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A World Of Magic Trailer v5 new

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Seven world-class magicians are coming together to seta magic theatre show at the Vancouver Playhouse. Order tickets now, Enjoy an unforgettable evening.(七位世界级的魔术师将在温哥华为大家献上连续三天的魔术表演) Performer includes: Juliana Chen Murray Hatfield & Teresa; Ed Alonzo; Claudius Specht; Aaron Crow; Wayne Houchin; Kevin James. Date & Time: 7th September 8PM; 8th - 9th September 2018, 2PM, 5PM & 8PM (时间:2018年9月7号晚上20:00时;9月8号至9号,14:00时,17:00时与20:00时,共七场) location Location: Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2P1 (地点:温哥华女皇剧院(600 Hamilton street,Vancouver,BC, V6B 2P1) Tickets Prices: $58,$88,$118,$158 (票价:$58,$88,$118,$158) Tickets website:http://www.worldofmagic.ca/ (网上购票:http://www.worldofmagic.ca/) TEL BOOKING:604-284-4898 (线下购票热线:604-284-4898)
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