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A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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https://www.patreon.com/mattdavella ☝Support this channel & get all my unlisted videos New videos every week. New podcast every Wednesday. Podcast: http://groundupshow.com Newsletter: http://mattdavella.com/unstuck Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattdavella/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/mattdavella/ My Gear: https://kit.com/mattdavella About this video: A lot of people have misconceptions about minimalism. In this video I show you what a typical day in my life really looks like. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (15595)
Mr. Cheese Z (9 minutes ago)
whats the song called at the end of the video
xPorsum (16 minutes ago)
Omg I thought he real)y woke up at 6am every day without an alarm and was thinking he wasn't human
Damaris Zorio (52 minutes ago)
Put in minimal ads no one really cares that much like put at leadt 1 at the begining
Damaris Zorio (52 minutes ago)
Sukirwan Wongso (1 hour ago)
ur wife looks like chinese? isnt she?
TheOnlyLucifer (3 hours ago)
La China fea estai entero riko y andas con ella
Festus Muberuka (4 hours ago)
6:56 thank gOD he doesnt play on xbox
SH (4 hours ago)
Dude you're just cheap ...
artillerof (5 hours ago)
Ahora se dice minimalista jajaja
Assiafalih P (6 hours ago)
Does he actually sleep in jeans😭
MT MINDS (7 hours ago)
Please share some of the feature films name made by you.
King Slayer (8 hours ago)
No spirituality.. no contemplation.. no God.. no self reflection.. no meditation.. Just a sophisticated 🐵 I’ll PASS
Kimberli Smith (9 hours ago)
Who can possibly wake up and have their phone not fully charged?!?! I would DIE
Superveggeta12 (10 hours ago)
Where's the funnn😂
Gulsum Kolcu (11 hours ago)
3:47 he looked at the watch that he doesn't have lololloololoooll
Brandon Chou (11 hours ago)
is it me or is youtube trying to get me to become a minimalist
Angelos Koulas (12 hours ago)
5:50 "filming videos" if you know what I mean...
Arian Lars Schlicker (13 hours ago)
What kind of bed is this? I want to sleep in it
Gergő Smigura (14 hours ago)
He's probably gay
Mr E (14 hours ago)
How Exciting.
marijeona (14 hours ago)
*alright* YouTube. I'll *watch* it.
Storm (15 hours ago)
The only thing thats kinda wierd is the same cloths stuff witch makes sence
Murphy 30512 (16 hours ago)
A robber would think someone beat him to it
Steve D (17 hours ago)
You are now the most BORING person ive ever youtubed bro.
Lionne (20 hours ago)
is it a joke ? is it ironical ? because... he just have one spoon and one fork... he doesn't expect to receive anyfriend in his life ?
mxachary (20 hours ago)
Helluva big house for a minimalist!
chloe Vogel (21 hours ago)
dang I thought you were somebody from yes theory oops
JACKisaLEGEND 1 (22 hours ago)
This guy may as well live in a box
Mert Esdeath (1 day ago)
You mean poor ?
Indrit Hernawati (1 day ago)
What a lonely life
Nate (1 day ago)
Of course he eats that nasty bread with the seeds like
shuttelbunny (1 day ago)
What's the music he uses at the beginning
boredbeingbored (1 day ago)
This is my new year’s resolution
Sarah Lee (1 day ago)
watching this is so depressing
George ツ (1 day ago)
'That's not what my life is actually like, because I'm not an asshole hahahahahahahahahahahah
Li Talino (1 day ago)
It looks like the first times i played sims... not many things and boring life😅
Paul Denet (1 day ago)
A real minimalist is an ascetic who meditates in a cave all day.
Natassia Tavares (1 day ago)
Sooo... did you really removed all the stuff from your place to record this? oO
Joanne Smith (1 day ago)
Seems like a highly disciplined lifestyle, reminds me of those discipled Japanese households
This is Angie (1 day ago)
I like to tackle all of the pieces as well!
T L (1 day ago)
He’s so Quirky
Jamie Kite (1 day ago)
Haha!! Great intro. And nice content.
MissCaky (1 day ago)
Not changing clothes... I don't know.. Having the same clothes multiple times doesn't seem minimalistic to me... It's kinda unnecessary in my opinion.
Default Skin (1 day ago)
0:42 a true minimalist would have a spork. Lyin ass
Trevor Vlogs (1 day ago)
At the Beginning i got confuse😂🤣
Michayla Moceri (1 day ago)
0:54 me after the holidays
Ra Tehuti (1 day ago)
So now "acting" poverty stricken or having the bare necessities is cool? Please man... Go to some underpriveleged neighborhoods and tell them you live like this. They'd consider you a king of some sorts. And even if your doing this for spiritual reasons it's an abomination being we shouldnt exploit our spiritual undertakings for physical gains. Even if its views on YouTube. And the part that's missing from your whole experience is desperation. Your like Bruce wayne. Raised wealthy (or even in a position financially unlike people really trying to make it day by day) , but trying to be poor. Yet you can still buy what you want or need to some extent in the whole process. That's what makes this a joke.
Jenicole M. (1 day ago)
Subscribed ✔️
Chris (1 day ago)
this isn't minimalism lol this is living without. my brother, who's a minimalist because he realizes the harmful impact humans have had on this planet, does not drink anything besides water, doesn't have lamps (he uses homemade candles and several burning bowls once it gets dark outside to reduce his energy imprint). he has a garden that he tends to which all of his vegetables are picked from, and he only eats poultry 4 times a month, which he pays his neighbor (who has chickens) to slaughter and harvest the meat. he has made his own clothes, has a smartphone his job gave him that he turns off once he gets home from work, and uses grey water for all of his irrigation purposes. The only thing not minimal about his life is his plush bathrobe, which my grandma (now deceased) got him 10 years ago. he sleeps in it. he doesn't use a.c. doesn't use heat (lives in Kentucky, so i guess that's fine), and definitely doesn't have a camera and youtube channel to broadcast his life as a minimalist. This guy is doing this for views and fame. Don't let him fool you.
Chris (1 day ago)
no internet. no pictures/decorations. no food kept in plastics, cardboard, or recycled material. the only time he ever steps foot inside of a grocery store is to get vinegar packets in bulk for cleaning (and he feels insanely bad for purchasing sad vinegar with plastic wrappings). he mixes vinegar with citrus from his lemons and water and uses that as cleaner for his house and clothes (though he only washes his 4 homemade shirts and 3 homemade pants twice a month).
Chris (1 day ago)
would also like to mention my brother, daily, fills up 4 gallons of water a day and uses that for everything. cooking, showering, personal hygiene, etc. he only uses his shower once a month. the only thing he wasn't minimal about was his $5,000 wood stove he purchased 2 years ago. again, a wood stove.
Ricardo Costa (1 day ago)
Hi, I'm a biggest brazilian fan and I'd like to know where did you get yours smoothie's recipes or what do you put in. I love your content... keep going!!!
Jana’s Life (1 day ago)
3:50 he looked on his hand and said its 11 o’clock and there is no watch on his hand LOL 😂
Peter Negan (1 day ago)
but as a minimalist you do own a camera that is worth more than other people's cars.
lemoned green (1 day ago)
Sama P (1 day ago)
Wait til you're in your mid to late 30s and you'll wake up the same time every SINGLE day. 😭
Scott G (1 day ago)
Videos on how I make my videos no I’m alright thanks
Freedom Strider (1 day ago)
THATS NOT HOW YOU PEAL AN ORANGE!!!!!!!! I’m distressed... :(
Sk8Rat19100 (1 day ago)
A regular dude who wears the same clothes this is fucking stupid
Dwyne YT (1 day ago)
Me when i need to buy a new iphone
George Lemeitre (1 day ago)
It is more like "A Day in the Life of a Broke Man".
AngelOfMemes (1 day ago)
The golf store in the backround doe sheeeesh
Peace Maker (1 day ago)
I like the way he hops on the bed every time! Lol😂
camcoy LIVE (2 days ago)
This is so gay
Jordan Haag (2 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that GOLF store s/o to my boi Tyler
Aaron Allen (2 days ago)
The NEW Casey Neistat
Lilac A (2 days ago)
this guy is sooo funny
Erin Malcolm (2 days ago)
Interesting but not for me
2SHAYNEZ (2 days ago)
Still would die if we had an apocalypse... Can't grow shit.
2SHAYNEZ (2 days ago)
Hahahah what a boring life.
Evan Bozogan (2 days ago)
You have so much self discipline!
You Tuber (2 days ago)
Minimalist beggar
Leland Bennett (2 days ago)
Awesome! Follow my wife's blog for minimalism encouragement! ❣️https://littlemeandfamily.com/dont-let-minimalism-burn-you-out/
Cesar Torres (2 days ago)
You play any video games at times?🤔 I saw that ps4 controller
Josh Ivey (2 days ago)
Yeah but he does youtube. So really he's not a minimalist.
Carmen Chadwick (2 days ago)
Reading these comments, I am convinced only about 50% of people actually watched the video past 1:30. TL;DR is a cancer of this society.
rupert hurley (2 days ago)
More like perfectionist than a minimalist
Seerpin seerley (2 days ago)
Wait just a minute, did he just cut his orange? I thought you were minimalistic
derek mayer (2 days ago)
Fucking asshole.
Peter W1 (2 days ago)
Where to get the charcoal shirt? :)
Christian Zaffuto (2 days ago)
People like this get rich
SM350 vLogs (2 days ago)
Loving Your videos man ❤️
Make Something (2 days ago)
"I"m not that much of an asshole" is why I just hit subscribe. Great video.
Gerb (2 days ago)
it's always an inspiration for me to watch your videos, thank you!
swapnil harsur (2 days ago)
U fuckin robot 🤖
Goblin King (2 days ago)
Ur literally like a sim I would make. U wear the same outfit everyday and ur way more efficient than I am and actually do shit 😂
Nadia Khosravi (2 days ago)
You are soooo sad I feel sorry for people like you
Chris James (2 days ago)
I don't have a bin since I don't have rubbish.. soo where you gonna throw that cereal box hmm
Christian Fd (2 days ago)
6:00 am and the sun is shining like a badass
Jennifer Chieng (3 days ago)
You remind me of Oscar Isaac !
Arthur Medina (3 days ago)
Ya that was cool... but not my cup of tea, but I did subscribe, hope it helps. 😎
Angel Falfali (3 days ago)
Kam Saman jyada aaram 👍
Dale Corey (3 days ago)
I was discussing minimalism with my sister and she mentioned how some youtubers take it REALLY seriously "like that one guy who sat on his floor drinking coffee out of a bowl because she had no furniture." As a big fan of the channel, I thought it was hilarious and let her know that it was a joke and to watch the rest of the video
Huy Dang (3 days ago)
No toilet paper???
Steven Stewart (3 days ago)
Thought there would be a lot more airpod comments
ItZz Oasis (3 days ago)
This bibba slept in his jeans
Ritik Khilnani (3 days ago)
Underated channel for sure.
Domino_Emery (3 days ago)
First few minutes me:oh lord, this guy is an asshole...*few minutes in* . Oh. My bad.
Nero Aries (3 days ago)
"If it does not add value to my life.I get rid of it."
No LIFE (3 days ago)
Ngl this looks like a life for me. I love simple things, just relaxing, going to work and just living if that makes sense
Shahram Qureshi (3 days ago)
Is this a joke ?
Shahram Qureshi (3 days ago)
Beño E.E. (3 days ago)
Your videos changed my life

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