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A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

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https://www.patreon.com/mattdavella ☝Support this channel & get all my unlisted videos New videos every week. New podcast every Wednesday. Podcast: http://groundupshow.com Newsletter: http://mattdavella.com/unstuck Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattdavella/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/mattdavella/ My Gear: https://kit.com/mattdavella About this video: A lot of people have misconceptions about minimalism. In this video I show you what a typical day in my life really looks like. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (11462)
BadulTheGuru (9 minutes ago)
I would strongly disagree to the title of this video and Id say you are not a minimalist but just an all-around solid dude with goals and plans and purpose.
Yasmin Silva (13 minutes ago)
Ricardo Sá (13 minutes ago)
Just use klapaucius, dude
Azi cat (55 minutes ago)
Khalid Amin (1 hour ago)
outro music??
Jan Bakalar (1 hour ago)
This sounds all great until you have kids and your live gets totally messed up :) By no means, however, do not avoid that stage in life, it is is unique and you will not regret it long-term, esp. when you get older!
Cathrine Bakkeli (1 hour ago)
I really thought you were gonna be vegan, for some reason
Giacomo Miola (1 hour ago)
I prefer to be less productive and spend time with my friends rather than this
Mohammed Hamad (1 hour ago)
Did anyone care that he used a stainless steel pan for the egg without any oil yet it didn’t stick
Pawel F. (2 hours ago)
In past days, we call them poor people. Now you have to read books and watch clips to be Minimalist. Besie Minimalist doesn't use car, but public transport.
bindu kashyap (2 hours ago)
bro you are soooo neatttttt
AndreAgonia (2 hours ago)
6:21 I'm italian(and italian in Italy, not an american-italian) and I died. I'm actually typing from the italian heaven where everyone is complaining about how you prepared your food! - Jokes aside, loved the impression :)
Well I'm the exact opposite lmao ahhaha
Kim Somi (3 hours ago)
I wake up Check BTS twitter Go to sleep Eat Candy Watch bts videos Go to sleep And wake up to the next day and repeat (and no I don't eat because I'm never hungry)
fontenayperi (3 hours ago)
what's the brand of your coffee pot?
hello itse (3 hours ago)
Can you please share the recipe of that food? Looks delicious 🤤
LucAbroad (4 hours ago)
Is a parody or are you for real?
Duwayne Brink (4 hours ago)
Hey Matt, just finished watch this video, and I was wondering..Do you got a video detailing your minimalist tech setup? Notice u got a PS4 aswell. Care to share Abit more of that and your gaming habits. Been questioning whether I game too much lately. Which is honestly not alot of time but yeah. Thanks in advance.
Michael Saint (5 hours ago)
butts (5 hours ago)
being a minimalist must be really easy without kids.
Poast (6 hours ago)
"I dont have trash to throw away" ~7 seconds later~ *uses milk carton and cereal box that will have to be thrown away after they are empty* 0/10 video nice try though
Owen Campbell (6 hours ago)
There, YouTube! I finally clicked it. Can you stop bugging me with it now?
Sina Yazdani (6 hours ago)
Is the song at the end copyrighted? Where do you find non-copyrighted music?
Old Razhi (6 hours ago)
5:16 Tyler, The Creator's Golf Store!! :DDD
Flaming_Phoenix 26 (6 hours ago)
How to annoy people Read more
Flaming_Phoenix 26 (6 hours ago)
7:07 too minamilistic to charge your phone?
kathi kaufmann (7 hours ago)
a real minimalist does not feel the need to post on youtube. if he can, he must have a laptop, etc., so he's not a minimalist; he's a hipster.
meximick (7 hours ago)
I got as far as your Patreon funding plug. I commend you for obtaining 1:56 of my life. It wasn't worth my investment.
Abraham Lemus-Camacho (8 hours ago)
I love the color scheme and energy you have in your videos. Many tend to over color and overemphasize a lot. This channel is like fresh air.
Rekeinserah (8 hours ago)
Sounds like you would make a very good mendicant friar
leolet leolet (8 hours ago)
Lê Tiên (8 hours ago)
what are some of your jazz playlists? I couldn't find anything like your music...
Adrian Daniels (9 hours ago)
I was hoping this whole video was a satire on minamilsm :(
Mau365PP (9 hours ago)
Nice try to justify your poverty
ini the man (9 hours ago)
I feel like I wasted my time.
Kasbian Vaulks (9 hours ago)
Am (9 hours ago)
Seems like hes living life to the fullest
Mark Chavez (9 hours ago)
Tyler Scott (9 hours ago)
This reminds me of American Psycho
wrocklin (10 hours ago)
Why does this have 4 million views? It's not because it's good, right?
idontfeelsogood (10 hours ago)
Felt like i just watched an episode of South Park.
Abby Jay (10 hours ago)
the beginning had me messed up loll
حره بتفكيري (10 hours ago)
فكرة 💡 هذا الفيديو جميلة جدا
BAware (11 hours ago)
Seems like a boring life man. Get some friends or have some children and do things... this got me feeling depressed honestly.
morgan minecraft legion (11 hours ago)
"Make a second cup of kaawfee". You must be from Jersey?
ParadoxycOnline (11 hours ago)
This looks depressing
morgan minecraft legion (11 hours ago)
If you were okay without anything to bring you joy, you'd thrive well in Soviet Russia.
Kristijan Vasilev (11 hours ago)
So your lower the money you spent by being a minimalist,then what are you gonna do with those money at the end? Bring them in your grave along with you? Dude just live your life and try to enjoy the most of it lol,money come and money go.Thats all about it.
Falcão Neto (11 hours ago)
Man, your videos are so great! I wish I had the money to sponsor you on Patreon :( But since I do not have, I will pay you with constant compliments, at least while I don't become a Patreon o/
Monk Killedababy (11 hours ago)
Intro was so well done lol
Poop Nation ASMR (12 hours ago)
Why are you lying to us in the beginning??
This guy knows what he's doing.
seems boring.
Lucas Quinteros (12 hours ago)
3:48 *checks wrist even though there is no watch to be seen*
Freshsoulzz (13 hours ago)
Anyone notice that he checks the time on his wrist watch but isn’t actually wearing one?
Scott Derrickson (13 hours ago)
Your wife is more of a beard than your beard
Robin (13 hours ago)
shouldn't you live in a studio for a minimalist?
Dhaday ko kala (13 hours ago)
3:49 nice watch... LOL
Omar KA (13 hours ago)
very nice videos, I like it the idea of the Chanel
Trusteft (13 hours ago)
I am a obese minimalist with a ton of crap, so I appreciate this video. Your intro especially made me laugh. It looks like you are enjoying your life. I wish you to continue to do so. Thank you for sharing this video with us.
Richard Jones (13 hours ago)
This looks such a boring life. Imagine working from home, home is work and rest! Home is rest for me and work is work, can't be the same.
Brotha Wiz (14 hours ago)
lol i live like this cuz im broke as fuck lol
Anthony Bello (14 hours ago)
How to be boring 101
Paranoiarts (14 hours ago)
your girlfriend is ugly and your film is boring!
Trucker Nation (15 hours ago)
What car is that?
NNmJYwg (16 hours ago)
What's the music at 1:35???
Visionary Fitness (16 hours ago)
why not have a smaller home?
Lizzie Kidwell (17 hours ago)
You had me going at the beginning. Ohhh my gosh!! New subbie here.
fafouna trap (17 hours ago)
Fashion gurus r shaking.
Arthur Asriyants (17 hours ago)
Looks like the first hour of playing Sims 3
What it is What it was (17 hours ago)
Just getting rid of stupid people in your life is the first step to being a minimalist
set clock --:-- (17 hours ago)
Heart Breaker (17 hours ago)
Stop being a cheap ass and get yourself some furniture! Apparently you can't invite guests over because a minimalist find friends not useful or economical! Lol. 😂😅
SocietyOfSensation (18 hours ago)
You're pretty close to that asshole in the intro though.
Kaio ProHawk (18 hours ago)
Unnecessary doors...
MAXXBEATS (18 hours ago)
Hi Matt. This is the first video I've seen of yours. Good stuff man. Clean editing too. If you ever need music for future vids I'd love to provide it. My website is www.maxxbeats.com. Hit me up if you have any questions. -Mig
Isaac Chapman (18 hours ago)
5:49 ! TK! I know him from Praxis. Nice surprise.
chris chambers (18 hours ago)
click bait so early in the morning
Chess Tauren (18 hours ago)
You're also gay so don't have need for something that most of men crave for... that's also kind of minimalistiic.
Tiana N (18 hours ago)
3:48 You ain't slick you don't even have a watch on 😂
Cleber Petit (7 hours ago)
if you are happy like this i'm too x
Pickle Rick (19 hours ago)
i bet he doesn’t nut
Jany F (19 hours ago)
shinypokeAce (19 hours ago)
1:13 I use that one for my alarm too.
Jean Kleber (19 hours ago)
So a minimalist is basically a poor person who wants that other people believe that being poor is a "cool" way of life...
Zinfollini Grazia (20 hours ago)
It is sooo sad
Keith M (21 hours ago)
you sleep in jeans.. buy a gun, also swallow
gloria kinya (21 hours ago)
you sleep in jeans????!!!! AAAAArghhh
Ivan STANKOVIC (21 hours ago)
This is just sad and pathetic... I'm sorry for the sharp language, but it's an honest opinion.
JohnnyBear (21 hours ago)
500,001 sub😀😀😀😀
SvobodovaEva (21 hours ago)
You look like Jake Gyllenhaal
TheJeezab (21 hours ago)
"I'm not that much of an asshole." - lol I almost quit the video, thx for ur honesty
Pooja Deshpande (21 hours ago)
f*ck google (21 hours ago)
I dont care, fuck you youtube recommending this retard
Nito Muke (22 hours ago)
what inspired your decision to become a minimalist?
dory po (22 hours ago)
First few seconds of the video I was like, this the real life Dexter Morgan?! self Disciplined, organized and lives a healthy lifestyle in a clutter free home, all good but that made me think how does he react when his gf ever leaves some stray hairs here and there after a shower as the bathroom looks spotless.
Leonardo Luna (22 hours ago)
Is this a joke video?
Noelkinz G.Roman (22 hours ago)
sometimes people ask me why you do not have a girlfriend? and i am like well i am a minimalist.
neil Taylor (22 hours ago)
You might as well live on the streets and give that house to someone else
Kushikimizu Gaming (23 hours ago)
I wish i have a life like you

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