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WordPress 5.0 2018 – Gutenberg Demo and Preview, Tutorial & Features

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WordPress 5.0 is a totally new version of WordPress, not just another upgrade. This presentation by Mile Haydon from the Perth WordPress meetup explains what you need to know. This is a long video but stick with it as there is a lot a valuable information about WordPress 5.0 within it. The new WordPress editor, Gutenberg is a game changer. Check out the new WordPress 5.0 features in this WordPress 5.0 tutorial and Gutenberg tutorial Thanks to Mike Haydon and Jo Minney from the Perth WordPress Meetup group, and the sponsors ! Posted by David Murray (Cheltenham Group) – http://www.4seotraining.com.au
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Text Comments (9)
EARTH INDIA (3 days ago)
how i change to old virsion
EARTH INDIA (3 days ago)
new virsion in hall
Interesting Answers (3 months ago)
oh ya.. also.. use tiny.url for gods sake.
Interesting Answers (3 months ago)
Thanks for the presentation. Do you know what was good about TinyMCE? It was identical to using MS Word (or OO Writer). It was easy. This whole block thing makes things a lot more cumbersome. For example, good luck trying to figure out how to insert an image into a block and wrap text around it. Also, good luck trying to copy text across multiple blocks. These things can be done but it's cumbersome. There are a lot of new features I like, but those could have all been added without having to force block hell upon us. I think I could be OK with it if there was a TEXT block and not just a single paragraph block. I want all of my text in one block. At a minimum, they should have this AND TinyMCE. I could foresee myself using TinyMCE for blog posts and Gutenberg for pages.
PIP POP (21 days ago)
TinyMCE also change to use reactJs
Germán Bobadilla (4 months ago)
Lol when they try to implement my favorite builder https://youtu.be/s5wwOZRz4Uo?t=3469 and it doesn't work.
Mana Green (4 months ago)
Interesting! Thank you. This theme also developed completely based on Gutenberg and I love its editor. Mae Gutenberg Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/mae-event-and-conference-wordpress-theme/22118176 . It is really easy to customize and using blocks saves time and energy. Working with blocks is awesome and easier than I expected. Gutenberg is the future!
Andres Rivera (6 months ago)
The demonstrator did not look prepare to the point that he got annoying.
Clique Web Designs (6 months ago)
Very informative, thank you.

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