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Hands on iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4)

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FULL REVIEW LINK: http://bit.ly/ehfTmZ We go hands-on with the iPhone 4 from Apple WWDC 2010 conference. Join us as we take a look at the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel camera, super high-res Retina Display (326 dpi), HD 720p video recording, stainless steel construction and the new iOS 4 features. The new iPhone 4 is everything the iPhone 3G was to the original iPhone - in other words. Awesome! Leave your own review: http://www.intomobile.com/phones/apple/iphone-4/
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Text Comments (2094)
Brandon Russell (3 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Elizabeth Naranjo (7 months ago)
ALOE NXHYZ (7 months ago)
Elizabeth Naranjo no
PaulMasterPro (1 year ago)
About to get my second iPhone 4 on iOS 4
H Alm (1 year ago)
Soon ios 12
زوييكـ zawayik (1 year ago)
Youssef Kenawy (1 year ago)
iPhone x
ademoogey (1 year ago)
Watching with ios 11
Smile, I'm Gone (1 year ago)
Watching on my iPhone 4c running iOS 12.2.3.
SSJaye (1 year ago)
I'm glad I stuck with this software on my old iphone 4S. I can't believe they are still selling Iphone 4 chargers, and for $7 which is a steal.
Hair on screen (1 year ago)
Holy balls
itsoliviarose (1 year ago)
Watching on iOS 11, iPhone 7 Plus :’)
Ben Herrod (1 year ago)
This was my first iPhone, got it in 2010. It brings back some memories from that point of my life outside of the phone itself.❤️
Zoren Eustaquio (2 years ago)
MrE CS:GO (2 years ago)
the feels
I miss iOS 4
Philipp Vant (2 years ago)
Watching in 2016 on my iPhone SE.
Chelaru Rares-Cosmin (2 years ago)
good old days! i allways like the design of iphone 4/4S, still one of my favourite phone design in our days, in 2016
MrAzemao (2 years ago)
Watching on my iPhone 6s Plus on The ios 10 beta in 2016
Daniella Rose Archives (2 years ago)
Shaggy _1 (2 years ago)
I'm watching on iPhone 6 iOS 5.1 lol
Shaggy _1 (2 years ago)
😂😂my bad I met 9.1
Dheeraj S (2 years ago)
ios 5.1? on iPhone 6?
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
This is funny I'm watching on an iPhone 6 on iOS 9.3.2
Mystic (2 years ago)
Whatching on my iphone 6 s plus on ios 2.3.3
Mystic (2 years ago)
Whatching on my iphone 6 s plus on ios 2.3.3
OffensivePenguin (2 years ago)
Watching in 2016 on my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 :D
MrAzemao (2 years ago)
Nah iOS 10
Harris Sarfraz (2 years ago)
Lol watching in 2016 on my iPhone 5C IOS 9.2.3
DanielDZN (2 years ago)
Who's watching in 2016?
Strong Bad (2 years ago)
I wish I could put iOS 4 on my CDMA iPhone 4.
cali (1 year ago)
Strong Bad good news...now you can!
J0ĉK3R ĦSA1N1 (3 years ago)
now im download ios4 :) https://ipsw.me/
Shawn John (3 years ago)
Amos Y (3 years ago)
Who's watching in 2016?
Koala Counture (2 years ago)
Amos Y me idk how I got here
ReLoX X (2 years ago)
Amos Y 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Qaulan Maruf (2 years ago)
BrianDaGamerYT (3 years ago)
lol I'm 2015 now it's iPhone 6s now and iPad pro
Ugge Ugge (3 years ago)
Ikr xD 😂😂
Alphamatrix (3 years ago)
the iphone 4 is dang thick
A&R (3 years ago)
Meelodic Beats (3 years ago)
Realy slick realy slim hmmm haha!
Black Rosé (3 years ago)
As strong as Sapphire crystal 😂
sultan,mirza pathan (3 years ago)
new ios is slow old ios is fast
O Khan (3 years ago)
I saw an iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.7 in the apple store today!!!
Alex (3 years ago)
Watching iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.2
O Khan (2 years ago)
+Tek Domination that's fantastic
Tek Domination (2 years ago)
+Nikolas Hases I had bought an iPad 2 last week of craigslist with iOS 4.3.3 for $70 and I sold it for $140😂😂😂
O Khan (3 years ago)
+Nikolas Hases awesome
Nikolas Hasse (3 years ago)
+Sasha Osadchuk bought iphone 4 32gb with ios 4.3 for 50 dollars
Strong Bad (3 years ago)
+I EAT FOOD Check out Geekgrade. You can downgrade your 4 to just about any firmware you want. It's tethered but if you want your phone to be fast again try it.
Gök Türk (3 years ago)
Watching iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2
Emir Geçir (3 years ago)
Watching with iOS 9 beta 1
Emir Geçir (2 years ago)
Emir Geçir (2 years ago)
Now ı am using the same
Lime (2 years ago)
Watching with iOS 10 beta 1
Emir Geçir (3 years ago)
forever android :D
Rengore Valy (4 years ago)
+Fresh Blast what you doing in here android fanboy?
Young Chun (4 years ago)
kevin klein (4 years ago)
Watching with iOS 8. new os sucks
SpaceDestroyer1221 (5 years ago)
man i miss the old iOS 4! ios7 sucks!
Jack Long (1 year ago)
O Khan Your cancer
PaulMasterPro (1 year ago)
O Khan I have iOS 4 on my iPhone 4
O Khan (2 years ago)
+xinfinitgamingxHD hi
xinfinitgamingxHD (3 years ago)
+O Khan hi
O Khan (3 years ago)
+Quick Scoped I still use iOS 6 on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. I refuse to "update" to iOS 7/8/9
FLASHING9 (5 years ago)
I miss ios 4 :(( ios 7 loads slow like hell!!!
Boeing787max (1 year ago)
My fav was ios 6 on iPhone 5
Uriel Galindo (4 years ago)
iOS 8 runs very smooth for me
jamari . (5 years ago)
I use an iPhone 4 for iOS 7.
Just Jae (5 years ago)
looking back now i have ios 7 betches
Max Mustermann (5 years ago)
iOS 6 has made the iPhone 4 so slow...:(
CarnageVegetable (6 years ago)
the app store is what it is called
CarnageVegetable (6 years ago)
The app store!
CarnageVegetable (6 years ago)
Ipod touch 2g can run this os with limitations
Kevin Skaggs (6 years ago)
Your the type of person that anything you don't have is shitt and everything you do have is the best!
Itay Mishan (6 years ago)
I unlocked my phone on unlockfusion. org very very fast and cheap, now i can update to any version without having to worry that my phone will be locked ever again, it only cost 9 usd!
jess (6 years ago)
I disagree I've had my iphone for a 4 weeks and it's much better than my moms android. They're not cons to everyone. lol
jess (6 years ago)
I think I might buy this phone tomorrow :D if anyone has any problems with it or doesn't like it reply to me why because i'd like to be aware of the cons !!!
Xavier Simmons (6 years ago)
LOL fat or rich just because we can get a iphone 5
jettaspeed Kisjes (6 years ago)
whats the name?
jettaspeed Kisjes (6 years ago)
how do yu put apps on there
Timo Manninen (6 years ago)
cause you are fat kid from rich family whos parents buys everything you want
Jackson Martin (6 years ago)
Ha! I knew it came in white the first couple of weeks.
kenyj18 (6 years ago)
no its iphone os cause its only an apple operating system just for the iphone and ipad
kalekidan tadesse (6 years ago)
i think ios stands for idevice os not iphone os
Famously_Gifted (6 years ago)
i get mine today
153Bubzi (6 years ago)
I got a factory unlock for my iphone 4 without jailbreaking actually works with all models jailbreakwizz com
Joseph James (6 years ago)
Best phone ever!! 3 more dayssssss :D
-- (6 years ago)
I got one :) you should definately buy one.. its worth it!
stripedman201 (6 years ago)
The white iPhone is so fucking gorgeous....
Shakirolo Lokaio (6 years ago)
I have a iPhone, yeaah?
TheEURO15 (6 years ago)
Roses are red i have a iphone no one texts me forever alone
Antonio Carvacho (6 years ago)
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Harpreet Singh (6 years ago)
@LaurentGarnierRox, yep i know, Just Got My iPhone 4s Free my self! I picked up my iPhone 4s last night. I think they are still giving them away for free for promotional hype, google for: iPhone4sGiveaway.info
ghibli31 (6 years ago)
lol. The glass is as strong as the sapphire crystal? That explains why it breaks solo easily when you drop it.
sigam Macit (6 years ago)
I had got an iphone4s here: iphone4s.us.ms
Anuj Sharma (6 years ago)
in India this mob sucks due to lack of 4g support:(
Zeev Vova Lutsenko (6 years ago)
קונים לי אייפון 4 ישש אני מזה שמחה:) :) ישששששששששששששש אני הכי שמחה בעולם!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ipodtouchlocksmith (7 years ago)
hey i have the bigU Movies app from Cydia. I just watched The Hunger Games and it was badass 4 real. That app is addictive as hell.
jenndavis2121 (7 years ago)
I love Cydia cause I was able to get cool apps like the bigU Movies app which is one of my fav apps i own now besides facebook.
TzDok idan (7 years ago)
Conor McGuire (7 years ago)
I love the way apple lay out the apps. I have to have it like factory. I have some sort of OCD with my iPhone.
Alexbleks (7 years ago)
here|s a cool game for the iphone: itunes.apple.com/us/app/onehundred/id403927070?ls=1&mt=8
Harold Yang (7 years ago)
iPhone is just cool.....
Mirella Marinova (7 years ago)
ohh man i want it <3<3<3
PANOS KON (7 years ago)
i got ios 5 on my iphone4 yesterday nice vid man
Rica Marie (7 years ago)
Getting this tommorow :D
Henry (7 years ago)
Make money with iPhone! earn money fast! freemoneyiphone.blogspot.com Please like to spread the word!
Ayla Gutierrez (7 years ago)
im totally goin to buy me one today! yay
ReptarSaysGrawr (7 years ago)
Ok so on simple tweaks, or what ever you want to call these, DeepEnd, or Display Recorder (examples) > install it pops up a screen that says "Cannot Comply" Note: The requested modifications blah blah blah. anyone kno how to get this off and the package working? itll be much help!
moora (7 years ago)
@VeryFunnyFails100 what does tht mean?
Brian Strouth (7 years ago)
@GoPoseidon because it is ios 4
cpthinks (7 years ago)
u could make folders on the old iphone
Hansen HKS (7 years ago)
CallOfDutyMW3Lobbys (7 years ago)
wow a microsoft ad came up...
Kovven (7 years ago)
@iMultiFlynn Pfft, extreamly costy! And all that is done is: Better camera, better processor, and Iris. Nothing huge, it eaven have same RAM as 4! So... Not a huge leap... I stick to 4...
Somko Enhtur (7 years ago)
they must make iphone5 no iphone4S. i think galaxy II is better than iphone 4S because galaxy has a same cpu same camera and bigger screen. and everybody knows siri is so unless app. me:hey whats last location yesterday ? siri:sorry sir say again. me:siri:what is my last location yesterday? siri:sorry sir say it again. me:D*mn I JUST FU**ING WANNA MY LAST LOCATION SIRI ? siri:OK weather is ...
mama mo (7 years ago)
freakin want one
martinswaag (7 years ago)
Hello! If you need iPhone 4 unlocker than go to grokeys.webs.com -This file is a safe and it works just perfect, and my iPhone 4 too! Try it.(it is free!!! ;) -And have a nice day
TheChubbyboy666 (7 years ago)
they should have realesed iphone 5 first
RIP Steve Jobs
Relativity (7 years ago)
@akinorhan5 Nice speculating on an unreleased phone that's nearly a year away, dipshit.
Akın Orhan (7 years ago)
they are adding little bit updates on the iphone and there you go you have a new iphone hahaha lol but the next samsugn galaxy s3 will hava a 1.5 gb ram!!! 2 ghz quad core cpu 10 megapixel camera 1280x1027 screen pixel bigger super amoled screen anddd more!!!!
Akın Orhan (7 years ago)
they are adding just little bit updates and they have a new iphone hahaha XD

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