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Human Trafficking (2005) full movie

25374 ratings | 10890860 views
A movie about one of the biggest problems today - modern slavery and sex trafficking. A female agent gets deep into a world-wide slave trafficking ring to catch the head of the organization and break this criminal chain. Starring Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Robert Carlyle. "Hundreds of thousands of young women have vanished from their everyday lives-forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. They're a profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic". (IMDB) I do not own the rights for the movie or any of it's content. The copyrights go to Lifetime Television, For Sale Productions (Muse), Muse Entertainment Enterprises, RHI Entertainment. This upload is purely for education regarding the fight against modern-day slavery.
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Text Comments (3706)
Sintan Raffah (2 hours ago)
Jadi pegen
Khan Li (6 hours ago)
Nung wa có chị em nào đang xem hok kb zalo nc cách kiu
Monqui Birdh (7 hours ago)
good movie... but i was so hungry within the content of movie .. but got relieved in the end, .. sad reality
Farah Mesrouf (19 hours ago)
The father nd his daughter 💔💔💔😭😭😭
Robert Horvath (1 day ago)
Dina Colas (1 day ago)
Satan is in the mind of dirty and anti christ people
Farzana Aubeeluck (1 day ago)
lve been looking for this film fir some years . l watched it long time back . l wanted to show it to my nieces to get the reality of life . please share it the most you can it can save many lifes .lve seen these ukrainian girls for years onthe streets in italy for years not knowing the hell they were leaving this breaks my heart.
Shaniel Alejandro (1 day ago)
Ohhh this movie brake my... And its an eye opener to all ladies out there take care always.. God bless us all
Why are people so wicked!!! Young kids,boys and girls no one is safe anymore...
Jane Dungca (2 days ago)
Very good movie..
khariema vergara (3 days ago)
It really touches my heart the way nadias father look for her to save her... Human trafficking is really indeed prevalent across the world... So sad that a lot women experience this kind of evil thing... The movie is great very realistic
Santi Rof (3 days ago)
Why no translate ?
Fjghghg Vjbjgg (3 days ago)
Chinnappan Va (3 days ago)
Official Bigo Hot (3 days ago)
Mana jempolnya yang indonesia,.. 😍
mohammed ali (3 days ago)
روعه اعجبنا جدآ
Joyful Kunal (3 days ago)
Real man protect and respect a women not hurt a women
Glessie Ann Luga (4 days ago)
currently watching😊
ayman zezo (4 days ago)
مفيش حد عربى هنا ولا ايه
Thank you
Rohit Kumar (5 days ago)
I'm see another age restricted video but that's diffrent .it's not sexy realy. You tube is fake that's this like video be age restricted
Rohit Kumar (5 days ago)
It's not to be age restricted video that's are truth and social media are based are truth that'scene are not sexy. Why do this?
Md Ali hossain (5 days ago)
Irini Tsatsos (5 days ago)
I hope those sick bastards die very slowly!!!!!!
Nilu Rai (5 days ago)
Nice film.Stop Human Trafficking.
Tamas Gyori (5 days ago)
And the Democrats want to close down ICE .
X'inger Yuwen yue Hao (6 days ago)
tagalog lagi
Joy S. (6 days ago)
Just finished watching, Nov. 07, 2018 I feel sick and sorry for all of The victims and families in all ages.
syauqi AL rasyid (6 days ago)
jstylezPictures (6 days ago)
i'm 20 stone but even I thought that guy was a fat dirty bastard must of been 35 stone or something disgusting she wants a man her age and her weight to date on her terms not to be raped by this fat disgusting pig disgusting!
Aizaz Jamil (6 days ago)
Every year males raped millions of girls (respect for womens)👈
Jane Awuor (6 days ago)
It's quite disturbing to see women involved in this
all mixxx (6 days ago)
Very emotional 😢😢
This truly is reality out there. Prince Charming can be out there but never judge a book by its cover. Suddenly im scared of travelling! !:(
Kill the evil
mohammed basheer (6 days ago)
My eyes cant stop crying, I wish Allah I could kill with my own hands
بنت الموصل (6 days ago)
*الله الله على رومانسية والحب اممممممممح*
عمار فيصل (7 hours ago)
تعالي واتساب فايبر ايمو هذا رقمي 07710356842
Bumtsend Bumtsend (2 days ago)
فرحان الجاسمي and 82120514
Bumtsend Bumtsend (2 days ago)
بنت الموصل 82120514
Sedaal Aser (2 days ago)
تعي خليني سويلك سكس
Mathivanan Singaram (6 days ago)
The world is full of wonder and blunder. What a life are we living? Is it worthwhile!
Mae Urbano (7 days ago)
That one that they said that it's in "MANILA, Philippines", it's not really in the Philippines. Totally different. Well, it's not really a big deal. 😁 The point is, they used the Philippines. Do they even ask permission to use the Philippine flag and the language? Anyway, this movie is an eye opener to everyone. Sad but it's really happening.
kadal Asia (6 days ago)
Mae Urbano it's a old movie maybe you dunno time was passed now should it was different
Sk Saffam (7 days ago)
Motan Konyak (7 days ago)
Sexy over loaded 😂
Rohit Kumar (5 days ago)
Sammy Jo Torrance (7 days ago)
So heartbroken watching this but it does happen 😔 xx
#potsolo 010425 (8 days ago)
All women deserve all respect 😢😢😢
Hamid Farzadnia (8 days ago)
This is why u shouldnt travel to manila,fucking pinoy
Mae Urbano (7 days ago)
Hamid Farzadnia Where is that hate coming from? That's not really in the Philippines. And don't say that word.
Costel Pocnesc (8 days ago)
Polizia dorme?
ahmad ansari (8 days ago)
Its make me cry ...we just life one time
pawan banty (8 days ago)
An eye opener for me...Be careful..
Asher Feel (9 days ago)
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Fredy Widiyanto (9 days ago)
Nonton sambil nyimak coment 😄
Ruffa Sabela (9 days ago)
Hkmm Hkmm (9 days ago)
شو هاذا
Catherine Cumayas (9 days ago)
This make me cry so much and have pain inside cause i never see My grandma and i heard that. shes a. Victem of human trafficking since she left to come in Manila 1972 never get new about her then My mother she recieve a letter about My grandma is dead cause human trafficking so sad 😢😢😭 this Movies base ON a true story in life
I feel for all those little girls who have been lied to and trusted for a job. there are even kids in other countries who get sold by there own parents, just to keep their drug habits. this destroys lives and families. check out The little princess organization they are trying there best to help and save our girls.
Jacob Ferrer (10 days ago)
human trafficking can't stop if some of the personel in our goverment is also suport this ...im so burried for this kind of problem to our country
kris kiki (10 days ago)
Every person in this planet have to watch this movie. Every mother,every daughter,every father, every brother..... Everybody have to take this lesson and trust nobody because there is too many sick people walking in this world who deserve not to die that is too good for them they deserve to be punished every second every breath that they take to be filled up with pain and agony and begging for death but NO because than they can not feel anything they should live in the worst nightmares that nobody can't imagine and everyday to pray and wish for death and everyday all over again.......
عمر سبع (10 days ago)
واو فيل بدو ينيك 🐜نمله
maheen malik (10 days ago)
this movie make me carried...hv nice msg at the end ..
Angga Kirlyan (11 days ago)
What a reality!!
Monuir Mamdoah (11 days ago)
Beautiful family👌😉
Reethan. D.L. (11 days ago)
November 2018
Kiyan Baron (11 days ago)
*The World is cruel, We are..*
i was moved by this movie especially as i have dreamed of a better life in America for me and my family...it's either the hell of my country or possibilities outside it...There are also hell holes on the way...it's so sad that the world is all rotten but we must survive or die trying...
Sirleide Bomfim (11 days ago)
Esse filme e forte e bom
Bab Tb (11 days ago)
These sort of drama convinced youth force to step very carefully beyond bright future and I hopefully think it clarify people to be grateful and feel glad and satisfied for everything they own
Arun Palta (11 days ago)
Stop Human Trafficking
Arun Palta (11 days ago)
What a Epic Picture
Janjan Dacer (11 days ago)
Tagalog language
mae guntinas (11 days ago)
I am amazed that having my language has been part of this movie.. 😊😊😊
Mae Urbano (7 days ago)
But don't be amazed that they used the Philippines when it's not really in the Philippines. Look at the other comments. It's devastating! 😢
Ian Dalgan Nandang (12 days ago)
Just for this it's been true story.
Andi_ Aziz (12 days ago)
Police Good job👍👍👍
Marie Franco (12 days ago)
This is heartbreaking! Call me a bad person but I'd love to see these criminal's on the same arena with some psychopathic killers. Its gonna be a win2 situation for the police. The lesser useless criminals, the lesser criminal's to feed in jail.
abetli Chophy (12 days ago)
I cant stop my tears after watch this nice movie👍
Riskha Yohana (12 days ago)
😭😭😭hasbunallah wanikmal wakill
AVITOLIM lim (13 days ago)
I don't no
Danique Maas (13 days ago)
I have been true the same as they were. When I watched this movie, i felt less alone and better understood, with me it wasn't as bas as with the girls in the movie... I got lucky, when I watch this... I know it could have been way worse.
shiela tamado (13 days ago)
I first watched this in college, It was a Christian college and the nuns there made us watch this. And I thought it was great that I could still remember most scenes of this movie
Oluvadi Xnakzer (13 days ago)
Life is really freaking be aware of fake people who want to take the disadvantage of you aim high but dont expect big that comes in a step
Samir Paban (14 days ago)
Great greate greate.......please shere this movie all of ur country..salute
Syed Hisham (14 days ago)
May Lord of the universe help all his slaves. May Lord guide everyone.
Jameel Hajana (15 days ago)
جمیل البلو شی
Morgan Bohara (16 days ago)
Really heart breaking seeing the movies
Hannah King (16 days ago)
Anthony Solomon (16 days ago)
Interesting movie
malou mamaril (16 days ago)
Nice movie very touching story....The last part makes me cry
Muhammad Efendi (16 days ago)
In moslem women is very great god hijab protek she is
Khan Heny (17 days ago)
Rame ga ya
badal thapa (17 days ago)
I feel So Sad about small kidz also involving in Sex Traps.... Usually they didn't about sex but Getting Rape....
Turay Mohamed Fatmata (17 days ago)
Lesson to learn
sam skeleton (17 days ago)
such a heartbreaking and soul destroying film , to think what women men and children go through in the hands off evil scum , so very sad , just hope that as time goes on this can be stopped ,prevented ,and harder for these filth to do this , education as well in prevention .Theres a place in hell for those that do this and those who rape and hurt them .
Asad Rasul (17 days ago)
A Good movie
irfan mirza (18 days ago)
Plzzz girls dont beleve boys just ur bro can face ur problm every is like snake and everywhere in all world
vina lope (18 days ago)
Mas Jack (21 hours ago)
Ikut 👆
Bialdo Sherelyn (18 days ago)
,,ohh my why my tears kept in falling down for christ sake save those people from evil thing😭😭😭😭
very good
Dark Light (18 days ago)
Please be careful fellas!
Chandrabhan Singh (18 days ago)
It's not a bad movie this movie is massage to everyone ...and girls plz be self confident in life .. very nice movie thanks to all carctor to make this movie special the lady police my favourite
Md Yousuf (14 days ago)
Lynlyn Hearth (19 days ago)
Watching this again 2018 is really sickening ,how human trafficking is such a huge crime and in human and still happening till now .😭😭😡😡
Hollywood Movie (19 days ago)
Sexy movie. https://youtu.be/10Rlng1GrF8
AMIR Sagar (20 days ago)

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