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pre-talk part2

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Get better response from your subjects by incorporating conversation hypnosis and associated trance state.
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Eddini76 (5 years ago)
I've taken this like twice and BOTH TIMES I got INFP, everything on the right hand side. They say that's good for "Monks" ... lol. While I do see it and agree with it to me I SWING between the I and E. So to me I'm a I / EFP ... lol.
Eddini76 (5 years ago)
VERY GOOD STUFF, 4 STARS. I like what you did with the "Mini Induction" with the car talk, what a great association. Let me tell you this Ray if just by the "Driving Talk" you look into the audience and just by that you see someone kinda nodding off, when getting people on stage make sure you GET THAT PERSON. That's not news to you, as Hypnotist we are both Trained to watch people closely in the audience. There though would be a Somnambulist of course. Rock On Son ..... lol ;)
RCSuperPowers (10 years ago)
Wow thanks so much!!!
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
I am indeed familiar with Myers-Briggs (I studied applied psychology a lot). Let me PM back to you because the text will be too long to fit in here. But yes introverted people are ideal to get on stage, the fact that they will feel especially uneasy in that sorta setting they allow them selves to be lead. For hypnosis show I like the people that volunteer and therefore are extroverted, these people will let go easy. But I hardly do hypnosis shows these days I've stepped up to psych.enterainment
RCSuperPowers (10 years ago)
Thanks so much for your videos, so much good info! Question for ya, are you familiar with Myers-Briggs personality types??? Would you say the ISFP is one of the more suggestible of the 16 personality types? From what I can tell, thats the type that Darren Brown is frequently singling out...
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
You are right these are some patterns stolen from Ericksonian conversational hypnosis. The leaving out of words is something that intrigued me enormously. The idea that less is more, is very interesting. Also the fact that it in some cases confuses the conscious mind is an added bonus.

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