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Heroes War - Official Trailer [HD]

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An ultimate force of heroes is gathering... do you have what it takes to join the Heroes War and save the world? Heroes War is now available on iOS and Android Thrilling Features! - Turn-based RPG optimized for gaming on the go! - Assemble your own unique team of Heroes! - Customize and strengthen your character with weapons! - Dozens of Dungeons to test your fighting skills! Coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play!
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Aporia Yakuza (2 months ago)
Great game. Sadly, it's no longer there.
Geovanni Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Anyone know the name of a hero who dressed a blu dress with 2 long ponytales and she was Chinese? >~<‘
BigGreenLimaBean (8 months ago)
I miss this game
Aporia Yakuza (2 months ago)
Geovanni Rodriguez (4 months ago)
BigGreenLimaBean me too D:
Prastya Budi (2 years ago)
Tété (4 years ago)
Wow, great trailer ! Tits & boobs.... But what about the gameplay ?!
Hokori (4 years ago)
Yep, this successfully showed what the game is about and showed clips of actual  game-play~
CheaterCheater (2 years ago)
ikr I'm like...WTF is this game about, Is it a rpg? Is it a beat'em up?
slicvm (5 years ago)
The doesn't really play like that. 😒. The characters don't have any animation like the video showed.
Dark Relic (5 years ago)
Oh yay
Chicken Bob (5 years ago)
Them tits.
Gorblitz (5 years ago)
nice tits
Jason Sta. Maria (5 years ago)
Add me in game jason.sm.31 and get free 4k gold
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Check this out, through download this game
bblurre (5 years ago)
So no gameplay?
tai cheung (5 years ago)
Greed (5 years ago)
xuanji (5 years ago)
This game is addictive! I like how every heroes have their individual energy system to deploy.
Billy Arthurs (5 years ago)

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