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DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

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DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas. Indian and Moroccan Inspired! Blog: http://www.modernbohemianlifestyle.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinkSoFoxy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinekobzeff *This video is not sponsored. Music: Kevin MacLeod
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aqua fina (2 months ago)
Nice but you speak to fast! You also didn't say how many cords?
rachelle lewis (2 months ago)
Wow!.I don't have any other words to describe your macrame chandelier, but beautiful. How do you remember all those knots? I wish I could learn it. Pls make a video only about making macrame.
Zozan Sinde (4 months ago)
SheisKaris (7 months ago)
Thank you thank you so much
Avilda Creates! (9 months ago)
LOVE this pillow! Great job. Definitely giving it a try.
The chandelier looks amazing. Pls do a slower tutorial of the chandelier, explaining every step
Lindsay Ishoy (1 year ago)
Can you tell me what kind of light that is? Thanks!
Julia Feliciano (1 year ago)
Wow beautiful 💡
Virginia L Pinon (1 year ago)
I love. Moroccan
zaina Ayed (1 year ago)
areola2012 (1 year ago)
everything is so really beautiful elegant and classy thanks Christine for sharing everything
Christine Stewart (1 year ago)
You are amazing! I have just recently subscribed to your Chanel and love your ideas. I will be retiring soon you have inspired me to take up some of your projects. Keep going I love it😀
Mis Kandi (1 year ago)
Wow. Absolutely amazing. Love it!!
ladeja davis (1 year ago)
Beautiful! Really pretty pillow!
Kayla Tate (1 year ago)
Wow. The chandelier is so beautiful. I want to try this in my room. Im not sure if I can do this with my lighting fixture though.
Rita Williams (1 year ago)
Those throw pillows are giving me life! I wonder what kind of fabric that is? Gorgeous!
Zsanett Wenke (1 year ago)
super cool
Gina Mangum (2 years ago)
the macramé chandelier is all that!!! I love your creations!!!
Rose Barnhill (2 years ago)
how about a meditation tent video?
natallia bacchus (2 years ago)
love your creations damn bomb asf 💥❤❤
Renee & Dana's videos (2 years ago)
SO talented!!
Dusty Hofstetter (2 years ago)
This is so beautiful and I watch lots of channels and I have to say that this is the best I've seen and you are so very creative. I love it and thank you for sharing your talent.
Mari Correia (2 years ago)
Liiindas . Parabéns bjs
aloe (2 years ago)
do you have an Etsy?
sandra brizuela (2 years ago)
i love the =bohemian decor!!!!!!!!!!
Nadia Bencomo (2 years ago)
Love that Chandelier Diy 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Stella Ph. (2 years ago)
I love them all!!!
Rene Thundress (2 years ago)
ok, r u truly Bohemian or what? these designs draw from d depth of ur Bohemian soul. lol! awesome job!!!
Satine Grey (2 years ago)
Absolutely gorgeous! Just WOW! <333
Alli White (2 years ago)
This is soo fancy! I'll definitely try this for my new bedroom but with other colors!
Luna5094 (2 years ago)
Loove this !
mariaexp74 (2 years ago)
Puedes decirme cuántos metros miden las cuerdas para comenzar el macrame, por favor?
deepak verma (2 years ago)
so nice and simple
Kasia P. (2 years ago)
So determined! So much work, impressive
vinay sukhija (2 years ago)
Omg! So good
Onafee1849 (2 years ago)
wow, the amount of work and time you've put into this! I have much respect for that and it looks amazing :)
ChaoticDoll (2 years ago)
OMG you are so creative. You do the most creative but unfortunately incredibly complicated diy's but it is so incredible to watch regardless. You have earned a subscriber.
Maddy Stella (2 years ago)
I love your ideas keep them coming!
Veronique St-Denis (2 years ago)
katie cotten (2 years ago)
OMG! You're amazing!!! I don't EVEN have the patience for that!!
Stefanie- Marie (2 years ago)
I loooooove that chandelier, gonna try it out myself 😍
katia1082 (2 years ago)
BEAUTIFUL!! I want the same in my home;) love ❤️ it
Claudia Gomes (2 years ago)
Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
Becky Bu (2 years ago)
so nice
earthminus10 (2 years ago)
Ash Danielle (2 years ago)
You are so talented! This video is my favorite! Maybe you can do more bohemian themed stuff because I know it is really popular! Plus I would like to decorate my apartment with stuff like this 😍🙂
Alannah's World (2 years ago)
thanks for the great tutorial!!! I loved this.
olá sou brasileira e adoro seus vídeos, poderia me informar o nome desse tecido colorido que usou para as almofadas? Obrigada
Marina Martin TV (2 years ago)
Beautiful! This reminds me of my trip to Morocco. Love the colors
Nikki G (6 months ago)
Marina Martin TV same! Moroccan riads and hotels have gorgeous decor! So bright and beautiful.
Rose Versailles (2 years ago)
It's really awesome C'est vraiment génial
Memaw Evans (2 years ago)
My mouth agape (catching flies) when you showed the finished chandelier!!!!! Girl, you slayed it!!!
Jameela Aridge (2 years ago)
anybody else mouth dropped once the light fixture was completed.
Jameela Aridge (2 years ago)
anybody else mouth dropped once the light fixture was completed.
Aishwarya Raveendran (2 years ago)
Could you make a macrame curtain?😍 pleeeeeease😅
JenJan RanJan (2 years ago)
Your chandelier is amazing... So going to be an epic fail from me coming up
Rashmi Rajan (2 years ago)
hy dear i likly to love ur colourful ideas and be colourful
Moobitch (2 years ago)
lol a nipple
Khadija Daoudi (2 years ago)
wowww super
sweet dream (2 years ago)
I love it 😍
Angel Whitt (2 years ago)
aeejke (2 years ago)
I love the sequin tassels, great ideas!!
Cloe Heart (2 years ago)
The multi-colored pillow reminds me of a Gypsy theme. I like it!
aivilles ruuwawton (2 years ago)
cool, so cool christine... I love your DIYs. very talented woman
Denise Laga (2 years ago)
now thats a diy love it
Evvvie In-Wonderland (2 years ago)
chaouachi khouloud (2 years ago)
So nice good job ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aisling Chepi (2 years ago)
You're amazing!
Pili MT (2 years ago)
You do this as a job don't you? Cause I wish I had the time and talent to make all these beautiful things!
Waheed adil khan (2 years ago)
u know what !! I JUST LOVE U 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Ur amazing . ur hubby must be the luckiest on the earth . one request kind mak a video of this chandelier slowly so tht it's a lill easy to get it done . the ends of th design is really not happening . uhhhhhh. plz
pratz love (2 years ago)
came across your channel today & I am ADDICTED. You r so creative. Is the background music during the pillows diy Indian ?? I am from India & the music kinda sounded similar.
Ana-I. Ioanas (2 years ago)
Your diy's are... INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is very beutifull
LucibelleSuppafly ! (2 years ago)
you are the best !!!!!! thank you !
Chaimae Ait Jaa (2 years ago)
I'm moroccan girl and i love it I'm pround of you :)
Nuoider1 (2 years ago)
You are best
Jo Dunlap (2 years ago)
I've been following you for a while very quietly, but I simply can't keep quiet about this one. You are brilliant and awe inspiring. Seriously... I'm a 61 yo girl who was unfortunately forced into retirement after a 34 year career as an RN, because of a terminal disease, during which time I've seen many things and heard many stories, but you are one in a million, girl. You make my days much easier and give me something to look forward to. Thank you a million times over for giving life to my days. I love everything you do from eating, to organizing, to jewelry making, and your love of nature and all things natural. What a gift you are to the planet. Keep it up, Christine, and keep keeping it real.
salma sellami (2 years ago)
you are so talented god bless
ALICJA KOSSAK (2 years ago)
very pretty pilow!
E P (2 years ago)
Girl... Cute af, but that's A lot
Romy Fernandez (2 years ago)
Hey that chandelier is beautiful but I didn't understand what happened around 8:15. Are the half hitches being tied with the string that you tied inside? Thsnks.
Orlagh (3 years ago)
That pillow is stunning! Subscribing! X
Tina Jai (3 years ago)
Yeah...that's really beautiful. I so love it!
Abi L Stromain (3 years ago)
Beautiful chandelier!
Janine Austin (3 years ago)
Pretty Cool
betzhecrodriguez (3 years ago)
Sarah Davinia (3 years ago)
If only I have the time to do all that these lovely DIYs.... I'm taking care of my 9month old baby by myself at the moment and I hardly have time for myself now🙁
Sonum Panesar (3 years ago)
Stunning chandelier!!!
Amatullah F (3 years ago)
You always have the best DIYs!!
Chakierrah (3 years ago)
what sewing machine does she use ?
Olivia Clifton (2 years ago)
It's Singer brand, but I'm not sure about the specific model. Maybe check on her blog?
donegal chick (3 years ago)
Some great Ideas! Wow how have i not seen your youtube before! You are my new favourite youtubber!! ;)
Brigitte Goodman (3 years ago)
Why do you call this Bohemian? Bohemia is next to Austria in EUROPE. What has Bohemia got to do with the Middle East where this style clearly originates? World geography is obviously not part of American schooling, is it?
FashionMoksha (2 years ago)
Y u mad??? She is so creative and sharing it with us and you have problem with the word. Silly
covenkitten (3 years ago)
There is a style in the states known as "Bohemian" or "Boho" which basically resembles that of a hippie & gets the name because of the unconventional way they dress/the unconventional style (bohemian has a couple different meanings, one of them being "unconventional"). One word, different meanings. I don't really see why the insult was necessary, though.
Stephanie Hart (3 years ago)
that lamp shade is so cool but i don't have the skill or patience to make it
mary f (3 years ago)
The measurement of your circle pieces is so unclear
Dayana Alvarado (3 years ago)
Love these ideas!! How long did it take to make that chandelier?!
Lina Ekstrand (3 years ago)
I really need to make a similar lamp for my bedroom!!! :D That's perfection!!!!
Sylvana Szeckler (2 years ago)
Lina's chalk- & milkpaint, DIY, Recycle & Remake ikr
Catherine Anderson (3 years ago)
You are so incredibly bright, talented and creative!
A Jackson (3 years ago)
WHOOO HOOO!!!! Goodness girl your videos make life fabulous! I am in LOVE with this one and many others! Keep up the awe inspiring work!! <3
CoCo (3 years ago)
Fabulous! Love love this DIY!
unknown-ghost-girl (3 years ago)
I want to keep it

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