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Human Trafficking (2005) full movie

30041 ratings | 11840625 views
A movie about one of the biggest problems today - modern slavery and sex trafficking. A female agent gets deep into a world-wide slave trafficking ring to catch the head of the organization and break this criminal chain. Starring Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Robert Carlyle. "Hundreds of thousands of young women have vanished from their everyday lives-forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. They're a profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic". (IMDB) I do not own the rights for the movie or any of it's content. The copyrights go to Lifetime Television, For Sale Productions (Muse), Muse Entertainment Enterprises, RHI Entertainment. This upload is purely for education regarding the fight against modern-day slavery.
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Text Comments (4560)
Nl Conywar (5 hours ago)
Its a true movie. It happened around the world and happening now too. Sisters around the world should be very careful of this trafficking.
Deep Heer (9 hours ago)
Really nyc
Then Mozhi (21 hours ago)
Wonderful movie pls watch it
Jihan Saphira (1 day ago)
don't believe Anyone Please
Vanessa Queen (1 day ago)
2019 here.
Heena Ansari (1 day ago)
OMG 😢😢😢
Vanessa Queen (1 day ago)
God what's this world turning into,thank god am save and am not in the hands of the evil one..
Iza Iza Binondo (1 day ago)
Really I cried😭😭😭
Leah Bosito (1 day ago)
I think the police woman look's like a movie of We believe " Christian movie..😊
Asad Ali (1 day ago)
Good movie
Princess Joso (1 day ago)
I cried watching this movie until i had no tears to shed anymore! Now i know this world is not my home. Thank God for Jesus!
nani jiuru (1 day ago)
Ellen Yaris (1 day ago)
they're evils! this kind of people must be burn alive! so sad watching here and nothing we can do to help those victims., trust no one nowadays😣😣😣😣😣😣
Mai Giza (1 day ago)
Nice movie Thank for upload 💋💋💓
afiajabin nova (2 days ago)
Wow . this movie is best movie on true incidents
Chaithu Chaizz (2 days ago)
I don't know what made me to watch this movie, firstly I was eager to read the comments and everyone was this movie made them to tears in their eyes, when the movie over I was also in tears.... Everyone watch this movie
விலிப்புணர்வு பாடம் படம்
Fizu (2 days ago)
Such a messagable movie 👍🏻
merry katty (2 days ago)
I can't stop thinking that every girl is not safe no matter your age ...we need to be careful
mira ugiwara (2 days ago)
My was broke when I see they meet together
PRATAP DAS (2 days ago)
Really its a great movie. This human trafficking is still existed to every country . We All have to come forward to wipe out this curse from our society.
joan villamayor (2 days ago)
Omg can't stop tears
ERLEN RAMOS (3 days ago)
They shoot in my country MANILA PHILIPPINES!!!!!
Elvis Nyameye (3 days ago)
who else is here with me tonight
Elvis Nyameye (3 days ago)
who else is here with me tonight
MH Gemini (3 days ago)
I deeply feel so sad, lesson learned from this vid that every girl must be protected and transparently supported by their parents in every field they choose for their profession. What a great movie.
Adam Abukari (3 days ago)
can't think far 2019 YaaLana Dagbondooo
IloveJC love (3 days ago)
What if the military and the cops hunted down child preditor and worse that those evil of this world then this evil and worse would not exist.
Najua Ariam (3 days ago)
Grbeeee ang galing ng movie na ito..
IloveJC love (3 days ago)
Any filthy preditor that abuses little boys is the most disgraceful of them all, dear Jesus please protect the innocient of the world.
jayson alano (3 days ago)
gusto ko tong movie na toh marunong MAGTAGALOG C BABY GIRL at 14:10 till 4:18 try watch it! ang cute!
cyndee dinlayan (3 days ago)
Its very nice touching . very emotional 😭😭
elham Zaazoua (3 days ago)
في عرب ولا بس انا
manelyn olivo (3 days ago)
It's my first time to watch this movie.
Simran Tamang (4 days ago)
😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 I can't stop my tears . God please save theos who are still in treveble.
Anesa Maher (4 days ago)
Allah kareem ✌
Anesa Maher (4 days ago)
i understand all movie but i don't know what i say because im cray too much cray i can't not tell any thing 😪😭😭😭😭Allah 😢
Jessel Seo (4 days ago)
KingChloè (4 days ago)
I'm sad. 😔
mr.tamang Tamang (4 days ago)
It's sad but true...all teenagers I would like to say you please don't ignore your parents....
Vincent John Tito (4 days ago)
Anybody here??who's still watching this movie now??
mr.tamang Tamang (4 days ago)
They all are going to hell
Mohd Asif (4 days ago)
Diva Viezensa (4 days ago)
iam very lucky coz i live in a country thats peacefull and my county have culture helped each other ...iam indonesian
Nuwahwera Sheilla (4 days ago)
Everyone in this movie is annoying
Mbok gondel (4 days ago)
Iin Bagiaswati (4 days ago)
I'm waching now
123 takbo (5 days ago)
bakit kya my mga taong nagagawa ang masamang bagay para sa kunting pera..
AMER ALSAADE (5 days ago)
Mahrukh Aslam (5 days ago)
Can't stop my tears😢😢 may Allah save and protect from all of devils ameen
Kasyim Umasangaji (5 days ago)
Jo R.E (5 days ago)
Rainbow Mixed farm (5 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Nl0bFsXkD7Y Street Dance In Kerala Style
piyop adijaya (5 days ago)
Hey...the Asian guy who take a little girl not punish yet...this is not finish.
Maria Jabeen (5 days ago)
I am from Pakistan its also terrorrism every one say Muslims are terrorizing but what is this ,,,,,all pornographers are from u.s.a... make innocent child pornograph industry, that was so disgusting. O my ALLAH SAVE US from these evils
Maria Jabeen (2 days ago)
A.Thohrii William yes you are right in this movie we all got gud lesson ...
A.Thohrii William (2 days ago)
Is this movie real?! Maybe not. But it's a good lesson learned, for human trafficking is so popular even in real life though this movie is not real
Ella Mohd (5 days ago)
Im watching this movie in 2019..my heart is broking down at 1:30:41 when helena's daughter landed at the airport..im crying so hard! Fucking off human trafficking!
Suzy cue (6 days ago)
i don't understand that anyone who calls himself a man could participate in this abuse of women and pay money to be with them. The worst low lives are the paying male customers. What creeps and pigs.They are probably married with children to make things worse.
Suzy cue (6 days ago)
some of the women are tourists and traveling with their parents. not even lured but abducted by predators. drugged, raped daily by about 12 strange men, chained to a mattress, beaten to keep in line. what a terrifying life. These women need a hero to save them.
Alex Sumadun (5 days ago)
pokeh anjin
Suzy cue (6 days ago)
These women are lured in a deceptive manner by false promises, love, fame fortune in modeling . They are not agreeing to being a sex trafficked. This is organized crime. There are over one million women as sex slaves today. They need to be rescued in an intelligent and organized manner by authorities. The criminals who do this need to be punished. i don't see governments doing enough to free these women from the worst abuse known to humanity.
Nicole Andrews (6 days ago)
These ppl need to line up and shot dis wickedness how u could ah child and lay down on dem hmm am crying every day and praying every day for it to stop
Crisallyn Alejado (6 days ago)
i'm so badly touch with this movie,bcoz its really happens to our country,and i'm worried so much about for my 3 young duaghters...
Can Ateş (6 days ago)
Burda turk yokmu lan ?
Mianm 07808030121 (6 days ago)
ممكن عشيقة من العراق 07808030121 فايبر واتساب ايمو ومسنجر تلجرام
Violetta (3 days ago)
This shit would have ended long time ago if there was no demand. Demand creates supply. I don't know who is worse here. Those who supply or those who demand... In this day and age the bulk of men seem to prefer to click and pay for underage sex rather than go on a decent date with an age appropriate woman. It's just 'let's fuck right away' and if a woman doesn't want that then it's easier to go just buy the service elsewhere. I know prostitution has been around for a while now, but this oversexualized culture we have everywhere now is a straight way for the world to self destruct.
evi marta sukma sukma (6 days ago)
Yes, is real happens, All is should becareful,,,
Erakel Ezung (6 days ago)
firdous ali (6 days ago)
Any 1 from from india
lee paguican (6 days ago)
its 2005 movie but i just watch it now..
glaiza mapusao (6 days ago)
nice movie #mustwatch
Dinda Ku (6 days ago)
So..dont trust anyone in the world.
Glenda Camacho (6 days ago)
Watching 01-16-19
Jesus sees (6 days ago)
Why do people tell their life story to strangers. Omg that's Rumpelstiltskin from Once upon a time, 😲 of course he's a bad guy shocker there. 21:17 min into the movie had to edit my comment for this part I don't think I can watch this movie, from the moment he hug her in the train station I had a bad feeling, who am I kidding the guy gave me the creeps from the first time they meet...okay trying to pull myself together for the next part.😢
Legenda em português por favor !!!!
Sajjan Kanwar (7 days ago)
Plz download in hindi language
Nixon John (7 days ago)
I can't controle my tears. This is a great movie and it told the real story. It's still happening all over the world. I am praying for all enslaved for sex. We must fight against this kind of evil. Human trafficking is crime, sin and it's the EVIL too. Please don't watch porn sites. All porn sites using male and female sex slaves for their porn movie. If we see and enjoy it ...really we are under the curse of their pains and tears. This movie is not only a movie but it's a ground reality. There are millions of male and female sex slaves all over the world . This movie only told the story of female slaves. But in these days have millions of male sex slaves for women customers too. We can find out thousands of male slaves in femdom sites in internet. Really sex trafficking is a top most evil and crime. God will punish all who enslave man or woman for sex or anything.
Sarjubala Sanabam (7 days ago)
Oh my god ! i can't stop my tears how could the victims hndled it in real life please save them god
Raja Mohd Azlan (7 days ago)
January 2019.. Hi
Just Mimi (7 days ago)
To the father who risk his life to save her daughter salute to him
Nem Fay (7 days ago)
my heart is shaking and my feet getting sweat on the last scene bust. who's still watching in 2019? deserves award winning movie. Non Fiction Movie 😭 so sad all the victims of Human Trafficking.
Esmeralda Goloso (7 days ago)
So sad but so true....
Weng Pico (7 days ago)
This is so sad happen😢😢😢,,, nice movie saying wat getting happen in this world and wat kind people doing this busness... Hope walang mga batang nadadamay sa ganto at mahuli Ang mga gantong tao... I feel cry this movie
harm Ocado (7 days ago)
My heart is broken
gwapo ako (7 days ago)
Pinoy here hahaha bat ganito pa like kung mapapamura k habang pinapanood m to
usman jani (7 days ago)
kill the bastard
nathalia Gatso (7 days ago)
They are not the son of god they are create by demon. They are not human they are animals Our flesh is belong on earth but our soul is belong for Jesus.
martha zhe (7 days ago)
I just say that's this movie is wonderful.... I cry all the way I watch this. 😭😭😭😭
Wawan Stawan (7 days ago)
Kok saya sedih, Karena baru nonton di 2019 😢😢
Allen Kiel (7 days ago)
Love from the philippines💕
Yusup Hambali (7 days ago)
2019 😓😭
ofelia nodora (7 days ago)
Oh I cry this movie for all the women's we take care our self and what our discussion we need to inform our parents and don't talk stranger.
creative mind (8 days ago)
Nana Sona (8 days ago)
ليه الفيلم مش مترجم💔
Kristina Heart (8 days ago)
Its because of puberty and all about money .... im from philippines and a lots of human trafficking too.. its to sad they are too young...
Mary Suzette (8 days ago)
So sad that in the philippines there's a lot of human trafficking, Mother and the father sells their child for human trafficking. That's reality here.
Steel Man (8 days ago)
Jesus is the best.
Asseah A. s (8 days ago)
Plz respect women.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
artan shima (8 days ago)
o zot cfare filmi disa hwre e kam pare 😢😢😢
Samsung Sidareja (8 days ago)
Sedih dan marah lihat ini film..brharap ini hanya ada dfilm tidak dkisah nyata..Lindungilah kami smua ya Rabbi dr manusia2 brhati iblis
Crystal Lueders (8 days ago)
I just watched this movie and it's one of the most saddest movies I have ever seen in my life nobody should have to go through this

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