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Natural Hair Protective Style: Head Wrap/Head Scarf How To!

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Simple Protective Natural Hair Care Style Tutorial for cool/cold weather. The only other thing I could add would be to try to find a material that has a smooth texture so that it won't snag your natural hair thus avoiding breakage. Also a lighter weight fabric will be more comfortable, you know you can't be all sweaty. For those of us who can't wear full on scarves to work you can always try a ponytail and protect your ends by just wrapping the end of the ponytail like a bun. I hope you guys have enjoyed and I'll see you all soon! xoxo, Rachelle ~ Daily Fashion, Recipes and Tips ~ http://www.borderhammer.com ~ Business Inquiries ~ [email protected] ~ Social ~ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/borderhammer Facebook http://www.facebook.com/borderhammer Instagram: BorderHammer Yahoo http://[email protected] Beautylish http://www.beautylish.com/borderhammer Pintrest http://pinterest.com/borderhammer/ Polyvore http://borderhammer.polyvore.com/ Chictopia http://www.chictopia.com/borderhammer Pose http://www.pose.com/borderhammer ~ Shop with ME! ~ Sigma http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=23722 Beyond the Rack http://www.beyondtherack.com/member/invite/BA57B16B Hautelook http://www.hautelook.com/short/3DnPy ~ Shoes ~ Shoedazzle http://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/13772g3gup Justfab http://www.justfab.com/invite/borderhammer/ Hautelook http://www.hautelook.com/short/3DnPy SoleSociety http://www.solesociety.com/invite/cid/c353281/ ~Accessories~ Jewelmint http://jmnt.me/106iTAg ~Health and Well-Being~ Gungho Energy Shots http://www.gogungho.com/7gprd
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Text Comments (117)
Betty B. M. Angwenyi (1 year ago)
So sweet and energetic! "We gone get it together!" :-D Made my day. Thank you
I love your energy sis! Wrap on with your badd self!!! lol😊😊
USQ (2 years ago)
Thank you for this!!!
Indigo Jes (4 years ago)
Love this💓
Elsie Deer (4 years ago)
You give me life !!!
Annie Hiesterman (4 years ago)
V Chiri (4 years ago)
I love this my sister! So nicely presented. Thank you very much!
Anna Joi (5 years ago)
your hair in the beginning of the video INSTANTLY reminded me of Angelica's doll Cynthia from Rugrats! oh my childhood. :D
ik this old af but SAME 😂😂😂
Brandi Wells (5 years ago)
This video is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you and by the way I love your energy.
Your voice is amazing. Good tutorial!
SUPERESSENCE91 (5 years ago)
YES! I only know how to wrap it one way, this is perfect!! Thank you!!
ellebliss3 (5 years ago)
Thank u for this tutorial lol love ur personality-def new subbie!!
H-Marie (5 years ago)
shouldnt she scalf be satin or silk?
Rebecca Preisler (6 years ago)
thanks!! love the video!
Rachelle Johnson (6 years ago)
Perfect! My name is Rachelle too! Pronounced Rah-shell : )
Micah Armour (6 years ago)
thank you soooo much
Saira Martinez (6 years ago)
or do you know another one that could help me?. thank you
Saira Martinez (6 years ago)
hi umm my aunt has cancer so i am looking stuff up for her, would this still work is she has short hair ?
Janice Robinson (6 years ago)
thx ma' you are a lifesavor!
mokahdeelyte (6 years ago)
Where did you get that scarf?
bethany Noel (6 years ago)
I really like watching your channel! Your energy makes your channel very interesting and indescribable
Jemina (6 years ago)
This was my first video by you and I LOVED it!! Your personality is GREAT!!
Lady Dnmiller (6 years ago)
LOL You are so helpful but funny at the same time! My fellow southern woman thank you!!
Latoya Rudd (6 years ago)
thank you so much ! i looked this up on a quick note for a bad hair day and u saved my life !
JazmineJermany (6 years ago)
lmbo i NEVER would have guess you sound so southern! But so down to earth though LOVE IT GIRL!
Becc Smith (6 years ago)
this is super cute!
Jessica M. Jacob (6 years ago)
When you said, "Savior," I laughed and knew I liked you fr4om them. First time on your page :)
Brittany (6 years ago)
Just make sure your baby hair and everything is ok lol
Nia Walker Smith (6 years ago)
I love the way you talk! lol
80soa (6 years ago)
Lookin like Coolio there in the beginning! lol love the look
CandiceRenee (6 years ago)
Judy Turner (6 years ago)
It cracks me up when people say "Baby Hair"...LoL
Judy Turner (6 years ago)
I love U...You're just too cute!
Veronica D. Giovanni (6 years ago)
Red9Velvet (6 years ago)
Where are u from ? Nd which goodwill did you go to?
osnapimjay (6 years ago)
I just graduated from VCU! :D
Cyn'sEmptyNest (6 years ago)
Very nice.
fluffydiva84 (6 years ago)
ok so RVA me too, unrelated but do u ever get any of your wigs from the local bss? if so which are the best....
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
:) thank you so much!!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
lol I'm from Richmond, VA
Jasmyn Alexander (6 years ago)
you sould like you from down south lol. love you
Sincerely Kaye (6 years ago)
Nice tutorial! I enjoyed it!
1pimpafro (6 years ago)
You are funny.
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Richmond, VA :)
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
lol thank you!
MIYOKOGIRL (6 years ago)
"the law of the land"!!!!!!!!!!!! i laughed out loud at that one! you are so pretty, girl! even with your hair all crazy! thumbs up!
Licialynn (6 years ago)
thanks for sharing!!
ifengozi (6 years ago)
Your accent is too cute, lol where are you from?
Breanna L. Jackson (6 years ago)
Love your channel & your personality!!!!!!
TheChocBeauty (6 years ago)
Love it
dollbaby4400 (6 years ago)
Nice tut..thanks for sharing...Blessings.Doll
TheUnfrumpyMommyLife (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for the tutorial- nice and simple!!! I hope that you're looking forward to having an awesome weekend.
hunnyb82 (6 years ago)
That's hott
DiscoveringNatural (6 years ago)
This is really cute. Love the spin off from a normal front cinnabon head roll
You're hilarious! LOOOL! Love it!
M C (6 years ago)
Your a Cutie
S. Cole Tunstall (6 years ago)
You are so funny and real! Love your channel!
May West (6 years ago)
LaVette Burnette (6 years ago)
You make me laugh so much. Especially when you say "This is how I do". I wear mine like this too. I cheat but get dollar tree ones and cut them to any shape I want. Love your video.
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you!!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you and I love you watching em! :0)
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you!
Angel J. (6 years ago)
tracie weeks (6 years ago)
love it. u always keep it real. love watching your videos.
Kay (6 years ago)
hahaha i died when u first pulled that ponytail holder off your hair and it popped out and you looked up into the camera like "what?....don't be alarmed" hahahaha!! love it
MawiyahJ (6 years ago)
You're so crazy! Your hair texture is very pretty too :)
broyale7 (6 years ago)
Did the same thing yesterday, except mine was to the nape of my neck. Good technique.
chanora1980 (6 years ago)
Rhetta Maduka (6 years ago)
Happy to see your natural hair. It's grown! Thanks for the vid. All your hair subbies got their fix till nxt one lol have a great day
Dija Henry (6 years ago)
I LOVE coming to your channel 1.your style 2. the information but MOSTLY 3. your fabulous personality! You just make my day a brighter. Thanks for sharing this scarf tutorial! Blessings!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you beautiful!!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you!!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
haha! No sense in frontin.
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
I have an accent?? ;)
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Tiffany White (6 years ago)
I love your great personality and that smile!!!! I love this look- keep up the great videos!
Marianne Toure (6 years ago)
very nice
Loretta King (6 years ago)
I love your personality. You are my BFF (in my head). Lol!
DancenDelta (6 years ago)
I love your accent !!
traiskin (6 years ago)
You're so cute, gurl!!
Jasmine T (6 years ago)
Keisha Cunningham (6 years ago)
I like ;)
bigmacrr (6 years ago)
Girl you was lookin too crazy at the beginning of dis video! LOL - You awesome for keepin it real
dannigirll (6 years ago)
i love it!!!
Chinyere Victorious (6 years ago)
Loved it!!! Yay!! You have dimples like me :)
Sayber's Cooking (6 years ago)
TheChicNatural (6 years ago)
i frickin love ur vids and ur realness! cute wrap!
KurlyMommy G (6 years ago)
Soooo cute!
eaglesgirl445 (6 years ago)
Very nice.. You are too funny. I have very short hair but I'm still going to try this :)
Styled By Lisa B. (6 years ago)
Very cute!!!
Igotkrazyfaith (6 years ago)
I neva seen it done like that.. its really cute the way you do it.. imma give that a try
Jay Luv (6 years ago)
Thank you this is a life saver! Btw I adore your accent!!!
kyra williams (6 years ago)
Your hair is getting long! I would like to see some of your daily styles of your natural hair.
mamaolu (6 years ago)
Love your videos!!! Would love to see a holiday fashion show!!!!
SimpleeKomplex (6 years ago)
Very nice! I hope 2013 is kind to you :)
gloria11894 (6 years ago)
OMG i LIVE for ur accent. its just so darlin and sweet.
Rayann410 (6 years ago)
love it!
maryem802 (6 years ago)
aww girl i've missed you! you make me laugh, you're funny as what and your dimples make it ten times better! and thanks for this, i got crazy, curly, coarse italian hair, i needed this info girl! xoxo
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank you!!
BorderHammer (6 years ago)
Thank YOU for watching! :)

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