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Hanging an IKEA Mirror Without Screws!!!

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Hanging an Ikea beveled mirror without the use of screws or nails, thanks in part to 3M http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30133522/
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Text Comments (51)
Des x Garcia (6 days ago)
How heavy can a mirror be to use this technique?
Cattarina (18 days ago)
how do you then remove it without chipping the paint off the wall?
Terane (15 days ago)
The paint won’t strip as the adhesive is quite gentle. I’ve used a few and never had any issues.
Nora Jones (2 months ago)
It don’t work obviously it will have to be a mirror that carries less weight
david low (2 months ago)
dun let ur baby crawl over there.
Bear Swanson (3 months ago)
i tried to tag u in my video inspired by yours and created on the same day i found u... but i dont know how? please advise 😘 https://youtu.be/XU6JD3KUGyM
Bear Swanson (3 months ago)
Basketball Dreaming (3 months ago)
Geto Boys music in the background. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
Abid Ali (11 months ago)
which tap is this? whatsapp me 91-9718783803
QueenCupcake32 (1 year ago)
I'm doing this very soon!! Thank you! It seems simple.
The squishy Girl (1 year ago)
Uh your not god because first of all your not in heaven and second of all you don’t know everything
katherine yanez (1 year ago)
It won't fall? I'm scared to try command strips
MJustiniyan (1 year ago)
No hate, but Ikea is Swedish, not Swiss xD
Vadym Volodko (1 year ago)
All of my woodworks I made with woodprix. Google woodprix and start your project.
Melli Isha TV (1 year ago)
what size mirror is this??
simohbel (1 year ago)
Did you just put the surface o the mirror on a table? and did you push hard on the mirror with bare hands... tsk, tsk, tsk...? but hey, as long as it holds, right? Thanks for sharing
Terane (1 year ago)
ZYes I know, safety first, but one sometimes neglects safety when working within the home...
Sione Fanua (1 year ago)
You have an interesting tutorial. It is pretty entertaining to watch, and funny.
Jon Sy (1 year ago)
Command strips are pretty reliable, but Ikea mirrors can be unbelievably heavy. Anyone watching this, check the Command weight limits carefully before you do something like this. A far safer way to hang mirrors without power tools is this: https://hackerbits.com/life/how-to-hang-an-ikea-mirror-stockholm/ - definitely more stable than Command strips. For anything over a few pounds, I'd use picture wire instead of twine.
Denise Cardona (1 year ago)
Hi, is the mirror still up? I was thinking of doing this but I am extremely skeptical.
Terane (1 year ago)
Yes, the mirror is still up. Just be sure to remove the plastic backing from your mirror before you mount it.
Terane (1 year ago)
+Denise Cardona yes it it! Be sure to use the appropriate 3M strips, say something rated for 9lbs
Joshua Friedman (2 years ago)
Beck (1 year ago)
And maybe he is....? Then what?
Ta E (2 years ago)
lol funny and useful!
enasoja (2 years ago)
i just subscribes bc of how he asked lol looks good and easy but maybe not very secure if anyone has more ideas please share
Pankaj Nalavde (2 years ago)
how do you remove the mirror without damaging the paint though
Hero Hour (9 months ago)
Wait 2 months and the mirror will fall off on its own. This method sucks.
thefloweronwallstreet (2 years ago)
Pankaj Nalavde those strips are known for not damaging the wall or even leaving residue
justinas surotas (2 years ago)
someday it will fall off
jnnyy (1 year ago)
Honey Bunny facts.
Honey Bunny (1 year ago)
Won't we all
DISHES On2wheels (2 years ago)
2:01 remove the mirror from the strip and let it sit for an hour? what?
N R (1 year ago)
DISHES On2wheels ya it says to wait an hour but I would just leave it 😂😂
Kwality Kontrol (2 years ago)
Good luck moving.
Libby Thomas (2 years ago)
You're great at making tutorial videos! This was really helpful and fun.
Terane (1 year ago)
thank you so much
Maxwell Noby (2 years ago)
i tryed this and my mirror fell thanks
Des x Garcia (6 days ago)
Hero Hour how heavy was ur mirror dude?... exactly
night on the tiles (23 days ago)
I would never rely on a few sticky velcro strips to hold a large---ish mirror in place myself, just borrow a drill and use proper fixings lol or at least a good adhesive made for the job, side note...that film on the back is a safety feature, to stop the mirror from shattering into a thousand shards, so tread carefully
Shel Sparkle (5 months ago)
Hero Hour how many did you use to apply your item
Shel Sparkle (5 months ago)
Lilyella London Omds 😱 was just about to purchase now I’m not sure 😭
freedin (7 months ago)
I did this too and I died when it fell and the shards gave me bad luck

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