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A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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https://www.patreon.com/mattdavella ☝Support this channel & get all my unlisted videos New videos every week. New podcast every Wednesday. Podcast: http://groundupshow.com Newsletter: http://mattdavella.com/unstuck Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattdavella/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/mattdavella/ My Gear: https://kit.com/mattdavella About this video: A lot of people have misconceptions about minimalism. In this video I show you what a typical day in my life really looks like. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (18255)
Maisie Johnson (1 hour ago)
Dudeeee the beginning made me mad😂
Alan MrSir (2 hours ago)
A minimalists life is boring AF
WING CHARGER (2 hours ago)
its 3:00 AM and i have school at 6:00 AM and im watching this guy make life look easy lol
Kidnick Atura_kidnick (2 hours ago)
This guy saves so much money compared to most people nice life style but i still wouldn’t be a minimalist
Havic (2 hours ago)
i don’t even know what a minimalist and i’m watching this
A Andrews (2 hours ago)
Oh my god I’d kill myself , everything’s just the same, everyday.. if I ended up like this I’d use that toaster to end it all
Bronson Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
For a minimalist ...... your cupboard says ALOT.........
Jeong won Yang (3 hours ago)
You what is the real minimalist? Just lay on bed, inject yourself daily nutrients. You have desk and chair ofr your desktop, but why don't you use your PC on floor
So I have ocd and your picky AF
Tootsmaggie (3 hours ago)
3:49 Did he just pertend to have a watch lol?
Ugly Boy (4 hours ago)
0:36 eeeeeewwww
Jordan James (4 hours ago)
Is there something wrong with the lighting of his car's dashboard? 4:55
Elizabeth Villegas (5 hours ago)
He can't hear you. He had air pods
lyra ! (5 hours ago)
......... this is so stupid. oh. ohh ok no u said this wasn’t what your life was actually like. ok ok this is alright
Luka Nedeljkov (5 hours ago)
I hope you parents are really proud of you because i want to be like when I get to adulthood. Keep it up man!
Jolt FN (6 hours ago)
left at the add
P.S Its Logic (6 hours ago)
5:55 Minimalist you say *Press X to doubt*
Anyah bennett vlogs (6 hours ago)
Why is he punishing himself 😁🤔
UNEXPECTED TV (6 hours ago)
Bro you have a problem
Adamari Luna (7 hours ago)
man i wish i was this organized
PlaysHockey (7 hours ago)
This is how I would LOVE to live, the only high tech things would be for my job and my PC/ engineering hobby’s
TGK Toke (7 hours ago)
So basically it’s the life of a cheapskate.
Camo Bash (7 hours ago)
This was the first video that I ever saw of him and I was completely FOOLED by the beginning. 😂😂
Lucas Traub (7 hours ago)
Kubbzii (8 hours ago)
Why is this on my recommended lol
Original Content (8 hours ago)
His poor wife...
Mr. Roach (8 hours ago)
Who would ever want to live such a... no a fence BORING life, you do the same thing every signal day some people like to have a fun life and go out and experience new stuff and I know that this is your a pinion but this is my a pinion.
Sentinel (8 hours ago)
What’s the name of the background music that starts at 1:22
Jakey Fitness (8 hours ago)
I thought this was going to be serious 😂
Dachicken Zone (8 hours ago)
3:48 the moment you realize that you don’t want to actually buy the watch for the video
Miguel (8 hours ago)
Excellent mature stuff Matt. You got a new subscriber.
Charlotte Jones (9 hours ago)
*checks his watch-free arm for lunch time* MEEEEEE
Mike Hawk (9 hours ago)
love the fact he didn’t actually have a watch on his wrist
Angel Rodriguez (9 hours ago)
Looks at his wrist but had no watch cause he’s a minimalist
Caroline H (9 hours ago)
That pasta tho
Prettygoodname123 (9 hours ago)
Um 3:49 not even wearing a watch...did u do that on purpose
Platon Karaindros (10 hours ago)
Ngl, this is objectively a highly sustainable lifestyle, but does it really matter to be that sustainable? I would much rather spend all my money on dumb shit and live my life to the fullest even if it means potentially going broke some day, than do this. This looks like an endless repetitive routine, like he’s just infinitely saving up money, but for what? A nicer funeral? I don’t really understand why anyone would choose this lifestyle but to each their own.
0:38 I'm so mad that you have a cup with coffee but no,you have to pour the coffee into the boul!!!
Andrew Cruz (10 hours ago)
Meghan Domning (10 hours ago)
I’m not that much of an asshole - new favorite quote
10.7m Views (10 hours ago)
Laileets (10 hours ago)
If this is minimalism it seems to be most people's lives lol
Kevin Sonny (10 hours ago)
This guy is so waste, hes pretty much just broke plain and simple.
Nicholas Jackson (10 hours ago)
Dude I want you to put advertisements on your videos !
Barry B. Benson (10 hours ago)
pretty cool lifestyle to be honest
XEUS (10 hours ago)
No things that bring you joy... Seems like a sad life
guiz (11 hours ago)
The song you used at the end is from a Portuguese youtuber, the song is called, casa dos youtubers in English its house of youtubers
ibrahim mamedov (11 hours ago)
boring afk
Twilight Dolan’s edit (11 hours ago)
yikes i-
Veljko Kovacevic (11 hours ago)
Nieh heh Heh (11 hours ago)
5:52 he doesn’t speak broke
Pedro Brito (12 hours ago)
Who tf go to sleep wearing jeans
•MY_video丂 (12 hours ago)
0:40 don't forget to tell your guests to bring their fork and cup XD
well the only thing im sure of is that he bangs his wife every morning
Shiro Kim (12 hours ago)
I really want the same clothes like 10 of them when I get older and independent
FourPointNine (12 hours ago)
You sleep in jeans you monster
Lightning Jake (13 hours ago)
I know the ultimate way to beg for likes *you want to like this button to turn it blue, but you won’t*
Lightning Jake (9 hours ago)
Andrew L dang it, lol. At least someone liked my comment.
Andrew L (11 hours ago)
Lightning Jake no
Katie Q (13 hours ago)
When I saw the no toilet paper I was about to click off XD
Valber Oliveira (13 hours ago)
It seams like a cool way to live
dash parr (13 hours ago)
why don't u just eat off the floor
So minimalist is just a dude who wears the same outfit.
Henrique Baessa (14 hours ago)
3:50 he looks to his imaginary clock!
Aditya Sharma (14 hours ago)
If you don't have a dustbin then where will you throw the milk carton Mr Minimalistic?
Marghe 29 (14 hours ago)
La smettiamo di perculare gli italiani? No davvero che noia.
Kylo 00 (14 hours ago)
Your camera heals my eyes
Ian Schubert (14 hours ago)
Casually drives by the golf store
Bruce Wayne (14 hours ago)
I'm rich... so I don't need to be a minimalist
LM AO (14 hours ago)
How old are you buddy?
amaizing peaple (14 hours ago)
Who sleeps with jeans
Noel Olivier (14 hours ago)
https://roadtominimalism.home.blog/ I want to become a minimalist in the near future. On thi sblog i will shar every single step. So please follow along!
Kwite But less cool (14 hours ago)
Easiest way go to prison
Tremain Dzuimo (14 hours ago)
*Top 10 anime characters in real life*
Three Rivers Railfan (14 hours ago)
I like the classic Nascar mug!
Răzvan Lopată (15 hours ago)
THAT'S not minimalist, it's selfish
Joshua Hunter (15 hours ago)
Anyone who sleep with their jeans on, kindly, fuck you.
austin m (15 hours ago)
Shit content shit life. Might uninstall YouTube for suggesting this
Dean Fletcher (15 hours ago)
Do you sleep in Jean's and eat your cardboard from the cereal box?
Red Static (16 hours ago)
I thought mimilaist were people who keep shit simple... *The way You maKe ur vids don't look simple*
İlayda Arli (16 hours ago)
Seni keşfettiğim için mutluyum ve Türkçe altyazinin olması mükemmel
oh yeah yeah (16 hours ago)
Oh. So im minimalist. Yey
Nilima Adhikari (16 hours ago)
Minimalist and that big appartment
marco (16 hours ago)
Ma basta Co sti stereotipi degli italiani che urlano e gesticolano 😂
Black_Phantom_22 (15 hours ago)
Hussain Alduris (16 hours ago)
What a life
Rcs Fjo (17 hours ago)
Duuude this is really reaallly a good video you've done! Good job!
Rayner Marchelo (17 hours ago)
I am an minimalist and i didn’t even know
sean heideloff (17 hours ago)
you ever think you spend to much time focusing on keeping things simple
A (18 hours ago)
*1:00** LMAO HE GOT ME GOOOOOD I was about to say some rude things sorry haha it’s also nice that he broke this stereotype*
You Have The Big Gay (18 hours ago)
ight so you're just boring
Greninja (18 hours ago)
They had us at the start not gonna lie
Mozon Hassan Hiabo (19 hours ago)
Being jaesgsn KylubfEqptia xdme
JJ Wu (19 hours ago)
His house is much different from mine.. i guess im super minimalist.. I am currently living on a studio type room, I have a 2 light bulbs one for the entire room and one for the bathroom, my only funiture is my couch and my bed, I do have a pan and a bowl, but i usually eat on the pan😂😂... and of course my phone and my laptop thats all I need
JJ Wu (19 hours ago)
And I dont have wall decoration except my curtains... other decoration makes me feel uncomfortable...
Suddy (20 hours ago)
3:48 looks at invisible watch. Illusion 100
VANBB (20 hours ago)
The most punchable face I ever see
xPredator (20 hours ago)
why is he sleeping in jeans
Kelvy Wanderson (20 hours ago)
A real minimalist livre on the streets
Chim 's (22 hours ago)
3:47 he is not wearing a watch
Franziska Rygol (22 hours ago)
very entertaining video but for me this is not a life
uilian nikolla (1 day ago)
Life of an italian
Aidin (1 day ago)
They got us on the first half not gonna lie
tHE rEAL wATSON (1 day ago)
this is amazing! low-key wanna try this out haha Would love it if you could check my channel too :)

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