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Human Trafficking (2005) full movie

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A movie about one of the biggest problems today - modern slavery and sex trafficking. A female agent gets deep into a world-wide slave trafficking ring to catch the head of the organization and break this criminal chain. Starring Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Robert Carlyle. "Hundreds of thousands of young women have vanished from their everyday lives-forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. They're a profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic". (IMDB) I do not own the rights for the movie or any of it's content. The copyrights go to Lifetime Television, For Sale Productions (Muse), Muse Entertainment Enterprises, RHI Entertainment. This upload is purely for education regarding the fight against modern-day slavery.
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Text Comments (5863)
Zafar Qureshi (18 hours ago)
Very nice pulic
Barber Barber (20 hours ago)
ما هاذا من المفروض قتل كل شخص يغتصب إمرأة 😠😡😡😠😠
Angel Grace (23 hours ago)
I like most of the comments here, all condemning the biggest worldwide Human Trafficking. I watch movies with this line of subject, to learn and be aware. And everytime I see all these ANIMALS - traffickers, I want to become Superwoman, so I can take them all and hang them in a " river full of PIRANHAS - so when they fall one by one and be eaten alive, they'll know what they did ".
Pew Banerjee (1 day ago)
the film simply sends the message to be courageous enough to raise an alarm against this barbaric activities in today's civilized world.How inhuman of this brute and beastly act. To be ambitious is good but blindly don't keep faith on anybody just innocently.
Jee Masula (1 day ago)
salamat sa movie nyu napatapus ko grabi talaga nuh kawawa bat pati yung bata pa sana d ganun...thk u natapus ko yung itong pinakamagandang movie na sana tayung mga babae mag ingat d magtiwala sa ta.ong d kilala...godblesss....god is love...
Prabin Chhetri (1 day ago)
I'm crying after watching this movie. It touched my heart so good story with good lesson😢😢
honey africano (2 days ago)
stop for human trafficking😢they are not animal😔why they do that?for money?how can they handle thier conscience when some life they destroy😒so terrible..
ahmed Almansob (2 days ago)
قصه الفليم عن مافيا تخطف النساء والأطفال والبنات في تجارة دعارة قصة جميله وخزينه من الذي عنيين البنات و الاولاد من العذب الجسدي والنفسي والعنف
ahmed Almansob (2 days ago)
فليم قصة وروعه و خزينه ونهاية حلوة للفليم انصح بمشاهدة وشكرا لصاحب القناة
Rajshree Devnath (2 days ago)
We shouldn't trust strangers at all. We should obey our parents. This film is totally truth about our modern environment
Mohd Zeeshan (2 days ago)
како неко може бити толико наиван попут ове Нађе и веровати некој стильној агенцији и још плус напустити ћалета и кров над главом који је имала,ја НИКАД свог тату не би оставила НИКАД нема везе колико је сиромашан ,конечно није жалосно лупило би забавно,заиста,а тек ова Чехиња што има ћерку,тако тупаво насести на ласкање неког мушког дегенерика,смејурија,ал жао ми их је....јаднице
V-anonymous (2 days ago)
Y'all madafuckers I have a question...is this movie good? 🙄
jomel sama (3 days ago)
Jenny hoping your reading this Just want to say na I MISS YOU 😂
Realstic and heart touch movie
Pathfinder Always (3 days ago)
Why girls are tortured in this manner. Every person who have heart should raise his voice against this injustice. Where these so called social activits hiding seeing this. Govt should do something for the safety of these teenagers.
kati kontio (3 days ago)
They wont get anything positive. MEN get all By satan-posession - is it war, mafia,  raping of allkind and ages, killing By torture them or leaving them and them children to torture..ALL Terrorism ! - MEN does not need Satans beating - all what it need is small-talk with The Satan. - You can see same in infractsrukture of the Earth - even 'media' has corrupted By talking small and watching BIG. And surrently Police and Gurge is the worst, cause these even send victoms back to Hell !!!!!!! - I forgot babies and childrens who are the FIRST FOOD. Can you blame when whole World does ??? - "Boogieman" ( Use Alum-crystal-spray to ALL and natural anti-bacterials - verbs... Aluna freeze and NATURAL-anti-bakterial keep IT away ).
Magie Phaomei (4 days ago)
I need subtitle...
femylafi (4 days ago)
I swear i almost suffocated when the old lady was getting that lil girl out the bed. That was the most intense scene. Phewwww. I held my breath so long, my chest nearly burst.
Mano Hoda (4 days ago)
femylafi (4 days ago)
I am so disgusted. But that scumbag, criminal is one stupid low life scum. He is using them to do his secretary work too. I swear i want to see him (blond chap) get punched in the face so badly. He better get punched in the face or something during this movie.
shan karoon علي (5 days ago)
8k People is trafficking dislike the move hhhhh
YASKME007 (5 days ago)
Now that I have a daughter my stomach feels sick!
Mehwish Amin (6 days ago)
Very painful story....cried during movie. Worth watching.
michael merrigan (7 days ago)
Vengeance is mine said the Lord Almighty God
Piseth Suon (7 days ago)
I wish The prime minister or president of each country would consider of this shit things. Unfortunately, they will never ever think because all those victims won't be their bloody one. Humans on earth are becoming cruel from day to day.
michael merrigan (7 days ago)
There is a place in hell waiting for these people
Em Kay (7 days ago)
This is just one of many signs of End of Time, 'father selling his daughter for money'. What will he do when the money runs out?..is that when he'll realise his loss? And people having sexual intercourse with a child!!!?,..who's not fully developed?!!..taking her innocence??!!!......I'm soooo angry right now it's hard to fathom that this kind of thought would enter someone's mind!!
Takni Lussier (8 days ago)
dyah pitalloka (8 days ago)
Cerita difilm ini berdasarkan realita di kehidupan..semoga kita selalu diselamatkan di manapun kita berada
Sheila cris Hinayon (9 days ago)
Lintik grabe naman nakkagigil...mga hayop cla...
Oneaho Monyileote (9 days ago)
We hear of children missing in South Africa everyday. Its so bad to scroll though social media because everyone has either lost a daughter, sister or mother. I cant even walk on the streets without looking over my shoulders
المتمرد ،، (9 days ago)
Wati Gambos (9 days ago)
This So hurting my heart, i am really very hate human Trafficking😢😢😢 just stop Human Trafficking
gekke klik (10 days ago)
I like the movie and the girls
gekke klik (10 days ago)
Szilvia Lakatos (10 days ago)
This is truly heartbreaking I felt like crying through this movie poor children it’s even more heart breaking that this is happening still in this wicked world I hope one day this stops but deep inside I know there so many human trafficking around the world that it’s very hard to stop it it’s hard watching this movie especially when u have a daughter this message is basically always have eyes on ur kids and yes I know sometimes it’s hard especially when they are teenagers but this movie is an eye opener my heart is crying it’s tough to watch
Zainal abidin (11 days ago)
Thats really make me angry 😡😡
Dom Salandanan (12 days ago)
Daming color ng wedding mo ...zyra.
Stella Evans (12 days ago)
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honey honey (12 days ago)
Its sad to know this shit is happening its horrible and needs to stop
AMS BEE (13 days ago)
Sarah Doll Mupon (13 days ago)
No I don't wanna watch this movei.
Miladys DJT (13 days ago)
Its an excellent work, I was here looking for a English Movie to Learn, and learn not just English, from the life. Congrats to the people that made this posible.
Rana Shahbaz (14 days ago)
This people all life not happy Its mardar dogy style
Letitia Herod (14 days ago)
1nt4n BrLian (14 days ago)
Oh my GOd... I can't stop crying When i Watching this Movie.. Why GOD Not Killed Them All 😭😭 They aRe Don't haVe A heaRt They Just Thingking about How To be Rich , How if They are family feel like this all girls😭😭😭 I hope it just a Movies Not in Real life 🙏🙏🙏
Letitia Herod (14 days ago)
Sadly in real life cases r worst amd ending is not happy unlike in movie
Shantel Chin (14 days ago)
This happen in my country people are so heartless young ladies are being used for human trafficking
Anthony Joefield (14 days ago)
8k propke dislikes this video 8k has to be traffickers
Anne Ibanez (15 days ago)
The background and people aren't from Philippines and you use Philippines flag
Journey Bascon (14 days ago)
Yeah your right people telling phillipines phillipines. Dont mind them.
Navin Kumar (15 days ago)
2:53:58 - No you are wrong - " the modern day slavery is because we demand it "
مینا احمدی (15 days ago)
اسم این فیلم چیه؟
Shazia Khan (16 days ago)
Ankurjyoti Chetia (18 days ago)
Let's fight against human trafficking.From India I am with you.
Ilahe Nuriyeva (18 days ago)
Very beautiful movie
Dom Salandanan (18 days ago)
Sauce holed at the cover...I think so.
Dom Salandanan (18 days ago)
We kindly ban the story of this movie..thx.
Dom Salandanan (18 days ago)
Hapi bday ,anak
Dom Salandanan (18 days ago)
Zyra how is the cover up?
Moderator live (19 days ago)
Indo nyasar cok
João Filho (19 days ago)
João Filho (19 days ago)
Julia John (20 days ago)
مين عربي 😘😘
عبدو مسطو (10 days ago)
انا هون
محمد الفرج (17 days ago)
Hebzkher Smith (20 days ago)
"Oh, I'm feeling such a girl" 😅
Shamraj Dixit (20 days ago)
this is very bad god bless us
Sahil Sharma (21 days ago)
Nice movie but way some people do this way way and way $
Rita Sohbha (21 days ago)
This thing mostly happen with innocent girl
Hot & Sexy Tribute (21 days ago)
Nice movie
Rosalyn Ople (22 days ago)
Its so 😔 sad.. Im pinay and i want to come a police to kill them bullshit
Jian Zhi Zhang (23 days ago)
I mean every single words when I say this: the people who are behind all the human trafficking deserve to rott and burn in hell for eternity. Never ending. They should get their f*king penises cut off and burned alive without dying. Human trafficking is why I don't believe in God
Janelle Ko (23 days ago)
I can not stop my tears crying
Janelle Ko (23 days ago)
Mia Khalifa and Maria Ozawa joined the group
Prathvi Singh (23 days ago)
Biju Joseph (24 days ago)
No words,so sad it was I'm sorry to the world why like this,God must be crazy
Dennis Lambing (25 days ago)
Watching from piliphines
desmond ateyu (25 days ago)
This was all wrong😥😥being raped i mean sodomised threatened about the people yuve left home n the men are happy n okay with all these😫😫😪😪😪😥😥even small kids why why why God please help us i dont know how but just do something
Hemant Joshi (25 days ago)
Please always be active for your family and friends. Always take care of your family and friends.
Hemant Joshi (25 days ago)
Everywhere everyone wants to be rich by easy and shortcut way that's why this is the main reason for all crime. Mostly women are on this track and take stupid way to be rich. They think it is freedom of life but they never believe in self respect and captured by this criminals
Showing this movies and maker people are good and really from us thanks a lot it's gives us lot of things that can happen to anybody so for me is lot of thanks to this team.
Bilal Akhtar (26 days ago)
You know what’s worse than women being used in human trafficking is that there’s a woman helping to traffic them like wtf your enjoying seeing ur own gender suffer in non consensual sexual activities why don’t u try it instead of helping men to kidnap other women
Nasreddine Benkahla (26 days ago)
يتنحاو ڨاع
اذا اكو عربي هنا لايك
اذا اكو عربي هنا لايك
Gladys Awusi (26 days ago)
Watching from Ghana show me some love
Kyere Felix (24 days ago)
Gladys Awusi nice
Shafqat Ali (26 days ago)
Really appreciate...her last speech on rostrum made my eyes wet.......
Mary Owusu (26 days ago)
Ogbemudia Glory (27 days ago)
USMAN KHAN (27 days ago)
Echung Ngullie (27 days ago)
It's really a hrt breaking story
Echung Ngullie (27 days ago)
is it a real story
Jal Loquias (28 days ago)
I'm from Philippines ,this movie makes me cry... OOH GOD save all women whose suffers in pain.
Fatin Nurisha (28 days ago)
MIC (29 days ago)
Cruel world
Onwura Beverly (29 days ago)
My lord,this is so bad
Sharon Binos (30 days ago)
😭😭😭 I 'm scared!!!😭😭🙊🙈🙈🙈
Akilan Putra (30 days ago)
you is men Dekker boy Watt i
Nada Yusra (1 month ago)
It's our responsibility to stop human trafficking. We must help each other to stop it for the sake of upcoming generation.
Diana Dizon (1 month ago)
unfortunately this is real. it is happening everywhere. #stophumantrafficking
Awais Sd (2 days ago)
My what's up number and call number+971523620421give msge
Diana Dizon (2 days ago)
+Awais Sd hello
Awais Sd (3 days ago)
Jheng Geraldo (1 month ago)
2019?? I don't understand?
Jheng Geraldo (28 days ago)
+John Carlo Bulaon hello po
John Carlo Bulaon (29 days ago)
haii cute
This is demonic ahh why, i wish God killed them all. But were they born by human beings.....🤨
Wilmah Mokoakoa (1 month ago)
😭😭😭 this is a true story i cant hold my tears
Muawar Ali (28 days ago)
Is that hsppen with you
vibhuraj thakur (1 month ago)
Nice movie worth watching
Murphy Cortez (1 month ago)
Its a worth watching movie . I salute to a Brave POLICE WOMAN who did everything even risk her own Life to save those Victims .. And A MOTHER who didn't give up to find her Daughter .. And a FATHER did everything and be Strong for her Daughter even he hurts so much to what they did to her Daughter . Its a Nice Movie that gives a lot of lessons to us. Importantly to those who wants to go abroad with free Passport , Visa and anything you need by Anyone or even Agency that promises like that . Please be careful and take care your child.

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