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Soccer Spirits 1000 Days Celebration

176 ratings | 5339 views
Check out this video showcasing some amazing statistics and information about Soccer Spirits in honor of the 1000 Day Anniversary! ---------- Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item. Terms of Service: http://www.withhive.com/ Customer Support: http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire
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Text Comments (16)
shookedsincebirth (1 year ago)
You Should Have Actually Added A Rank For the Most Used Goal Keeper
rochie zhixin (1 year ago)
Thanks BB, been playing since 2014 for 3 years, and using Dale for 3 years.
Evolutionary Eevee's (1 year ago)
Roxxas Fromer (1 year ago)
I hope you can create a manga or anime series sometime in the future.
GulliBertus (2 years ago)
The SoccerSpirits Community is one of the best I've ever seen. When you have a question the chat almost always comes up with good advises. Also it's kind of addicting to play. Easy to learn, hard to master. And a big plus is that the pay-to-win factor is not as hard as in other games. Free users can reach galaxy too!
Arno Gan (2 years ago)
Damn looking at the gender ratio... I don't think I'll find anyone when I start working in the IT sector haha
JustaMichi (2 years ago)
My favorite game forever *^O^*
Saul Cela Nieto (2 years ago)
Good game
Nozoyashi (2 years ago)
Best mobile game ive played so far. Im already playing for 2 years. Sure it had its Ups and Downs. But I hope that BB will continue with SS and give us great contents in the future.
Bremen Eleroa (1 year ago)
Same here mate i start playing this game in February 2015 and still playing it.
Jatsnok (2 years ago)
Thank you Guy's for creating this awesome game! :)
Felicidades! Espero en un futuro puedan poner una tienda para vender productos de la marca como peluches, figuras pvc, etc. Seria genial 😄
SilversTheBoss (2 years ago)
Soooo then could i have a Metatron PLZ!!! I've tried so hard *cries
Nelse (2 years ago)
After one year i still enjoy playing soccer spirits, thanks to you guys!
Anna Nishikinomiya (2 years ago)
nice littre plushies
Lagerhaus Jonny (2 years ago)
Nakiri Erina I - need - that!

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