)
Ponleur Hip (8 months ago)
Berta Flores (8 months ago)
Mikhail (6 months ago)
Lily Gamer (9 months ago)
This is not good for children
elevenpond (9 months ago)
thats why its age restricted intentionally, to keep children eyes away
Shyra Stephanie Rosauro (9 months ago)
I want to be that girl
ThieZ' InfiniX (6 months ago)
Ok i will be that boy then
s g (9 months ago)
Mimi Amiandamen (10 months ago)
I am twenty
spy spy (11 months ago)
que moi (1 year ago)
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Aeryn Wilkerson (1 month ago)
Annøying Goøg (1 year ago)
Annøying Goøg (1 year ago)
ItzMe, Kk (8 months ago)
BTSARMY JIMIN (9 months ago)
Great question
elevenpond (1 year ago)
you're an 11 year old video game addict, no one cares what you think
jeffroxx68 (1 year ago)
Ok. The way it was shot was good
Karma Rose (1 year ago)
I scared to deaubth
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
Rahul Raj
Norberto Claridad (1 year ago)
Shut the fuck up
Cammm (1 year ago)
Why tf was this on my recent 😂
Sarah Snyder (1 year ago)
Was she trying to say that you was pregnant but he wouldn't listen
Alexus Welch (1 year ago)
I would actually enjoy 10:40
Dwumah Joel (1 year ago)
sexe trop cool
Christianlesang Rap (21 days ago)
Sonia CheChe moi aussi tu nude sur snap ?😘
Sonia CheChe (9 months ago)
Moi aussi je parle fr
Travion Davis (2 years ago)
OMG. he's cute
Mariafe D (2 years ago)
Noor Jamali (2 years ago)
Georgia Mason (2 years ago)
kiwyWinky (2 years ago)
also jeff you are on fucking hard drugs
lizmeilyn soto (2 years ago)
what the fuck
Future Spidey (2 years ago)
Jeff Gallea (2 years ago)
OK, its pretty much split down the middle with like/hate! hehe. I made this short film using a few scenes from a feature film that was never released titled 'Belt Slave'. We shot this on a borrowed SD camcorder with a budget of $100 for food. The actors were all new to acting and willing to work for free. This film was never accepted into any film festivals, but seams to be very popular on YouTube, I think because of the title. Whatever. To all those who cant see past the sex/strangulation scene, the film was a small study on horrible relationships occurring in unusual work environments. The sex scene made much more sense in the context of the full feature film. I put it in this short and released it to show the effort we made. If you didn't like this short, go make you own and post it and get 1,800,000 hits.
Eduardo Braivein (7 months ago)
Jeff Gallea Congratulations on your work, Jeff! Greetings from Israel.
Tim Lunsford (1 year ago)
Jeff Gallea Dont you think the name is why it got that many hits? I mean you say so yourself in the comment but I'm not here to judge I liked it I got more than one thing from it my question is what was the purpose of making this film what message are we supposed to take away from it just curious.
Jason Newsham (2 years ago)
This movie was terrible. no plot, very little dialogue and it made no sense
Happy Pon (3 years ago)
This was surprisingly good, Well done.
Todd Berry (3 years ago)
Mythical Glass (2 years ago)
Ruby Collins (3 years ago)
why does people always want to rape woman
Talisha Bullins (7 months ago)
+Galaxy Wolf Gamer yeah
Mythik- Gaming (1 year ago)
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Melvan vdW (2 years ago)
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The_Pink Sword (2 years ago)
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Aleesha Amor (2 years ago)
HelpmeReach100subscriberswithnovideos No they don't
Addie and Sophie (3 years ago)
Just no.
Jane Elmend (3 years ago)
He should've tied her up with the belts
Alessio Magri (4 months ago)
Niice to meet uou
Kaberly Matthews (6 months ago)
shauntaine peck (3 years ago)
\Liz Seger/ (3 years ago)
10:40 is what you came for.
Aahana Ghoshal (5 months ago)
@Slavic Commando nope
Noel Acreman (5 months ago)
@Melanie Mwamba Hello
Noel Acreman (5 months ago)
Hello miss Valls me plaese
Arne Lindquist (7 months ago)
bunny girl gamer 50c (11 months ago)
\Liz Seger/ ya
Dean Parker (3 years ago)
I like the idea though could off been done better. not bad for a first movie tho, alot of its outside so lighting must of been a pain In the arse. i respect that
Zainab Jarkhi (4 years ago)
Toni Wln (4 years ago)
fuck movie
Mackenzie Doby (4 years ago)
whydiduleaveme (4 years ago)
i saw this and started dancing
Tiara Bowman (3 months ago)
whydiduleaveme I saw your user tag thing and started crying for my mommy
Imran khokhar (4 years ago)
م حبا
Daemon Balla (2 months ago)
You didn't say anything 😒😂🤔😐
Imran khokhar (4 years ago)
GFDF43 (4 years ago)
Melina Williams (5 years ago)
Wtf is this I come and my brother is watching this so I saw the name and watched it
La'Maya Epps (1 day ago)
Doaa jbareen (7 months ago)
Melina Williams sxxx
Fatou Diop (1 year ago)
Melina Williams 😂omg
이승준 (5 years ago)
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felix cuaokeopp (5 years ago)
i want fillm deborah revy
Sahar Kha (5 years ago)
Just slap him on the face bitch!
Haja G Camara (1 year ago)
Sahar Kha n
Yennefer3333 (5 years ago)
Jose Cruz (3 months ago)
I agree
Max Gy (9 months ago)
Hello are you a Submissive or Domme
Tulsi Sumoondur (5 years ago)
Not too sexy! ! !
Marina Tramon (5 years ago)
Transcendian (5 years ago)
I used films I made for light shows at Club Zero Rochester for Jeff Gallea.
elevenpond (5 years ago)
@DongDestroyer, no, Eleven Pond is a band and had nothing to do with this short. The director Jeff is our bass player/singer and we put his video up just to support him. You have no fucking clue, this was his 1st short made with a budget of $0 dollars and he didn't waste his money on film school because he never went to film school. Why don't you post a link to YOUR short film in the comments? I'm sure it's a masterpiece. Troll.
Devin Ash (2 years ago)
i hate dogd cristi (2 years ago)
i hate dogd cristi (2 years ago)
This is really interesting
William Wallace (5 years ago)
Interesting effort. The fact that it moves along like an elephant with a broken leg, should not distract the average viewer from it's 'dark side,(tongue in cheek) The thespian skills of the cast, are, mercifully never brought to task and the complete context, suggests a rudderless ship adrift upon a sea of mediocrity. Aside from that,......well,...'nuff said:;).
Rebekka Lien (5 years ago)
Great job Jeff! The cello sounds awesome- thanks to me! And of course thanks to you for creating a thoughtful and reflective film about the implication of worth and our culture in LA. Very deep! 
space 5620 (5 years ago)
if you don't like artsy films this is not for you. I liked this film, it's dark and sexy. It's obviously a student film or a film by new filmmakers and new actors, but the story and subject matter are interesting. Is he raping her? or is this just a game they play? 
Talisha Bullins (7 months ago)
I agree
Actionguy1 (5 years ago)
God! He's such a BAD actor!
suresh sk (5 years ago)
Sex vedeos
Synth Scene (5 years ago)
very nice short film. the sex scene could have been longer. sad ending.
Fletcher Brown (5 years ago)
The story of Keri and David, college sweethearts who together embark on a journey of personal discovery. Through their shared belief that they would define the terms of their relationship and not the church, society, family, or friends, they become the Bonnie and Clyde of sexual exhibitionism! http://www.fbrownebooks.com/the-book/
rgpnovo (5 years ago)
Very good short film.
rega eremes (5 years ago)
peiguy canada (5 years ago)
Cupcakefan157 (5 years ago)
What's this about? I dont get it
J & J (3 years ago)
me either
elevenpond (5 years ago)
just a feeling. people working together form unusual connections
MsAllstarFab Abdi (5 years ago)
Wtf is this movie this is nasty and disgusting who ever likes it is just a total weirdo
MsAllstarFab Abdi lol
+MegerHexer ببیبطبثفیی
Dean Parker (3 years ago)
+elevenpond this is nothing like a serbian film... you deffently should watch it though
MegerHexer (5 years ago)
@elevenpond No, the name of the movie is 'A Serbian Film'
elevenpond (5 years ago)
haha! never seen a Serbian film... have to search for one now ! 
Hung Nguyen (5 years ago)
vai lon

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