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How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

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http://www.ted.com Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers -- and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednews Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives https://www.facebook.com/TED
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Text Comments (2655)
Icc Ballari (5 days ago)
Asier de Artaza (5 days ago)
Great vision, so easy and important "from the inner motivations to the surface". It is a deception for me when he says "biology, not psychology",... with a so good approach to decision making as he does, he shows a confusion of how the Science of the mind and behaviour works, and this could limit his great conclusions and applications
Nikodim Gorbenko (5 days ago)
4:04 just for future reference
Tammy M. Dickerson (7 days ago)
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cesar leon (10 days ago)
why from apple? because want to appear cool to others, and have a overexpensive product to differentiate, thats the reason.
desrano1 (11 days ago)
People bought first because they were brainwashed to buy first, and apple was and still is crap and yet all the sheep are still buying “innovation” because they are brainwashed to have main stream items “apple”, pathetic piece of uncustomisable crap.
pang (11 days ago)
This guy. Is a GENIUS!! Thank you for your inspiring Ted Talk!
Soha Fontaine (12 days ago)
Beautifully said. Thank you for a great talk. Lots of food for thoughts. It is all about the why.
Fahmi Luthfi (14 days ago)
this explained trump...
Now, this is news I can use!
Appreciate your point of view, Simon!
Venkatesh babu (15 days ago)
Every cell phone should have basic screens for one say education one for businesses one for jobs one for home construction etc. Switch to different classification. Why.
Shormin Talukder (15 days ago)
A REALLLY good video
BAYOMI Amrike (16 days ago)
this wonderful TED in fact .
William Choi (21 days ago)
이데올로기/종교의 소비자가 가장 충성도 높은 소비자라는 사실과도 일맥상통해보이네요
Ryan Hoad (21 days ago)
24 minute ad
Henry Hermann (22 days ago)
2.3k viewers who disliked are the laggards
Zarif Hasan (23 days ago)
You already lost with me with "Why is apple so innovative."
Rahul Kumar (24 days ago)
What I believe is "awesome" is a small word for him
The Davis Dimension (25 days ago)
I could probably listen to these man give lectures everyday.
goauld88 (26 days ago)
4:04 that's just marketing. There is a name for that kind of marketing, where you sell an idea more than a product. I forgot what it's called, but it's one of the most basic things about modern marketing and it's pretty well known and used by everyone, so I don't know what was the great discovery this guy made.
andrew wamarema (29 days ago)
This is a conspiracy theory for suuuuuure!
Q Band Ecuador (29 days ago)
Porqué no lo encontré antes??, que buena explicación, pero aún estoy a tiempo... EXCELENTE !!!!!! que gran aporte. Saludos
Tarikua Mitiku (1 month ago)
i want to be a great leader so I will practice it. Thanks!
Jessika Amsel (1 month ago)
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Eric Gregor (1 month ago)
michael w (1 month ago)
I have never bought apple for thier 'purpose'. I bought an ipod cause i was funneled into the itunes store when it was all proliferating,  it was essier at the time. I bought an imac (flat screen thing) because it looked  cool (screen and pc all in one item..that was great) not because i wanted to belong to the apple tribe or creative set. Ive always had a HTC phone or recently a samsung phone. Reasons are: 1: precisely because i had not been influenced by thier marketing, i like the objectivity of just comparing specs. So i couldnt tell you THIER  'why'. Once the first  phone proved itself MY 'why' for buying again was that it was a stable effective fun durable state of the art device. Apple's marketing  is so pervasive that if i considered thier product i felt like i was getting suckered into apples advertising so theyre 'why' was a turn off cause i felt it was just advertising hyperbole. 2: a high percentage  of people  with apple phones had smashed screens..so not great endorsement for living the dream there. Plus the first few iterations looked old and small before they seemed to copy HTC and then they looked like all the others anyway. Incidentally HTC have been on the decline since apple seemed to rip off theyre design look. Theyre marketing gobbles up all the air space just like it did when they outmarketed every other mp3 when they ejaculated  iPods. Not unlike the movie avatar. It was a good movie but it was so UNbelievably heavily marketed  for so long before release - a huge number of people found it inescapable and other movies got far less than normal attention (because theyre marketing efforts were so prolific) And 3: im not a sheep..it gets reported  that some fools que up for days sleeping on the streets  to buy this stuff.  That's just socially retardulous. I distance myself from the zombie like mass consumer demographic. If you dont want to get trampled by mindless drones go the otherway. Um..but hey...anti apple (pro diversity) rant aside it was a great video though.
michael w (1 month ago)
Then how come 100% of people dont buy apple products..me for one
Clyde Kaila (1 month ago)
Magical how he was talking about the Wright Brothers and a plane flew over..
Jagat Baxi (1 month ago)
Fantastic! It gave me clarity. Personally this has been helpful to me: Ask these 3 questions anytime and you will get clarity: Who Am I? What Am I doing? Why Am I doing?
amore floere (1 month ago)
My suuubconsciousss minddd is beinggg penetrated with 1000's of subliminalll affirmations right now at this momenttt! > https://twitter.com/ArmandojbakerJ/status/1081976591356448768?-Laaawww-Of-Attractionnn-Religionnn
Wonderful so true
Little Fox (1 month ago)
neoma sone (1 month ago)
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Abhishek Chauhan (1 month ago)
I just wanna say I am so sorry for myself that I watched it in 2018 !!!!!
TEMTA SEAN (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, simon is trying to sell with no WHY knowledge of the human brain. Fast talker who fooled you!
100rab (1 month ago)
He just made me believe what he believes and man, that's the final proof that we buy "belief".👍👍
Arty Fishal (1 month ago)
... and these days Apple truly sucks :(
Nicole Posey (1 month ago)
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Jackie Jasper (1 month ago)
Lemme shower
Ziemniaczek66 (1 month ago)
The best meh ever
Ricardo Camacho (1 month ago)
Eeeh I don't buy Samsung because of their purpose. I literally compare other alternatives and make my choice based on objective data. So, as much as I agree with the importance of purpose I'm not sure this analogy is strong.
Brenda (1 month ago)
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Cameron Christon (1 month ago)
Just want to pause and thank the person who brought him a better microphone five minutes in. You the real MVP
sinteya andales (1 month ago)
gwapo niya puta
Julio Lopez (1 month ago)
love this!
Guilherme Augusto (1 month ago)
Write brothers ??? They are not the creators of airplane.. it was the brazilian Santos Dumond
Stargate Fan (1 month ago)
I never buy anything made by Apple, because i don't trust them. And even before that, i didn't care if it was Apple, DELL or something else. In general, i don't care how you package it, i focus on what is packaged. And i am very careful around heavily praised and/or heavily advertised things. So from my own example, this is wrong.
Flora Verkoelen (1 month ago)
Stefan Rausch (1 month ago)
I believe you're right that asking why is an important thing to figure out what to do and how to do it. But if your "why" is to control every aspect of your life (your example of the tivo), I would advise you to go to a psychotherapist and not to start a business.
Leon Frisch (2 months ago)
Elon Musk is possibly one of the greatest examples of this in my opinion. People line up and will wait 2 years to get his products... because he is all about why.
Praveen Bharatwaj (2 months ago)
2:54: Why do you get out of bed every morning?
Kaustubh jumle (2 months ago)
One of the best Ted talk
Cee Tee (2 months ago)
i just now saw this vid and im listening as he says how apple is the most innovative of all and then i knew this was a decade old lol. steve jobs RIP i just said this week that in order to be succesful in business you follow the trends closely or theorize the next trend to meet that. except steve jobs. he was one unique talented human being. he didnt follow trends. he was a trendsetter. id be interested to see his ideas and inventions that he didnt mass produce..
Jilli Em (2 months ago)
thanks for leading ted talk
Romy Miranda (2 months ago)
Chris alaniz (2 months ago)
Watching in December 2018 because if we forget about the fundamentals we let our foundation erode! Go out and get it y’all!!
Anuj Chawla (2 months ago)
Wow! what an extraordinary thought - simply amazed by the accuracy of the truth in this thought.
Kathleen William (2 months ago)
Gech Hong (2 months ago)
This Video is excellent, I like it!
Sridhar Kaushik (2 months ago)
This guy talked of Martin Luther KIng but he could have also mentioned Mahatma Gandhi who liberated an entire nation. MLK was heavily influenced by the Mahatma.
Sridhar Kaushik (2 months ago)
With all the innovation of Apple, it is unable to sell i-phones in India because these phones are costly! Its market share in India is only 1 to 2%. China's Xiaomi and many Indian local brands sellsmany times more smartphones in India. If Apple is that innovative, let it come up with a people's i-phone!
Mindfulness Freedom (2 months ago)
11:05 Epic slow clap fail 😂😂😂😂😂
acnemele (2 months ago)
Anas Hanif (2 months ago)
Please add urdu subtitles..............
Kyna (2 months ago)
The person who bought the very first iphone? Casey Neistat, check it out.
Kiranmayee Madupu (2 months ago)
Blaine Evans (2 months ago)
Taina Kaitainen (2 months ago)
PREETHIKARANI K (2 months ago)
Great talk .
Henry Yeary (2 months ago)
great video
Neeraj Raut (2 months ago)
This video never gets old! Always inspires you.
Sargam Agarwal (2 months ago)
Best video on Ted ever seen....!!!👍👌
x Shay (2 months ago)
i think there is a truth in what he is saying but there are so many people who just buy something because it gives them a certain status in society. That has nothing to do with the "why" of the company.They arent aware of it. And also we have the people who do compare products and decide with rational thinking. it all sounds so vague to me..
romi pech ontiveros (2 months ago)
Alguien sabe si hay otro video subtitulado?
Tapash Chatterjee (2 months ago)
Nikhil K Bapna (2 months ago)
Go Brandeis
FrederikeDK (2 months ago)
Hi, i am just a student and i don't know a lot about this. But I have little doubts about this. I think that people buy your product because of the benefit it offers them, and the needs and wants it satisfies. I buy a samsung phone because i need a phone (and its features) and i want an affordable one and therefore not an apple phone. I honestly dont care that apple challenges the status quo or anything because i think their products are not that special. I personally dont buy the "why". I buy the what and how. Ami missing the whole point?
Gabriel Valencia (2 months ago)
أي حاجه J (2 months ago)
رائع رائع رائع
Erik Reinsch (2 months ago)
We had so many Aha-moments. We filled a page and realized the different between real believe and "planning". Thank you Simon Sinek!
cressa carmel (2 months ago)
Simon Sinek,Thankyou
Max Zhu (2 months ago)
Saim Raza (3 months ago)
Best example is religion We care those people who are having same religion Because THEY BELIEVE WHAT OTHER BELIEVE
Carolyn Sicurella (3 months ago)
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g4ngst4crizz4b (3 months ago)
better leader than deader? I l
Ta. Michael (3 months ago)
The video is 18 minutes, but for me it took 2 hours to watch it.
NDINGA KAYA VARESE (3 months ago)
Must watch TED Talk! 4ever!
freak777power (3 months ago)
No leader ever expired me to do anything...does that make me an actual leader or someone who cannot be brain washed?
Terry Shelton (3 months ago)
This guy is actually a modern-day philosopher.
Parfait Richard (3 months ago)
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐰 𝐨𝐟 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲! >> https://bit.ly/2qytFUG?7I3bTU_JnQ0s 5311
Richmond Martinez (3 months ago)
Sad part is that Apple is no longer innovative.
Piyush Pandey (3 months ago)
Its truly amazing.
Maurício Gerhardt (3 months ago)
What a phony. There are so many lies in this: "All companies know what they do". "The difference between Apple and other companies is that they focus on why they do something, and not focus on brand management" So what explains them losing to Microsoft in the beginning? "The difference is in biology, not psychology, as if they are not interconnected". I could go on and on.
wong bryan (3 months ago)
Chiranjit Mukherjee (3 months ago)
Very inspiring lecturer with demonstration.
natskis (3 months ago)
It's more that people buy into the Apple marketing manipulation.
Joseph Drummond (3 months ago)
if the the purpose wasn't money, Apple would be a charity. everything i have seen in 42 years on earth leads me to conclude that this man is spouting pure bullshit to sell feels
vangelis T (3 months ago)
Sadly, I can't say all of these for Apple now..
Afraz Khan (3 months ago)
wow, my teacher recommended this video, cz our FYP group was having difficulties with our project but this man really helped a lot.

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